--- Speakers ---

Cheryll Jones - Host
Former CNN News Anchor

George Noory - Host of
Coast to Coast AM (Listen)

George Knapp - KLAS-TV

Richard Dolan

Linda Moulton Howe

Airman John Burroughs

Jim Nichols

A. J. Gevaerd ( Brazil)

Stephen Bassett

Gary Heseltine (UK)

Paul Stonehill (US/Ukraine)

George Haas

William Saunders

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A New Documentary will Premier in the United States at 9 pm on Friday Evening, May 7 at X-Conference 2010

The Day Before Disclosure
 from New Paradigm Films
and Terje Toftenes


Is this the first fully exopolitical documentary addressing the UFO/ET issues?  Join us after the Speakers' Cocktail Party on Friday night at 9 pm to find out.  Of course, since the United States is leading the Truth Embargo, the documentary is from Norway.   Viva la Scandinavia.

"It's not just about lights in the sky; it's about lies on the ground."
X-Conference 2010
May 7-9
National Press Club
529 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20065


The X-Conference is a project of

Paradigm Research Group        

and is part of the growing advocacy
movement to end the Truth Embargo
regarding an extraterrestrial presence
engaging the human race.


This will be the first conference (not a press conference)
addressing the UFO/ET issues to be held at the
National Press Club - two blocks from the White
House and twelve blocks from the Capitol.
Joins us and send a message to your government
it must deal with this matter and it must deal with you.


Contact Info

Email: prg@paradigmresearchgroup.org
Website: www.x-conference.com
Phone:  202-215-8344