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August 25, 2015
See archived PRG press releases and updates HERE.
PRG Financial Support
On occasion PRG will put out a fund raising request. This is one such occasion.

PRG arrived back in Washington, DC in November of 2014 with a five month commitment to pursue congressional hearings and Disclosure from the Obama White House. Supporters of PRG's work provided the needed funds. By the end of March much progress had been made and PRG committed for five more months. Again supporters provided the needed funds. 

Slow and steady wins the race. More progress. Meetings with House and Senate staff continue and the circumstances surrounding the unusual 2016 presidential campaign are coming together nicely for placing the extraterrestrial presence issue into the campaign in unprecedented fashion. PRG has committed through the end of the year.

Supporters do have their limits and now $20,000 is needed to cover expenses for this next period - $10K for the DC based media consultant and $10K for PRG's other obligations and costs. There has never been a better circumstance for ending the truth embargo. Info about some of PRG's advocacy history is shown below. 
Contributions can be made HERE.
Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
The CHD held in 2013 at the National Press Club was an unprecedented event that has served as the platform upon which the Congressional Hearing Initiative and political engagement have been constructed.
Congressional Hearing Initiative
Launched on November 5, 2014, it is the most promising and comprehensive effort by PRG to end the truth embargo. More info HERE.
Disclosure Petition Initiative

Begun on September 22, 2011 this project was the precursor to the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. PRG hopes and anticipates the next petition will be submitted to the White House in the post-Disclosure era. Info HERE.

In 1999 PRG registered the first political action committee specifically targeting extraterrestrial related issues. X-PPAC is presently in suspension, but the registration has been maintained. PRG believes it will be useful in the post-Disclosure era.


FAX on Washington
In 2008 PRG launched a project to send hundreds of thousands of faxes, lettters and emails to various government and political venues over the coming years. The subjects were, of course, Disclosure related. Recently this website was used as the platform to send 1.5 million twitter messages to members of Congress, political media and presidential candidates. 
Exopolitics World Network

The EWN was launched in 2006 to build a network around a set of exopolitical themed portal websites - one per country - owned and maintained by volunteers. There is an accompanying Facebook Page. The EWN's greatest value will be post-Disclosure, when it is expected every country will quickly have a site in the network. An EWN Cities project was added in 2011. There are still many countries without a portal site. If you live in one of those countries and would like to create that portal, please contact PRG.

Exopolitics United States Network

The EUSN was launched in 2008 to build a network around a set of exopolitical themed portal websites - one per state - owned and maintained by volunteers. The EWN's greatest value will be in the post-Disclosure era, when it is expected every state will quickly have a site in the network. There are still many states without a portal site. If you live in one of those states and would like to create that portal, please contact PRG.

World Disclosure Day
World Disclosure Day was launched in 2011 as a way to raise public awareness about the implications and potential for Disclosure.
From 2004 to 2010 PRG produced six Exopolitics Expos (X-Conferences) in the Washington, DC area. Over 100 speakers and witnesses presented the core evidence in the backyard of the nation's capital. PRG will produce another X-Conference --- in the post-Disclosure era.
Public Awareness Efforts

PRG has done well over 1,000 media interviews on extraterrestrial and exopolitical subjects. Most of these interviews are linked HERE.

PRG's work has been featured in numerous documentaries and television programs. Many of these are listed HERE.



PRG has lectured at scores of conference and speaking venues around the world on the politics of Disclosure. Most of these are linked HERE.

PRG published the largest chronological compilation of linked mainstream news articles on the ET/UFO issues. Soon 1,000 more will be posted HERE.

This was an activist campaign to become the first candidate on a November congressional ballot to openly address the ET presence issue and raise public awareness. It worked. FYI: Jimmy Carter was the first person on a November federal election ballot to do so.
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