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ACRP 3 Related Psychology
ACRPAS   Related Psychology - Altered States



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ACRPAS     Evans, Hilary. 1989. Alternate States of Consciousness: Unself, Otherself and Superself. Wellingborough, England: Aquarian Press.
ACRPAS     Kihlstrom, J. F. and Eich, E. 1994. Altering States of Consciousness. In Learning, Remembering, and Believing: Enhancing Performance, ed. D. Druckman and R. A. Bjork, 207-248. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.
ACRPAS     Mack, John E. 1993. Nonordinary States of Consciousness and the Accessing of Feelings. In Human Feeling: Explorations in Affect Development and Meaning, edited by Steven L. Ablon, Daniel Brown, Edward J. Khantzian, and John E. Mack, 357-71. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press.
ACRPAS     Tinnin, L. 1990. Mental Unity, Altered States of Consciousness and Dissociation. Dissociation 3(3): 154-159.

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