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Betty Cash - Principal in the Cash-Landrum Case



Mrs. Cash was a hero in the fight against government UFO cover-ups and brought hope to other victims of UFO incidents.  She was devoted to family and friends and never allowed her illness to prevent her from helping others to cope with the trauma of contact experiences.  Her case has several points of similarity with the Area 51 workers compensation case represented by Jonathan Turley of the George Washington University Environmental Law Center and recently rejected on appeal by the U. S. Supreme Court.

Quoting Peter Gersten of CAUS, "In 1981 I represented three people in a lawsuit against the United States Government for injuries that resulted from their contact with an unusual aerial object.  Betty Cash, Vicky Landrum and Colby Landrum are the only three people to ever sue our government for injuries from a UFO.

Betty Cash was a warrior and heroine. She fought the US government and, even in defeat, showed a spirit and tenacity that will now be her epitaph. CAUS and I pay tribute to a very brave lady...and a victim of this government's callousness to the rights of the individual."

Betty Cash died in Birmingham, Alabama.on the eighteenth anniversary of her fateful UFO encounter.

Some content contribution from 12/30/99 MUFON press release



Philip Corso - Retired Army Col., author The Day After Roswell



Col. Corso was a member of General MacArthur’s staff, a national security advisor to President Eisenhower and worked at the Foreign Technology Desk of the Army Research and Development.  During his career he received 19 commendations.  After retiring from military service he went on to advise Senators Thurmond and Eastland on matters of national security.

In The Day After Roswell, Col. Corso confirmed the extraterrestrial nature of the crashed craft at Roswell, NM in 1947, described seeing a dead extraterrestrial corpse and elaborated on his participation in the transference of extraterrestrial technology into the commercial sectors via American corporations.

On June 9, 1998, a few days after signing an affidavit reconfirming the principal revelations in his memoir (on behalf of CAUS), Col. Corso suffered a severe heart attack.  While the initial prognosis was negative, there was encouraging progress according to a report in the June 16 CNI News.  However, on July 16 Col. Corso suffered another heart attack and died in transit to the local hospital. 

In spite of his long service to his country which included much testimony before Congress on a range of issues such as MIAs, neither the DOD nor Army responded to the allegations in his book.  Also of note was this: though well known to the Washington Post, the paper did not print an obituary. 



Steven Schiff - Congressman from New Mexico



He will forever be connected with the process of disclosure over his efforts to obtain documents from the Air Force regarding the Roswell event of 1947.  During this effort it was learned the phone message records for that period for the Roswell Army Air Base were destroyed without authorization.  He enlisted the aid of the GAO and publicly complained when the response to his queries proved unsatisfactory.

Within months of going public with his dissatisfaction with the government response to his information requests regarding records pertaining to the 1947 Roswell event, Congressman Schiff was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the ear.   This skin cancer proved to be particularly aggressive and resistive of treatment.



Shari Adamiak - Executive Director CSETI 1/20/98 50+

She was the principal aide for six years to Dr. Steven Greer who wrote in tribute, "Since 1991, when we first met at a lecture in Los Angeles, Shari has been a pillar of strength and support, an indefatigable colleague, a true friend, an intrepid fellow explorer, an irreplaceable confidant and a fearless lioness without whose dedication CSETI could not have realized its many historic achievements."  She was involved in all aspects of CSETI’s efforts to press the government for a hearing of witness testimony.

She contracted breast cancer sometime in 1996.



Kathy Keeton - Publisher of Omni & Longevity Magazines 9/19/97


During the 1980’s Omni Magazine contributed greatly to public awareness of UFO phenomena and the government’s posture toward same.  During a period when media development of the attendant issues was modest, Omni, a crossover mainstream publication, continually drew attention to the phenomena and the government posture via its UFO updates and articles.

Ms. Keeton, who was extremely health conscious (she founded Longevity Magazine), was diagnosed with aggressive, stage IV breast cancer in May of 1995 only months after passing an extensive physical examination. She was given weeks to live.   She battled the cancer successfully for two years with the aid of hydrazine sulfate and died after an operation only indirectly related to her battle with cancer.



Carl Sagan - Scientist, author 12/20/96


His background is outlined in the Site Dedication section of the Paradigm Clock.  No one was more quoted or respected on the subject of extraterrestrial intelligence.  During his lifetime he was ambivalent on the subject, but his power was such that he could have marshaled an army of media on the UFO/ET connection with a single article in Parade Magazine.  In his next to last book, The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, which was written in 1995, he called for a reexamination of the Cydonia region of Mars.  There were rumors in the extraterrestrial phenomena research field, not as yet substantiated, that he was wavering on the UFO/ET question.

He became ill in 1994 and in 1995 was diagnosed with myelodysplasia, a rare form of anemia also known as preleukemia syndrome.  Sagan died of pneumonia at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, where he had had a life extending bone-marrow transplant in April 1995.



Karla Turner - Experiencer, author, therapist 1/9/96


She was an academic with degrees from California State University, University of Nottingham in England and a Ph.D. in Old English Studies from the University of North Texas.  Her personal experiencer history led her into the field in 1988 and she became a powerful spokesperson for experiencer/abductees.  She also pressed the issue of government cover-up on the subject. She authored Into the Fringe: A True Story of Alien Abduction,   Taken  and  Masquerade of Angles.

She was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in 1995. It spread to her liver and treatment was not successful.

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