Speaking & Event Schedule
for Stephen Bassett

Stephen Bassett is the founder of Paradigm Research Group and a political activist  He is available to speak at functions on the following topics:

  • Exopolitics: The politicizing of the 70-year citizen science effort and the developing role of direct engagement.

  • The Road to Disclosure: Are we on a road to formal disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and what is the time line?

While Mr. Bassett welcomes the opportunity to speak at extraterrestrial-related phenomena conferences now held throughout the country, he is particularly motivated to present this subject matter to groups unrelated to the field itself.   He is seeking audiences marked by high levels of skepticism and little general knowledge of current and past events, who, nevertheless, are willing to receive an intelligent and lively presentation on a very important and complex topic.

Such functions might include gatherings of journalists, scientists, business professionals, civic groups, etc.   University engagements are particularly welcome.

To schedule: e-mail: PRG@paradigmresearchgroup.org call 202-215-8344.

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Media Interviews and Appearance Schedule - 2019
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June, 21-23, 2019

The Alien Con

Los Angeles Convention Center

May 30 - June 3,



Contact in the Desert

Indian Wells Resort
Palm Springs, CA

Feb 22-25, 2019

Conscious Life Expo

Los Angeles
LAX Hilton

January 21, 2019
7 pm PT

Late Night in the Midlands w/ Michael Vara

LNM Network



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