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The following sites are generously supporting X-Conference 2010 with direct links and/or mail list announcements.

Alien Disclosure Group

Exopolitics Institute

MUFON Phoenix

Starstream Research

Alien Disclosure Group - TV


Paradigm Research Group

Swindon UFO Research
Alien Insider

Fate Magazine

Phoenix Rising Conference

The People of Earth Apologize

Alien Shift

Florida UFO Radio Project Jedi The Ufologists

Audio Martini

Heironimus & Co.

Rachel at ADG-TV

UFO Casebook


Jasmin at ADG-TV

Shadow Research UFO Info
Carl Dunning at ADG-TV Jeremy at ADG-TV Shannon at ADG-TV


David Twichell

MUFON Kentucky Skylaire Alfvegren Zland Communications

Promotional Banners

Anyone with a website who wishes to promote the X-Conference can select a banner here, resize as needed and place it on their site with an embedded link to:     Feel free to add additional information describing the conference.  Thank you.

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Courtesy of Carl Dunning at ADG-TV

Courtesy of Carl Dunning at ADG-TV


Courtesy of Shannon at ADG-TV

Courtesy of Jeremy at ADG-TV