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The Right to Petition

The Constitution of the United States provides to the citizens the right of petition. 
This right can take many forms such as:.

Hearing Petition

Paper      E-mail

The Microphone
Campaign 2008 - Get
Out the Questions

Public Solicitation
Statement to the
President and Congress
of the United States


The Microphone

The simplest form of petition is to directly ask political candidates and incumbents questions regarding the issues you think important.  There is no better time than election time for that.  The Paradigm Clock will participate in X-PPAC's "Campaign 2006 - Get Out the Questions."   You can copy and paste crafted UFO/ET related questions and take them right to the forum.  Go to:

Campaign 2008: Get Out the Questions

The campaign is over, but don't hesitate to use this resource
to question your political representatives when the
opportunity presents itself.



The Congressional Hearing Petition is gathering signatures by two means:.

E-mail version of the
Petition for Open Congressional
Hearing on Modern UFO Evidence

E-mail petition submissions will be collected and placed on CD ROMs to be submitted along with the paper petitions to the Senate and House of Representatives.  It is important the required information be filled in completely.

Paper Petition
2003 Open Congressional Hearing on Modern UFO Evidence

Launched in July of 1997 at Roswell, New Mexico by Stargate International

Text Box: Petition                                                                                                                Collecting Organization: ___________________________
2003 Open Congressional Hearing on Modern UFO Evidence
I, the undersigned, petition my Congress to hold in 2002 an open hearing in which government, military, civilian contract and agency employees (active and retired) are permitted to give testimony regarding their personal knowledge of any UFO related evidence, this testimony to be given under immunity by waiver of any applicable security oath or agreement of non-disclosure.
Required for Petition
Printed Name
Address, City
E-Mail Address
This petition was initiated by The Coalition for Honesty in Government, a project of Stargate International.  Permission to use, modify, copy and distribute is given to any interested organization or individual.  When this or similar petition is completed, please send to: Paradigm Research Group, PMB 161, 4938 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814.  All petitions will be organized by a Washington, DC coordinator for presentation to the Congress of the United States at the appropriate time. The Petition and more information are available at: [].

Download Word 6.0 file - 35kb                 Download Adobe Acrobat file - 9kb

When enough of these petitions have been downloaded, copied, distributed, filled out with signatures and mailed to Paradigm Research Group in Washington, DC, they will be compiled and presented to Congress at the appropriate time.   Do you want to know what the government knows?  Make it so.


Public Solicitation

Another tool is direct petition via published statements in newspapers.  One
such statement under development will seek signatures in due course.

"Distinguished American citizens and foreign nationals who wish to be a signatory to this paid advertisement/statement can do so by faxing a signed request on letterhead to Paradigm Research Group. Fax: 301-990-4290. T he fax will be confirmed by phone.  Accepted signatures beyond the capacity of the Statement will be issued in a separate document with the initial press release."

To the
President and Congress of the United States
on the Matter of the Extraterrestrial Presence

Letter to President and Congress

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