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PRG has pursued political resolution of the UFO/ET issue (Disclosure) for 14 years spending over a half million dollars.  It has created or supported many initiatives, projects, websites, conferences and organizations seeking to end the UFO/ET truth embargo.  Its work has been extensively covered in the media.  While much has been accomplished, there is much to do.  If an activist philanthropist can step forward at this time, it will immediately impact 3 important PRG initiatives - Million Fax on Washington, X-Conference and a new project about to be announced.  If you are that person or foundation, please contact PRG at your earliest convenience..


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Paradigm Research Group uses PayPal, the most popular and secure payment option on the Internet.  Setting up an account is easy and costs nothing.  Once set up you can pay directly or use your credit or debit cards at thousands of sites without having to reenter your personal and financial information. [Note: you do not have to sign up with PayPal in order to use your credit card via PayPal.]


Note: Paradigm Research Group is not a non-profit in order to maximize its range of political advocacy options and diminish its vulnerability. Consequently, direct contributions to PRG are not tax deductible.  If a tax deduction is required, PRG has sister organizations that can receive tax deductible donations.  Contact PRG for more information.


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