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September 15, 2015

UFO Activist Determined to Inject Extraterrestrials Into 2016 Race

Paradigm Research Group head Stephen Bassett is so confident alien affairs will become a hot topic in the race for the White House, he’s asking supporters to stake him so he can continue kicking around the nation’s capital for a few more months.

Bassett descended on #ThisTown last fall intending to hold lawmakers’ collective feet to the fire about extraterrestrial visitors and government cover-ups. Staff have remained tight-lipped about even coming across the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure materials PRG mailed to each and every member of the legislative branch in December 2014.

But with the presidential election heating up, Bassett is sure he can stoke real change — if he can just get his hands on an additional $20,000.

“Slow and steady wins the race,” Bassett advised exopolitical watchdogs in a recent fundraising pitch. “Meetings with House and Senate staff continue and the circumstances surrounding the unusual 2016 presidential campaign are coming together nicely for placing the extraterrestrial presence issue into the campaign in unprecedented fashion.”

Bassett faces a steep climb, what with the congressional calendar already incredibly crowded with incomplete spending bills, social-engineering scraps, the polarizing Iran deal and a whirlwind visit by Pope Francis.


UFO Activist to Capitol Hill: “Beam Me Up!”

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