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The Paradigm Clock was originally conceived in early 1996.  In order to put the clock in perspective, it was necessary to go back in time to 1947, the same year in which the "Doomsday Clock" was born, and assign time changes in relation to events over the intervening 50 years.   The key criteria in assessing an event was whether it brought the world closer to or further from formal disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence - 12 o’clock midnight.

The timeline moving toward the paradigm line should be viewed as asymptotic.

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As we get closer to the paradigm line, there are an increasing number of impacting events coming closer together. The Time Change Chronicle reflects this.

By reviewing these retroactive changes, you can quickly get a sense of the relationship of certain types of events to the probability and pace of transition.   For explanations of each event click on the time box.  Several factors should be considered:

  • the citizen science movement regarding UFOs since 1947 has been a Sisyphean task.  The mountain of resistance has made forward progress slow and difficult, losing ground easy and compounded.  For this reason regressive events have greater time effects away from 12 midnight.

  • the act of disclosure is political, it is not strictly science which is about discovery - not the same.  For this reason the Paradigm Clock is quite sensitive to all things impacting general public awareness as well as decisions by institutions outside of the cloistered scientific groupings.

Numerous events which certainly had the power to move the clock prior to April 30, 1998 have initially been left out by the necessities of space and clarity, but may be refined at a later time.  However, from this point forward all events which in the opinion of the author move the clock will be posted. Feedback regarding past events and their time values as well as recommendations regarding upcoming events are welcome.   Email  Paradigm Research Group

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