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Mission Statement   

This website was created to support, enhance and acknowledge the 64-year effort on the part of thousands of men and women to expand our understanding of phenomena associated with the presence of extraterrestrial life engaging the human race.

These courageous individuals have devoted major portions of their life, for little or no compensation, to pursue truth in the face of ridicule, denial, disparagement and subversion. They have lost careers, friends, spouses, financial security, and in some instances their lives.

With few exceptions they believed the scientific understanding of the world we inhabit must never be the sole purview of the state. They refused to accept a purely patriarchal relationship to their government and live in a society in which the most implicative knowledge of our time is only available on a need-to-know basis. They understood that knowledge is power and power corrupts.

The Paradigm Research Group will be an instrument to accomplish the following:

  • Provide a portal to the issues for scientists, journalists, political administrators, teachers and students who desire to research the parameters of this phenomena at the highest level possible with the skills they possess.

  • Introduce a metaphor (the Paradigm Clock) which can focus attention on the events taking place in our time which will forever alter their worldview.

  • Acquaint the public with the people who are acting on their behalf as researchers and activists with respect to this phenomenon.

  • Address many of the key issues:  How will the human race re-address its understanding of history and self?  What will be the parameters by which we interact with non-human intelligent species? What structures, policies, institutions, laws, religious interpretations and life decisions are we likely to implement?  Aside from what is likely, what should we implement?

Like a jury empowered to assign guilt or innocence because they have reviewed the facts in structured form, a growing number of researchers and activists who have examined the massive evidence in support of the extraterrestrial hypothesis have reached a verdict.   It is not whether there is an extraterrestrial intelligence engaging the planet, it is what are we going to do about it.

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