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Award for Website Excellence

The perception of the mainstream media pundits is that the UFO presence on the internet is silly, casual, and poor in quality.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  The effort put into these websites is often extraordinary.  Every aspect of web publishing technology is utilized and the entire field of study is richly represented.  Even sites maintained by a single individual to express their personal response to the unfolding events are usually very well done.

Beginning in August of 1998, The Paradigm Clock will from time to time present awards of excellence to websites in the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena.  The award is designed around Joe Tucciarone's magnificent painting Genesis.  It is called the:

Extraterrestrial Phenomena Research Award

genesis-2(joetucciarone).jpg (30775 bytes)
Website Excellence

Genesis by Joe Tucciarone

The EXTRA will acknowledge website excellence in two categories.


Websites devoted to or in direct support of extraterrestrial phenomena research in any or all of the six principal fields of study: sightings, abduction/contact, government posture, animal harvesting, crop circles, exo-archeology/astronomy.

Personal Expression

Individual efforts to express personal experience with and/or response to the unfolding events associated with extraterrestrial related phenomena.

From time to timer EXTRAs will be issued to deserving sites and a national press release will be sent out by Paradigm Research Group to 1000 media outlets.  A review of the site will be posted here along with a link.

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