Paradigm Research Group Underwriters

PRG has pursued political resolution of the extraterrestrial phenomena issue (Disclosure) for 18 years spending over a million dollars.  It has created or supported many initiatives, projects, websites, conferences and organizations seeking to end the UFO/ET truth embargo.  Its work has been extensively covered in the media.  While much has been accomplished, there is much to do.  If an activist philanthropist can step forward at this time, it will immediately PRG's most important to date - the Congressional Hearings Initiativeg.  If you are that person or foundation, please contact PRG at your earliest convenience.


Mail contributions
by check or money
order payable to:

Paradigm Research Group
4938 Hampden Lane, #161
Bethesda, MD 20814


Wire transfer
from within and
outside U.S. to:

Contact PRG for Account Info


PRG is grateful for the support of

$50,000 +

$25,000 +

Sandra Sheperd Wright
McLean, VA


$10,000 +

Sergio/Gaye Lub
Walnut Creek, CA
Sergio Lub, Inc.

Name Withheld
London, Canada

Name Withheld
Boston, MA

Name Withheld
Kansas City, MO


$5,000 +

Lisa Davis
San Diego, CA


Name Withheld
Baltimore, MD


Rebecca/Rob Gordon
Boulder, CO

What Are Records


Name Withheld
Freemont, CA


Name Withheld
Apache Junction, AZ


James Ledwith
Sonoma, CA

Elliott/Sharon Maynard
Sedona, AZ
Arco Cielos Research

Name Withheld
Ashland, OR

Name Withheld
Kailua-Kona, HI

Jim Boka
Gaithersburg, MD

$1,000 +

Doug Greenstein
Brooklyn, NY

Name Withheld
Washington, DC

Name Withheld
Reston, VA

Name Withheld
Hagerstown, MD

Name Withheld
Las Vegas, NV

Joseph Ciano
Milton, MA

Didier dePlaige
Paris, France

Name Withheld
Forest Hill, MD

Name Withheld
Fredricksburgl, MD


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