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Banquet and Cocktail Party Documentaries Lectures and Panels


Important Note: The presentation descriptions provided below are subject to change at
any time based upon future events and new developments with the research of the speakers.

Meet the Speakers Cocktail Party
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Meet the Speakers
Cocktail Party
Expect great hors d'oeuvres, a cash bar and a chance to talk with the X-Conference presenters.  Bring your cameras.  Dancing and a documentary film afterward - your choice.
Exhibit Hall
Speakers Tables
Display Art
Most of the speakers are published authors and are encouraged to bring books with them to sell and autograph.  Speakers will be provided tables for book signings.  Paradigm Research Group is seeking high-end vendors with an emphasis on books, tapes, videos, art works and other information driven products.  The Exhibit Hall will be open to the public to increase interest in the conference and increase vendor sales.  Art work will be displayed in the gallery.

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The buffet dinner will include vegetarian options.   There will be white and red table wines along with a cash bar for beer and cocktails.

PRG Awards

PRG Award for Political Courage (TBA at banquet)
PRG Award for Courage in Journalism (TBA at banquet)
PRG Disclosure Award (TBA at the banquet)
PRG Hall of Fame Inductee - Deceased (TBA at the banquet)
PRG Hall of Fame Inductee - Living (TBA at the banquet)
PRG Support Award (TBA at the banquet)

Special Guests


Keynote Addresses

TBA, George Noory (short), Major Milton Torres (short)

Special Presentation
(with Day Pass - No Extra Charge)

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George Noory X-Conference 2009 will include a special 2-hr presentation by George Noory - host of Coast to Coast AM - including a review of past moments from past shows with audio clips, plus autographs, Q&A and more.   George has been a great supporter of the X-Conference and received the 2008 PRG Courage in Journalism Award.

Special Presentation
(with Day Pass - No Extra Charge)

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Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Apollo 14 Astronaut, author, lecturer and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, will give a full lecture on his personal experience with the UFO/ET issue, the decision to impose a truth embargo, and the implications of Disclosure.   Dr. Mitchell received the 2008 PRG Hall of Fame/Lifetime Achievement Award.

Special Presentation
(with Day Pass - No Extra Charge)

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Dr. Roger Leir

A major development in Dr. Leir's work will be revealed for the first time and further addressed in the PRG press conference at the National Press Club on Monday morning.

Special Presentation
(with Day Pass - No Extra Charge)

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Graham Hancock

He has sold over 5 million books and in a rare appearance in the United States will address ancient exopolitics and elements of the paranormal.

Special Presentation
(with Day Pass - No Extra Charge)
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Col. John Alexander
Stephen Bassett

A debate/dialogue/Q&A between PRG executive director, Stephen Bassett and Col. (ret.) John Alexander.  All relevant topics are on the table.  Col. Alexander's background in military intelligence and covert operations is as well known as his interest in paranormal subjects both inside and outside of government service.  He is the quintessential insider and outspoken on the status of the UFO/ET/Disclosure issues.  This is notable given his ongoing involvement in national security related projects.

 Activist Panel
(moderated by Stephen Bassett)
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Activist Panel Dr. Michael Salla; Angelika Whitecliff; Alfred Webre, JD; Paola Harris; Jeff Peckman; Victor Viggiani, Dr. Joseph Buchman; Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle; Terri Mansfield, Joe Montaldo  [see their profiles]

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Dr. John Alexander
Stephen Bassett
The Insider and the Activist
A debate/dialogue/Q&A between PRG executive director, Stephen Bassett and Col. (ret.) John Alexander.  All relevant topics are on the table.  Col. Alexander's background in military intelligence and covert operations is as well known as his interest in paranormal subjects both inside and outside of government service.  He is the quintessential insider and outspoken on the status of the UFO/ET/Disclosure issues.  This is notable given his ongoing involvement in national security related projects.
Colin Andrews Government Circles
Colin will talk about the absolute necessity for transition into a new period of research and disclosure by setting forth the truth and fact as accurately as they are known and not losing the opportunity afforded us by once again accepting spin and distortion to support one or another government agenda.  He will give examples of what he believes has been a discouraging start by the United Kingdom Government.  He will then address specifically a broad based research of crop circles and UFO's under the banner of 'Consciousness' and how they could be one and the same in ways we have not hitherto considered. He will concentrate on one of the strangest events he has witnessed in 26 years of research into the crop circles - the Cheesefoot Head 'Entity' from 1989.   Also addressed will be the removal of a document from his website that questioned his version of the UK government's and Royalty's lack of involvement or interest in the crop circles and demonstrate this as an example of how we could fall into the trap of accepting new open policies without scrutiny.
Art Campbell
with Manuel Kirklin

Eisenhower and the ETs?
Art Campbell Brings with him to this years X-Conference an astounding story backed up with witness testimony. Manuel Kirklin, was an Air Force Medic and high altitude chamber specialist stationed at Holloman AFB in 1955. Kirklin details several eye witness reports of President Eisenhower at Holloman on or about February 11th, 1955 in Ike's third year of his first term.  After Ike's arrival at Holloman, two UFOs flew over the flight line; one landed near Iks's plane, Columbine III, and Ike went aboard. What was intriguing about the incident was that the President snuck away from thirty or so reporters while on a bird hunt near Thomasville GA during high international tension over Formosa (Taiwan). Campbell's investigation includes information through guards assigned to the president, the complete flight records and two additional independent witnesses on video tape.


While Campbell and Kirkland have presented on many radio shows, this will be their first presentation together at a major conference.

Richard Dolan
UFOs and the National Security State. The Coverup Exposed, 1973 to 1991
Richard Dolan will give a presentation of the unpublished but completed second volume in his historical trilogy of the UFO phenomenon and coverup. Dolan will analyze the phenomenon itself, the response by the world's militaries, and the evolving efforts of researchers to understand what it all meant. Behind it all, he will discuss the backdrop of a world in technological, economic, and political transformation. Dolan has drawn his history from a large array of primary sources, professional journals, and personally conducted interviews to present a first-ever history on this crucial era. His presents an overwhelming case for the reality of the UFO phenomenon, and the seriousness with which certain authorities have taken it. He furthermore argues for the likelihood that a substantial portion of the coverup has gone outside the formal structures of our political system.
Graham Hancock Ancient Exopolitics and Modern Shamanism
Judging from the abundant evidence of ancient cave art from all parts of the world, encounters with aliens and UFO's are nothing new.  Humanity has been visited, taught and nurtured by non-terrestrial beings for at least 35,000 years, and these contacts have had been fundamental to the development and progress of our species.  But there is a mystery.  The same beings and vehicles depicted in the cave art also occur in the much more recent art of surviving shamanistic peoples still living today in remote regions such as the Amazon and the Kalahari.  Even more mysteriously, similar experiences and imagery are reported by
Western lab volunteers, placed experimentally under the influence of hallucinogens such as DMT, psilocybin, mescaline and LSD. The common factor, which is also fundamental to all forms of shamanism, appears to be altered states of consciousness and, crucially, this does NOT suggest that these experiences are in any way "unreal".  On the contrary the evidence supports the hypothesis that in deeply altered states of consciousness the receiver wavelength of the brain is altered to allow us to tune into and interact with beings from other levels and dimensions of reality. These beings, Hancock argues, are the ancient teachers of mankind. Though much of modern civilization is in a state of rigid denial the fact is that they are still very much in contact with us today. These contacts, and how we as a society react to them - are as fundamental to the future of our species now as they were 35,000 years ago.
Paola Harris

The Role of Hollywood and the Media in the Disclosure Process
This presentation will suggest that Hollywood films and high profile entertainment personalities and could be part of a slow process of acclimating the general public that ?we are not alone? in the Universe. Governmental intervention starting with Disney and the Hollywood film industry has been part of a subtle disclosure process that may lead us to the truth. The advent of famous rock stars and movie personalities such as Robbie Williams and German?s Nina Hagen demonstrate that they too wish to carry the banner to push this agenda forward. Film Clips , TV shows like Kyle XY, Sci Fi scripts and print media are becoming mainstream and advancing the disclosure process.

Dr. Roger Leir Contactee Research Breakthrough
A major development in Dr. Leir's work will be revealed for the first time and further addressed in the PRG press conference at the National Press Club on Monday morning.
Dr. Edgar Mitchell Special Presentation
This distinguished American will for the first time give a comprehensive presentation on the full intersection of his life with the UFO/ET issue including the media responses to his public statements and his views on the ongoing disclosure process.  This presentation will be prelude to his first time before the media at a press conference at the National Press Club
Joe Montaldo MILABS
Is the government involved in using alien abductees to learn about reverse engineering, mind control, and to infiltrate alien groups to understand an alien Agenda?  Mr. Montaldo will be speaking about MILABS and alleged military abductees. Four well known cases will be featured including that of Betty and Barney Hill. The Hill's story will be reexamined as a possible instance of military abduction following their trip into Canada.  This area of inquiry is one of the most controversial, difficult and implicative in all the fields of extraterrestrial-related phenomena.
George Noory Special Presentation
The host of the nation's number one late night talk show, Coast to Coast AM, will talk about past show highlights along with audio clips, take lots of questions, and meet with his many fans and sign autographs.
Jeff Peckman All Exopolitics is Local
How a Denver activist generated a two month news cycle and ended up on David Letterman and how local disclosure efforts could have a huge impact on the truth process.
Nick Pope
with Milton Torres
Exopolitics and Events in the United Kingdom
Britain is at the center of a UFO firestorm.  The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is in the process of releasing decades worth of UFO files, packed with thousands of fascinating cases, including UFOs seen by police officers and pilots, and UFOs being tracked on radar.  There are also files from the Defense Intelligence Staff, some of which contain documents that were classified Secret UK Eyes Only.  Simultaneously, figures released by the MoD show that UFO sightings have rocketed to a 10-year high.  There have been several spectacular UFO sightings in the UK recently, including two near misses between UFOs and police helicopters, and the incident where a UFO was thought to have collided with a wind turbine.  Interestingly, far from ignoring or ridiculing all this, the UK media have given the subject unprecedented coverage, with mainstream coverage including a feature on Britain's most prestigious news program, the BBC's Newsnight.  Britain's best-selling national daily newspaper, The Sun, have run a UFO story as their main front page headline twice in the past few months and have an ongoing campaign to keep the subject in the public eye.  Nick Pope has found himself at the center of this media attention and is invariably asked to comment.  Intriguingly, this hasn't just been in the UK.  Nick was commissioned to write an op-ed on UFOs for the New York Times.  He has also been interviewed on the ABC News show Nightline and the Fox News program America's Newsroom.  Nick will update X-Conference attendees on all this and speculate what it all means, and where we go from here.
Dr. Michael Salla Obama and Disclosure
On January 21, the first full day after his inauguration, President Obama issued two Presidential Memoranda and an Executive Order outlining his approach to promoting the principles of Open Government and Transparency. At a Press Conference he said that his administration “is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.” President Obama has made it very clear that Open Government and Transparency will be signature issues of his administration. In choosing these signature issues, President Obama was greatly influenced by the co-Chair of his transition team, and former Clinton Chief of Staff, John Podesta.  Podesta led Clinton administration efforts to promote Open Government by declassifying many millions of national security files that were unnecessarily kept secret.  Podesta was especially in favor of declassifying national security files dealing with UFOs. In this presentation I will show why former Clinton era officials are behind a renewed effort to disclose UFO files. I will also reveal how and why they are receiving support from an unlikely source – the U.S. Navy.
Victor Viggiani Canadian Exopolitics Heats Up
The Canadian Exopolitics landscape continues to provide active in-roads for disclosure. Specified intra-departmental files from Canada provide startling evidence that high level officials sought to minimize the UFO matter. The recent exposure of 9500 UFO files by the Canadian government will provide those in attendance at this year's X-Conference with a rare opportunity to view inside memoranda, written by high level officials, designed to obscure the UFO matter. These files will show Canada had defined policy to down-play and otherwise misrepresent the UFO matter at the highest ministerial levels.  Victor Viggiani will also discuss recent media disclosure successes in Canada.
Alfred Webre, JD

Advanced Exopolitics
The Meta-Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Cover-up and The End of Our Planetary Quarantine on Earth
: 2009–2012:  An Exopolitical Perspective

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Suzanne Taylor
w/ Suzanne Bauman
What on Earth?  Inside the Crop Circle Mystery
Intricate designs in crops turn up in farmer's fields overnight.  although  they have appeared throughout the world for many years, no one knows where they come from or why they arrive.  For fifteen years, Suzanne Taylor has been part of a a lively community of visionary artists, scientists, philosophers, geometers and farmers who are drawn to England by the circles every summer.  This documentary tracks her interactions with these "croppies" as they go circle-chasing, indulge in circle analysis, and share why they are so fascinated by the phenomenon

Producer and director, Suzanne Taylor, will present her documentary and take Q&A.  Joining her will be one of the most accomplished documentarists in the country, Suzanne Bauman.

"At all costs, don't miss What on Earth?  It deals intelligently with the globe's most persistent and beautiful mystery, the crop circles.  If you have an inkling of adventure and even a small opening of curiosity, you will savor this lovely voyage in to the realms of the magnificent and our human relationship with it."  Jay Levin, Founder and former editor in Chief, Los Angeles weekly

Art Campbell Plains of San Augustin
A 22 minute accounting of the research of Art Campbell on an alleged crash in the Plains of San Augustin.

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