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" For the best part of 50 years, when the biggest story of all time and the seminal event in human history phoned in, the
fourth estate was screening its calls."

Discovery vs. Disclosure

Discovery is the end process of the scientific method. In an ideal world it would not be political. Three generations of Americans have passed through and now coexist in the greatest age of discovery in history. The sum of human knowledge doubles in but a few years. We revel in the fruits of these discoveries and take them to be our heritage. We create and trust institutions to carry out this process and pay them handsomely to do so. We expect science to be pursued openly and fairly. Often it is.

And often it is not. Huge portions of science and technology were secretized by the military industrial complex to service the prosecution of the cold war.  More portions were secretized by businesses protecting their commercial interests. So now much of science is hidden from us, only to turn up when and if it is considered appropriate for it to be disclosed. The act disclosure unlike discovery, is almost always political.

The greatest scientific discovery in history, the existence of non-human, intelligent life forms with interstellar propulsion technology, has been hidden from the general citizenry of this country for fifty years. The justification for this has varied from decade to decade and at times violated the laws and the constitution of the nation.

For disclosure to take place on the public’s terms, the grass roots efforts of the last fifty years must marry up with institutional action, If we are to regain our trust in societal structures which have failed us, those same structures must be part of the process of correction. Right now, the most critical of these is the media.

A Quick Look at the Overall Record

Someday in the aftermath of disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence there is certain to be an intense assessment of how our formal institutions, the ones we have spent 224 years and billions of dollars perfecting, acquitted themselves.

The military and civilian agencies will be severely criticized, but a host of reasons will be brought forward in their support.   National security, the cold war, the specific circumstances in 1947 at the beginning of the cover-up and fear of destabilization will be considered as acceptable justification by many.  Of particular interest will be the actions of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.   However, NASA will be able to point to the intelligence community and its boss, the Department of Defense, and claim a damned-if-we-came-forward-damned-if-we-didn't dilemma. 

As for the elected officials in the House and Senate, their near complete failure to pay attention will be laid to the campaign finance demands of the new politics of money, where votes are bought as never before.   When modest election contests can run into the $millions, the fear of alienating (pun intended) funding sources with anything approaching independent thinking has become paralyzing.

Religious bodies will claim ignorance and point to the "separation" doctrine to explain their non-involvement in the disclosure process. It was, after all, a message they were not particularly eager to hear.

The great American scientific research edifice, largely contained within the universities, will be targeted for some of the heaviest rebuke.  After all, the very essence of the scientific method is a continuing exploration of new facts, new understanding, new perspectives on nature and the universe.  The department heads, university presidents and individual scientists will plead their hands were tied.  Science in America is now as much about money and grants as it is about unfettered search for understanding.  They will profess their sheer terror at the prospect of losing grant monies and reputations had they dared show any public interest in the unfolding extraterrestrial phenomena.  Scientists, by nature conservative, were largely defenseless against the government driven disinformation campaigns that created the infamous "laugh curtain."

The institutions of religion, science and politics have indeed dropped the ball.   But one in particular has failed spectacularly.  This institution has violated every fundamental precept upon which it is founded.  It has gone against a host of self-interests - money, prizes, huge increases in customer base - and rammed its head into the sand.

The Role of the Media

The role of the news media in our society is much more than story coverage.  The fourth estate is an essential part of the check-and-balance system created by the U. S. Constitution.  News media are the eyes and ears of the public.  Sometimes they are its voice.  They are paid to tell us what the public institutions are doing and to convey our concerns to those same institutions in the form of commentary. 

For the best part of 50 years, when the biggest story of all time and the seminal event in human history phoned in, the "fourth estate" was screening its calls.

For those who attempted to make those calls, the voice mail menu was easy to understand - "This is your favorite, mainstream news desk.  If you have information about anyone who has ever slept with the President, press one and a reporter will be with you immediately.  If you have any information regarding UFOs and other extraterrestrial phenomena, press two and leave a message.  We might get back to you when and if we stop laughing."

Every top-tier news venue in this country has been approached countless times by citizens and researchers with events and evidence relating to extraterrestrial phenomena.  These editors have not done their job, and in this instance have abrogated their mandate to report and investigate the most critical matters impacting our society.

The New Media Structure

In 1999 the circumstances of coverage are changing.  While the most respected news organizations such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN news television still steadfastly refuse to properly investigate extraterrestrial phenomena and the process of disclosure, there has been an explosion of alternative media to fill the vacuum created by their absence.  

In just one decade a true multi-tiered news/media structure has evolved simultaneously with the most important technological innovation in history - the internet.   The acceptance of this structure by the general public has meant that any news story, regardless of its controversy or inconvenience to established authority, has a point of entry into the national news marketplace.  Go to Media Structure - the author's attempt to describe this schema,  which is not complete and is certainly open to future modification.

It has become commonplace for particularly controversial news stories to break in with lower-tier media and then progress upward when always nervous, higher-tier editors are forced to follow up or lose story position.   During the 90’s this has been the case with extraterrestrial related phenomena.

Are Journalists Finally Getting It?

Such trends notwithstanding, it still takes courage for any journalist to address the extraterrestrial phenomena subject matter - the higher up the tier structure the greater the courage.  While their number is not commensurate with the magnitude of the story, slowly reporters, with the support of some editors, are stepping to the plate.  They deserve to be recognized.   Go to Journalists - a list American journalists who have written about these phenomena with some circumspection, treating the core material with reasonable seriousness.   For a sampling of the reportage since 1947 go to the Media Coverage Archive.

It is absolutely essential the American public understand that the risk to journalists who approach news stories which offend elements of our government - particularly the "secret empire," the vast intelligence wing of the military industrial complex - have actually increased since the end of the cold war.  Recently there is powerful evidence the "empire is striking back."  We have in the last few years been witness to the career executions of quality journalist who have taken such risks.  A comprehensive links page to background materials relating to the April Oliver, Jack Smith, and Gary Webb firings/resignation is found at The Empire Strikes Back.

Meanwhile, as America's editors ponder whether to get their act together, can a breakthrough from a single journalistic source take place?  Yes.

While it may not yet be apparent to the interested public, the editors and producers of  top-tier news outlets are taking meetings behind the scenes on the matter of the extraterrestrial presence and the government cover-up of same.  The relentless pressure of the public to know and the increasing media competition makes an investigative breakthrough by at least one top-tier news outlet, inevitable.

Once formally in play, the subject will be fully engaged by the whole of the media structure and the media will fulfill its role leaving the government with nowhere to turn but outward to the waiting public.  The new paradigm will begin.

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