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August 29, 2016                     PRG Media Notices archived HERE
"Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together. An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery. A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself. The power to mould the future of the Republic will be in the hands of the journalists of future generations."  Joseph Pulitzer
The truth embargo creates many dilemmas for journalists and for the public. Consider:
The Media Dilemma for George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos has had a distinguished twenty-year career with the prestigious news division of the ABC network. During his first two years with ABC News he was a political analyst and correspondent for This Week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts, Good Morning American and evening news broadcast.

From September 15, 2002 to January 10, 2010, Mr. Stephanopoulos was the host of This Week. In December of 2005 he was named Chief Washington Correspondent. On April 16, 2008, Stephanopoulos co-moderated the twenty-first and final Democratic Party presidential debate between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In December 2009, he joined the team of Good Morning America as co-host. In January of 2012, he returned to host This Week and currently retains both assignments. In August of 2014, he was named Chief Anchor for ABC News.

Mr. Stephanopoulos is well respected and well liked by the American people. He is a television news superstar.

Before he entered journalism he had another distinguished career - political operative. This began in 1988 when he worked on Governor Michael Dukakis' presidential campaign after which he worked for the House Democratic Majority leader Dick Gephardt.

In 1992 he joined the presidential campaign of Governor Bill Clinton. His contribution to Clinton's election was made legend, along with James Carville's, in the documentary The War Room. [Note: there is a general consensus amongst Washington insiders the character Henry Burton in the book and film Primary Colors - the conscience of Governor Jack Stanton's campaign - was based on Stephanopoulos.
For his work on the Clinton campaign Stephanopoulos was rewarded with several important White House positions. In January of 1993 he was appointed White House Communications Director. For a time he 
also acted as the de facto press secretary giving daily briefings. Eventually Dee Dee Myers took over the briefings, Mark Gearan took over as Communications Direct and Stephanopoulos became a Senior Advisor on Policy and Strategy in June of 1993. He remained in that position until he left for ABC News in December of 1996 after the election.
So, wherein lies the dilemma? The effort by Laurance Rockefeller to convince the Clinton administration to release all government held UFO related files, grant amnesty to potential government witnesses and essentially end the truth embargo - the Rockefeller Initiative - began on March 29, 1993 with an approach to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. The initiative continued for 3 and 1/2 years ending in October of 1996. 
The White House is not the CIA, a massive matrix of programs with myriad levels of classification and compartmentalization. It is a house packed with people working in close proximity 60, 70 hours a week. Stephanopoulos was at the center of the administration. 
Furthermore, beginning in the mid-1990's ET/Disclosure information was being repeatedly presented to ABC News programs, meetings with ABC executives were held, the Rockefeller Initiative documents were placed on the Internet in 2001 and hundreds of journalists, including those at ABC News, were contacted with links to those documents. For the past two years over 500 English and foreign language media articles have been published about the Clinton/ET/Rockefeller Initiative connection.
Given his positions at the White House and the above mentioned subsequent media exposure, it is inconceivable George Stephanopoulos was not aware of the Rockefeller Initiative from the beginning and repeatedly reminded of it in subsequent years.  
He had a very difficult decision to make.
Before discussing that decision it is important to acknowledge the media operates under First Amendment constitutional protection. It is free to cover (theoretically) whatever it wants to cover or decline to cover whatever it wishes not to cover. If the United States declared war on Canada and the New York Times elected not to cover the story, that would be the Times' prerogative. No story or person has a right to be covered. It is up to the journalists - the reporters, editors, producers, and publishers.
Mr. Stephanopoulos is a very smart man who well knew the Rockefeller Initiative was one of the most important political stories of the 20th Century. He had twenty years to engage that story. However, if he did so, it could prove damaging to his former employer and wife and other Clinton administration members.
He decided not to engage. During his twenty years as a nationally recognized television journalist he has interviewed the Clintons and other former administration colleagues many times. He has moderated debates. And, of course, he has had a platform that would have given the story massive national and international attention. He chose to say and do nothing.
George Stephanopoulos is a good man, husband and father. He is a very competent journalist who has done important work. His choice should be respected, but in doing so Burke's oft-stated quote applies. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." To be fair, the matter at issue is less about evil and more about preventing the human race from moving forward - in other words, preventing reform. 
Be assured Mr. Stephanopoulos is not the only journalist in the United States aware of the Rockefeller Initiative or even aware there is an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. There are even journalist contactees!!
And each day they go to work they have to face the same decision Mr. Stephanopoulos has faced for twenty years. 
To those paying attention at the White House and the Pentagon, know it is inevitable the professional sons and daughters of Joseph Pulitzer will eventually do the right thing and the truth embargo WILL END.
But why wait? Carpe diem.
A Media Dilemma for the Public
As the Disclosure process advances, public expectations and awareness are growing. The print media have noted this and are responding accordingly. They want readers and web views, so articles are pouring out on everything and anything ET and UFO. If it's seen in the sky, it's a story, and that includes balloons, Chinese lanterns, clouds, meteors, and the new kid on the block, drones. Anything that looks remotely artificial on the Moon or Mars is story.
Also of note is the emergence of video consolidation sites being sourced by the news sites for these articles. "UFO" videos from around the world are sent to the amalgamation sites and then passed on to the newspapers. There is little or no vetting, no discrimination.
There is no way to avoid this, and it was expected. As Disclosure approaches emotions are going to run high, and this poses a dilemma for the public trying to follow the process. On the other hand these articles are putting more pressure on the truth embargo. 
PRG's advice is to stay calm and watch for the strong articles. They are not that hard to spot. Enjoy the ride, but don't waste too much time on the hyperbolic infotainment. 
And, as stated previously, also expect the following:

1) Hoaxing. There is a trickster component to human DNA. We love to hoax, do stunts, play pranks. It's what we do. As the audience grows, UFO/ET hoaxing will increase - perhaps dramatically. 

2) Predictions. People are going to get excited and predictions will follow. This is also human nature and understandable. Just keep in mind that most of these predictions will be arbitrary and wrong. [Note: PRG does not "predict" Disclosure, rather it "projects" Disclosure based on the prevailing circumstances, which are complicated and many.]

3) False witnesses. Disclosure will be the biggest show on Earth. Lots of people will want to be on the stage, whether or not they have any connection to the issue itself. They will create elaborate stories told by unnamed sources at undisclosed locations without documents. Telepathic/Channeled communication will also be put forward. Messages will be conveyed. Be particularly wary of government sourced information with military threat interpretations, calls to arms, and dire warnings provided on faith. 

4) Real witnesses. As Disclosure approaches many legitimate military/agency/political witnesses may feel they can finally step forward. Obviously, assessing this process will be complicated by the false witnesses. All that can be asked is the public and the media do their best in applying reason and common sense.

5) Elaborate stories. These are essentially hoaxes of a very advanced level. You will be presented stories of great complexity and depth with long histories. They will be quite entertaining, and they will most likely be completely bogus.

6) Opposition. Disclosure will be the most profound event in human history. There are many who feel it is not time. We should wait until we are more technologically or spiritually advanced. We should let the government decide, etc. Some of this opposition will be legitimate reflections of concern, and some of it will be propaganda.  

7) Disinformation. This is the most difficult task facing the public and media. All of the above may include orchestrated disinformation in which some truth is embedded in order to undermine and slow down the Disclosure process itself. Some of this will be conducted by private citizens who are simply not ready to face the truth. Some of this will be managed by government entities. The latter, of course, we be the more sophisticated. The government is very good at information manipulation.

And to repeat, the most concerning area of disinformation is centered on alien threat scenarios. They are already turning up across the Internet. Are they true? Most certainly are not. Could there be an extraterrestrial threat to the human race? Yes. Likely? No. Is there a lot of evidence supporting a possible threat?  Not much.
But herein lies the dilemma. The extraterrestrial threat issue is the most exopolitically explosive question with enormous potential consequences. Disinformation and hoaxes in this regard are as dangerous as those around nuclear war. The public somehow must not allow itself to be played on this. If there isn't significant evidence from multiple sources, it is just polluted water. Beware. 
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