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April 15, 2016                        This Media Notice is archived HERE
"Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together. An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery. A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself. The power to mould the future of the Republic will be in the hands of the journalists of future generations."  Joseph Pulitzer
Network/Cable News Channels Fail America Again
This is a commentary that could only be done on the Internet for a reason soon obvious.
Over the past 18 months hundreds of articles have been published world wide by mainstrream news venues about the ET/UFO connection to a leading candidate for president of the United States - Secretary Hillary Clinton - and her key associates. Some, but not all, of these articles are listed below.
During this presidential campaign there have been nine Democratic debates and ten town halls. All of these events, save one, were produced by a network or cable news organization, and twenty network/cable news anchors or hosts moderated. 
Over 30 hours of engagement not a single question was asked of Secretary Clinton about the content of these print articles.
How is this possible? Could it be all of the network/cable news owners, producers, editors, reporters, hosts and anchors have missed all of this coverage? Might they have seen the coverage, but all believe a connection to the ET/UFO issue by a presidential candidate is just not important or relevant? 
Are they in fear? What damocles sword might the U.S. Government be hanging over the head of the these networks?  FCC compliance?  All of the CNN anchors tax audited back ten years?  Is there a FEMA camp somewhere with CNN's name on it?
Could it be existential?  In the years leading up to the July, 1997 50th anniversary of the Roswell events of 1947, Congressman Steven Schiff made a concerted effort to obtain government held records surrounding those events. He was stonewalled for years and eventually complained publicly about government non-compliance. A few months before the Roswell anniversary he was diagnosed with an unusual squamous-cell cancer and died in March of 1998 while still a congressman at age 51.
In October of 2007, highly respected journalist Tim Russert asked a serious (his characterization) UFO related question of Congressman Dennis Kucinich in the Democratic debate at Drexel University. There was a follow-up question directed at Senator Barack Obama. After the debate Governor Bill Richardson was confronted on the issue by Chris Matthews. Eight months later Tim Russert died on the job at age 58.
There is another possibility - money and its connection to degradation in courage and journalistic ethics. Below are listed the moderators of the Democratic debates and town halls. Below that is a list of the salaries for network/cable news anchors and hosts. Those who have been moderators this year are noted. They are all multi-millionaires. Be assured tough investigative reporters, war correspondents, etc. do not make that kind of money. When you're rich, why would you want to rock the boat, challenge the government, offend a candidate who might become president, lose your White House correspondent's credential?
No matter. Whatever the cause for this failure on the part of network/cable news venues to do their job in service to the public's right to know as opposed to the government's wishes or their own personal aspirations, the print media is on the Clinton/ET connection, and it is not going to stop. More articles are coming, and they will keep coming until these wealthy, talking hair hats and walking lip glosses get their acts together.

Democratic Debate Moderators

October 13, 2015 (CNN) - Anderson Cooper, Dana Bash, Juan Carlos Lopez
November 14, 2015 (CBS) - John Dickerson, Nancy Cordes
December 19, 2015 (ABC) - David Muir, Martha Raddatz
January 17, 2016 (NBC) - Lester Holt, Andrea Mitchell
February 4, 2016 (NBC) - Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow
February 11, 2016 (PBS) - Gwen Ifill, Judy Woodruff
March 6, 2016 (CNN) - Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon
March 9, 2016 (Univision/Washington Post)
April 14 2016 (CNN) - Wolf Blitzer, Dana Bash
Democratic Town Hall/Forum Moderators
November 6, 2015 (MSNBC) - Rachel Maddow
January 25, 2016 (CNN) - Chris Cuomo
February 3, 2016 (CNN) - Anderson Cooper
February 18, 2016 (MSNBC) - Chuck Todd, Jose Diaz-Balart
February 23, 2016 (CNN) - Chris Cuomo
March 7, 2016 (FNC) - Bret Baire
March 13, 2016 (CNN) - Jake Tapper
March 14, 2016 (MSNBC) - Chuck Todd
March 21, 2016 (CNN) - Anderson Cooper
March 30, 2016 (MSNBC) - Chuck Todd
Network/Cable Channel News Anchor/Host Annual Salaries
Chris Wallace (FNC) - $1 million (moderator)
Jake Tapper (CNN) - $1 million + (moderator)
Major Garrett (CBS) - $1 million + (moderator)
Martha Raddatz (ABC) - $1 million + (moderator)
John Harwood (CNBC) $1 million + (moderator)
Chuck Todd (NBC) $1 million + (moderator)
Mika Brzezinski (MSNBC) - $2 million
Chris Cuomo (CNN) - $2.5 million (moderator)
Willie Geist (NBC) - $2.5 million
Erin Burnett (CNN) - $3 million
Steve Kroft (CBS) - $3 million
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC) - $4 million
David Gregory (CBS) - $4 million
Lawrence O'Donnell (MSNBC) - $4 million
Lester Holt (NBC - $5 million
Ann Curry (NBC) - $5 million
David Muir (ABC) - $5 million (moderator)
Scott Pelley (CBS) - $5 million (moderator)
Katie Couric (Yahoo News) - $6 million
Megyn Kelly (FNC) - $6 million (moderator)
Maria Bartiromo (FNC) - $6 million
Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) - $7 million (moderator)
Shepard Smith (FNC) - $7 million
Bret Baire (FNC) - $7 million (moderator)
George Stephanopoulos (NBC) - $9 million
Neil Cavuto (FNC) - $10 million (moderator)
Anderson Cooper (CNN) - $11 million (moderator)
Diane Sawyer (ABC) - $12 million
Brian Williams (NBC) - $13 million
Robin Roberts (ABC) - $14 million
Bill O'Reilly (FNC) - $20 million
Matt Lauer (NBC) - $25 million
Articles addressing the Clinton/Podesta/UFO/ET connection

04/12/16 - Former White House chief's 'strong signal' US Government is covering up proof of aliens - Jon Austin, Daily Express (UK)
04/09/16 - An ice bath for HRC’s transparency - Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
03/29/16 - Alas, another punchline - Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
03/29/16 - What will be revealed if Hillary Clinton lifts lid on US Air Force's notorious Area 51? - Tom Parry, Daily Mirror (UK)
03/29/16 - US election 2016: Clinton pledges to declassify 'UFO files' - The Week (UK)

03/28/16 - Hillary Clinton To Expose Area 51 And Release UFO Files If Elected U.S. President - Essel Pratt, Inquisitr
03/28/16 - Hillary Clinton confirms she WILL release secret UFO files if she's elected US president - Jonathon Dillon, Daily Mirror (UK)
03/25/16 - Who's the Most UFO-Friendly Presidential Candidate? - Rhett Jones, Gawker
03/25/16 - Hillary Clinton Is Serious About UFOs - A.J. Vicens, Mother Jones

03/25/16 - Hillary On Area 51 Secrets: ‘I Think We Ought To Share It With The Public’ [VIDEO] - Jamie Weinstein, Daily Caller

03/18/16 - UFO Sightings and Politics - Cheryl Costa, Syracuse New Times

03/09/16 - Who STOPPED Bill and Hillary Clinton from revealing truth about aliens and UFOs to globe? - Jon Austin, Daily Express (UK)
03/08/16 - What REALLY happened when Hillary and Bill Clinton tried to open UFO truths 21 years ago? - Jon Austin, Daily Express (UK)
03/09/16 - Hillary Clinton's campaign manager 'convinces her to release secret UFO files' if elected - Jon Dillon, Daily Mirror (UK)
03/04/16- This Is What It's Like to Be the Only Man in Washington Lobbying for UFOs - A.J. Vicens, Mother Jones
02/12/16 - No comment from the Dome - Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
02/11/16 - Lynn Woolsey Doesn’t Find UFO Talk Totally Spacey - Warren Rojas, Roll Call
01/27/16 - CIA releases secret files of 'flying saucer' UFO sightings - including over Britain - Caroline Mortimer, Independent (UK)
01/26/16 -
An Alien Hunter’s Guide to the 2016 Election - Daniel Oberhaus, VICE
01/26/16 - CIA reveals that the 'truth is out there' in series of new UFO articles - Jonathan Dillon, Daily Mirror (UK)

01/20/16 - Some ideas about digging - Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
01/19/16 - 2016 – the year the world will be told the TRUTH about the existence of aliens - Rory McKeown, Daily Star (UK)

01/16/16 - Extraterrestrial Lobbyist Explains Hillary Clinton’s Controversial UFO Statements - Robin Seemangal, New York Observer

01/05/16 - UFO Lobbyist Says Clinton Remarks Make History - Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun

01/04/16 - Minutes - Rebecca Leber, New Republic

12/29/15 - Why the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge UFOs - Michael Williams Lebron, RT

12/24/15 - The Year in Space: 2015 - Manilla Chan, RT

12/20/15 - For lobbyist, unveiling UFOs consumes life - Ben Terris, Arkansas Democrat Gazette

12/16/15 - Editor's Blog: UFOs, Elko and Hillary Clinton - Jeff Mullins, Elko Daily Free Press

12/15/15 - ... but he's not the only one - Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

12/14/15 - UFO truthers want to make Roswell an issue for 2016; meet their lobbyist - Ben Terris, Everett Daily Herald

12/11/15 - UFO truthers want to make Roswell an issue for 2016. Meet their lobbyist. - Ben Terris, Washington Post
11/10/15 - The Debate Is Over. This Is the Best GOP Candidate for UFO Disclosure - A. J. Vicens, Mother Jones

09/16/15 - Meet the Lobbyist Pressuring the US Government to Disclose Extraterrestrial Activity - Robin Seemangal, New York Observer
08/31/15 - Even UFOs Are Following Trump (Despite Being Undocumented Aliens) - Lee Speigel, Huffington Post09/03/15 - UFO Activist Determined to Inject Extraterrestrials Into 2016 Race - Warren Rojas, Roll Call
- The Extraterrestrial Vote: On Pluto, aliens, John Podesta's X-Files obsession, and the 2016 election - Rebecca Leber, New Republic
07/12/15 - The Rita Cosby Show w/ Rita Cosby, WABC, New York, NY
07/08/15 - News at Noon w/ Andrea Roane - WUSA CBS Channel 9, Washington, DC
04/18/15 - PRÉSIDENTIELLE AMÉRICAINE: LES OVNIS VOTENT HILLARY - David Ramasseul,  Paris Match (France)

04/08/15 - There's no business like ... - Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald Tribune 
04/05/15 - UFO Enthusiasts Are PSYCHED for a Hillary Clinton Presidency - Kentucky Post Pioneer
04/04/15 - The vote is out there: UFO enthusiasts primed for a Hillary Clinton presidency - Tom Boggioni, Raw Story
04/03/15 - UFO enthusiasts: Ready for Hillary? - Steven Kornacki, MSNBC
04/03/15 - ETs for Hillary: Why UFO Activists Are Excited About Another Clinton Presidency - A. J. Vicens, Mother Jones
02/25/15 - UFO activist to Capitol Hill: ‘Beam me up!’ - Warren Rojas, Columbia Daily Herald
02/25/15 - Activist to Congress: Address aliens - Warren Rojas, Tribune News Service
02/24/15 - When Will Potential 2016 Candidates Discuss the ‘Extraterrestrial Issue’? - Jamie Fuller, New York
02/23/15 - Push is on for 'comprehensive' extraterrestrial hearings on Capitol Hill - Chad Merda, Atlanta Sun Times
02/23/15 - UFO Activist to Capitol Hill: ‘Beam Me Up!’ - Warren Rojas, Roll Call
02/22/15 - John Podesta: Outgoing Barack Obama adviser reveals regret over failure to disclose secret UFO files - Emma Mountford, Daily Mirror (UK)

02/19/15 - UFO Regrets for Former Obama Senior Advisor John Podesta - Kimberly M. Aquilina, Headlines & Global News
02/17/15 - Outgoing Obama Advisor John Podesta Has UFO Regrets - Lee Speigel, Huffington Post
02/17/15 - Obama’s Top Political Advisor Wants to Tell the World About UFOs - Eric Pfeiffer,
02/16/15 - ‘We should reveal the fact we met aliens,’ says top Obama advisor - Robert Waugh, Metro (UK)
02/16/15 - John Podesta has an extraterrestrial regret before leaving White House adviser position - Jennifer Harper, Washington Times
02/07/15 - How Science Closes Minds - Lisa Watts, Quora
01/20/15 - Lobbyist buzzes Washington over extraterrestrials & a government "truth embargo" - Jennifer Harper, Washington Times
01/09/15 -
Advocate For UFO Disclosure To Lead Hillary Clinton Election Campaign - Steve Thresher, Neon Nettle
01/12/15 - Road without End, Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
01/11/15 - Group petitions White House over UFOs, Michael Brown, Full-Time Whistle
01/09/15 - New White House Petition Could See Full Government Disclosure Of E.T's, Steve Thresher, Neon Nettle
01/08/15 - Alien UFO, ET Disclosure: Group Petitions White House To Support Open Congressional Hearings, Inquisitr
01/08/15 - White House petition calls for hearings on alien life, Air Force Times
01/07/14 - Petition seeks presidential support for congressional hearings on alien life, Jason McClellan, Open Minds
12/22/14 - UFOs, a demand for transparency, Elias Hazou, Cyprus Mail
11/25/14 - Campaign for extraterrestrial disclosure underway, Alejandro Rojas, Open Minds
11/24/14 - Activist demands Congressional action on aliens - of the extraterrestrial kind (expanded article), Jennifer Harper, Washington Post

Political Media Coverage: John Podesta's CNN Interview with Jake Tapper

04/12/16 - Here’s How Hillary Clinton Is Hoping To Win The UFO Vote - Lee Speigel, Huffington Post
04/10/16 - John Podesta To CNN: ‘The American People Can Handle The Truth About UFOs’ - Johnthomas Didymus, Inquisitr
04/09/16 - Clinton campaign chair: 'Hillary will tell America the truth about UFOs' - Rebekah Worsham, Examiner
04/09/16 - Hillary Clinton will declassify information on UFOs, campaign chair promises - The Week
04/09/16 - Hillary Clinton Chases UFO Believer Vote, ‘The American People Can Handle The Truth’ About Aliens - Coburn Palmer, Inquisitr
04/09/16 - John Podesta: Hillary will uncover the truth of aliens, Area 51, Podesta claims - Evelyn Bennel, Examiner
04/09/16 - John Podesta on Hillary Clinton opening UFO files: 'Americans can handle truth' - Roz Zurko, Examiner
04/08/16 - The long, strange history of John Podesta’s space alien obsession - Phillip Bump, Washington Post
04/08/16 - Clinton campaign chairman: Americans 'can handle the truth' about UFOs - Heife Przybyla, USA Today
04/08/16 - John Podesta: Hillary Will Get to Bottom of UFOs and Alien Beings - Bill Hoffman, Newsmax
04/08/16 - Feud of the Week: Hillary's camp vs. those who are hiding the truth about UFOs - Michael Toeset, Peoria Journal Star
04/08/16 - Clinton campaign chair says America can handle truth about aliens - WDAM-TV (Moselle, MS)
04/08/16 - Hillary Clinton Campaign: Americans Can Handle the Truth - Patricia Ramirez, Inquisitr
04/08/16 - Campaign Chairman Says Clinton Will Declassify 'UFO Files' - Michael Hawthorne, Newser
04/08/16 - Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager: Aliens, Man - Jack Moor, GQ Magazine
04/08/16 - Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman is woke af about UFOs - Rafi Swartz, Fusion
04/08/16 - Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chairman Is Obsessed With UFOs, Which Are Real - Anna Merlan, Jezebel
04/08/16 - Clinton Campaign on Aliens and Area 51: "The American People Can Handle the Truth" - Ashley Feinberg, Gawker
04/07/16 - Clinton campaign chair: 'The American people can handle the truth' on UFOs - Eli Watkins, CNN
04/07/16 - Clinton campaign chair promises: US will declassify records on UFOs if she’s elected - Arturo Garcia, Raw Story

Secretary Clinton's Remarks on Jimmy Kimmel Live

04/11/16 - Will Hillary Clinton find proof of UFOs? | Paranormal Corner - Kelly Roncace,
03/26/16 - Odds on ALIEN DISCOVERY slashed as Clinton says she will declassify SECRET Area 51 files - Oli Smith, Daily Express (UK)
03/26/16 - A conference with a twist: Alien abductions, UFOs and all things 'weird' are very much on the agenda - Katie Butler, Manchester Evening News
03/26/16 - Hillary Clinton Talks UFO’s, Marijuana With Jimmy Kimmel - WFOR-TV (Miami, FL)
03/26/16 - Bookies slash odds of alien life after Hillary Clinton hints she'll declassify UFO files - Tom Evans, Daily Star (UK)
03/26/16 - Hillary Clinton: ‘I’ll Make UFO Files Public’ - Lee Speigel, Huffington Post
03/25/16 - Bring Area 51’s UFO secrets into the open, Clinton tells Kimmel - Keith Rogers, Las Vegas Review-Journal
03/25/16 - Watch Hillary Clinton Talk Weed, UFOs, Debating Trump on 'Kimmel' - Ryan Reed, Rolling Stone
03/25/16 - Hillary Pledges to Dig Into UFO Files - Daniel Halper, Weekly Standard
03/25/16 - Hillary Clinton Talks Debating Trump, Supreme Court and Marijuana on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' - Ryan Bort, Newsweek
03/25/16 - Hillary, it’s time to ditch the lame Area 51 jokes - New York Post
03/25/16 - Clinton: ‘I Think We Ought to Share’ Secret Government Files on Area 51 With the Public - Kaitlyn Schallhorn, The Blaze

John Podesta's KLAS-TV Interview

03/04/16 - Hillary Clinton promises to 'get to the bottom of UFO mystery' if elected, and 'maybe send a task force' to alleged alien prison Area 51 - James Wilkinson, Daily Mail (UK)
03/04/16 - Pushing for a game change - Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
03/04/16 - Clinton Campaign Chairman: ‘The American People Can Handle the Truth’ About UFOs - Claire Landsbaum, New York Magazine

03/04/16 - Hillary Clinton promises to 'get to the bottom of UFO mystery' if elected, and 'maybe send a task force' to alleged alien prison Area 51 - James Wilkinson, Daily Mail (UK)

03/04/16 - Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager Says 'Legitimate Questions' About UFOs Should Be Answered - Vice

03/03/16 - John Podesta: I've Convinced Hillary Clinton To Declassify UFO Files - Lee Speigel, Huffington Post

03/03/16 - Hillary Clinton AGAIN vows to find out what White House knows about aliens and UFOs - Jon Austin, Daily Express (UK)

03/03/16 - Hillary Clinton aide vows to release top secret UFO X-Files which could PROVE existence of aliens - Jasper Hamill, Daily Mirror (UK)

03/03/16 - Clinton would consider declassifying government documents related to UFOs - Scott Bixby, Guardian (UK)
03/03/16 - UFO Disclosure: Hillary Clinton Aide John Podesta Says Hillary Will ‘Get To The Bottom’ Of The UFO Question Because ‘Americans Can Handle The Truth’ - Johnthomas Didymus, Inquisitr
03/02/16 - Clinton Campaign Manager Says Release All the Documents! (About UFOs) - A.J. Vicens, Mother Jones
03/01/16 - I-Team: Clinton aide seeks UFO files - KLAS-TV (Nevada)


Secretary Clinton's Conway Daily Sun Comments

01/17/16 - Hillary Clinton and the UFOs, part 2 - Jennifer Harper, Washington Times

01/12/16 - Hillary Clinton Promises To Release Information On UFOs And Area 51, Claims Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth - Perry Carpenter, Inquisitr
01/10/16 - Hillary Clinton promises to investigate area 51 but her husband has already disclosed what is at secret base - Tara West, Inquistr

01/09/16 - The Clintons are longing to find UFOs - New York Post

01/07/16 - Hillary Courts UFO Believer Vote - Mike Albo, Good Magazine

01/07/16 - About time someone finally asked - Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

01/07/16 - Does Hillary Have UFO Fever? - Rod Anderson, Christian Post

01/06/16 - Hillary Clinton And The UFO Issue - Greg Boone, Political Lore

01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton says she'll 'get to the bottom' of UFOs, aliens - WFXT-TV (Boston)

01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton Gives Her Take on Aliens: 'I'm Going to Get to the Bottom Of It' - Naja Rayne, People Magazine

01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton pledges to get truth out on aliens - Times Live (South Africa)

01/05/16 - Sceptic alert: Hillary Clinton Will Reveal The Truth About Aliens - If She Is Elected President in November - West Australian (Australia)

01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton Says Aliens Could Have Visited Earth, Proposes Area 51 Investigation - Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post

01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton plans to investigate Area 51 if she’s elected - Bret Smith, Red Orbit

01/05/16 - Hilary Clinton Publicly Acknowledges The Earth May Have Been Visited  - Sam Meeghan, Neon Nettle

01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton vows to investigate UFOs - Carol Brown, American Thinker

01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton Vows To Get To The Truth About UFOs - RedState
01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton knows where the extraterrestrials are being hidden, and it's not Area 51 - Douglas Perry, Oregonian

01/05/16 - SHOCK NEWS: US president frontrunner Hilary Clinton believes ALIENS have come to earth - Patrick Knox, Daily Star (UK)

01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton Promises to Look Into UFOs, Area 51 - Robert C. Welch III, Latin Post

01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton vows to get to the bottom of mysteries surrounding UFOs, aliens - AOL News
01/05/16 - Sceptic alert: Hillary Clinton Will Reveal The Truth About Aliens - If She Is Elected President in November - Yahoo7 News (Australia)

01/05/16 - I want to believe: Hillary Clinton says aliens may have visited Earth - RT

01/04/16 - Reporter questions Hillary Clinton about UFOs, again - Benjamin Mullin, Poynter

01/04/16 - Clinton promises to look into Area 51, aliens - Sarah Watkins, Washington Examiner

01/04/16 - Report: Hillary Clinton to investigate UFOs, addresses alien visitation - Liz McKernan, KUTV-TV (Salt Lake City, UT)

01/04/16 - Space cadet Hillary pledges Area 51 task force - Douglas Ernst, World News Daily

01/04/16 - If elected, Hillary Clinton vows to ‘get to the bottom’ of the UFO mystery - Alan Boyle, Geek Wire

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton says she’ll look into UFOs, Area 51 and alien visitation - Alejandro Rojas, Open Minds

01/04/16 - Hillary Promises to 'Get Down to the Bottom' of Area 51, UFOs - Loren Gutentag, Newsmax

01/04/16 - Report: Hillary Clinton to investigate UFOs, addresses alien visitation - Liz McKernan, WLUK-TV (Green Bay, Wisconsin)

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton pledges to 'get to the bottom of' UFOs - Jake Ellison, Seattle Post Intelligencer

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton (jokingly) pledges UFO probe - Eli Watkins, CNN

01/04/16 - Hillary Jokes That She’ll Investigate UFOs, Area 51 - Steve Guest, Daily Caller

01/04/16 - On other aliens, Hillary Clinton vows study of UFOs, probe of Area 51 - Ken Stone, My News LA

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton Believes We 'May Have Been Visited' By Aliens And Vows To Get To The Bottom Of UFOs - Nitya Rajan, Huffington Post

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton Vows to ‘Get to the Bottom’ of What’s in Area 51 - Kate Scanlon, The Blaze

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton says she’ll ‘get to the bottom’ of UFOs, aliens - Kristina Webb, Palm Beach Post

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton Promises Reporter She'll 'Get To The Bottom' Of UFOs - Sara Jerde, Talking Points Memo

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton Pledges to "Get to the Bottom" of UFO's and Aliens - Inae Oh, Mother Jones

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton: We May Have Already Been Visited By Aliens - Patrick Howley, Breitbart News

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton: Aliens May Have Visited Us - Daily Beast

01/04/16 - Report: Hillary Clinton Says Aliens May Have Visited Earth - Morgan Chalfant, Washington Free Beacon

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton Says Aliens have Probably Visited Us. Vows to Open UFO Files - Emily Zanotti, The American Spectator

01/04/16 - Aliens May Have Visited Earth Already, Hillary Clinton Says - Mike Wall,

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton: If Elected, I Will Reveal The Real Truth About Aliens - The Federalist

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton says aliens may have paid us a visit - Chris Matyszczyk, CNet

01/04/16 - Clinton: Aliens may have visited us already - Jesse Byrnes, The Hill

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton pledges to create an Area 51 task force, says aliens may have visited us already - Keri Blakinger, New York Daily News

01/04/16 - Aliens may have visited: Shock Hillary Clinton claim as she vows to open 'UFO cover up' - Jennifer Harper, Washington Times

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton Vows To Investigate UFOs And Area 51 - Lee Speigel, Huffington Post

01/04/16 - Aliens may have visited: Shock Hillary Clinton claim as she vows to open 'UFO cover up' - Jon Austin, Express (UK)

01/04/16 - Hillary promises to investigate aliens if elected - the ones from space, not Mexico - Robert Laurie, Canada Free Press (Canada)

01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton: ‘I will reveal the truth about UFOs when I am President’ - Rob Waugh, Metro (UK)

01/03/16 - Hillary Clinton: I will reveal truth about UFOs if I become America's next President - Jonathan Dillon, Daily Record (Scotland)

01/03/16 - Hillary to open the X-Files - Kelly McLaughlin, Daily Mirror (UK)
01/03/16 - Hillary Clinton: "I will reveal truth about area 51 and UFOs if I become president" - Jonathan Dillon, Daily Mirror (UK)
01/03/16 - Hillary Clinton: "I will reveal truth about area 51 and UFOs if I become president" - John Thomas Didymus, Inquisitr

12/30/15 - Clinton Promises to Investigate UFOs - Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun


Foreign Language Coverage of Clinton's Conway Daily Sun Comments

01/11/16 - Die Ufologen würden sie wählen - Christiane Heil, Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany)
01/10/16 - Hillary Clinton veut découvrir si les extraterrestres sont venus sur Terre - Egalite & Reconciliation (France)
01/06/15 - Hillary Clinton et les extraterrestres - CentPapiers (France)
01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton veut découvrir si les extraterrestres sont venus sur Terre - Slate (France)
01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton janji selidiki UFO bila terpilih jadi presiden AS - Ardyan Mohamad, (Indonesia)
01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton’dan UFO vaadi - Taraf (Turkey)
01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton révèlera la vérité sur les extraterrestres si elle est élue - Buzzarena (France)
01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton et les extraterrestres - Agora Vox (France)
01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton promet d'enquêter sur les ovnis si elle accède à la Maison-Blanche - Constance Jamet, Le Figaro (France)
01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton: Başkan seçilirsem UFO’larla ilgili gerçeği açıklayacağım - Rotahaber (Turkey)
01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton fait des Ovni une promesse de campagne - Linternaute (France)
01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton'dan UFO vaadi - Sputnik (Turkey)
01/05/16 - Hillary Clinton promet d’ouvrir les dossiers sur les extra-terrestres et les OVNI - (France)
01/05/16 - Bà Hillary Clinton sẽ tiết lộ bí mật người ngoài hành tinh nếu đắc cử - Doi Song Phap Luat (Viet Nam)
01/05/16 - Jika jadi Presiden, Hillary Clinton akan Buka Misteri UFO dan Alien di AS - Sriwijaya Post (Indonesia)
01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton fait une revelation troublante aux americains a propos des extra terrestres - Grandstitres (France)
01/04/16 - «Les extraterrestres nous ont peut-être déjà visités» - Hillary Clinton - Jean-Maxime Bourgoin, Journal De Quebec (Canada)
01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton je vais devoiler la verite sur le Ovni si je suis presidente TVQC (France) 01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton hứa công khai bí mật về UFO nếu đắc cử - (Viet Nam)01/04/16 - Hillary Clinton: Başkan Seçilirsem UFO'yla İlgili Gerçeği Açıklayacağım - (Turkey)
01/04/16 - Kurioses Wahlversprechen: Clinton will "Area 51"-Dokumente veröffentlichen - Focus (Germany)
01/02/16 - Clinton verspricht gegenüber Zeitung UFO-Frage erneut zu untersuchen - (Germany)
12/15/15 - Ebben reménykednek az ufóhívők - MNO (Hungary)
12/13/15 - L’uomo che vuole convincere il Congresso americano a occuparsi degli alieni. - Ben Terris, Il Post (Italy)

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