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This archive is limited to reportage in the mainstream media only -  no tabloids or paranormal publications. Also not included are articles from "direct media" such as the Examiner, the Canadian, OpEd News, American Chronicle, etc. of which there are thousands. The archive is representative of English language coverage since 1947. Some important foreign language coverage is included given the effectiveness of Google translation software. In most instances links are to the full article at the source. Some links are to previews of archived articles and require purchase for the full text. The balance are linked to text copies. It is a representative sampling. The total mainstream coverage, all countries, since 1947 can only be guessed, but likely exceeds a hundred thousand articles. These article links are gathered from multiple sources. Note: the number of articles being generated on the ET issue is now so large, PRG focuses on archiving a sampling of the pertinent story threads.



























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Archived articles to date: 15,345

Note: you can word search each year's listings: "New York Times" "Australia" "UK" "Roswell" etc. 


Articles of particular note and substance indicated by check mark:



[DOD-Congressional Disclosure Process] Referring to the multifaceted project initiated by Pentagon/CIA insiders to pressure the media and Congress to address the extraterrestrial presence issue and hold congressional hearings and subsequent developments.



[David Grusch] Referring directly or indirectly to the career and testimony of David Grusch



[House Subcommittee UAP Hearing] Referring to the House Oversight Subcommittee UAP hearing of July 26, 2023



[DOD AARO Website] Referring to the DOD's first "UFO" website.



[Election Campaign] Regarding the UAP/ET issue in the 2024 election campaign.



[NASA Report]  Regarding the NASA report and new UAP research director.



[NDAA UAP Bill] Regarding the UAP section in FY2024 NDAA.





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February 22, 2024 - 




February 21, 2024 - Florida GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Gives Shocking Statement On UFOs - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


February 21, 2024 - Congresswoman 'absolutely believes' UFOs are 'not of human origin' - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


February 20, 2024 - ‘Best UFO Footage Ever’ Is Confirmed As Authentic, According To ‘Ufologist’ - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


February 20, 2024 - Florida Congresswoman says she 'absolutely believes' UFOs are 'not of human origin' - after private briefings by military - Peter Hess, Daily Mail (UK)


February 19, 2024 - UAPs: A Shift from Speculation to Science as Government Agencies Investigate Unidentified Phenomena - BNN Breaking (Hong Kong)


February 19, 2024 - "Paradigm Shift with Stephen Bassett" Debuts on The UNIFYDTV Streaming Network - Shoot


February 19, 2024 - Paradigm Shift: The series explores the possibility of extraterrestrial presence - Adnan Nasar, Business Upturn


February 19, 2024 - Pilot Claims He Saw UFO Twice The Size Of A City Before It Vanished - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


February 18, 2024 - ‘Paradigm Shift’ Series Explores The Possibility Of Extraterrestrial Presence - Bruce Haring, Deadline


February 18, 2024 - Black budget programs, foreign adversaries and misidentified objects can’t explain all UAP - Kevin Wright, Roswell Daily Record


February 18, 2024 - The Evolution of the Roswell Incident: UFOs, UAPs, and Government Transparency - Nitish Verman, BNN Breaking (Hong Kong)


February 18, 2024 - ‘Paradigm Shift’ Series Explores The Possibility Of Extraterrestrial Presence - DNYUZ


February 17, 2024 - CLOSE ENCOUNTER Inside top secret RAF base dubbed ‘Britain’s Area 51’ where time stands still and ‘ALIENS hide in underground tunnels’ - Ethan Singh and Rob Perkins, U.S. Sun


February 17, 2024 - Calling occupants...Can you guess which leading royal was fascinated with interplanetary craft? He was a regular subscriber to Flying Saucer Review - Ian Lloyd, Daily Mail (UK)


February 17, 2024 - Why are some of the most educated people in America now believing in UFOs? - Alex Hannaford, Independent (UK)


February 16, 2024 - What REALLY happened during Roswell crash? America's most famous UFO case is thrust back into the spotlight again by former NASA scientists who say new Pentagon report is 'bogus' - Matthew Phelan, Daily Mail (UK)




February 16, 2024 - CLOSE ENCOUNTER I’m a pilot – I saw a giant UFO twice the size of a city while flying at 35,000ft before it vanished into the night - Aiya Zhussupova, U.S. Sun




February 16, 2024 - Congressman: ‘Big’ Announcement on UFOs Coming Soon - Stephanie, Post Apocalyptic Media


February 16, 2024 - UFO sightings: Is there any evidence to support theories? Former Pentagon official reveals what investigations revealed - Mint (India)



February 15, 2024 - Membership explodes at local UFO sighting chapter - Roger Susanin, WFSB-TV (Hartford, CT)


February 15, 2024 - Congressional Hearing on UAPs: Military Veterans Share Encounters, but Investigation Finds No Evidence of Extraterrestrial Technology - BNN Breaking (Hong Kong)


February 15, 2024 - THE SOL FOUNDATION UAP INITIATIVE - Micah Hanks, The Debrief


February 15, 2024 - UFO map shows extraterrestrial reporting hotspots in the United States - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


February 15, 2024 - Cryptic National Security Threat Sparks UFO Theory - Matthew Impelli, Newsweek


February 14, 2024 - One State Is The Official ‘UFO Hotspot’ But There’s A Big Problem - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


February 14, 2024 - US military 'has video of UFO shooting laser at nuclear warhead' say air force whistleblowers - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


February 13, 2024 - US whistleblowers reveal UFO ‘disabled nuclear missile using laser beams - Katherine Fidler, Metro (UK)


February 13, 2024 - Most popular UFO hotspots revealed with hundreds of sightings near mysterious air base - Joe Faretra, Daily Star (UK)


February 13, 2024 - Former AARO Chief Blames the Government for UFO Conspiracy Theories - Cairns Post (Australia)


February 13, 2024 - UFO map reveals extraterrestrial hotspots across the US: Is your state on the list? - Isabel Keane, New York Post


February 13, 2024 - The Best States for UFO Enthusiasts - USA Today


February 13, 2024 - Multiple Witnesses Claim UFO Intercepted, Disabled Nuclear Missile In Mid-Air Over US - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


February 13, 2024 - FROM BEYOND Mystery video ‘shows disc-shaped UFO intercept & disable nuclear missile with laser beams’, whistleblowers claim - Olivia Allhusen, U.S. Sun




February 12, 2024 - Multiple US military whistleblowers reveal how a disc-shaped UFO intercepted nuclear missile and disabled it with 'laser-beams' in mid-air over California - Peter Hess, Daily Mail (UK)


February 12, 2024 - The Doomsday Clock Keeps Ticking - Dennis Overbye, New York Times


February 12, 2024 - France Unveils X-Files Archive, Igniting Global UFO Transparency Movement - Mahnoor Jehangir, BNN Breaking (India)


February 12, 2024 - Former AARO Chief Blames the Government for UFO Conspiracy Theories - Laconia Daily Sun


February 12, 2024 - Major UK airport becomes UFO hotspot after several near misses with passenger jets - John O'Sullivan and Jerry Lawton - Irish Star (Ireland)


February 12, 2024 - UK airport revealed as new UFO hotspot after several near misses - Hiyah Zaidi, Metro (UK)


February 12, 2024 - Major Airport Crowned ‘UFO Hotspot’ After Countless Strange Sightings - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


February 12, 2024 - Ufologist Reinaldo Ríos urges Dominican President to acknowledge UFO reports - Dominican Today (Dominican Republic)


February 12, 2024 - One of UK's busiest airports named 'UFO hotspot' after near misses with passenger jets - Jerry Lawton, Mirror (UK)


February 12, 2024 - George W. Bush pressed about top-secret alien disclosure files amid 'UFO cover-up' - Jon Austin, Daily Express (UK)


February 12, 2024 - UFO sightings in Colorado cities soar above national average - Alex Fitzpatrick, Erin Davis and Alayna Alvarez, Axios


February 11, 2024 - Martin Scorsese Directs Himself in Sci-Fi Super Bowl Ad, Gets Stuck in Traffic During an Alien Invasion - Ethan Shanfeld, Variety


February 9, 2024 - Former Pentagon UFO boss claims government gagged him over alien secrets - Katherine Fidler, Metro (UK)


February 9, 2024 - RELEASE THE X-FILES I’m the ex-Pentagon UFO chief & I was GAGGED from revealing ‘alien’ secrets – the bombshell files must be released - Georgie English, U.S. Sun


February 8, 2024 - Pentagon's ex-UFO chief claims he was gagged from revealing more bombshells - Kate Nelson,- Daily Star (UK)


February 8, 2024 - Mysterious black helicopters 'retrieved UFO shot down by USAF near Alaska' - Michael Moran, Daily Star (UK)


February 7, 2024 - UFO “religion” influencing Congress to hunt aliens, says top Pentagon official - New York Post


February 7, 2024 - Aliens Revealed? Former CIA Agent Claims Seeing Aliens On Mars During Cold War Mind Experiment - Srishti B Duttak, India Times (India)


February 6, 2024 - National Archives tees up new rules for UFO records - Adam Maxmanian, Nextgov/FCW


February 6, 2024 - Top Gun Pilot Breaks Silence On UFO Encounters - Chris Cuomo and Dave Marzullo, WGN (Chicago, IL)


February 6, 2024 - Former UFO boss: Pentagon needs to be less secretive - Lara Seligman, Politico


February 5, 2024 - Contact In The Desert, The World's Most Prestigious UFO/UAP Conference, Announces Lineup of Speakers For 10th Anniversary Event - Shoot Publicity Wire


February 5, 2024 - UFOs and Aliens: As a Scientist, I Believe in Both, But Here’s Where I Draw the Line - Paul M. Sutter, Popular Mechanics


February 5, 2024 - Former Pentagon UFO Chief Reveals His Biggest Concerns From Our Cosmos - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


February 5, 2024 - Mainstream American Scientist Bruce E. Rapuano Goes on the Record with His Own UFO Close Encounters and Alien Abduction Experiences in a Newly Released Book - Bruce E. Rapuano, PR Newswire


February 5, 2024 - The Government’s Former UFO Hunter Found Something More Concerning than Aliens - Daniel Vergano and Jeffery Delviscio, Scientific American


February 5, 2024 - 5 times UFO-like objects were spotted on Earth - Times of India (India)


February 4, 2024 - U.S. Government Aims to Base UFO Discussions on Science, Not Speculation - Waqas Arain, BNN Breaking (Hong Kong)


February 4, 2024 - Lue Elizondo: An Island-Sized UFO Stole One of Our Missiles - Stephanie, Post Apocalyptic Media


February 4, 2024 - Sir Walter Scott quote is apropos of a government-orchestrated disinformation campaign about UFOs - Kevin Wright, Roswell Daily Record


February 2, 2024 - The Empire Strikes Back - Christopher Sharp, Liberation Times (UK)




February 1, 2024 - More people believe in aliens than in God - Parker Miller, Washington Examiner


February 1, 2024 - EXIT STRATEGY: AARO’S FORMER DIRECTOR SPEAKS - Micah Hanks, The Debrief


February 1, 2024 - More people believe in aliens than in God - Parker Miller, Washington Examiner


January 31, 2024 - Who recovers unidentified objects that fall out of the sky? - George Knapp, KLAS-TV (Las Vegas, NV)


January 31, 2024 - No, Aliens Haven’t Visited the Earth Why are so many smart people insisting otherwise? - Nicholson Baker, New York Magazine


January 31, 2024 - Pilots describe 'bizarre' lights and 'triangles' over Canada in air traffic control audio - Daniel Otis, CTV News (Canada)


January 30, 2024 - US has 'no military plan in place' to protect America from an alien invasion - Jerry Lawton, Daily Star (UK)


January 30, 2024 - Research reveals 1 out of 3 Americans thinks aliens live among us - New York Post


January 30, 2024 - If there are advanced spacecraft why would they crash? - George Knapp, KLAS-TV (Las Vegas, NV)


January 30, 2024 - Officials Fire Back at Former UFO Director’s Scathing Op/Ed: ‘I Was Astonished’ - Stephanie, Post Apocalyptic Media


January 30, 2024 - What has happened to the Pentagon’s former UFO hunter? - Marik von Rennenkampff, The Hill


January 30, 2024 - US government UFO invasion defenses inadequate admits government in revealing report - John O'Sullvan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 30, 2024 - Former Head Of Pentagon UFO Office Discusses What He Learned About Aliens And UAPs - Douglas Charles, Brobible


January 30, 2024 - Former Pentagon UFO Chief Comes Under Heavy Fire For Comments On ‘Religious Belief’ - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


January 29, 2024 - Breakdown of the history of alleged UFO crashes - George Knapp, KLAS-TV (Las Vegas, NV)


January 29, 2024 - Department Of Defense’s Alarming Inaction: Only One of Eleven UFO Recommendations Implemented, Posing Risk to National Security - Christopher Sharp, Liberation Times (UK)


January 29, 2024 - TERROR FROM BEYOND US is not able to defend itself against alien invasion, government admits in bombshell report - Callie Patteson, U.S. Sun


January 28, 2024 - UFO experts slams UK and American governments for lack of transparency on aliens - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 27, 2024 - Non-profit seeks to unite Hollywood and UFO experts - Toby Martinez, Roswell Daily Record


January 27, 2024 - FROM BEYOND I was shown alien bodies held at a secret Nasa base – they had big heads but looked like us, claims Uri Geller - Jessica Baker, U.S. Sun


January 27, 2024 - Pentagon ex-UFO chief says conspiracy theorists in government drive spending - Richard Luscombe, Guardian (UK)


January 27, 2024 - For years, Pentagon lacked a ‘coordinated approach’ to handle UFO sightings, watchdog says - Ben Wolfgang, Washington Times


January 27, 2024 - Breakpoint: Would the discovery of alien life disprove Christianity? - John Stonestreet, Chattanooga Times Free Press


January 26, 2024 - What are they trying to tell us? Internal Pentagon report warns America is unequipped to defend itself from an ALIEN invasion - Stacy Liberatore, Daily Mail (UK)


January 27, 2024 - Patchwork approach to UFOs could endanger nation, Pentagon watchdog agency says - Phillip Walter Wellman, Stars and Stripes


January 26, 2024 - Probe Of Pentagon Reveals They Don’t Have An Effing Clue What They’re Doing When It Comes To UFOs - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


January 26, 2024 - UFO reports from pilots include 'intense' and 'unusual' lights over Canada in 2023 - Daniel Otis, CTV News (Canada)


January 26, 2024 - The US is officially unable to defend itself against an alien invasion - Dean Murray, Metro (UK)


January 26, 2024 - Pentagon’s internal watchdog releases UFO report saying DoD has 'no overarching UAP policy' - Lawrence Richard, Fox News


January 26, 2024 - Opinion: The actual hidden truth about UFOs - Peter Bergen and Eric German, CNN


January 25, 2024 - “I found the aliens, but…” Pentagon's UFO hunter talks about evidence of alien presence - Prapti Upadhayay, Hindustan Times (India)


January 26, 2024 - Pentagon Response To UFOs Has Major Deficiencies, Watchdog Finds - Micela Burrow, Daily Caller


January 25, 2024 - Watchdog Says Pentagon’s UAP Response May Pose Threat To National Security - Howard Altman, The Drive


January 25, 2024 - Most UFOs are "secret military aircraft" according to ex-Pentagon alien chief - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 25, 2024 - Pentagon’s UFO tracking is ‘uncoordinated,’ watchdog says - Mike Brest, Washington Examiner


January 25, 2024 - Expert Claims NASA ‘Quietly Funding’ Theological Conferences Over Fears Of ‘Demonic’ UFOs - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


January 25, 2024 - ‘Uncoordinated’: Internal watchdog raps Pentagon’s UFO tracking effort - Matt Berg, Politico


January 25, 2024 - Mysterious sightings likely drones, not UAPs: ex-Pentagon UFO chief - Stephanie Haines and Taylor Delandro, Newsnation


January 25, 2024 - Pentagon Has No Policy for Tracking UFO Sightings, Watchdog Says - Nick Wadhams, Bloomberg


January 25, 2024 - Pentagon watchdog says "uncoordinated" approach to UAPs, or UFOs, could endanger national security - Eleanor Watson, CBS News


January 25, 2024 - Nasa ‘quietly funding’ theological conferences amid ‘demonic’ UFO fears - GBN (UK)


January 24, 2024 - Pentagon's Former Top UFO Hunter Speaks Out on UAPs and Aliens - Aleks Phillips, Newsweek


January 24, 2024 - UFO expert claims that ‘Sci-fi is today’s science fact!’ amid spate of alien news - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 24, 2024 - J. Rod the alien is one of the best Area 51 conspiracies out there. And it’s out there - Hiyah Zaidi, Metro (UK)


January 24, 2024 - Arizona UFO buffs hail the current ‘golden age’ of government research - Alexandria Cullen, Phoenix New Times


January 24, 2024 - UFO expert blasts Congress members for believing "alien conspiracies" in withering resignation letter - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 24, 2024 - New Paradigm Institute and Ubiquity University Launch First Ever Extraterrestrial Studies Program- EIN News


January 23, 2024 - 'No evidence of aliens:' U.S.'s former top UFO hunter opens up in podcast interview - Eric Lagatta, USA Today


January 23, 2024 - Lawmakers Introduces UFO Bill To Protect Pilots From Retaliation When Reporting Strange Events - Kay Smyythe, Daily Caller


January 23, 2024 - Is this another Chinese spy balloon moment? Famous 'cube in a sphere' UFO spotted at military bases along the East Coast may have been a high-tech ENEMY drone, says ex-Pentagon UFO investigator dubbed 'Dr. Evil' - Matthew Phelan, Daily Mail (UK)


January 23, 2024 - Whistleblower hints at ‘hidden dimensions’ in staggering claim: ‘Yesterday’s science fiction is today’s science fact’ - Ben Chapman, GB News, (UK)


January 23, 2024 - New bill would allow pilots to report UFO encounters without fears of repercussions - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 22, 2024 - Former UFO Office Director's Opinions Draw Scrutiny on Impartiality and Investigation Handling - Christopher Sharp, Liberation Times (UK)


January 22, 2024 - Wisconsin lawmaker introduces bill that allows pilots to report UFOs without professional retaliation - Barnini Chakraborty, Washington Examiner


January 22, 2024 - The Truth Is Out There, on an App - Matthew Hutson, New Yorker


January 22, 2024 - ‘Haven’t told us what they know!’ Ex-UFO chief at MoD blasts US and UK secrecy over extraterrestrials - Ben Chapman, GBN (UK)


January 22, 2024 - People are afraid to report UFO sightings, Glenn Grothman says. His new bill would prevent that. - Claire Reed, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


January 22, 2024 - Former Pentagon UFO Investigator Is Pissed Because Congress Believes In Conspiracy Theories - Matthew Gault, VICE




January 22, 2024 - Fed 'UFO hunter' says no evidence of aliens exists, blames misinfo & conspiracists: Robby Soave - The Hill


January 22, 2024 - Yeah, blame the conspiracy nuts - Billy Cox, Life in Jonestown


January 22, 2024 - Veterans deserve the truth about UAP - Kevin Wright, Roswell Daily Record


January 21, 2024 - THE VANISHING STAR ENIGMA AND THE 1952 WASHINGTON D.C. UFO WAVE - Beatriz Vallarroel, The Debrief


January 21, 2024 - China ramps up search for alien life as Beijing attempts to make first contact - John Mac Ghlionn, Daily Express (UK)


January 21, 2024 - SALVATORE PAIS’S MYSTERIOUS ‘UFO PATENTS’: WHAT DO THEY REALLY MEAN? - Bernardo Kastrup, The Debrief


January 20, 2024 - CHRIS SHARP: Get over it, UFOs DO exist… as the latest extraordinary sighting proves. Now the terrifying question: which power has the technology that has us baffled - and beaten? - Christopher Sharp, Daily Mail (UK)


January 19, 2024 - Is the truth out there? Inside the obsession over UFOs - ABC News


January 19, 2024 - Here’s What I Learned as the U.S. Government’s UFO Hunter - Sean Kirkpatrick, Scientific American


January 19, 2024 - GOP Rep Who Got Classified UFO Briefing Says They Could Be ‘Angels’ From Another Dimension - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


January 19, 2024 - Destabilizing UFO technology and a ‘vulnerable world’ - Marik von Rennenkamppf, The Hill


January 19, 2024 - Public's UFO obsession has experts, others sorting what's fact, what's fiction - Kelsey Klimara, Paulina Tam, Lauren DiMundo, and Ivan Pereira, ABC News


January 18, 2024 - The shapes of things to come - Billy Cox, Life In Jonestown


January 18, 2024 - What did the candidates say about UFOs? - Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun


January 18, 2024 - There's Never been a Better Time to Believe in Aliens Than Now - Alexander Saeedy, Wall Street Journal


January 17, 2024 - Pentagon issues statement in response to ‘jellyfish’ UAP questions - Tom Palmer, NewsNation


January 17, 2024 - Jeremy Corbell Affirms: U.S. Government and Defense Contractors Hold "Multiple Undamaged, Functional Non-Human Craft" - Christopher Sharp, Liberation Times (UK(


January 17, 2024 - Two Republican Congressmen claim UFOs could be 'angels' sent by GOD as they say sightings are consistent with scriptures from the Bible - Matthew Phelan, Daily Mail (UK)


January 17, 2024 - Rogue US military faction has 'used alien tech' and UFO expert 'knows date it happened' - Michael Moran, Daily Star (UK)


January 17, 2024 - US military faction has used 'alien tech' according to UFO expert - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 17, 2024 - Close encounters of congressional kind: Lawmakers struggle to grasp alleged 'interdimensional' nature of UFOs - Chad Pergram, Fox News


January 16, 2024 - UFO whistleblower claims alien bodies are 'being hidden' by U.S. government - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 15, 2024 - UFO Hearing Witness: New UAP Bill Will 'Close the Gap' - Aleks Phillips, Newsweek


January 15, 2024 - OPINION: NON-HUMAN INTELLIGENCE AT THE THRESHOLD - Jacques Valee, The Debrief


January 15, 2024 - MYSTERY REMAINS UFO whistleblower says ET bodies being ‘hidden’ as House representatives rage, ‘We’re being stonewalled’ - Cheyenne R. Ubiera, U.S. Sun


January 15, 2024 - UFO whistleblower and former pilot praises Congress for introducing landmark bill to allow safe UFO reporting - Jeffrey Clark, Fox Newsweek


January 14, 2024 - UFO Revolutions docuseries 'blow up decades of conspiracies' and introduces key figures who helped force Congress and the Pentagon to investigate if extraterrestrial crafts exist - Emma Richter, Daily Mail (UK)


January 14, 2024 - ‘It only takes one to be real and it changes humanity for ever’: what if we’ve been lied to about UFOs? - Stuart Clark, Guardian (UK)


January 14, 2024 - Why is Pentagon pouring money into ‘UFO’ research? - The Chronicle


January 14, 2024 - Crop circles: what do we know about this mysterious phenomenon? - MSN News


January 13, 2024 - UFO Buffs feel r-e-s-p-e-c-t as government gets serious - Kingman Miner


January 13, 2024 - Burchett: Classified UFO briefing ‘energized’ Congress on issue, more hearings expected - Lauren Irwin, The Hill


January 13, 2024 - Classified UFO briefing leaves some House lawmakers hopeful, others frustrated - Tuhin Das Mahapatral, Hindustan Times (India)


January 13, 2024 - Classified UFO Briefing Sparks Bipartisan Concern: 'Big Deal' - James Bickerton, Newsweek


January 12, 2024 - Some lawmakers frustrated over lack of information on UFOs - Fox News


January 12, 2024 - Coulthart: Classified UAP briefing yields ‘significant’ results - Tyler Wornell, Newsnation


January 12, 2024 - U.F.O.s Remain a Mystery to Lawmakers After Classified Briefing - Kayla Guo and Julian E. Barnes, New York Times


January 12, 2024 - Project Blue Book: 12,000-plus UFO reports were once investigated at Wright-Patt - Greg Lynch, Dayton Daily News


January 12, 2024 - Classified UFO briefing: House members emerge with mixed feelings - Ellen Mitchell, The Hill


January 12, 2024 - UFO whistleblower claims US government could have 30ft recovered alien craft - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 12, 2024 - Classified UFO briefing provided ‘validity to what’s been said’: Burchett - Liz Jassin, NewsNation


January 12, 2024 - GOP Rep. on UFO Whistleblower: ‘I Believe He’s Telling the Truth’ - Stephen Neukam, Messenger


January 12, 2024 - Tim Burchett flames Feds for 'secret' UFO hearing, Grusch says he has no regrets - The Hill


January 12, 2024 - Inside secret UFO briefing in DC: Congress finds 'many' claims about US government harboring aliens and spaceships 'have merit' after grilling top US spy watchdog - Matthew Phelan, Daily Mail (UK)


January 12, 2024 - House committee receives classified UAP briefing - Tom Dempsey, NewsNation


January 12, 2024 - Lawmakers investigating UAPs, or UFOs, remain frustrated after closed-door briefing with government watchdog - Stefan Becket, CBS News


January 11, 2024 - ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED ON UFOS ...Look Who's Fighting for Disclosure in DC - TMZ


January 11, 2024 - Select Lawmakers Get a Classified UFO Briefing Friday. Here’s What We Know - Adam Kovac, Messenger


January 11, 2024 - Bill proposes protections for commercial airline workers to report UAP sightings - Doug Cunningham, UPI


January 11, 2024 -  Bill proposes protections for commercial airline workers to report UAP sightings - Economic Times (India)


January 11, 2024 - HIGH ALERT Podcaster Joe Rogan’s interview with UFO whistleblower David Grusch was canceled over security threat & ‘reprisal’ fears - Ashley Palya, U.S. Sun


January 11, 2024 - UAP bipartisan bill aims to protect pilots reporting sightings - Devan Markham, NewsNation


January 11, 2024 - UFO sightings: In a first, civilian pilots could report UAP to FAA under proposed bill - Eric Lagatta, USA Today


January 11, 2024 - Why is America’s Congress being briefed on UFOs? - The Economist (UK)


January 11, 2024 - Whistleblower: US Hiding UFO Size of Football Field - Solane Reyner, Newsmax


January 10, 2024 - Pilot spots 30ft 'tall and pointy' triangular UFO as it flies past his plane - Matthew Dooley, Daily Express (UK)


January 10, 2024 - Joe Rogan's interview with UFO whistleblower canceled over security fears - Mataeo Smith and Rudi Kinsella, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 10, 2024 - UFO Whistleblower Allegedly Canceled On Joe Rogan Over Fears For His Life - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


January 10, 2024 - Whistleblower says US is hiding UFO the ‘size of a football field’ - Katherine Fidler, Metro (UK)


January 10, 2024 - "Spectacular": Hollywood Actor Claims He Spotted UFOs On 4 Different Occasions - Anoushka Sharma, NDTV (India)




January 10, 2024 - Pentagon’s UAP investigation hub works to reach full operational capability - Brandi Vincent, Defensescoop


January 10, 2024 - Only 1 type of alien life-form could make it to Earth's doorstep: Harvard expert - Michael Lee, Fox News


January 10, 2024 - This is the only form of alien life that could come to Earth: Harvard scientist - Michael Lee, New York Post


January 10, 2024 - We Somehow Missed Iconic Actor Dan Aykroyd’s ‘Spectacular’ UFO Stories - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


January 9, 2024 - Harvard expert debunks alien, UFO sightings, says ‘they wouldn’t survive’ - Arya Vaishnavi, Hindustan Times (India)


January 9, 2024 - US Congress make major move in search for alien life - Tom Livingstone, 9Now (Australia)


January 9, 2024 - Unlocking Area 51's Secrets: UFOs, Aliens and Classified Operations -  TimesNow (India)


January 9, 2024 - Aliens Have Never Been More Alluring - June Thomas, New York Times


January 9, 2024 - Ghostbusters star Dan Ackroyd describes 'spectacular grey UFO' he encountered - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 9, 2024 - UFO community grows rapidly after whistleblower testimony makes national headlines: 'Watershed moment' - Jeffrey Clark, Fox News


January 9, 2024 - Ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd details ‘spectacular’ moment he saw UFO - Lucy Leeson, Independent (UK)


January 9, 2024 - Ex-DoD official: 'Not much incentive' to come forward about top-secret UFO programs if they exist - Fox News


January 9, 2024 - Pilot Reports Mysterious Triangle UFO Fly Past Him in Audio Recording - Chloe Mayer, Newsweek


January 9, 2024 - UFO whistleblower held secret talk with 'Wall St bigwigs' and CIA officials in Manhattan - where he claimed US was in possession of 40ft Tardis-like craft that was 'the size of a football field when you stepped inside' - Stacy Liberatore and Matthew Phelan, Daily Mail (UK)


January 9, 2024 - UAP whistleblower David Grusch forced to drop out of appearances for 'safety concerns' - Mataeo Smith, Mirror (UK)


January 9, 2024 - ‘UFO Revolution’ Documentary Unveils Undisclosed Government Knowledge on UFOs - Nimrah Khatoon, BNN Breaking (Hong Kong)


January 9, 2024 - Ghostbusters' Dan Aykroyd on 'spectacular grey UFO' he saw just feet away from hotel - Holie Beale, Daily Express (UK)


January 8, 2024 - IN THE STARS ‘Was not any kind of aircraft,’ Ghostbusters’ Dan Aykroyd describes ‘spectacular, grey UFO’ he saw just feet from hotel - Dinniah Bartholomew, U.S. Sun




January 8, 2024 - Bombshell UFO briefing: Congress to browse secret UAP files - The Hill


January 8, 2024 - Blink-182 Frontman Tom DeLonge’s Resurfaced UFO Comments Might Spell ‘Bad News’ In 2024 - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


January 8, 2024 - Dan Aykroyd opens up on UFO sightings: 'I know what I saw' - Fox News


January 8, 2024 - Congress to hold classified UFO hearing as public belief in aliens grows - Princeton Daily Clarion


January 8, 2024 - Unlocking Area 51's Secrets: UFOs, Aliens and Classified Operations - Diana George, TimesNow (India)


January 8, 2024 - The UFO Movement Sees Otherworldy - Alexander Saeedy, Mint (India)


January 8, 2024 - The UFO Movement Sees Otherworldly Growth - Alexander Saeedy, Wall Street Journal


January 7, 2024 - UK urged to ‘follow US’ and take UFO sightings seriously after drop in reports - Rebecca Black, Evening Standard (UK)


January 7, 2024 - Congress Expected to Get Details on UFO Crash Retrieval - Fran Beyer, Newsmax


January 6, 2024 - Whistleblower Unveils Classified Extraterrestrial Secrets to Congress - Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed, BNN Breaking (Hong Kong)


January 6, 2024 - Secret UFO meeting sparks rumors over government's extraterrestrial knowledge - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 6, 2024 - E.T. at the Empire State Building: UFO sightings in NYC took off in 2023 - Dean Balsamini, New York Post


January 6, 2024 - EXCLUSIVE Top secret UFO meeting in Congress to reveal 'classified' details of illegal crash retrieval program - and US intelligence insider tells what they believe will really happen behind closed doors - Matthew Phelan, Daily Mail (UK)


January 6, 2024 - What we expect to learn about UFOs in 2024 - Daniel Otis, CTV News (Canada)


January 5, 2024 - Tennessee congressmen lead push for UFO transparency - Nate Rau, Axios


January 5, 2024 - Secret UFO meeting prompts speculation over what government is hiding - Katherine Fidler, Metro (UK)


January 5, 2024 - Top Ten Mysterious UFO Sightings Around the Word - Diana George, TimesNow (India)


January 4, 2024 - From UFOs to UAPs: A recent history of unidentified objects in the sky - Taryn Priadko and Nick Baker, ABC News (Australia)


January 4, 2024 - MEN IN BLACK US politicians to get secret UFO brief over claims ‘10 alien craft have crashed on Earth’ amid calls to end ‘cover-up’ - Aiya Zhussupova, U.S. Sun


January 4, 2024 - US officials to attend classified UFO briefing that may show hidden proof of aliens - Lucy Saret, Daily Express (UK)


January 4, 2024 - 2023: The year the US government started taking UFOs seriously - Marik von Rennenkampff, The Hill


January 4,  2024 - A ‘Classified’ Congressional UFO Briefing Is Kicking Off 2024. Here’s Why It’s Suspicious - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


January 3, 2024 - What might Congress learn in classified UFO briefing? - Tyler Wornell, NewsNation


January 3, 2024 - Secret UFO briefing for Congress members next week after calls for transparency - John O'Suilivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 3, 2024 - Government Plans Classified Briefing on Increasing UFO Sightings Phenomenon - Sakchi Khandelwal, BNN Breaking (Hong Kong)


January 2, 2024 - House members to receive classified UFO briefing: Report - Stephanie Whiteside, NewsNation


January 2, 2024 - House Oversight Committee to Receive UFO Briefing - Mariana Labbate, The Messenger


January 2, 2024 - Classified UFO Briefing Set for House Oversight Committee - Sakchi Khandelwal, BNN Breaking (Hong Kong)


January 2, 2024 - House Oversight to Attend Classified UFO Briefing - Nick Koutsobinas, Newsmax


January 2, 2024 - Are aliens real? Piecing together the evidence - Kahron Spearman, Daily Dot


January 2, 2024 - Congress members will receive secret UFO briefing next week from top spy chief amid growing demands for greater transparency - James Gordon, Daily Mail (UK)


January 2, 2024 - UFO experts now 'searching underwater' after claims of waterborne alien craft - John O'Sullivan, Irish Star (Ireland)


January 2, 2024 - Scoop: House members to receive classified UFO briefing - Andrew Solender, Axios


January 1, 2024 - UFOs & U.S. Government: From Secrecy to Transparency - Bijay Laxmi, BNN Breaking (Hong Kong)


January 1, 2024 - Everything You Need To Know About The Weirdest UFOs From 2023 - Kay Smythe, Daily Caller


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