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The work of Paradigm Research Group is dedicated to researchers, activists and the processes of disclosure and understanding. Over the coming months and years, individuals who have made exceptional contributions, perhaps at great personal sacrifice, will be honored. Their biographies will be accompanied by commentaries and career highlights.

There is a practical purpose at work here.  It is the lot of prophets to be spurned in their own time and community. Essential to a balanced perspective toward the history of events we are living and the course of action we will take, is the proper acknowledgment of the contributions of the men and woman who elected to challenge the world view of their peers.

These people sought the truth when the truth came in a most inconvenient package. They worked against a dilemma: the debunkers screamed for credentials, but set out to destroy anyone who entered the fray.  The greater the credentials and accomplishments the more to lose. The game was rigged, and many would not take the risk. These individuals did.

Failure to appreciate and elucidate what these men and woman have done can only diminish the pool of candidates willing to step forward the next time we face a commensurate challenge.


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