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The Paradigm Clock is dedicated to two scientists who perfectly represent the intellectual
and political dilemma faced by the human race during the second half of the 20th century.

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Perfectly because:

  • they are men and reflect the fact that the world’s scientific and political power structures were overwhelmingly male dominated at the beginning of the modern UFO era in 1947.  This patriarchal worldview has played, for better or worse, a major role in shaping the process of discovery and engagement.

  • both were astronomers: one, little known but accepted by mainstream science, was brought into the field to examine the evidence as an extension of the government’s political agenda, and was later compelled by that evidence to reject that agenda.

  • the other, world renown, made mainstream science uncomfortable with his aggressive thinking.  His pioneering work on the issues of extraterrestrial life coupled with his fame posed perhaps the greatest public threat to the government’s posture.  Yet, he ultimately rejected the evidence and embraced that posture.

  • Both helped to radically change our view of the world and will be rewarded with history’s highest honors.  Yet one must be profoundly wrong on the most important historical event in human history.

They faced each other across an intellectual divide this website is dedicated to bridge.

Had they lived to experience this most extraordinary change of paradigms together, they would have been gracious in the implied victory and defeat.

Their greatness lies not so much in being right or wrong on one particular issue, but in their willingness to engage the public and make science important and exciting for all of us.  It is for this and to them the Paradigm Clock is dedicated.

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