Print Media Contact Information - Washington DC Metro Area 

The two principal Washington metro papers play an important role in bringing issues to the attention of members of Congress.  Feel free to encourage them to write about the D2003 issues.  

Newspaper Fax Number

Email Address

Washington Post 1150 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20071
Washington Times

202-715-0037 3600 New York Ave., NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Political Television Talk Shows

Almost all talk programs invite guest and topic suggestions.  Ask your favorite political talk show (or all of them - use "blind copy") to invite on guests who will speak to the D2003 issues..   Programs in red may offer the best opportunity for an initial interview.   Programs in green have had the candidate on as a guest.


   Abrams Report w/ Dan Abrams

   Across America w/ Ashleigh Banfield

   Buchanan and Press w/ Pat and Bill

   Donahue Show

   Hardball with Chris Matthews




   Connie Chung

   Inside Politics w/ Judy Woodruff

   Larry King

   Late Edition w/ Wolf Blitzer

   Newsnight w/ Aaron Brown

   Reliable Sources w/ Howard Kurtz, Bernard Kalb

   Talk Back Live w/ Arthel Neville



   Washington Journal w/ Brian Lamb



   Charlie Rose   

Email Form:  
Find: "Email the Producers" on the left

   News Hour w/ Jim Lehrer
   Think Tank w/ Ben Wattenberg
   Tony Brown's Journal
Fox News 

   At Large w/ Geraldo Rivera

   Beltway Boys w/ Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke

   Big Story w/ John Gibson

   Fox and Friends w/ Edie Hill

   Fox Magazine w/ Laurie Dhue

   Fox News Sunday w/ Tony Snow

   Fox Report w/ Shepard Smith

   Fox Wire w/ Rita Cosby

   Hannity and Colmes

   Judith Regan Tonight w/ Judith Regan

   News Watch w/ Eric Burns

   On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren

   O'Reilly Factor w/ Bill O'Reilly

   Special Report w/ Brit Hume

   Studio B w/ Shepard Smith (twice)

   Weekend Edition

   Your World w/ Neil Cavuto


ABC News   

   Good Morning America   

Email Form:  > GMA


Email Form:  > Nightline

   This Week   

Email Form:  > This Week

   Today Show 
CBS News
   Early Show
   Saturday Early Show
   Sixty Minutes II
   Sunday Morning 

NBC News   


   Meet the Press

   Today Show 

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Blind Copy List

This list is provide for those who know how to blind copy multiple email addresses and wish to send a single blanket guest/topic request to all of the programs listed here.

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Contributions [Campaign Closed]

The campaign is closed and no longer accepting contributions.   If you wish to support the politics of disclosure, you might visit X-PPAC.

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