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There is a new genre of journalism that has emerged over the past ten years. PRG calls it "direct journalism" where funded news sites are recruiting people to write news and commentary within a structured framework and publish "direct" to the public without an editor or fact checker. Most of these writers are not paid. The most recent and well funded entry into this genre is the Examiner, which pays writers based on page viewings. Tens of thousands of writers are now producing news and commentary pieces on every subject imaginable. [Note: some might call this "citizen journalism," but all journalists are citizens.]  The UFO/ET/exopolitical subject matter has been embraced by direct journalism and thousands of news and commentary articles have been published. There are four key points that must be made about this body of work:

  1. without an editor or fact checker the material presented is going to vary widely in quality and accuracy, but it is notable how much is as good as or better than that found in traditional media.

  2. any payment system based upon page viewings will exert pressure toward a more sensational approach to the content and the headline - it is tabloidizing.

  3. this new genre will continue to evolve and improve, is here to stay and in short order will reshape journalism and modern culture.  

  4. without question this new genre helps fill the gap created by the government imposed truth embargo which has prevented standard media from appropriately covering the UFO/ET issue since the 1950's.

PRG believes the growing body of direct journalism addressing UFO/ET/exopolitical subject matter, if read with a heightened degree of discernment, is an important contribution to understanding the past, present and future of ufology and exopolitics.  




















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[Note: Roger Marsh is the UFO Examiner and the most prolific writer on the internet on the UFO/ET subject matter publishing nearly 700 articles per year, with most articles based upon MUFON reports.  For that reason only some of his more general articles are listed below.  However, you may review his entire archive here.


[Note: Gregory Brewer is the Sacramento UFO Examiner and also publishes many articles based upon MUFON reports.  For that reason only some of his more general articles are listed below.  However, you may review his entire archive here.






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December  , 2014 -



December  30, 2014 - UFO And Alien Egyptian Artifacts Discovered In Jerusalem Kept Secret By Rockefeller Museum - John Thomas Didymus, Inquisitr



December  , 2014 -



December  28, 2014 -  Top UFO Sightings Of 2014: ‘UFO Fleet’ Over Philadelphia? [Video] - Sean Mahoney, Inquisitr



December  , 2014 -



December  22, 2014 - UFO Spotted In Apollo 15 NASA Moon Mission Photo From 44 Years Ago — Apollo 12 Also - Jonathan Vankin, Inquisitr



December  , 2014 -



November 23, 2014 - UFO Aliens Captured, New Photo Evidence Reportedly Shows — Film Dated To 1947, UFO Expert Says - Jonathan Vankin, Inquisitr



November  14, 2014 - UFO Sightings Continue To Be On The Rise - Tresher Barret, Inquisitr



December  , 2014 -



October 28, 2014 - UFOs Are Real, Top Area 51 Scientist Reveals In Deathbed Video — 18 Aliens Work For U.S. Govt - Jonathan Vankin, Inquisitr



October 26, 2014 - UFO Seen In 15th Century Painting From Birthplace Of ‘Dracula’ Vlad Tepes — What Does This Mean? - Jonathan Vankin, Inquisitr









September 10, 2014 - UFO Sightings On The Uptick? Seven States Reported 285 UFOs In August - Kevin Bostic, Inquisitr






August 11, 2014 - UFO Linked To Missing Cessna In South Australia: Researchers Think Farmer Holds Key To Mystery - Heather, Tooley, Inquisitr





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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