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Robert McCall's A Journey into Tomorrow  
With permission of Novagraphics  

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Amazon Books   All books listed in the Paradigm Clock are linked to Amazon books amzn-bmm-blk.gif (1217 bytes)
Ozark Net
Host Server of the Paradigm Clock Oznet.jpg (43286 bytes)
Pulsar Network Services    Jim Boka -  technical consultant - webmaster (graphics) Pulsar.gif (24850 bytes)

Content Attribution

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Michael Moore's  "Midnight Never Came:" Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.gif (29861 bytes)
Chui, Paul Sagan Biography Paul Chui.jpg (5972 bytes)
Dreamscapes The amazing electric art of Dave Archer Dreamscapes-2.jpg (15281 bytes)
Phillippe Piet van Putten The space art of Philippe Piet van Putten Philippe Piet van Putten
Planetary Mysteries
Art work by Kynthia including Transcendence and Ascension Planetary Mysteries.gif (15962 bytes)
Tucciarone, Joe The space art of Joe Tucciarone Tucciarone.jpg (38523 bytes)
Visions of Space The space art of David Palermo Visions of Space.gif (2590 bytes)

Paradigm Research Group

Citizens Against UFO Secrecy Director - Peter Gersten causlogo.gif (1291 bytes)
Enterprise Mission Founder - Richard Hoagland temlogo.gif (1772 bytes)
Destination Space Diana Botsford's followup to the MSN UFO Forum. Destination_Space.jpg (2766 bytes) The research home site of Dr. Michael E. Salla. EXPOLITICS Home of activist Alfred Lambremont Webre
FACETS Formal Action Committee for Extraterrestrial Studies is closed.  David Jinks founded this organization to pursue legal action with the aid of Peter Gersten against NASA over the Mars anomalies question. FACETS.jpg (4062 bytes)
Hickman Report Jim Hickman's research site. Hickman_Report-2.jpg (4953 bytes)
Right to Know
ORTK ceased operation and donated part of its remaining funds to PRG.   It was a pioneering activist group. eufosn.gif (1338 bytes)
Paradigm Research Group Advocacy organization directed by Stephen Bassett.  Home of the Paradigm Clock.
Skywatch International Skywatch International is closed.  William Hamiliton and Jim Hickman gave their all to this group, its list and research. skywatchlogo.gif (1705 bytes)
Stargate International Stargate International is closed.  It created the Open Congressional Hearing Petition still collecting signatures today. stargate.jpg (3713 bytes)
X-PPAC Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee.  The only registered PAC devoted to advocating the issue.

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