X-Conferences 2007 Feedback

Dear Mr. Bassett,
I have attended every X-Conference and each one just gets better!  Every year I bring back a wealth of knowledge that I in turn, pass along to the people in my area.  In my opinion, the information presented by the speakers is information that every person on this earth needs to be aware of!  Your conferences have changed my life in a wonderful way and I look forward to each and every gathering.

Susan Rawlings
West Jefferson, OH

This is the third x-conference I have attended; and like the first two conferences, you organized another great conference.   The lunches provided by the Hilton were excellent and reasonably priced, and I liked the one lecture-track, making it possible to hear all the lectures scheduled.   I also very much enjoyed the end-of-day panels which allowed for discussions among the speakers and questions from the audience.   In addition, the other amenities provided, like the book and video sellers, the art room, and the high quality documentary film showings at night were also an enjoyable complement to this conference. 

I continue to be amazed at the excellent credentials and top-notch caliber of some of the researchers who have lectured at these conferences.   I am also amazed at the large number of researchers there are (and were) in this field who have devoted so many years of their lives in trying to uncover the truth and incite rational public discussions about this publicly and culturally ignored, obscured, obfuscated, maligned, and ridiculed subject.   It is truly inspiring to see these researchers speak in person, displaying their intelligence, passion, and courage in the search for the truth; a very important truth, among many others, critical to our future life and general welfare as a society.

Attending a conference like this truly complements my research into this subject, for hearing these researchers speak in person adds an extra learning dimension that only reading about their research does not provide; and it has allowed me to be introduced to the work of other researchers I did not know about.   I congratulate you for devoting so much energy and intelligence (and still keep a sense of humor in the face of the tragicomedy and the excessive, ridiculous apathy and ignorance we all find ourselves mired in today's world) in trying to educate the public on the gravity and importance of these topics to our personal, social and political life.    It is certainly no easy task to bringing truth, clarity, and perspicuity to a such a complex, controversial, convoluted, and obscure subject. 

As always, you continue to show enormous passion, courage, tenacity, and perseverance in the face of the incredible obstacles of apathy, indolence, ignorance, disinformation, misinformation, ridicule, anti-rational discussion, and anti-intellectualism, that would have crushed any ordinary human being, which you obviously are not!   All truth movements start out very small, so may you continue your noble effort to wake-up, inform, and excite the citizens and leaders of this country to get personally active in seeking out authentic information on this subject, and to start open, vigorous discussions on a topic that has been for far too long buried in the closet basement of our culture and society.  

Among the many other non-ET critical issues and topics of our time that deserve active consideration and open, vigorous discussions, the ending of the government imposed truth embargo regarding an ET presence engaging the human race also deserves to be included with these other serious public issues; and how we deal with all these crucial issues as a society will certainly determine the evolutionary future welfare of Mother Earth and human society, as we know it today.  

Like all truth seekers, past and present, who faced many social and personal obstacles in their lives in trying to persuade and lead the prisoners of Plato's Myth of the Cave into the light of truth, you are truly an inspiring, sane, and noble individual living in these chaotic, insane, and ignorant times; you are an island of light, awareness, passion, and solicitude, surrounded by an ocean of indifference, lethargy, shadows and darkness.   Keep up the great work; for the truth will always triumph over falsity, obscurity, apathy, and ignorance as has been proven so many times in the past.   

Ivan Bilich
Lexington Park, MD

Dear Steve, 

The 2007 X-Conference was a total success.  The quest speakers and panels which were of an exceptionally high quality, all brought large pieces of the baffling puzzle of an alien presence in our midst to the table.  It is truly unfortunate that we as citizens have to dig out the secret pieces of this puzzle.


Unlike the 2005 conference, I came away from this one confused and frightened. Perhaps the true scope of what is going on around us all hit me. I have been convinced that “flying saucers” are real since I was 12 years old when I read Frank Edward’s Flying Saucers Serious Business. It is only over the past 10 years that the real ramifications of this subject has come to light for me.  The 2005 conference intrigued me, fascinated me, and set me thinking in a deeper way.  The 2007 conference honestly jolted me.


I keep wondering what an alien presence actually means?  In the deep, dark reaches of our government what is actually known and being kept from us?  Will the ultimate outcome be good or bad, or perhaps neither?  I want to know the whole story regardless. I think that disclosure will come in layers, just as the “black” government is segmented and departmentalized.  Like a sedimentary stone or an ancient tree, the total history must be studied a layer at a time. I hope that this possible. I hope the truth will be revealed.


I think you did a splendid job in organizing the X-Conference and bringing this serious topic to the public despite the skeptics and critics, who seem to have a great time ridiculing and making fun of us “nuts.”   I hope to come back in 2008.  Once again, thanks for your continuing effort and diligence.

Islip Terrace, NY

It was my first X-Conference and I will definitely come back in 2008.   I found all of the speakers highly interesting. Events like the X-Conference are critical in bringing exopolitics and disclosure to the mainstream.  Thanks for your hard work.

Dan Cole
Baltimore, MD

Hi Stephen,
Thanks for putting on the conference, Steven.  I know it's a tremendous amount of work, and overall it was a fantastic experience.

Silver City, NM

I enjoyed it, it was packed full of interesting lectures, the finale (full panel) was pretty emotionally intense. . . . . . Richard Dolan was EXCELLENT, he could be and should be shown on CSPAN, with his talk on the national security state, I agree with him.  This tact could blow the whole thing wide open to the American people, I too believe that other nations are holding America hostage to THEIR (the other nations) DISCLOSURE.  I also liked the Witness to Roswell authors, and the last speaker (Rob Simone) who covered the news papers stories from the 1950's in England and elsewhere... there may be others I don't recall right now, but found it also exhausting, not wanting to miss anything or anyone. . . . . . I  will attend the next one.

Gaithersburg, MD

Hi Steve:
Congratulations on the momentum you are generating with your X Conference. I see the next conference as being Explosive. I affirm the direction you are going and salute your strength. Yes, another level of insiders are ready to come forward. 

Rebecca Hardcastle
Phoenix, AZ


I want to take a moment to thank you for the experience you provided for me this weekend.  Until now, I felt alone dealing with my thoughts regarding the existence of extraterrestrial intelligences. . . . . .  . thank you for the opportunity to be a part of a family that shares the same thoughts and ideas as do I.

New Hampshire

Dear Mr. Bassett:
I wanted to thank you for the X-Conference that you organized this past weekend.   I was only there for Saturday's lectures and it was my first UFO conference, but nonetheless I found it to be informative and intriguing.  I especially enjoyed Richard Dolan's and Daniel Sheehan's presentations along with the Clinton/Carter panel.

I sincerely commend you for your disclosure efforts and I look forward to next spring's X-Conference.

Towson, MD

I want to congratulate you on putting together a really impressive conference. The level of cohesiveness and thoughtful exopolitical analysis was truly a coming of age for the exopolitical movement. Speaker after speaker legitimized the exopolitical paradigm which on its own has the potential to unravel much of the secrecy system. . . . . . . The Press Conference was a great improvement on the 2005, more succinct and focused.  It made a difference.  Finally, the networking that happened was very beneficial and there will be spin off events that flow from your efforts here.    Mahalo for a wonderful experience.

Michael Salla
Kailua-Kona, HI

Thanks again for inviting us to the X-Conference,  it was nothing short of X-Spectacular!   I was very impressed by the intelligence and caliber of speakers and look forward to attending many more to come.

Phoenix, AZ

Dear Steve,
Bravo for another great conference!   Steve, you were in great shape and on top of things the whole week.  Bravo!  Congratulations also for the press coverage - As they say in show biz: "Does not matter what they say, as long as they spell your name right."

Sergio Lub

Walnut Creek, CA

I did a 3-day commute to the Conference.  It was an eye-opener highlighting the best and worst of the UFO Circus. 

New Hampshire


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Dear Stephen,

On behalf of myself and Disclosure Network New York, I would like to thank you for your hard work in bringing us the X-Conference.  It think it was an enormous success.  The speakers were great and so were you.……….Again, thanks for your hard work!

Shawn Pickering
New York, NY

Mr. Bassett,
I  just wanted you to know that I thought you and your group did an excellent job putting together the X-Conference.  I had a great time there.  I was pretty familiar with most of the things being lectured on, but a couple of people blew me away with their topics.  All things considered, it was extremely informative and well put together.  I brought one friend to the conference, but unless disclosure occurs within the next year (which we both know is highly unlikely), I will try to bring more friends next year.  Any skeptic in attendance at the X-Conference had to leave with their eyes open.  I wish I could have brought everyone I work with.    Again, thanks and great job.

Andy McQueen
Charleston, WV

Greetings Ted and Steve,

……….The conference was a stunning success and has historic importance, especially so close to the Potomac.  I can't believe what was accomplished.  To have so much expertise recorded is truly an honor and privilege.  The effort that you guys put into its success was Herculean in scope and stamina.  Everyone worked hard but you two "made it happen".

What I thought would never be possible in my lifetime now seems to be happening right in front of not MAJI eyes only.  Let's get the message out there……… 

Ken Birnie

Carroll Community Television

Hi Steve,

Thanks for a GREAT conference. As someone who has participated several times in putting on big events, I definitely KNOW the kind of work that you and the volunteers did to make something that big come off so successfully.……… Again, bravo for a great effort and a great conference.  And you can DEFINITELY count on us again for next year.  Thanks, Steve.

Bob Canino
Orion Marketing
Chittenango, NY

I really appreciate the work you put in to create and host the conference so well.  You were the brains heart and spirit behind it and I just wanted you to know that Dana and I really appreciate your integrity and sincerity. It was a great event……

Nick Skouras
Dana Balaban
Albuquerque, NM

Dear Steve,

Thank You for an exciting and informative conference on subjects I have been interested in for years and (for the) information and opinions I was not aware of……my wife was both excited, a little fearful and sometimes overwhelmed by the intense two day conference.

We purchased several books and I certainly have become a little more vocal with those few individuals I believe have an open mind to the possibility of alien presence and other subjects I feel can be discussed with them.  That leads to this final comment that this was a great experience to be in a group of intelligent individuals that have the same interest and to be able to discuss almost anything without having to carefully choose my words……

Dave Passafaro

Pequannock, NJ

To everyone concerned, 
A short letter of support and thanks from friends in the UK.  We traveled 4000 miles to attend the conference and would not have missed it for the world. A huge thanks, in particular to Stephen Bassett for his maniacal work rate and enthusiasm which shone through the entire two days-His key note address was an inspiration. Let us hope that it, along with all the contributors’ efforts, will start to open doors and bring "Disclosure" that much closer.  We watch from England with bated breath.

Eddy & Jeanette McAvoy

Thank you for making the X-Conference possible.   Greenewald & I had a wonderful, informative and productive weekend.    You generosity, tenacity and professionalism are greatly appreciated. 

I think we shot the best footage of the weekend and captured prudent, important and poignant statements for those interviewed……..I am most eager to attend next year and applaud all your effort……..Thank you for all your consideration.

Jeffrey Willerth
Erthbound Entertainment
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Mr. Bassett,

Thanks again for the beautiful congress. It was very important for me! I have now very interesting interview with the best researchers on the field.

Guido Ferrari

Swiss TV

Hi Stephen,

Congratulations on a successful conference.  I think one thing that impressed me most were the people I met and those whom I saw listening intently.  There was much interest there…….

John Cordes

Crofton, MD

Hey Steve,

I wanted to write after a bit of time had passed after the X-Conference, because I am sure you needed to catch up on a lot of sleep!   I needed to tell you what I great success that was for you, and for the field.    Rarely am impresses by conferences, and I have attended quite a few, but this one was a great success and quite impressive.

I was very honored to be a part of the documentary crew and film the footage to document the event.   Take care, and please keep in touch.  I am definitely interested in speaking next year for you, so do not forget about me.

John Greenewald, Jr.

Black Vault Television

Northridge, CA

First, I would like to say thank you for an outstanding conference.  This was the first one of its kind I have attended.  I will definitely be attending future ones like it.

John Brastow
Columbia, MD

Hello Steve,

What a wonderful, wonderful week-end it was at the X-Conference!  May I offer you my congratulations for an outstanding success.  This was my first UFO conference and I learned so much it is unbelievable……You are a truly great organizer, warm human being, witty, charming, and very funny (I'll never forget that Bob Woodward thing - the nerve of that guy), and it was a true pleasure to get to know you.  It took a lot of talent to do this and you have it!  My son truly enjoyed the conference on Mars, and he who never reads, took my Monuments of Mars and is reading it voraciously! Good luck in all your projects and I hope I will be on your mailing list for future conferences.

Louise Prévost
Kirkland, Québec Canada

Dear Stephen,
Congratulations on pulling off a wonderful conference!!  I trust you're getting rested up by now, and no doubt planning your next campaign (as it were)……..Also, I wanted to compliment you on your keynote speech...who could have done a better job, anyway?  It was a surprise and a delight to find that the hotel actually served a delicious buffet...the first I've had at any conference--everybody I spoke with agreed with me, too…….Well, back to work--remember you have a new friend in Connecticut.  Good Job!! 

Anastasia Wietrzychowska
State Director, Mutual UFO Network, CT

Dear Steve,
Just a quick line to say what a great time I had at the 1st X-Conference.  You and your team did an excellent job and I look forward to the next one. Should you find yourself in the UK, drop me a line and I'll return the hospitality.

Clay Godden
Rochester, Kent England

Hi Stephen,

Just a brief note to say thanks for all the hard work you and your staff went through to put on the most excellent X Conference.  If seemed to us that the turnout was quite good - all the lectures we popped into were packed, and I met people from as far away as NY and North Carolina attending.  You must have done a good job of marketing.  It was a great, great pleasure to meet you and all the movers and shakers we have interviewed since the late 80s and never met in person……I hope you had some positive results from possible congressional attendees or media coverage, but you certainly had a success with the general public.   Best wishes to the 2005 conference!

Laura Cortner
Executive Producer

Baltimore, MD

Dear Stephen Basset,
I just wanted to commend you and your staff for the Herculean effort that was displayed at the X-conference in Washington.  I attended on Saturday and Sunday and was overwhelmed by the initiative that was shown by you and your fine staff. I especially would like to congratulate you on showing and demonstrating that people can be in two places at the same time. I saw how you sprinted from one end of the conference to other. Please don't change anything, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, your crew rated off the charts.

I was really impressed with the way that all the speakers were readily available to talk with interested parties. I was impressed on how smooth the conference flowed as far as speakers with the lectures and workshops. You and your staff used the customer friendly approach playbook and ran it step by step. Great speakers, great lectures great show.

Please give everyone from your group a pat on the back for an effort that went way beyond the call of duty. I hope and prey you put this conference on again next year and invite the same powerful speakers again. I hope you can put my name on a mailing list or e-mail list letting me know when the conference will be held again. Again congratulations on a fabulous well coordinated event.

Renny Rogers
Montgomery County, MD

Dear Mr. Bassett,
Thanks for your personal attention to me and to your incredible X-Conference last week!  Also, congratulations on all the positive fallout from this conference.

John Nahay
New Jersey

Much appreciated the X-CONFERENCE!.  You can count on me attending next year (and dragging along some of my co-workers and friends!)………I had the pleasure of listening to your multiple spots on Coast to Coast in the past few months……..I am an Information Technology person for the State of New York……….  I know I encountered at least two people at the X-Conference that work for other state governments in various fields and like me have been interested in this subject since being a youngster.

Richard G. Jones
Watervliet, New York

Hi Stephen,
Thank you so much for organizing last weekend's conference!!  I was only able to attend Saturday's lectures, but I returned home with so much valuable information...you know what, this actually was the most important conference I ever attended! Why?  Because it was about the truth!  And there is nothing more important than that.

Thank you Stephen for everything you're doing, it is being greatly appreciated!  he conference was a great success, and I can't wait for the next one!!

Carmen Gentry
Reston, VA

Hi Stephen,
I wanted to thank you again for the press credentials to your amazing conference. You and your staff, the speakers and all of the volunteers did an outstanding job! I had a great time and I really enjoyed meeting you and many of the other speakers. The energy there was incredible and I believe it was an historic event that has created ripples that will be felt across the country, around the world and beyond.   THE TRUTH, BRING IT ON!

Dave Schemel
Quantum Photography/Highlander Monthly

Hi Steven,
First, I'd like to say that I really enjoyed the conference. This was the first conference I've attended since becoming interested in the subject of Ufology and I applaud the conference's serious tone and professional approach.

William M. Wise
Norfolk, VA

Mr. Bassett,,
Thank you for inviting me to cover the X-Conference on video.  I found it to be extremely interesting and everyone I talked with felt really positive about the experience.  Congrats on a job well done............

Will Toubman
Brooklyn, NY

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