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Collectively, the X-Conference speakers hold enough knowledge of government involvement with extraterrestrial phenomena and the truth embargo to end the cover-up tomorrow.  All it would take is for the political leaders and the political media to pay attention.  And yes, they have been invited, too.


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Executive Producer
Panel Moderator

Stephen Bassett - Executive Producer/Panel Moderator/Speaker
is arguably the leading advocate in the nation for ending the 61-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and the planet earth.   He is a political activist, lobbyist, commentator, columnist and conference producer.  He is the founder of the Paradigm Research Group, the Executive Director of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC), the creator of the Paradigm Clock and the executive producer of the X-Conference.  His work has been covered internationally including the Washington Post, Washington Times, New York Times, Legal Times, Christian Science Monitor, National Journal, Pravda, London Sunday Express and Roll Call.

Presently he is the only registered lobbyist in the United States representing extraterrestrial related phenomena research/activist organizations, and X-PPAC is the first political action committee to target the political implications of extraterrestrial related phenomena.  Between April 19 and November 5 of 2002 he conducted an independent candidacy in the 2002 congressional campaign in the 8th District of Maryland.  It was the first instance in which a candidate on the November ballot in a federal election openly addressed the matter of an extraterrestrial presence and the government imposed truth embargo. 

Since 1996 Bassett has assisted many organizations and initiatives making the case for 1) an end to the government truth embargo, and 2) open congressional hearings to take the testimony of former military and agency employees witness to extraterrestrial-related events and evidence.   He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows and in numerous documentaries delivering the message to millions of people of the likelihood and implications of "Disclosure" - the formal acknowledgement of the ET presence by the governments of the world.

Recent Published Articles (relevant to the conference themes)
Exopolitics: The ET Ticket
Exopolitics: UFO RIP

Exopolitics: Those Pesky Myths, Misperceptions and Misunderstandings
Exopolitics: Words and Metaphors - The Men in Gray

Principal Websites
Paradigm Research Group Portal (all sites):
PRG Main Site:
Million Fax on Washington:


Cheryll Jones - Host
is a polished professional journalist not afraid to acknowledge her great interest in the extraordinary issues surrounding extraterrestrial-related phenomena and exopolitics. 

Her accomplished TV broadcasting career covers extensive experience on both sides of the camera.  Starting as a weather reporter, Cheryll quickly extended her skills and credentials to include talk show host / producer / field reporter / writer and network news anchor.   She is uniquely distinguished as the only TV broadcaster to be both a news anchor and degreed meteorologist at the network level.  Her career has taken her from her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee to major markets including Miami, Atlanta, New York, Denver, Kansas City and West Palm Beach. Through Cheryll's prime time broadcasts on CNN and The Weather Channel, her face and voice became familiar to viewers in millions of homes around the world.  Cheryll’s numerous professional awards include being named "Woman of the Year" by Women in Communications and "Distinguished Alumnus of the Year” by Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado.

Principal Website
Cheryll Jones:


George Noory - Special Presentation / Keynote (short)
became official prime host for Coast to Coast AM, the number one late night talk show in America, on January 1, 2003.   He took over the reins from retiring Art Bell to become the host of America's most fascinating overnight radio program.  Looking back on George's life and his passion for all things unexplained, it seems almost fated that he would fulfill this unique role.

While still a teenager, George joined NICAP, the UFO organization that was a precursor to today's MUFON.   He immersed himself in the field, "so much so that I decided I wanted to go into broadcasting in order to do unusual stories in the paranormal and stories that the mainstream media didn't want to touch," he told After Dark. Indeed, George's very first broadcast interview, while a young radio reporter for Detroit's WCAR-AM, was with Roswell expert/physicist Stanton Friedman, with whom he has maintained a lifelong friendship.

Now with a 30-year history in the broadcasting field under his belt in such positions as executive television news producer and news director, George brings a wide swath of experience to the table. In fact, at age 28 he was the youngest major news market news director in the country when he was at KMSP-TV in Minneapolis.  But it was just a couple of years ago that he came to the attention of Premiere Radio Networks, who heard him on his late-night radio program on KTRS in St. Louis. Known as "the Nighthawk," George's penchant for covering paranormal topics with enthusiasm and skill impressed Premiere.  He was then brought on board to host the Sunday night Coast to Coast show. And as Art's back problems became more severe, George was honored to fill in for him on a regular basis.

"Coast to Coast AM may just be the most unusual show I have ever witnessed or been a part of. You really almost have to be born into that arena, I think, in order to handle it. I was very lucky in that's the way I was guiding my own career. It was this thirst to really get to the bottom of some of these stories that kept pushing me," George said.

Other highlights of George's life include serving nine years in the U.S. Naval Reserve and winning three Emmy Awards as a news executive.  But certainly manning the helms of Coast to Coast AM is a pinnacle for George, allowing him to pursue the unexplained on a grand scale. It's become his destiny to guide the huge audience from more than 500 radio stations through the night in this dynamic format created by Art Bell. Across America, and around the world on the Internet, George Noory's voice rings out.

Recently George introduced Art Bell at his Lifetime Achievement Award from "Radio & Records," the radio industry trade journal.

Special Presentation / Keynote (short)

Published Books
Worker in the Light: Unlock Your Five Senses and Liberate Your Limitless Potential (2007)

Principal Website
Coast to Coast AM:   

Edgar Mitchell, PhD - Special Presentation (Lecture)
On January 31, 1971, Navy Captain Dr. Edgar Mitchell embarked on a journey into outer space that resulted in becoming the sixth man to walk on the moon.  The Apollo 14 mission was NASA's third manned lunar landing.  This historic journey ended safely nine days later on February 9, 1971.  It was an audacious time in the history of mankind.  For Mitchell, however, the most extraordinary journey was yet to come.

As he hurtled earthward through the abyss between the two worlds, Mitchell became engulfed by a profound sensation "a sense of universal connectedness."  He intuitively sensed that his presence, that of his fellow astronauts, and that of the planet in the window were all part of a deliberate, universal process and that the glittering cosmos itself was in some way conscious.  The experience  was so overwhelming Mitchell knew his life would never be the same.

Scientist, test pilot, naval officer, astronaut, entrepreneur, author and lecturer, Dr. Mitchell's extraordinary career personifies humankind's eternal thrust to widen its horizons as well as its inner soul.

His academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University, a Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and a Doctor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT.  In addition he has received honorary doctorates in engineering from New Mexico State University, the University of Akron, Carnegie Mellon University and a ScD from Embry-Riddle University.

Dr. Mitchell has received many awards and honors including the Presidential Medal of Freedom and nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize and was inducted into the Space Hall of Fame in 1979 and the Astronaut Hall of Fame in 1998.

After retiring from the Navy in 1972, Dr. Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to sponsor research into the nature of consciousness as it relates to cosmology and causality.  In 1984, he was a co-founder of the Association of Space Explorers, an international organization of those who have experienced space travel.   He lectures regularly on cosmology, human potential, and the implications of recent discoveries in science as they affect our individual lives.

He is the author of "Psychic Exploration," 1974, The Way of the Explorer, 1996, (Third edition, 2006) as well as dozens of articles in both professional and popular periodicals.  He has devoted the last 35 years to studying human consciousness and psychic and paranormal phenomena in the search for a common ground between science and spirit.

“Suddenly from behind the rim of the moon, in long, slow-motion moments of immense majesty, there emerges a sparkling blue and white jewel, a light, delicate sky-blue sphere laced with slow swirling veils of white, rising gradually like a small pearl in a thick sea of black mystery. It takes more than a moment to fully realize this is Earth—home."

“On the return trip home, gazing through 240,000 miles of space toward the stars and the planet from which I had come, I suddenly experienced the universe as intelligent, loving, harmonious.”

"We're way, way past time for bringing this information to the public, acknowledging it and entering into the sort of discussions at the highest levels of congress and the government - to make this information available to the public. It's far, far past time for this. If we don't do it here, I don't know when we'll ever going to be able to do it."

“We went to the moon as technicians, we returned humanitarians.”


"I think our representative democracy is in danger....I think events are moving so fast, so very rapidly, that no one is really on top of it, and if we don't get the people mobilized here to demand that we get to the bottom of these issues we're talking about today...we're not going to have an opportunity forever. This is a key issue that we are talking about."

Interview with Art Bell Show
January 5, 1998

Special Presentation

Published Books
The Way of the Explorer (1996) Special Collector's Second Edition (signed by the author)
The Way of the Explorer (Putnam, 1996)
Psychic Exploration (1974)

Principal Website
Dr. Edgar Mitchell:    

Dr. Roger Leir - Special Presentation (Lecture)
is the author of the The Aliens and the Scalpel, and one of the worlds most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of Ufology.

He, and his surgical team, have performed 11 surgeries on alleged alien abductees, resulting in the removal of twelve separate and distinct objects suspected of being [[[alien implants]].  These objects have been scientifically investigated by some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world including Los Alamos National Labs, New Mexico Tech, and the University of California at San Diego. Their findings have been baffling and some comparisons have been made to Meteorite Samples. In addition, some of the tests show isotopic ratios not of this world.  He anticipates performing more surgeries in the future and is investigating the physiological and biological aspects of the abduction phenomenon. 

Dr. Leir has also been involved in investigations of other areas of Ufology involving physical evidence. He has traveled to Brazil and performed exhaustive research into the Varginha, Brazil case.  In 2003, Dr. Leir, the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) and other world scientists completed a DNA study pertaining to evidence collected in a famous California Alien Abduction Case.  He recently formed a non-profit organization for this purpose called “A&S Research Inc.”

He has been interested in the subject of Ufology since his early childhood and has had several sightings of unknown flying objects.  He has also had two Near-Death Experiences.  Because of this, his cousin Kenneth Ring Ph.D., eminent author of numerous books, including The Omega Project, relinquished all of his personal research pertinent to the subject of Ufology to Dr. Leir.   Over the past 15 years, Dr. Leir has pursued a quest for knowledge within this field with great intensity.  As a result he served as a medical consultant to MUFON as well as holding the office of State Section Director for Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Roger Leir is a podiatric surgeon, who has been in private practice in Ventura County, California, for the past 40 years.  He is a Graduate of the California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco, California and attended San Fernando Valley College and the University of Southern California (USC). He holds degrees in Podiatric Medicine, a Bachelor of Science and an Associate in Arts.

He was a Director of Research, involving a Tendon Regeneration Project, in 1964. During 1964-1965 he was a preceptor in Foot Surgery at Bella Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, California.   From 1971 to 1972, he was a Podiatric resident at Simi Valley Doctors Hospital and continued on as Director of Podiatric Residency Training. During this period Dr. Leir was awarded a Professorship in post-graduate education from the California College of Podiatric Medicine.   He served as the Chief of Podiatric Clinic at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, Los Angeles, California.  He has served as Chief of Podiatry in many Southern California Hospitals, including; Simi Valley Doctors Hospital, Simi Adventists Hospital, Woodland Park Community Hospital, Conoga Park Hospital, Midvalley Community Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital.

Dr. Leir is Board Certified in the following boards:  The National College of Foot Surgeons The American Board of Podiatric Sports Medicine The American Board of Foot Surgery The American Circulatory Society and the Society for Non-Invasive Vascular Technology.  He is licensed to practice in the states of California and Oregon and holds a certificate from the National Board of Podiatric Medicine.

Special Presentation

Published Books
The Aliens and the Scalpel (1999)
Casebook: Alien Implants (Whitley Strieber's Hidden Agendas) (2000)
UFO Crash in Brazil (2004)
The New Roswell (pending in the US)

Principal Website
Dr. Roger Leir:          

Col. John Alexander, PhD and Stephen Bassett - Special Presentation (Debate/Dialogue/Q&A)
has most certainly had one of the most unusual and varied careers of any officer who has served with the American military.   Which is to say the mainstream military record only partially summarized below coincided with long term interest in a range of paranormal issues within the framework of national security.  Since he has spent much of his career involved with highly classified programs, much of his resume cannot be revealed.

Dr. John Alexander has been a leading advocate for the development of non-lethal weapons since he created renewed interest in the field starting in 1989. In 2003 he served as a mentor to Afghan Ministry of Defense senior officials through the Office of Military Cooperation – Afghanistan, (Coalition Forces) Kabul. He has traveled to ALL of the continents on Earth. In 2005 he trekked the remote areas of Tibet including the Mount Everest Base Camp and more recently returned from Timbuktu in the Sahel in West Africa.

He entered the US Army as a private in 1956 and rose through the ranks to sergeant first class, attended OCS, and was a colonel of Infantry in 1988 when he retired. During his varied career, he held many key positions in special operations, intelligence, and research and development.  From 1966 through early 1969 he commanded Special Forces “A” Teams in Vietnam and Thailand.  His last military assignment was as Director, Advanced System Concepts Office, US Army Laboratory Command.  After retiring from the Army, Dr. Alexander joined Los Alamos National Laboratory where he was instrumental in developing the concept of Non-Lethal Defense.  As a program manager, he conducted non-lethal warfare briefings at the highest levels of government including the White House Staff, National Security Council, Members of Congress, Director of Central Intelligence, and senior Defense officials. He also met with heads of industry, presented at academic institutions, including Columbia, Harvard and MIT. In 2004 he  was invited to address the German Bundestag. In 2005 he went to The Hague and addressed international delegates to the Chemical Warfare Convention.

Dr. Alexander organized and chaired six major conferences on non-lethal warfare and served as a US delegate to four NATO studies on the topic.  As a member of the first Council on Foreign Relations non-lethal warfare study, he was instrumental in influencing the report that is credited with causing the Department of Defense to create a formal Non-Lethal Weapons Policy in July 1996.  He was a distinguished guest lecturer at the US Air Force Air University and has advised the CIA, US Special Operations Command, and the National Intelligence Council.

Dr. Alexander wrote the seminal material on non-lethal warfare.  He published articles in Harvard International Review, Jane’s International Defense Review, The Boston Globe, The Futurist, The Washington Post, and several other journals. Articles about him and his work can be found in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Newsweek, The Sunday Times (London), Panorama (Italy), Konrad (Germany), LA Times, Wired Magazine, GQ, Scientific American, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, and many others.  He has appeared frequently on television including Dateline, Fox News, Larry King, CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek, and other US programs plus international television in Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, and Japan.

Academically, he holds a M.A., Pepperdine University, Ph.D., Walden University, and later attended the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, the Sloan School of Management at MIT, and the Kennedy School of Government general officer program “National and International Security for Senior Executives” at Harvard University.  In addition to many military awards for valor and service, Aviation Week & Space Technology selected him as a 1993 Aerospace Laureate and in 1997 inducted him into the Hall of Fame at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington.  He received a Department of Energy Award of Excellence for the Nuclear Weapons Program in 1994, and is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, American Men and Women of Science, and in 2001 was named to the OCS Hall of Fame at Ft. Benning, Georgia. During 2001 and 2002 he was a member of the National Research Council Committee for Assessment of Non-Lethal Weapons Science and Technology.

Currently he is a private consultant, a Senior Fellow at the Joint Special Operations University, a Fellow with Proteus at the Army War College, and with the Army Science Board.  His books include, The Warrior’s Edge, Wm. Morrow, (1990) Future War, with foreword by Tom Clancy, St. Martin’s Press (1999), and the sequel, Winning the War, published August 2003.

Special Presentation

Published Books
Winning the War: Advanced Weapons, Strategies, and Concepts for the Post-9/11 World (2003)
Future War: Non-Lethal Weapons in Twenty-First-Century Warfare (2000)
The Warrior's Edge: Front-Line Strategies for Victory on the Corporate Battlefield (1992)    

Graham Hancock (UK) - Special Presentation (Lecture)
is the author of the major international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods and Heaven's Mirror. His books have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages. His public lectures and TV appearances, including the three-hour series Quest For The Lost Civilisation, have put his ideas before audiences of tens of millions. He has become recognised as an unconventional thinker who raises legitimate questions about humanity's history and prehistory and offers an increasingly popular challenge to the entrenched views of orthodox scholars.

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Hancock's early years were spent in India, where his father worked as a surgeon. Later he went to school and university in the northern English city of Durham and graduated from Durham University in 1973 with First Class Honours in Sociology. He went on to pursue a career in quality journalism, writing for many of Britain's leading newspapers including The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, and The Guardian. He was co-editor of New Internationalist magazine from 1976-1979 and East Africa correspondent of The Economist from 1981-1983.

In the early 1980's Hancock's writing began to move consistently in the direction of books. His first book (Journey Through Pakistan, with photographers Mohamed Amin and Duncan Willetts) was published in 1981. It was followed by Under Ethiopian Skies (1983), Ethiopia: The Challenge of Hunger (1984), and AIDS: The Deadly Epidemic (1986). In 1987 Hancock began work on his widely-acclaimed critique of foreign aid, Lords of Poverty, which was published in 1989. African Ark (with photographers Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith) was published in 1990.

Hancock's breakthrough to bestseller status came in 1992 with the publication of The Sign and The Seal, his epic investigation into the mystique and whereabouts today of the lost Ark of the Covenant. 'Hancock has invented a new genre,' commented The Guardian, 'an intellectual whodunit by a do-it-yourself sleuth.' Fingerprints of the Gods, published in 1995 confirmed Hancock's growing reputation. Described as 'one of the intellectual landmarks of the decade' by the Literary Review, this book has now sold more than three million copies and continues to be in demand all around the world. Subsequent works such as Keeper Of Genesis (The Message of the Sphinx in the US) with co-author Robert Bauval, and Heaven's Mirror, with photographer Santha Faiia, have also been Number 1 bestsellers, the latter accompanied by Hancock's three-part television series Quest For the Lost Civilisation.

Most recently, in 2002 Hancock published Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age to great critical acclaim, and hosted the accompanying major TV series. This was the culmination of years of research and on-hand dives at ancient underwater ruins. Arguing that many of the clues to the origin of civilization lay underwater, on coastal regions once above water but flooded at the end of the last Ice age, Underworld offered tangible archaeological evidence that myths and legends of ancient floods were not to be dismissed out of hand.

Graham's Talisman - The Sacred Cities and The Secret Faith, co-authored by Robert Bauval, was released in May 2004. This work, a decade in preparation, returned to the themes last dealt with in Keeper Of Genesis, seeking further evidence for the continuation of a secret astronomical cult into modern times. It is a roller-coaster intellectual journey through the back streets and rat runs of history to uncover the traces in architecture and monuments of a secret religion that has shaped the world.    This was followed by the publication of Supernatural in 2005.

Special Presentation

Published Books
Journey Through Pakistan (1981)
Under Ethiopian Skies (1983)
Ethiopia: The Challenge of Hunger (1984)
AIDS: The Deadly Epidemic (1986)
Lords of Poverty (1989)
African Ark (1990)
The Sign and The Seal (1992)
Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilizations (1993)
Fingerprints of the Gods (1995)
The Mars Mystery: A Tale of the End of Two Worlds (1998)
The Message of the Sphinx (1997)
Heaven's Mirror (1999)
Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age (2002)
Talisman - The Sacred Cities and The Secret Faith (2004)
Supernatural (2005)

Principal Website
Graham Hancock:  

Colin Andrews (UK)
is a well-known researcher and author and is widely acknowledged as the world expert on the crop circle phenomenon.  He is the founder of Circles Phenomenon Research International, the first organization established specifically to investigate the crop circle phenomenon. His scientific investigations are responsible for much of the current information available on the subject.

Colin is an electrical engineer by profession and a former senior officer in British regional Government. For three years Colin advised the British Government on the crop circle phenomenon, supplying technical and scientific reports to the Under-Secretary of State for the environment (Rt. Hon. Nicholas Ridely, M.P.) in the Margaret Thatcher cabinet.

As a result of his persistence, the subject was raised in the House of Commons.

Colin supervised the largest surveillance project of its kind during 1990, called 'Operation Blackbird'. It was an effort to film a crop circle forming, backed and supported by the British Army, B.B.C. and Nippon television and was watched closely by the international media.

Colin Andrews became involved in the circle mystery during 1983 when he saw an arrangement of five circles in a wheat field near Winchester, England. Intrigued by the engineering aspects of creating the circles he began investigations with Pat Delgado, a retired NASA engineer and Busty Taylor a light aircraft pilot. In 1989, Pat and Colin co-authored 'Circular Evidence', the first book written on the subject, which became an international best seller and was chosen by Queen Elizabeth for her prestigious 'Summer Reading Listing'. It was the first time a book of this kind had ever been chosen by the monarchy for this listing. This was followed by their equally successful book: 'Crop Circles: The Latest Evidence', in 1990.

Andrews has appeared on numerous well known television and radio programs around the world including '60 Minutes', '20-20', 'Good Morning America', 'Sightings', 'Unsolved Mysteries', 'Coast To Coast with Art Bell', 'Histories Mysteries', 'The Shirley Maclaine Show', 'Dan Aykroyd's Out There', 'The Sally Jessy Raphael Show', BBC's Daytime Live', 'The Ray Martin Show' and many more. He has lectured extensively to a wide range of audiences including the special interest 'S.E.A.T.' group at the United Nations, and 'The Hakui Museum' in Japan.

He was awarded the New Heaven New Earth 'Toby Award' for his 'honesty and perseverance in the face of adversity' during his research of the so-called "Oliver's Castle' video, claimed by many to show UFO's making crop circles.

He has acted as consultant to several European research institutions and also to well-known anthropologist and former US congressman, Laurence Rockefeller in New York. His widely seen video 'Undeniable Evidence' was instrumental in the appearance of the crop circles on the movie screen. The British movie 'A Place To Stay' was written after Film Director Marcus Thompson was shown the video by a friend. Andrews acted as Chief Consultant and appeared as himself in the movie.

He also supplied information and photographs for the new 'Disney' movie called 'Signs', staring Mel Gibson.

His work continues, with growing urgency for openness and honesty in government and private research. He is currently active in promoting environmental awareness and education as well as continuing crop circle research to a conclusion. He is convinced that the real phenomenon is interacting with both crop circle researchers and people who make some of them. He has for many years held the view that our future is at the center of what is occurring. Since the late 80's he has repeatedly stated that he believes the interactions are showing the mapping out of a possible period of human chaos. As in the human ability to remotely view glimpses of the future, which can be altered by changing current trends, the period of chaos is based upon current trends, which can also be changed.

He believes that a large number of Crop Circles are fakes but that the paranormal is involved with the remainder. He has witnessed many bizarre events since beginning his long investigation into this mystery but is determined to continue his research in a scientific manner and an open mind.


Published Books

The Complete Idiot's Guide to 2012  (2008)
Crop Circles: Signs of Contact
Crop Circles: The Latest Evidence (1990)
Circlular Evidence (1989)

Principal Website
Colin Andrews:  

Dr. Joseph Buchman - Guest Activist
holds a PhD in telecommunications from Indiana University and has had a life-long interest in technology and astronomy. He has visited Roswell and camped on a near-by debris field as well as interviewed Glenn Dennis, Walter Haut and other key Roswell witnesses. He's camped at the crash site near Aztec, New Mexico and has also spent several days camping around Area 51. Joseph has had a life-long interest in technology and astronomy and recently he's returned from mountains on the Mongolian/Chinese border where he and his son witnessed the August 1st total solar eclipse.    In 2008 Dr. Buchman was on the Congressional ballot in the Utah First District as the Libertarian Party candidate.  He spoke openly on the UFO/ET/Disclosure issues. 

Activist Panel 


Art Campbell
has been interested in UFO research since the 1950’s.  He was an early NICAP investigator and Chairman of NICAP chapter in Kansas City, MO. After receiving a map from a rancher in 1994, he visited a UFO crash site in the Plains of San Augustin. He has documented photographs and lab analysis of the materials found at the site. His latest book is  UFO Crash at San Augustin: Did a UFO crash on the Plains of San Augustin in 1947?.   This project concerns a probable crash in July 1947, 165 west of Roswell, NM. Following the map that the rancher provided, Mr. Campbell found what he believes to be the site.  While doing digs at the site on the Plains of San Augustin, Campbell found many items.  He has also gone into great depth concerning the lives of the people connected to this event. 

In the 1950’s, he worked with Donald E. Keyhoe (the founder of NICAP). Mr. Campbell made contact with former President Truman in the spring of 1958 at the Truman Library in Independence, MO. Keyhoe’s subsequent letter to President Truman begins Mr. Campbell’s book. Mr. Campbell also covered an investigation into George Adamski’s claim to being whisked away from the Kansas City train yards. Campbell’s investigation proved the train had not stopped as Adamski had claimed.

with Manual "Bill" Kirklin
spent 26 years in government service including the USDA, North American Aviation, Lockheed Missiles and Space and work on Apollo training simulators.  He was an Air Force Medic and high altitude chamber specialist stationed at Holloman AFB in 1955. Kirklin details several eye witness reports of President Eisenhower at Holloman on or about February 11th, 1955 in Ike's third year of his first term.  After Ike's arrival at Holloman, two UFOs flew over the flight line; one landed near Iks's plane, Columbine III, and Ike went aboard. What was intriguing about the incident was that the President snuck away from thirty or so reporters while on a bird hunt near Thomasville GA during high international tension over Formosa (Taiwan). Campbell's investigation includes information through guards assigned to the president, the complete flight records and two additional independent witnesses on video tape.


Richard Dolan
studied history, English, and philosophy as an undergraduate at Alfred University.  His deep passion for the discipline of history resulted in a scholarship to study at Oxford University and a near miss for a Rhodes Scholarship.  He chose instead to do graduate work at the University of Rochester, where he focused on German and Soviet studies before moving on to American Cold War diplomacy.   Not wanting to teach, he left academia to write.   In
1994 he became interested in the UFO problem, approaching it from the angle of history and politics.  He was intrigued by the cultural schizophrenia - the fact that mainstream and academic culture (official culture) continued to treat UFOs as amusement, but that so many intelligent people privately had taken it seriously. 

Throughout 1995, 1996, and 1997 he conducted a systematic bibliographic search, hunting down the many out-of-print books and UFO documents released over the years through the Freedom of Information Act.  He found the amount of information nearly overwhelming.  A detailed chronology of relevant events was prepared in advance of writing his critically acclaimed book, UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1947-1973.   This book provides the crucial foundation everyone needs: a clear, comprehensive, but concise historical narrative of the problem.  He is completing work on the study's second volume, which will take the story deeper into the 20th century. 


Published Books
UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1947-1973 (2002)
UFOs and the National Security State: The Coverup Exposed, 1973-1991 (In Draft)

Principal Website
Keyhole Publishing:

Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle - Guest Activist
is a pioneer in paranormal experience and research. She specializes in exoconsciousness, a concept she conceived to describe extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness. Exoconsciousness is based on twin pillars of scientific quantum research and experiential evidence. Consciousness is within the body and beyond the brain.  Dr. Hardcastle advocates for psychiatric acceptance of the paranormal experience as normal, including extraterrestrial contact. Her work encompasses research and validation of psychic intelligence, experience and abilities.


Dedicated to empowering the planet’s citizenry to create an extraterrestrial reality through exoconsciousness, she is affiliated with Quantrek   a non-profit founded by Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, combining science and spirituality in quantum physics and cosmology for public education, scientific research and development of practical applications of new forms of energy.   She is also a founder of ET VOTE NOW,  a planetary and national initiative to establish a Department of Extraterrestrial Alliances. This governmental department will be responsible for open diplomatic relations with extraterrestrials and public dissemination of UFO/ET information. She is also a member of Phoenix Lights 3 —Dr. Lynne Kitei, Terri Mansfield and Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle— three women who share a common goal of raising public awareness of the UFO and extraterrestrial intelligence reality through education, dialogue, and advocacy.


In 2005, she taught Extraterrestrial Reality at Scottsdale Community College, one of the first ufology courses in the nation. Dr. Hardcastle has a private practice in exoconsciousness coaching and hypnotherapy. Her professional background included the directorship of an ecumenical chaplain program at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. An ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church, Dr. Hardcastle served on national boards and agencies for the denomination.   She is committed to peacefully transitioning mainstream science, religion, technology, medicine, government, business and education into an emerging extraterrestrial reality formed by ufology, exopolitics and exoconsciousness.

Activist Panel   

Published Book
Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind 

Principal Website
Phoenix Lights 3
Rebecca Hardcastle:   

Paola Harris (US/Italy)
is an Italo-American photojournalist and investigative reporter in the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena research.  She is also a widely published, free-lance writer, especially in Europe.  She has studied extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1979 and is on personal terms with many of the leading researchers in the field.  From 1980-1986 she assisted Dr. J. Allen Hynek with his UFO investigations and has interviewed many top military witnesses concerning their involvement in the government truth embargo.   She is a long time collaborator with Dr. Roberto Pinotti, Director of the Centro Ufologico Nationale (CUN).

In 1997, Ms. Harris met and interviewed Col. Philip Corso in Roswell, New Mexico and became a personal friend and confidante.  She was instrumental in having his book The Day After Roswell, for which she wrote the preface, translated into Italian.  She consequently brought Colonel Corso to Italy for the editorial group Futuro, publisher of Il Giorno Dopo Roswell, and Corso was present for many TV appearances and two conferences. She returned to Roswell in the summer of 2003 for the American debut of her book, Connecting the Dots…making sense of the UFO Phenomena, published by Granite Press.

Because of her international perspective on extraterrestrial related phenomena and her work with Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Paola has consulted with many researchers about the best avenues for  planetary disclosure with emphasis on the “big picture” and stressing the historical connection.  She is a close friend of Monsignore Padre Corrado Balducci and assisted in filming the Italian witnesses, including the Monsignore, for the Disclosure Project for the May 9, 2001 press conference.  She was instrumental in bringing to Italy Robert Dean, Dr. Steven Greer, Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. Richard Boylan, Russell Targ, Travis Walton, Derrell Sims, Helmut Lamner, Michael Lindemann, Nick Pope, Bill Hamilton, Carlos Diaz and Dr. John Mack.  Her new non-profit association, Starworks Italia, will continue to bring speakers to Italy and promote disclosure and exo-political dialogue world-wide.

Paola has been interviewed from Rome and her home in Boulder, Colorado by Jeff Rense, George Noory, Hilly Rose, Mike Murphy, Bob Hiernomous and Jim Hickman, among others, and is a regular on the Tony Gill Radio Show, American University Radio out of Springfield, Massachusetts.  She has been a speaker in many conferences in Italy, San Marino, Belgium and Germany and has appeared many times on Italian TV.   She has written for Nexus, UFO Magazine, Notizario UFO and Dossier Alieni, among others publications.

Activist Panel

Published Books
Exopolitics: How Does One Speak To A Ball Of Light? (2007)
Connecting the Dots: Making Sense of the UFO Phenomenon (2003)

Principal Website
Paola Harris:   

Terri Donovan Mansfield - Guest Activist
is an internationally acclaimed civilian peacemaker and as co-founder of the inclusive and transpartisan Arizona Department of Peace Campaign, she is a recognized diplomat, carefully laying international, national, and local legislative foundations for peace.   As an example, a proposed cabinet level U.S. Department of Peace, HR808, will research, articulate, and facilitate nonviolent solutions to domestic and international conflicts, creating a caring and sustainable culture of peace, so vital in these challenging economic times.

For the past several years Terri has consulted with political leaders from Baghdad to the U.S. Congress, presidents of universities and major corporations, rock musicians and educators.  She specializes in conflict resolution, leadership skills, community building, connections and hugs.   As the former executive director of the Arizona Dept. of Peace Campaign, as well as a former hospice volunteer coordinator and witness to the March 13, 1997 Phoenix Lights event, she expanded her community focus on the power of compassion to the universal focus of the power of peace.


Terri shares her diplomatic expertise as a QuanTrek team member, World Peace Society & Peace Pole Representative, Co-founder of Voices for Civil Dialogue, Reiki master teacher, Madonna Minister, Cambridge Who's Who, and recipient of the Paradise Valley, AZ. MLK 2009 Diversity Champion Award.   In addition Terri is a member of advisory boards for the Arizona State University Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, National Peace Academy, the Fusion Foundation, Exopolitics Institute and Phoenix Lights 3


Terri's husband is a retired Air Force colonel. They reside in Paradise Valley, AZ

Activist Panel  

Joseph Montaldo
is Co-Founder, International Director, and Spokesperson for I.C.A.R. the International Community for Alien Research. ( Originally affiliated with MUFON as an Investigator, Mr. Montaldo became disenchanted with the lack of information being shared with the general public. His first step in furthering public awareness was establishing a personal website (www.alienenigma) in 1998. Later, the I.C.A.R. site ( was added to the Internet.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1963, he attended area private schools before joining the U.S. Navy. While in the Navy, Joe earned three degrees in Advanced Electronics and Avionics. In April of 2004, Mr. Montaldo began hosting the Wake Up USA a UFO Study talk show. He is now host of the new radio program, "UFO Undercover". UFO Undercover is an Internet talk show that allows the host and his guest to interact and answer questions with the virtual audience thru the Internet and by telephone via a toll free number.

During his time as host for these radio programs, Joe has interviewed most of ufology’s personalities. In the process he has gained many friends in the community as well as the opportunity to work to ward his goal of ufologist and the public sharing information openly. Having been an investigator for almost 30 years, Joe Montaldo is extremely knowledgeable on UFOs, Alien Abductions, Star Children, Indigo Children, Milabs, Government Involvement, and all matters involved in Ufology.

In an effort to go directly to the public, a chat room was opened on Pal Talk under Social Issues-ICAR UFO Alien Phenomena-Voice Room. This chat room provides a place for people to exchange ideas, share experiences and find personal help dealing with Alien Contact.

I.C.A.R., starting as a grassroots organization, is now established with members in 11 countries. While UFO sightings are always investigated, I.C.A.R.’s main focus is on Alien Abductions and the Alien Agenda. I.C.A.R. members and Joe have investigated over 5000 cases of Alien contact and abductions. In 2005, Montaldo and members of I.C.A.R. provided press coverage in Washington D.C. at the X-Conference as well as the last 2 crash retrieval conference and the 2006 Laughlin conference also in 2006 Mr. Montaldo was placed on the board of the Exopolitics institute where he advises in alien abduction and media areas.

Mr. Montaldo has been featured in newspaper articles, radio talk shows and speaks at area meetings as well as hosting his Wednesday night talk show.

“My future goal is to gain information for I.C.A.R. and share it with the Public. The public needs to understand what is going on with alien contact, and exactly what the alien agenda is.”

Activist Panel

Principal Website

Jeff Peckman
is a political activist who has received considerable attention for his efforts to raise public awareness of the UFO/ET issue. His current strategy for achieving disclosure of UFO/ET phenomena is to go over the heads of elected officials, government employees, and mainstream media, and directly to the People, with citizen-sponsored ballot initiatives and grassroots news reporting.

During just six weeks in the Spring of 2008, Jeff was interviewed by over sixty local, national and international news media. His 2008 Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission ballot initiative got so much coverage he wound up on the Late Show with David Letterman where he was treated very well by an interested host.

Jeff is currently on the Board of Directors of the Exopolitics Institute and on the Advisory Board of the Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations. He writes a top-ranked column for as the Denver UFO Examiner. Jeff has recently proposed both a White House Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission, and a Citizens Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. He is also developing even more grassroots strategies for educating the masses about the UFO/ET message.

Activist Panel

Principal Websites
Denver UFO Examiner -
EXTRA Campaign -




Nick Pope (UK)
worked at the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence since 1985.  He's undertaken a series of jobs within the Department, including work in the Joint Operations Centre during the Gulf War, where he was a briefer in the Air Force Operations Room.  He was involved in work on the crises in Bosnia and Kosovo.  He was a Senior Executive Officer, which is a civilian grade equivalent to the military rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
  He left the employ of the MoD in 2006 and now does private research.

Between 1991 and 1994, Nick was posted to a division called Secretariat (Air Staff) and given the job of researching and investigating the UFO phenomenon, mirroring the work done in the U.S. by the Air Force's Project Blue Book in the 1960's.  Although most of the cases could be explained as misidentifications of known objects and phenomena, a hard core of sightings defied any conventional explanation.  Strong evidence emerged suggesting the presence of structured craft capable of speeds and maneuvers beyond the capability of even the most advanced prototype craft operated by the Royal Air Force or the United States Air Force.

Nick's unique access to new data and previous government files convinced him the UFO phenomenon raised serious defense and national security issues.  There were numerous instances where UFOs had been tracked on radar, leading to jets being scrambled.  There were also cases with terrifying near-misses between UFOs and civilian aircraft.  All this led him to believe that an extraterrestrial explanation for some sightings could not be ruled out.

His official investigations into UFOs drew him into other mysteries such as alien abductions, crop circles and cattle mutilations.  Upon leaving the Ministry's UFO project (which continues), he continued his research and investigations privately and is now recognized as a leading researcher into both governmental and phenomenological aspects of the extraterrestrial controversy.  

He has done extensive media work, including an appearance on Newsnight, one of the UK's most prestigious and serious TV news programs.  He has written for or been featured in most of the UK's national newspapers and has been interviewed on numerous radio shows, including the prestigious Today program.  Nick has lectured all around the world and spoken to various academic and military organizations.  He has discussed the UFO phenomenon at the Oxford Union, one of the world's foremost debating societies, and has acted as consultant to various television documentaries.


Recent Interview with Nick Pope
On the Road to Roswell - Part V

Published Books (relevant)
Open Skies, Closed Minds: For the First Time, a Government UFO Expert Speaks Out (1999)

The Uninvited: An Exposé of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon (1998)

Principal Website
Nick Pope:     

with Major Milton Torres (USAF, ret.)

February 10, 2009:  UFO chaser to Obama: Open the books

Don’t try selling Milton Torres on the idea of launching another public study of UFOs. He says the genie's been out of the bottle forever.

“The one I chased didn’t follow classic Newtonian mechanics. It made a right turn almost on a dime,” he tells De Void from his home in Kendall, Fla. “The (Royal Air Force radar) scope had a range of 250 miles. And after two sweeps, which took two seconds, it was gone. And I was flying almost at Mach 1, at .92.”

Bottom line for Torres: Any military organization that isn’t interested in this sort of elusive high technology is incompetent.

If you’ve been following this stuff, you’ll recall how the retired USAF major broke a 51-year silence last October about his potentially lethal UFO scramble. The British Ministry of Defence had just released another batch of dusty UFO files through its National Archives, and the sexiest of the lot occurred on April 27, 1957. That’s when an unnamed Yank with the American 406th Fighter Wing operating out of RAF Manston in Kent was dispatched with specific orders to blast a UFO out of the late-night sky.

Torres, now 77, promptly stepped forward and owned up (“It was such a relief!”) to being the guy assigned to shoot it down. Climbing to 32,000 feet in his F-86 Sabrejet along with a wingman, Torres couldn’t see the bogey, but he got a strong radar lock-on some 15 miles out. With just seconds to go before closing to within missile range, things got freaky. The blip on his scope flashed to a 6 o’clock position, then 3 o’clock, then 12 o’clock, and 11 o’clock. Then it was gone. Ground control lost it, too.

End of chase, but not the story.

Back on the deck, Torres says he was bullied by a member of the U.S. National Security Agency, and told that if he breathed a word of what happened — even to his own commander — his flying days were over.

“What the hell did I know? I was just a pilot, I didn’t have any information,” he said. “The thought of losing my flight status was unacceptable.”

So Torres put a cork in it and went on to complete a 20-year USAF career. He earned a doctorate in mechanical engineering, and taught at Florida International University.

Contrasting the threats he received with the routine manner in which that information was released, Torres is struck by the arbitrary nature of state secrecy. And it jams him up, because he’s heard from other military pilots reluctant to go public.

“They’ve told me about getting scrambled, and how what they’re chasing left ‘em standing there like they weren’t even moving,” says the former college professor. “They don’t know what’s it is, but somebody sure does.”

Impressed by President Obama’s executive order directing federal bureaucracies to err on the side of transparency when dealing with public information requests, Torres says it’s time to pony up.

“I want Obama to open it up, to declassify this UFO material,” he says. “This has gone on for too long.”

Michael Salla, PhD (Australia/US)
has the courage and integrity to follow the information wherever it leads.  He lost his status at American University and his projects were denied renewal as a direct result of his participation in X-Conference 2004.  This is just one more disgrace in a long history of head-in-the-sand denial by the entire American academic community regarding extraterrestrial-related phenomena.  American University is perfectly situated to be a leader in the development in exopolitics.  The opportunity was and is there to break new ground, to make a difference.  American University took a pass.

Michael is a pioneer in the development of exopolitics, the scholarly study of the main actors, institutions and processes associated with an extraterrestrial presence that is not acknowledged to the general public, elected officials or the mass media. His interest in exopolitics evolved out of his investigation of the sources of international conflict and its relationship with the undisclosed extraterrestrial presence. He cites evidence extraterrestrial races are currently engaging humanity and the planet in a variety of ways.  His new book, Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life: The Challenge of Exopolitics, reveals U.S. policies on extraterrestrial life that form major challenges in educating the general public about exopolitical issues.

His book Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (Dandelion Books, 2004) presents a comprehensive study of the political implications of the extraterrestrial presence. His forthcoming book, The Challenge of Exopolitics analyses challenges in educating the general public about exopolitical issues.

Michael is the author/editor of an additional four books in international politics including The Hero's Journey Toward a Second American Century (Greenwood Press, 2002); Essays on Peace (Central Queensland University Press, 1995); Why the Cold War Ended (Greenwood Press, 1995); and Islamic Radicalism, Muslim Nations and the West (1993). He has also authored more than seventy articles, chapters, and book reviews on peace, ethnic conflict and conflict resolution. He has held academic appointments in the School of International Service & the Center for Global Peace, American University, Washington DC (1996-2004); the Department of Political Science, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia (1994-96); and the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, Washington, DC, (2002). He has a PhD in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia, and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has conducted research and fieldwork in the ethnic conflicts in East Timor, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Sri Lanka, and organized peacemaking initiatives involving mid to high level participants from these conflicts.

Michael has conducted extensive interviews for both his exopolitical and international conflict research on Coast to Coast AM; the Jeff Rense Program; the Gary Null Show; the Hickman Report; Mysteries of the Mind; KDKA (Radio), Pittsburgh; BBC World Service, (Radio); 3ER (Radio), Melbourne, Australia; ABC TV, Canberra, Australia; 2CN, ABC Radio, Canberra; 2XX (Radio), Canberra; SBS (Radio), Melbourne; KSRO (Radio), Santa Rosa, CA;  KRLA (Radio) Los Angeles.  And in the Washington, DC metro area: Voice of America Television & Radio, ABC Radio, ABC Online; Religion & Ethics News Weekly (TV), WTOP (Radio), Hearst-Argyle Television, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) TV News, MSNBC (TV) News, America's Voice (TV) and WMAL (Radio).

Activist Panel

Published Books
Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life: The Challenge of Exopolitics (2009)
Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (Dandelion Books, 2004)
The Hero's Journey Toward a Second American Century (2001)
Why the Cold War Ended: A Range of Interpretations (1995)

Essays on Peace: Paradigms for Global Order (1995)
Islamic Radicalism, Muslim Nations and the West

Principal Websites

Exopolitics Institute: 

Suzanne Taylor
was the executive producer of CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth and is the producer/director of documentary, What On Earth?, "Inside the crop circle mystery.  As the founder of Mighty Companions, a non-profit dedicated to dealing with belief system, she produces events that showcase leaders of thought.  Her blog at the Huffington Post addresses progressive politics and considerations about the consciousness that created our problematic world and how a shift in our worldview is needed to address the challenges that confront us.


Principal Websites
What on Earth?:

w/ Suzanne Bauman
is the producer, director, and writer of more than eighty films, both documentary and drama.  She produced, directed and wrote "Jackie Behind the Myth," a two-hour definitive biography of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, for PBS, which was a People Magazine’s "Pick of the Week," and is now a runaway best seller for Warner Home Video and PBS Home Video.

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Vassar College and the NYU Institute of Film and TV, her two student films, "Button Button" and "The Father" starring Burgess Meredith, won numerous festival awards. She started her first production company in New York at the age of 26, and has taken crews all over the world, including Costa Rica, Cuba, England, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Italy, Mexico, Nepal, the Philippines, Peru, and Turkey. She received an Academy Award Nomination for her documentary feature "Against Wind and Tide: A Cuban Odyssey," and an Academy Award of Special Merit for "La Belle Epoque".

With NEH grants she produced and directed "The Artist Was a Woman" about the history of women painters, and "The Women of Summer," about the experimental Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers. For these films she won the American Women in Radio and Television Award and a Special Jury Prize at the San Francisco Film Festival. Her clients include The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian, Vogue Magazine, ABC, CBS, and PBS. Films from this period include "Suleyman the Magnificent," "Cuba in the Shadow of Doubt," "The Vever Affair," "Light of the Gods," "Merchants and Masterpieces," "In Vogue," and "The Vision of Vanity Fair". She produced and directed the concluding documentary for "Art of the Western World: In Our Own Time" hosted by Michael Wood.

In Los Angeles, Suzanne wrote and directed "Maya" for the AFI Directing Workshop for Women, and directed several plays for the Malibu Summerstage. She created and became Executive Producer of 65 episodes of the highly successful series "Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures" (formerly "ZooLife with Jack Hanna").

Suzanne has worked with an eclectic group of celebrities, including Jane Alexander, Jules Dassin, Sir Ian McKellan, Fidel Castro, Gloria Steinem, The Rockefeller family, the Kennedy family, Gianni Versache, Ralph Lauren, Stacey Keach, Norman Mailer, Tina Brown, the Sixth Earl of Carnarvon, Barbara Cartland, Colleen Dewhurst, and Diana Vreeland.    

Victor Viggiani (Canada)
have been the driving force behind the development of exopolitics in Canada.  He emerged on the scene in 2005 with the promotion of Exopolitics Toronto - A Symposium on UFO Disclosure and Planetary Directions held at the University of Toronto's Convocation Hall on September 25, 2005.  It was at this event that the Honorable Paul Hellyer came forward with his views regarding the extraterrestrial explanation behind the UFO phenomenon.  They have engaged members of the Canadian parliament and the Canadian political media.

Victor is a retired school Principal from Toronto Ontario Canada.  He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Psychology (York University Toronto Ontario Canada) and a Masters in Educational Administration and Curriculum Development (Brock University St. Catherines Ontario Canada).   He was also a College Supervisor at the Faculty of Education of Medaille College in Buffalo New York.   His study of anomalous aerial phenomenon, research and analysis spans over 30 years.  His experience involves UFO sighting investigations, counseling work with individuals reporting anomalous experiences and journalism in the field of ETI Disclosure issues.  He has done extensive UFO research throughout the Southwestern United States in locations such as Groom Lake, Nevada and Corona, Roswell, Socorro, The Very Large Array, White Sands, Los Alamos and Dulce in New Mexico.  Victor is Co-Host on the Richard Syrett Show which examines aspects of the UFO phenomenon on radio station CFRB 1010 in Toronto Ontario and streamed live over the Internet via

Activist Panel  

Principal Websites
Exopolitics Toronto (Canada):   

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd  (U.S./Canada)
a futurist, peace advocate and environmental activist, is the father of Exopolitics.  When "exopolitics" is formally (academically) recognized as the term describing the political and social intersection of the human race with extraterrestrial-related phenomena and ultimately extraterrestrial beings, the primary origin of this enormously important nomenclature will be attributed to Alfred Lambremont Webre.  Dr. Michael Salla subsequently worked to expand and develop content within the intellectual framework, and Stephen Bassett worked to bring this framework and terminology to a larger audience.

Alfred is the author of Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe (Universe Books), on the science of relations between human society and other intelligent civilizations in the Universe.  Exopolitics includes a case study of human contact with an advanced civilization on Mars.  Alfred is international director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS) and chairman of the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS), which is researching, disclosing and educating the public about the discovery of life on Mars.  He has proposed a truth- amnesty process to facilitate the release of the advanced, ET-derived new energy technologies. Alfred is a graduate of Yale University and Yale Law School and has taught economics at Yale University and constitutional law at the University of Texas.  Alfred was general counsel to the NYC Environmental Protection Administration, a futurist at Stanford Research Institute (where he directed the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication study), and a judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal.  He is the founder of news website, and host of, listened to in over 80 countries.  His Seattle Exopolitics Examiner column is at

Activist Panel  

Published Books

Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe (2005)
Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact (Universebooks, 2000)
The Levesque Cases (PSP Books, 1990)
The Age of Cataclysm (GP Putnam’s Sons 1974)

Principal Websites

Exopolitics Radio:\
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner:


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