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August 15, 2013
Following the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure PRG received many queries regarding where Disclosure advocacy will go next.  This update will answer these questions.  A multi-track approach outlined below will begin in the fall of 2013.  PRG remains convinced the ET truth embargo is vulnerable and can be ended as early as this or next year.  This core list of nearly 20,000 persons who have shown interest in one or more PRG projects over the past 17 years is very important to the advocacy work. All will be kept informed of developments going forward.
Reengaging the Congress
After 13 years PRG's lobbyist, Stephen Bassett, will once again directly engage House and Senate members and staff regarding the immediate need for hearings to address the evidence for an extraterrestrial presence.  This will be done in conjunction with other initiatives.
Citizen Hearing on Disclosure DVD Sets
The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC from April 29 to May 3, 2013 included 30 hours of testimony from 40 witnesses over 5 days to 6 former members of Congress with collectively 80 years of tenure.  Prior to reengaging Congress in the fall, all 535 Members will receive an edited multi-DVD set of the CHD.  These sets will be accompanied by a letter requesting a meeting with the Member or staff person to discuss how to initiate Senate and House hearings to hear testimony from the scores of government/agency/political witnesses willing to testify under oath regarding events and evidence pointing toward an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.
Currently there is a crowd funding effort underway at the CHD website to help get the 30 hours of hearing footage appropriately edited as soon as possible - a formidable task.  Additional funding beyond the requested production budget will go toward the direct lobbying effort to follow.
Citizen Support 
Just prior to the new lobbying effort the PRG Updates list will be asked to help by mailing, faxing or emailing a brief note to their two Senators and one Representative requesting they or their staff meet with PRG lobbyist Stephen Bassett to discuss congressional hearings.  Constituent correspondence is always given priority consideration.   These requests via email will be augmented by PRG's Fax on Washington website.   Please do not send any such requests until notified by PRG.  Timing is critical.
PRG's political action committee X-PPAC has been in suspension for thirteen years.  New promotion for X-PPAC will begin in conjunction with the lobbying initiative.  If funded, X-PPAC will make donations to 2014 congressional candidates in the primary and general elections willing to publicly address the ET issues including the truth embargo. 
Citizen Hearing Foundation and the UN Initiative
The Citizen Hearing Foundation 501(c)(3) will be launched prior to the start of the renewed congressional lobbying campaign.  Once funded it will have two primary missions: 1) holding a second Citizen Hearing, and 2) directing a multi-nation approach to the UN General Assembly seeking a resolution calling for a UN backed world conference to examine the evidence for a possible extraterrestrial presence.  This UN initiative will be running in tandem with the lobbying campaign.  This is designed to generate a national and international media coverage convergence. 
Truth Embargo Documentary
Soon the full website for the CHD documentary Truth Embargo will be posted. Due to the heavy cost of the CHD, PRG is seeking a second production partner for the film.  With new support the plan is to have the movie completed and available in conjunction with both the lobbying effort and the UN resolution initiative. 
The Disclosure Report
Plans are in the works to air a live subscription webcast in conjunction with the multiple initiatives being launched this fall. The target audience will be the core supporters of the Disclosure advocacy movement. It will usually air once a month, but will air twice a month during the fall/winter initiatives.  It will provide an opportunity for those following the advocacy work to interact with host Stephen Bassett for one to three hours depending on the audience and the issues. The webcast will also address extremely important developments in the secrecy reform movement.   The webcast will be hosted with two domains: and    
Developments of Interest
Washington Post Bought by Jeff Bezos
Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos has personally bought the Washington Post.  This has Disclosure implications for two reasons:  1) the Graham family and the Post have had very close ties to the intelligence community and a very poor track record dealing with the ET issue, and 2) Bezos is not so connected, is a risk taker, wants to make money, and sees himself as a game changer.  Bob Woodward, the most intel connected Washington Post executive, has already severely criticized this purchase.  
Lloyd Pye and Kevin Smith
Long time researcher and author Lloyd Pye is presently in Germany getting treatment for an aggressive cancer.  Supporters helped him with the expense and are putting him up in London. Lloyd is one of the smartest people in the field and very dedicated.  The larger community will have his back as he meets this challenge.

Radio host Kevin Smith has died of complications from heart surgery.  He was a top alternative media professional and a fine man.  His work greatly advanced the public awareness of the ET reality.  He will be missed greatly.
Celebrity Contactees
At the end of July NBA player Baron Davis repeatedly asserted during a radio interview he was a contactee.  Later he would tweet it was a joke.  Actress Fran Drescher also made similar statements and then claimed later she was joking.  The "coming out" of public figures as contactees is inevitable.  There will be more and the above pattern will continue.  The person will finally give in to a powerful desire to share their extraordinary experiences.  Later, under considerable pressure from close friends, advisers and managers, they will recant.  This is understandable.  Who will be next?
PRG Media and Interview Schedule - 2013
[NOTE: past interviews are included as most are archived.]
August 25 - 7 pm PST
The Jackal's Head w/ Angel Espino
August 23 - 5-6 pm PST   
Hot leads, Cold Cases, Para-X Radio, w/  Nancy du Tertre
August 13 - 5-7 pm PST
Truth Denied Radio w/ Roxy Lopez
August 3 - 6-7 pm PST
Ohio Exopolitics w/ Mark Snider
August 2 - 2-4 pm PST
Veritas w/ Mel Fabregas
July 31 - 8 pm PST
CA MUFON Radio w/ Lorien Fenton
July 31 - 7 pm PST
Trev Kernested
July 28 - Noon PST
PhD dissertation research
Kai Rene Olsen
July 26 - 10 am PST
Common Ground w/ Kimberly Jaeger WZLX CBS Boston
July 21 - 6 pm PST
PANG Radio w/ Mike Lucas and Jamie Havican
July 21 - 3-5 pm PST
Truth Frequency Radio w/ Chris & Cheree Geo
July 13 - 7 am PST
Expanding Awareness w/ Victor Venckus
July 11 - 1 pm PST Tape
Documentary shoot w/ L.A. Marzulli
July 10 - 8 pm PST
Mike Siegel Show
July 7 - 5 pm PST
World Today Weekend w/ Sean Leslie
July 1 - 10 am PST
We Are Not Alone w/ Dave Twitchell
June 23 - 8 pm PST
Conspiracy Show w/ Richard Syrett
June 6 - 5 pm PST
Global Radio Alliance w/ Paola Harris
June 5 - 2 pm PST
We Are Not Alone w/ Dave Twitchell
May 24 - 10 pm PST
Coast to Coast AM w/ George Knapp
May 23 - 6 pm PST
Third Phase of the Moon w/ John Ilias
May 22 - 8 pm PST
Media Monarchy w/ Clyde Lewis
May 20 - 2:30 pm PST
Joe Rogan Questions Everything w/ Joe Rogan
May 19 - 12:30 pm PST
Planet X Radio w/ Darren Perks
May 18 - 11 am PST
First Contact Radio w/ Josh Poet
May 17 - noon PST
Buzzsaw w/ Tyrel Ventura and Sean Stone
May 17 - 8:30 am PST
Tony Topping w/ Tony Topping
May 14 - 10\:30 AM
Ground Zero w/ Clyde Lewis
May 14 - noon PST
HPANWO Radio w/ Ben Emlyn-Jones
May 12 - 2 pm PST
CKNW Radio w/ Sean Leslie
May 10 - 10 am PST Galactic Roundtable w/ Beth Trutwin
May 9 - 2:30 pm PST Podcast UFO w/ Martin Willis May 8 - 5 pm PST
UFO Undercover w/ Joe Montaldo
May 8 - 2 pm PST
Open Minds Radio w/ Alejandro Rojas
May 2 - 6:35 pm PST
Clear Channel Media
April 29 - 10:15 am PST
Coast to Caost AM w/ George Knapp
April 28 - 8 am PST
Tercer Milenio w/ Jamie Maussan
April 26 - 1pm PST
Night Shift w/ Anthony Trupiano
April 25 - 1 pm PST
First Contact Radio w/ Josh Poet
April 25 - 9 am PST
Politico TV w/ Patrick Gavin
April 24 - 5 pm PST
Camelot Radio w/ Kerry Cassidy
April 24 - 8:30 am PST
Morning Show w/ Andrea Roane
April 23 - 7 pm PST
Night Shift w/ Anthony Trupiano
April 20 - 5 pm PST
CKNW Radio w/ Sean Leslie
April 20 - 3-5 pm PST
Truth Frequency Radio w/ Chris and Shereer Geo
April 19 - 11:45 PST
Buzzsaw w/ Tyrell Ventura and Sean Stone
April 18 - 5-7 pm PST
Third Phase of the Moon w/ Blake Cousins
April 14 - 9:30 pm PST
Phonetics Radio w/
April 5 - 10 am PST
Kate Valentine Show w/ Kate Valentine
April 2 - 5:45 pm PST
Argentine Radio w/ Sonia Picolet
April 1 - 5 pm PST
Jerry Pippin Show w/ Jerry Pippiin
April 1 - 10-11 am PST
Galactic Roundtable w/ Beth Trutwin
March 30 - 11 am PST
First Contact Radio w/ Josh Poet
March 25 - 9 am PST
Washington Examiner w/ Nikki Schwab
March 20 - 3:30 pm PST
w/ Azaria McClenton
March 16 - 4 pm PST
Night Search w/ Eddie Middleton
March 3 - 10 pm PST
Conspiracy Show w/ Richard Syrett
February 13 - 9-10:30 pm
CA MUFON Radio w/ Lorien Fenton
February 7 - 4 pm PST
Third Eye Talks Event w/ Chris Russak
January 15 - 5:30 pm PST
Mysterious Universe w/ Ben Grundy
January 12 - 9 pm PST
Starseed Radio w/ Jonah Bolt
January 10 - 4:30 pm PST
Global Radio Alliance w/ Race Hobbs
January 8 - 3 pm PST
Third Phase of the Moon w/ Blake Cousins
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