Enter Paradigm Commentary
Enter Paradigm Commentary
Enter Paradigm Commentary

The slide shows and provocative lectures have been engaging, the videos and contactee reports compelling, the crop circles beautiful, the documentaries and movies entertaining -  what a long strange trip it has been.  Just one minor matter remains. What are we going to do about it?    History has shown that human beings do not fare well without an intellectual framework.  It would be naive in the extreme to assume the ongoing transition is fated to improve the world we inhabit.    For the scientific community since 1947 it has been, "hear no evil, for the academic community it has been, "see no evil,"   Consequently, the intellectual framework for formal disclosure or contact has not been established.   In this section PRG will archive articles and commentary which address the exopolitical implications of the phenomenology.                  If you would like to have an article archived here, please Contact Paradigm Research Group.   


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