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March 25, 2016        This PRG Media Release is archived HERE
"Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together. An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery. A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself. The power to mould the future of the Republic will be in the hands of the journalists of future generations."  Joseph Pulitzer
Sec. Clinton Addresses UFO/ET Issue on Kimmel - 3/24/16
The Chess Game Continues
[Clinton team move
March 1, 2016 - In the primary state of Nevada the day before Super Tuesday, John Podesta gives an interview to KLAS-TV political reporter Steve Sebelius. He confirms the statements made by Secretary Clinton to the Conway Daily Sun were serious. 
[PRG move]
March 15, 2016 - PRG publishes an expanded Open Letter to Secretary Clinton, issued it as a press release and faxed a printed version to every House and Senate office. 
[Clinton team move]
March 24, 2016 - Secretary Clinton appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live and arranges to be asked about the UFO/ET issue. She reiterates her intention to open the government held UFO files to the public. Notably, she deliberately moves away from the term UFO to UAP (Unidentifed Aerial Phenomena) and indicates a change of language is warranted.
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