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April Oliver
and Jack Smith

Career Assassinations

Gary Webb

"Valley of Death"
(CNN Transcript)

Abrams/Kohler Report on
CNN's "Valley of Death"

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"Dark Alliance"
(San Jose Mercury New article

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Tailwind: Oliver-Smith Rebuttal
to CNN Abrams/Kohler Repor

Dark Alliance
(the book)

Who won the cold war? After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the KGB was largely dispersed, secret files were emptied and years later are being sold to journalists by former agents and apparachiks.  However, in the United States the vast "secret empire" - the intelligence wing of the military industrial complex - has grown to nearly three dozen agencies, a $35 billion dollar "white budget" and a significant portion of a $35 billion "black budget."   Behind a wall of secrecy are millions of classified documents, hundreds of thousands of classified people, secret facilities and hundreds of secret programs, many of which are referred to as "black operations - black ops."

Chillingly, in recent years experienced journalists who do investigative stories which are offensive to elements of the government are being fired or forced to resign, sued, threatened and humiliated.   The public, preoccupied with the fruits of a period of unprecedented prosperity, are too busy day trading their internet stocks to notice.  Freedom of the Press extends directly from the First Amendment.  It is perhaps the single most important check against governmental abuse of power.   Is the public making a grave error of complacency?  Are examples being made of some journalists regarding controversial stories on the periphery in order to keep the rest away from far more controversial subjects? Who won the Cold War?

Audio Interviews

Listen icon.gif (975 bytes)  Newseum interview w/ Jack Smith - 7/8/98

Listen icon.gif (975 bytes)  Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now w/ Oliver & Smith - 7/10/98

Listen icon.gif (975 bytes) Newseum/NY: The "Tailwind Controversy" - Oliver/Smith Rebuttal - 7/22/98 Transcript

Video Interviews
Video icon.gif (1707 bytes) Commonwealth Club - w/ Oliver and Smith - 10/26/98

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Audio Interviews

Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now  CIA Crack Connection Reporter Releases New Book: Part 1 - 5/11/98 Listen icon.gif (975 bytes)

Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now - Gary Webb - Dark Alliance Interview: Part II - 5/20/98 Listen icon.gif (975 bytes)

(WNYC On the Media) Dark Alliance Revisited: The CIA, Contras, Crack and a Reporter's Reputation- 7/28/98 Listen icon.gif (975 bytes)

Video Interviews

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Articles on
April Oliver, Jack Smith,
and "The Valley of Death"

6/16/98 - Accuracy in Media letter to CNN (Reed Irvine, AIM CEO)

6/22/98 - Time Mag Investigates Accuracy of CNN/Time Nerve Gas Report (AP)

6/26/98 - Key source disputes parts of CNN nerve gas report (Lawrie Mifflin - New York Times)

7/2/98 - Nerve-gas story unsupported, CNN admits (AP)

7/2/98 - CNN retracts Tailwind coverage

7/6/98 - Public fairly forgiving after CNN nerve-gas retraction (AP)

7/8/98 - Fired producer: CNN wouldn't let us defend nerve-gas story (Kim Weidman - World Center)

7/13/98 - Turner apologizes to vets for CNN nerve-gas story (AP)

7/18/98 - Sell out journalists to protect profits (Peter Phillips, PhD - The Putnam Pit)

7/20/98 - Producer of   CNN nerve gas story says CNN gave in to military pressure (Victoria Stagg Elliott - Out There's Eye on the Media)

7/21/98 - DoD Press Conference with William Cohen

7/21/98 - Cohen: No nerve gas used in Operation Tailwind (CNN)

7/22/98 - CNN caved on Tailwind, spiked further inquiry, fired producers charge (Paul Eisenberg - Media Studies Center)

7/23/98 - CNN denies 'fear' bias tainted its investigation of Tailwind story (AP)

7/24/98 - The evidence of US nerve gas use in Operation Tailwind (Martin McLaughlin - World Socialist Web Site)

7/24/98 - Fired  journalists defend report on nerve gas use in Vietnam War (Martin McLaughlin - World Socialist Web Site)

8/98 - CNN's "Tailwind" and Selective Media Retractions (Jeff Cohen & Norman Solomon - Fairness and Acuracy in Media)

8/19/98 - The CIA & CNN: teaming up to investigate... themselves? (the information subway)

8/7/98 - Sergeant sues CNN, Time for $100 million over nerve-gas report (AP)

9/98 - An Ill Tailwing: A behind-the-scenes look at how CNN, despite red flags, aired--and was forced to retract--an explosive report on the military's alleged use of poison gas    (Susan Paterno - American Journalism Review)

9/98 - "I Will Be Vindicated..." (Christopher Calahan - American Journalism Review)

9/18/98 - Veterans file lawsuit over CNN-Time nerve gas report (Fox Market Wire)

10/4/98 - Peter Arnett Sued for Defamation (Reed Irvine & Cliff Kincaid - Accuracy in Media's Media Monitor)

02/99 - Talk Back:   Implausable Deniability: Two fired producers argue that CNN protected itself--rather than the truth--when it retracted its controversial Tailwind broadcast - Brill's Content

Articles on
Gary Webb
and "Dark Alliance"

(San Jose Mercury News - Gary Webb & Pamela Kramer) Affidavit: Cops knew of drug ring:  Document sheds light on Contra-cocaine link - 10/3/96

(Congressional Record) Allegations of CIA Providing Drugs to American Cities - House of Representatives - 9/27/96

(ZDTV - Sean Silverthorne) Dark Alliance: The Newspaper Reinvented
- 10/23/96

( ZDTV - Soledad O'Brien) Gary Webb, Writer of Dark Alliance -10/96

(American Journalism Review - Kelly Heyboer) The Furor over the CIA and Drugs - Nov 96

(American Journalism Review - Alicia C. Shepard) The Web that Gary Spun - Jan/Feb 97

(Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting - Norman Solomon)
Snow Job: The Establishment's Papers Do Damage Control for the CIA - Jan/Feb 97

(AP) Reporter pulled off CIA drug story - 6/12/97

(Office of Inspector General) Report of Investigation: Allegations of Connections Between CIA and The Contras in Cocaine Trafficking to the United States - 1/29/98

(CIA Public Affairs) Statement by George J. Tenet, Director of Central Intelligence - 1/29/98

(AJR News Link) Untangled Webb - 2/9/98

(San Francisco Bay Guardian - Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Claire) Whiteout: How the Mainstream Press Tried to Squelch the "Dark Alliance" Stories - 7/1/98

(San Francisco Bay Guardian - Gerald Sutliff) Interview of Gary Webb - 7/1/98

( - J. D. Tuccille) Lawyers, Guns and Money: A Dark Alliance - 8/24/98

(Esquire - Charles Bowden) The Pariah - 9/98

(CIA) Allegations of Connections Between CIA
and the Contras in Cocaine Trafficking: Vol. II - The Contra Story
- 10/98

(San Jose Mercury News - Pete Carey) Two years later, CIA-drug controversey continues - 11/21/98

(Tuscon Weekly - Maxine Waters) Devastating Truths: History Is Going To Record That Gary Webb Got It Right - 12/17/98

(American Journalism Review Bylines)
Untangled Webb - 4/6/99

Essays and Analysis (undated)

(RealNews - Brian Covert & Scott Gorman) Analysis of Dark Alliance

(The Nation - Selected Editorial) C.I.A., Crack, the Media

(Seven Stories Press) - Review

(Seven Stories Press)  - New Findings in Gary Webb's Dark Alliance


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