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January 13, 2016               This PRG Update is archived HERE
"Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together. An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery. A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself. The power to mould the future of the Republic will be in the hands of the journalists of future generations."  Joseph Pulitzer
The Truth Embargo and Jimmy Fallon
Listed below are recent examples of the expanding coverage of Secretary Clinton's very significant remarks in the Conway Daily Sun on December 30, 2015. Before we get to those, however, a few words about Jimmy Fallon's monologue Tuesday evening. 

His jokes about Secretary Clinton and President Clinton - which were very good, Jimmy rocks - are the children of the truth embargo. They are inevitable whenever any well known person steps into the issue - particularly politicians. They are a key component of the ridicule curtain keeping the American people from the truth.

So what? Jokes are made all the time about the views of politicians. However, most of these views are not subject to a six decade government imposed truth embargo. But it is not 1976, it's 2016, and our political leaders need to understand those jokes will pass if they stay the course and finally engage the extraterrestrial presence issue appropriately. On the other side of the ridicule curtain is a massive wave of support from billions of humans who, quite frankly, can handle the truth and have every right to know.
NBC Debate vs Clinton/Extraterrestrial Presence Issue Coverage
As the NBC Democratic primary debate approaches (January 17), coverage addressing Secretary Clinton's December 30, 2015 remarks to the Conway Daily Sun and/or the Clinton connection to the extraterrestrial presence issue continues to expand. Background information HERE and HERE.
NBC News now must decide if this coverage warrants appropriate questions be put to the three candidates seeking to be president of the United States.

If that should happen, PRG hopes the candidates have the savvy to leave the smiles, smirks and bemusement out of their responses as an increasing number of citizens no longer find the truth embargo on this issue to be funny.

A sample of this recent coverage is shown below. See more coverage HERE.

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