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"Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together. An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery. A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself. The power to mould the future of the Republic will be in the hands of the journalists of future generations."    Joseph Pulitzer
Citizen Hearing on Disclosure - 6th Anniversary
Given today is the 6th anniversary of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure held at the National Press Club, April 29 - May 3, 2013, it is a good time to revisit this event and what followed. 
At the time it was PRG's most important and ambitious project since PRG's founding in 1996. It would be supplanted by the 2016 Election Initiative. More on that later.
As most reading this know, 42 witnesses and researchers were brought to Washington, DC to testify for 30 hours over five days to six former members of the U.S. Congress. The main ballroom of the National Press Club was configured to resemble a congressional hearing and similar protocols were followed.
The CHD was part of a larger strategy. The event itself was designed to show members of Congress what actual, comprehensive hearings on the UAP/ extraterrestrial issues might look, impress members of the press with the quality of the witnesses and evidence, attract media attention to Disclosure, give unprecedented exposure to witnesses and researchers and send a message to the President of the United States living just two blocks away. In these ways it succeeded.
Of greater significance was the CHD being the opening maneuver leading into the 2016 election campaign, and the timing was perfect. Early in 2013 it was clear the coming presidential election campaign would likely be the longest and most expensive in history and would feature a candidate well ahead in the polls who had a connection to the UAP/extraterrestrial issue going back to March of 1993. This connection would also include her likely campaign manager, her husband and the sitting president. There had never been and probably never would be a better opportunity to drive the extraterrestrial presence issue into the heart of a presidential election.
The plan of action was to first send a full, physical record of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure to every member of Congress (535 voting, 6 non-voting). By intention the first day of testimony included three hours regarding the connection between the Clinton political team and the extraterrestrial issue. The DVDs were shipped on November 5, 2014.
In late November of 2014 I returned to Washington, DC to manage the two-year 2016 campaign political initiative. This was made possible by approximately $40,000 in funding support. First on the agenda was to hire back my publicist, Janet Donovan. Over 35 years Ms. Donovan had become a legend in Washington, DC famed for knowing just about everybody of importance in town, politics and media, including quite a few Hollywood celebs from out of town,
In December of 2014 we began to present the story of the Clinton/ET connection on the DC based national media. The first article springing from the political initiative was on November 24, 2014 in the Washington Times by Jennifer Harper. She would go on to write nine more.
The first ever mention of the phrase "Rockefeller Initiative" in a mainstream newspaper occurs in an article in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune by Billy Cox on January 12, 2015. 
Between November 5, 2014 and February 12, 2015, twelve articles were written about the Clinton/ET connection. This would lead to the first statement from the Clinton campaign. It came from John Podesta.
However, it is worth noting the first response from the Clinton team to PRG's strategy actually came prior to the election campaign in April of 2014. In March of 2014 PRG announced publicly it would launch the political initiative on March 31 with the shipping of the CHD DVDs to Congress. Knowing the DVD held three hours of testimony on the Rockefeller Initiative, President Clinton arranged to be interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel on April 2, 2014 and asked about the extraterrestrial issue. In DC parlance this is called "getting out in front." The interview generated modest coverage on ABC News, CBS NewsTime Magazine, the New York Daily News and elsewhere.
Unbeknownst to President Clinton PRG had delayed the DVD shipment. When that became public nothing more on the subject would be heard form the Clinton team until February 13, 2015 in the form of the now infamous "regret tweet." Why?
PRG's strategy was to put pressure on the Clinton campaign via articles in the MSM media and any complementary television coverage - there was little of that. More important than the articles was the way reporters at major newspapers do their job. If a reporter is contemplating writing or writing a story referencing public officials, let alone the leading candidate to be president of the United States, they have to call such persons to give them a chance to refute, corroborate, or comment on the story. So, reporters began to contact the office of John Podesta and the Clinton campaign office for comments. This created a dilemma.
While the Clinton/ET connection had been in the public arena since 2001 -though with minimal coverage - the campaign had no intention whatsoever to talk about ETs, UAPs or anything related. In their view it would be too risky. Whatever their plans regarding Disclosure, they would have to wait until Secretary Clinton was in the White House before that was put on the table.
When reporters started calling their offices, they knew the wolves were at the door. The campaign understood they couldn't just stonewall the press, but they couldn't engage the press. John Podesta is a very smart political operative. He devised a brilliant plan involving making limited statements by the Clinton team in controlled conditions, but not engaging the press in Q&A. With this approach the press might be satisfied the campaign was not trying to pretend hundreds of articles about the Clinton/ET connection were not being printed. Feed the wolves some doggy treats and hope for the best. 
The goal was to prevent at all costs the Clinton/ET connection coming up in any of the debates. Better to answer questions about Benghazi than ETs. It worked. Nothing came up in the debates and the campaign shut down any ET related comments after June 2, 2016.
Ultimately over 400 articles about the Clinton/ET connection were published worldwide through to the election. Some of those articles referred to a new facet of the connection involving a project led by musician and activist Tom DeLonge. Shortly thereafter Secretary Clinton lost the election.
The aforementioned project would come to be known as the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTS/AAS). It is the most important development in the history of the Disclosure movement. It will almost certainly be a critical part of ending the truth embargo. [Note: you can find hundreds of articles referencing the TTS/ASS and AATIP HERE and over 100 related video and audio interviews HERE.]
The TTS/AAS was in development throughout 2015 and 2016. It is tempting to speculate the hundreds of articles PRG was generating about the Cinton/ET connection and the statements coming from the Clinton team played a role in shaping the decision by members of the military/intelligence complex to step into the public arena with such a bold project. Had DoD insiders, like PRG, come to the conclusion Secretary Clinton would move to disclose the ET presence when she became President Clinton? PRG looks forward to learning more about the complex internal decision process that led to the TTS/AAS.  
To all the volunteers, production staff, committee members, witnesses, researchers and funders who made possible the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, thank you for helping to create an important event that made a difference and still makes a difference. Disclosure is inevitable. It's not a matter of if, but when. I look forward to working with all of you in the post-Disclosure world.
Stephen Bassett
April 29, 2019
Napa, CA
What's Next for PRG
It will soon be time for me to return to Washington, DC and again begin full-time lobbying of the U.S. Congress as well as the political media. Based upon recent and upcoming events that time is July.

I am aware that members of the TTS/AAS have been meeting with members of Congress including committee chairs. Given the current political climate it is not surprising that names, dates and content of these meetings remain private. I am excited by their lobbying initiative and am confident it will lead to the congressional hearings envisioned by the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and so long overdue.
The TTS/AAS is composed of and backed by powerful people inside and outside the military/intelligence complex. This is a key reason why it will succeed. The national security interests as regards the lead-up to Disclosure must be represented and served as this extremely complex process goes forward.
I am not and have never been part of the national security structure, but acted as an independent political activist serving the public's interest. It is important the general citizenry have independent representation. It will again be an honor to provide that representation and work along side lobbyist Chase Kloetzke, and, if appropriate, work with the TTS/AAS. 
When I went back to Washington, DC in November of 2014 I was fortunate to have $40,000 in funding to conduct the campaign initiative for two years. This return will be a one-year-at-a-time approach, so I hope to raise $20,000 between now and July. With a bit of luck in 14 months we might well be in the post-Disclosure world.
If you can help provide the needed funds to make a July return to Washington, DC effective, you can do so at:
New PRG Project:  Academics for Disclosure
PRG will soon launch a new project, Academics for Disclosure. Hopefully it is an idea whose time has come.  Some background:
For seven decades a key component for the success of the government imposed truth embargo has been the refusal by academic institutions in the United States to challenge that embargo and engage the mounting evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. It is not a stretch to label this the greatest intellectual failure in history.
For various reasons there would be no university based research and no accredited programs of study. On-campus lectures from experts in the field of extraterrestrial phenomena research were rare as were any comments by faculty on the subject.  For seventy years this has been the status for America's 5000 colleges and universities. 
The reasons for this total abnegation of intellectual inquiry likely include the growing dependence on government research funding, fear of losing respect of peers or even one's job, direct intimidation by government agencies and a fair measure of simple cowardice. And, of course, it was members of the academic community who often came forward to ridicule, demean and dismiss the work of researchers trying to put their evidence forward. Some wrote books making the case that interest in UAPs and all things associated with UAPs was an absurd waste of time.
Over the years PRG has spoken with many academics quite confident there was an extraterrestrial presence. They were willing to state this privately but not publicly. Now that is changing. Slowly and often awkwardly working academics are engaging the issue in public with apparently no consequence. 
How far ranging is this new sentiment within the academic community? PRG wants to find out. 
First, the concept behind Academics for Disclosure will be announced. What is it? PRG will be seeking from a select group of people that includes anyone with an accredited PhD/MD in any subject or teach at a college or university, regardless of their degree, to publicly sign on to the following statement:
"I am convinced there is an extraterrestrial presence currently engaging the human race and fully support formal confirmation of this fact by the 
President of the United States."
Nothing else will be asked of the participants other than speaking this basic truth to power.
Over the coming weeks and months PRG will recruit academics to this project. No names will be published until such time as there is a significant number of persons signed up. At that time Academics for Disclosure will formally launch with a press conference at the National Press Club.
If you hold a PhD in an academic subject or teaching at a college or university, regardless of your degree, and wish to participate, contact PRG at your convenience. This request is not limited to the United States.
The present logo for this project is the product of my somewhat limited graphic skills. (That said, I'm quite fond of the A.D. tie-in.) Given many PRG supporters have far greater talent, logo submissions for consideration are most welcome.
World Disclosure Day - July 8, 2019
In 2001 PRG moved to promote July 8 as World Disclosure Day. The date derives from the General Roger Ramey press conference on July 8, 1947 reversing the earlier press release of a captured "flying saucer."  PRG views this as the informal beginning of the truth embargo.
Over the past eight years WDD has not gotten much attention with the media focused mostly on World UFO Day. But given the developments of the past six years going back to the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure up to the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, Disclosure is now at the forefront of the UAP/ extraterrestrial issues. 
This year July 8 may come at a very auspicious time. For this reason PRG invites any and all to promote WDD and do something on July 8 to advance the Disclosure process. The media may well be primed to vigorously respond.
PRG's Upcoming Lectures and Panels
A Complete List of Upcoming Conferences
PRG maintains a list of upcoming conferences with speakers relevant to the extraterrestrial phenomenon HERE
Upcoming History Channel Series


May 31, 2019 History Chanel will launch its new groundbreaking limited non-fiction series Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation exposing new evidence on UFOs led by a former special agent-in-charge and director of the government's top secret program and executive produced by Tom DeLonge.
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