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Track I Track II Banquet Special Events


Important Note: The presentation descriptions provided below are subject to change at
any time based upon future events and new developments with the research of the speakers. 

Special Events
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Meet the Speakers
Cocktail Party
Expect great hors d'oeuvres, deserts, a cash bar and a chance to talk with the X-Conference presenters.  Bring your cameras.  Bruce Maccabee will supply a little night music. Singing may occur.
Fund Raiser
Cocktail Party
This fund raiser for the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC) on Sunday evening will be separately promoted and will also serve as a "good-bye to the speakers cocktail party," most of whom will be in attendance.  There will be no charge. If you wish to support the work of X-PPAC, you are invited to make a donation between $1 and $5000 (legal limit).  You must be a U.S. citizen or a Green Card holder to make a donation.  In either case, please RSVP so we can plan enough food and soft beverage.  There will be a cash bar.
At the Center of the Storm: Jaime Maussan and 15 Years of Sightings over Mexico - In a rare appearance on the East Coast, the most popular journalist in the nation of Mexico will present the most comprehensive review ever of events ongoing in Mexico since 1991 - perhaps the greatest geographic concentration of extraterrestrial-related phenomena in history - by the man at the center of it all.  Extensive and extraordinary new footage will be shown including the surveillance video record associated with the 2004 release by the Mexican Defense Ministry.  The exopolitical implications of mass sightings in a nation bordering the United States are profound.

The Special Presentation is the de facto fund raiser for Paradigm Research Group.  Those who attend will be providing the funds to expand the work of PRG in 2005.   

Film Showings
Stanton T. Friedman is Real (Paul Kimball), Dan Aykroyd Unplugged (David Sereda), The Phoenix Lights Documentary (Dr. Lynne D. Kitei).  [The producers or subjects of these documentaries will be present to answer audience questions afterward.] Films will be presented on Friday and Saturday evenings in the Grand Ballroom.
Exhibit Hall
Speakers Tables
Display Art
Most of the speakers are published authors and are encouraged to bring books with them to sell and autograph.  Speakers will be provided tables for book signings.  Paradigm Research Group is seeking high-end vendors with an emphasis on books, tapes, videos, art works and other information driven products.  The Exhibit Hall will be open to the public to increase interest in the conference and increase vendor sales.  Art work will be displayed throughout the conference areas.

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The sit-down dinner will have two entree selections, plus a vegetarian option (chef's choice).  Also, as sundown on April 23 marks the beginning of Passover, a strict Kosher meal (not Kosher style) is available (chef's choice).  Indicate your meal selection when you register.   Either Vegetarian (not Vegan), Strict Kosher or:

Chicken Roulades:  Mozzarella and Tomato Basil Salad, Boneless Chicken Breast Stuffed with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Cheese covered by Tomato Basil Sauce served with Chef's Choice of Rice or Potato and Vegetables, Warm Rolls, Butter, Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Hot Herbal Teas, Ice Tea, Black Forest Cake,   or

Salmon En Croute: Mozzarella and Tomato Basil Salad, Salmon Filet baked in Puff Pastry Stuffed with Crabmeat and Asparagus, served with Chef's Choice of Rice or Potato and Vegetables, Warm Rolls, Butter, Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Hot Herbal Teas, Ice Tea, Black Forest Cake.

All dinners will include white and red table wines.    There will also be a cash bar for beer and cocktails.

PRG Awards

PRG Award for Political Courage (TBA at banquet)
PRG Award for Courage in Journalism (TBA at banquet)
PRG Disclosure Award (TBA at the banquet)
PRG Hall of Fame Inductee - Deceased (TBA at the banquet)
PRG Hall of Fame Inductee - Living ("life time achievement") - MUFON Founder/Director Emeritus, Walter Andrus
[Note: the other four awards will remain secret until the Saturday evening banquet.  Walter Andrus' award is being announced ahead of time so that MUFON members could make advance plans to share the event with Walt at the conference.]

Special Guests


Keynote Address

Monsignor Corrado Balducci (Italy)   The intersection of the world's great religions with extraterrestrial-related phenomena and the disclosure process is of enormous exopolitical consequence.  PRG is pleased and honored that Monsignor Corrado Balducci will come to the United States for the first time since 1968 and give the Keynote Address at the X-Conference.   Monsignor Balducci, now retired, is the highest ranking Catholic official to publicly speak to the issue of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.  His comments arose from his personal research and did not represent an official position of the Holy See.  Nevertheless, they drew much interest and debate worldwide.  This will mark the first time Monsignor Balducci has spoken of these matters in the United States.

The 2005 2-Track Format

Track I will consist of 11 primary Lectures and 3 Panels.  All will be 1 hour and 15 minutes and held in the Grand BallroomTrack II will consist of 7 primary Lectures and 8 Q&A/Workshops by Track I speakers. (i.e. 8 of the speakers will present twice).  All will be 50 minutes and held in the Crystals Ballroom.  Each Track has its own Day Pass for all presentations that day.    None of the 6 Track II primary Lectures will overlap with a Track I presentation or the Special Presentation.  This means, assuming one has the stamina and both Day Passes, it will be possible to attend the primary presentation of all 18 speakers and the panels - 25 hours of material.  Whew!  Track I speakers making second Track II presentations may use this time any way they wish - a lecture, all Q&A, lecture/Q&A - and greater audience participation is encouraged.

Track I
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Grant Cameron William Jefferson Clinton, James Earl Carter, Jr. and the Politics of Disclosure - Grant Cameron and Stephen Bassett are co-authors of a manuscript with the working title, U.S. Presidents and the Politics of Disclosure.  That manuscript is 450 pages in length with 550 footnotes.  A book proposal was presented to three dozen publishers by a top New York literary agent.  The typical response: "Great proposal, but we couldn't do this book."  Translation: "It's too controversial".   Grant Cameron is going to go into the most controversial aspects of this book in waiting.  This material is at th4e center of exopolitics. 
Paul Davids

Hollywood and Exopolitics: Human/Alien Relations in the Movies vs. the new Emerging Reality - In co-writing and producing the film ROSWELL, I took a serious look at what UFO researchers now feel they can prove (in spite of the endless stream of mindless and contradictory official denials) was the first, or one of the first cases of modern human alien contact, including an alien survivor in military custody.  We’ll look at and listen to a few of the latest proofs, including the startling 2005 confession of former Air Force Special Agent Richard Doty and a stream of original documents that have surfaced.  But my interest in human/alien relations in the movies did not begin with the Roswell Incident of 1947.  Rather, it started with certain great classics I saw as a child, including the space films of George Pal and Robert Wise’s masterpiece THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.  It has been my privilege to personally know both Robert Wise and George Pal.  I worked for Pal, creator of the first WAR OF THE WORLDS movie (plus WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, DESTINATION MOON and THE CONQUEST OF SPACE), and Robert Wise counseled me after my world was turned upside down by my close-up daylight UFO sighting in 1987.  Robert Wise set in motion an investigation of my UFO case and my 17-year study of ufology.  In this presentation, I will show how precisely Hollywood has anticipated all of the trends and facets of the new emerging reality of actual human/alien contact.  Whether the film budgets were tiny and they were black and white “B” movies of the 1950’s, or whether the budgets were more than 100 million and grossed many times that, Hollywood’s devotion to letting aliens rule the silver screen has not been an accident.  Hollywood never argues with commercial success.  Nine of the fifty top grossing films of all time have featured aliens, including five STAR WAR FILMS, ET, INDEPENDENCE DAY, MEN IN BLACK and SIGNS.  But even the old smaller classics such as INVADERS FROM MARS, KILLERS FROM SPACE, THE THING, FORBIDDEN PLANET and THIS ISLAND EARTH were ahead of the curve of modern ufology, introducing concepts as various as flying saucers, alien abduction, implants, missing time, underground alien bases, advanced alien technology, crashed UFO’s, alien invaders, a military UFO coverup and the vulnerability of the human race to space invaders.  Accident or design?  Hear it – and see it -- from Paul Davids, who not only produced ROSWELL but handled production of 90 original TRANSFORMERS episodes and wrote six of the STAR WARS sequel novels for Lucasfilm – and who happens to be a “native son” of Bethesda, Maryland and graduate of a local high school, Walter Johnson.

James Deardorff, PhD
Bruce Maccabee, PhD
[James Deardorff] Do They Have a Prime Directive?  After 57 years of sightings, not to mention abduction reports, crop-circle formations and related phenomena, we should know something definite about an apparent extraterrestrial strategy of dealing with us. In our Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (JBIS) paper we do delve into this topic, noting that it can be no accident that after hundreds of thousands of appearances to UFO witnesses, science in general has not caught on to the reality of the phenomenon. In a substantial fraction of UFO events the factuality of the event is known with 100% certainty by the witnesses. How can these UFO aliens do this over and over again without yet ever having caused an abrupt rupture to the UFO coverup? Dr. Deardorff's talk will give answers to such questions, and also address the related issue of the ethical level of the aliens in charge. 

[Bruce Maccabee]  Inflation Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation - 1. Introduction  The ever recurring question of why Earth has seemingly not been visited by extraterrestrials (ETs) has received considerable discussion under the topic of ‘Fermi’s paradox’. The problem originated as a quip by Enrico Fermi to colleagues in Los Alamos over lunch one day in 1950. Whether one assumes the existence of only one other civilisation or of many alien civilisations in our Milky Way galaxy, and whether one assumes colonisation involving interstellar travel at near-light speed or far below, diffusion modeling predicts colonisation or at least visitation of all habitable planets in the galaxy on timescales of tens of millions of years, far less than the approximate 13 x 109 year age of the galaxy itself. Thus the paradox: Where are they [1]?

Theoretical possibilities unknown to Fermi make the paradox even stronger today. One can now rationally conjecture about prospects afforded by adjacent M-brane universes [2]. Indeed, if the multidimensions underlying superstring and M-brane theory are correct, there could be inhabited universes separated from our own by minute, orthogonal distances.  Also, anthropic reasoning has recently been applied to inflation theory, arriving once again at the conclusion that we should find ourselves within an enormously larger galactic civilisation [3]. While the ‘We are alone’ solution to Fermi’s paradox was once a seemingly valid one, this answer is now incompatible with the infinite universe and random self-sampling assumption consistent with inflation theory. We thus find ourselves in the curious position that current cosmological theory predicts that we should be experiencing extraterrestrial visitation. At the same time, current physics and astrophysics suggest that such visitation may not be as impossible as had been thought.

So begins the paper published in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (note the British spellings) by Drs. James Deardorff, , Bernard Haisch, Bruce Maccabee and Harold E. Puthoff.  Dr. Maccabee will talk about the paper, its genesis and its implications.

Richard Dolan How UFO Secrecy Has Damaged American Society and Politics - Whatever UFOs actually are (whether aliens, or classified military technology, or something else), most people realize that secrecy surrounds the topic. Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State, argues that this secrecy has been fatal to America’s concept of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” After discussing how UFO secrecy has been one of the major unacknowledged problems of our time, he questions whether or not the U.S. political system could survive a truly open disclosure of UFOs.
Paola Harris

The whistleblowers; expert witness testimony - In  her book  Connecting the Dots, Paola Harris presents  twenty six  disclosure interviews from “top level” people  who discuss their  personal involvement in the UFO Phenomena. These people are mostly military, intelligence and ex- NASA personnel. Beginning from the time of her involvement with CUFOS and Dr. J. Allen Hynek in 1979 to today,  in a power point presentation, she will share with the audience what these three of these ex –military witnesses have shared with her and how this fits into the overall UFO  Framework. She will discuss Colonel Philip Corso, Clifford Stone and her current investigation of  Charles Hall, perhaps the biggest story in Ufology today.

In this presentation, Italian Journalist Paola Harris will show new “never before seen interviews” of these people ,all part of the material she supplied to Notizario Ufo  and Dossier Alieni. She will discuss the difference in Media coverage in Europe and America concerning the UFO Phenomena. She has long been the bridge that has brought great personages to speak in Europe. She is  firmly committed to Exopolitics as a visionary social science to handle the future “formal”contact that may come about in our lifetime.  These include, Colonel Philip Corso, Carlos Diaz, Dr. John Mack, Travis Walton, Linda Mouton Howe,Sgt. Major Robert Dean, Dr. Steven Greer among the

Michael Heiser, PhD

Could Christianity Accommodate a Genuine Extraterrestrial Reality? - Part of the resistance to a formal disclosure of an ET reality concerns the presumed impact such an event would have on the world’s religions.  Over four decades ago the famous Brookings Report questioned the adaptability of conservative Christianity to handle such disclosure.  There are many today who would agree that the assessment of Brookings is still valid.  I believe that there would certainly be those in the conservative Christian camp who react negatively to disclosure, but I also believe many – even the majority – could adapt to disclosure relatively easily if they were educated as to the intellectually flimsy nature of the common theological objections to an extraterrestrial reality.  This presentation outlines why today’s conservative Christianity may object to an extraterrestrial reality, assesses those objections and fears in light of what the biblical text actually says and how Christian theology has addressed the issue in the past, and suggests how disclosure could be done with respect to this issue.

Lynne D. Kitei, MD Seeing WAS Believing: the Making of a Researcher/Activist - During the evening of March 13, 1997, thousands of Arizona residents witnessed a silent mile-long, v-shaped formation of lights and/or craft slowly gliding overhead.  The unexplained sightings garnered headline news, catching the attention of USA Today, EXTRA, national morning TV shows, and the Evening News with Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather.........One person, however, was not surprised by the appearance of the lights.  Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. was simply grateful that a phenomenon she'd been witnessing --and documenting--for months was being validated by the experience of thousands of people statewide.  After the incident, Dr. Kitei preferred to stay in the background, anonymously feeding information and video clips to the many news organizations who wanted in on the story.  Now, for the first time, Dr. Kitei comes forward to tell her own story.  The Phoenix Lights is a meticulously researched look at the phenomenon, including astonishing photographs and Kitei's own take on the wider implications of this remarkable event.  Dr. Kitei will share her findings, present a 15 minute video of how the story unfolded through the media and answer questions.]
Melinda Leslie

Covert Intelligence Involvement in Surveillance of ET-Contact Witnesses - Is the U.S. government’s real position on the extraterrestrial presence impacting the alien abduction phenomenon?  Must exopolitics, with all its implications, take the abduction phenomenon into consideration?  And, could abductions have played an integral part in the structuring of the government imposed truth embargo?  Melinda Leslie’s lecture answers these questions with a resounding YES!

She will outline how the military-industrial pursuit of developing extraterrestrial technologies, in combination with the hardware, economic, and political gains that would be derived from such a pursuit, has resulted in making alien abductions a matter of national security, providing immense insight into at least one reason why disclosure has not been forthcoming.  Melinda contends that it would be a complete “dereliction of duty” if the national security apparatus were not monitoring the abduction phenomenon given the sheer number of people with experiences world-wide, the totality of evidence for abductions, the technology that’s to be gained, and implications derived from the covert nature of abduction.  She adds that this monitoring of abductees by covert intelligence/paramilitary agencies may be the strongest evidence for the very reality of alien abduction experiences.   

She will share abductees’ experiences including; threats made, confrontations, black helicopters, illegal break-ins, mind control, “re-abductions” by covert human personnel, interrogations and much more.  Also the evidence for the involvement, such as extensive corroborating experiencer testimony, multiple forms of physical evidence, eyewitnesses, the accounts of military insiders, and many forms of surveillance.  She will also examine the work of the leading abduction researchers regarding this subject.

Melinda will explain that these agencies are involved for many reasons, but predominately out of a quest to back engineer technologies that operate on paranormal functioning (psi), the pursuit of which may not only be behind the government’s suppression of the UFO subject, but the suppression of the dormant human potential as well.

Richard Sauder, PhD
What's in the Basement of the "Secret Empire?" - When Dr. Sauder was first told late one night in 1992 that "the underground bases are real" he didn’t take the assertion on faith -- he immediately began an exhaustive search of every document collection and database that he could openly access to try to find out the truth behind that statement.  As a consequence of his findings he can conclusively report that there is no longer any doubt – the secret underground bases are real. But what is happening down there? What’s going on underground, and undersea? Information keeps surfacing that strongly points to the reality not only of clandestine underground bases, but also of clandestine undersea bases. UFO lore is peppered with accounts of facilities jointly run by terrestrial humans and "others" – whoever or whatever those "others" might ultimately prove to be. What is the truth of these stories? What is the clandestine "un-public" policy that is being concealed from the public? Dr. Sauder jumps straight into the documentary evidence and uncovers little-known, declassified memos going back to the Kennedy and Johnson administrations in the 1960s, and even rare memos from Project Paperclip in the 1940s!  Also, new material from Larry Warren, the famous experiencer who co-authored the book, Left At East Gate, with Peter Robbins, that sheds new light on the incredible Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO incident in the U.K.  And new information from Nazi Germany – how much technology filtered across the Atlantic from Nazi Germany to the USA after WW-II? We know about Wernher von Braun and his NASA rocketeers, but what about other Nazi scientists and specialists?  The paper trail holds definite thought-provoking surprises.

There is a reason X-Conference 2005 begins with this lecture.  You cannot fully appreciate the ability of the military/intelligence complex to maintain secrets and secret programs without understanding the extent of the underground infrastructure.  This lecture will literally create the foundation for what is to come later in the weekend.

Alfred L.  Webre, JD

Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe  - "Exopolitics" is the evolution of Alfred Lambremont Webre’s groundbreaking work as a futurist at the Stanford Research Institute, where in 1977 he directed a proposed extraterrestrial communication study project for the Carter White House. Exopolitics may turn the dominant view of our Universe upside down. Exopolitics reveals that we live on an isolated planet in the midst of a populated, evolving, and highly organized inter-planetary, inter-galactic, and multi-dimensional Universe society.  Exopolitics explores why Earth seems to have been quarantined for eons from a more evolved Universe society.

Exopolitics suggests specific steps – a Decade of Contact and a Star Dreams Initiative (SDI) to end our isolation, by reaching out to the technologically and spiritually advanced civilizations that are engaging our world at this unique time in human history.  A growing number of mainstream scientists are concluding that civilization – as we know it – may be extinct by the end of this century because of probable ecological catastrophes caused by climate change, nuclear war or earth changes . To survive, we must transform the permanent warfare economy into a sustainable, cooperative Space Age society, release our addiction to fossil fuels, and move toward new, clean, renewable energy sources.  An exopolitical approach to these challenges may well provide us with ecologically sound, life-saving solutions – a legacy of hope for our children and all future human generations.

Robert Wood, PhD
Ryan Wood

Operation Majestic Twelve: The Crashes, The Reverse Engineering and The Cover-up - The Majestic Documents that have been leaked since 1984 by multiple independent sources that tell the history of UFO crashes and subsequent military and government actions since as early as 1941. Three craft had been recovered during the FDR administration by 1942, and when the Roswell crashes occurred in 1947, the stage was set for Harry Truman to initiate the Top Secret Operation Majestic Twelve project to evaluate the wreckage and to try to improve our technology, medicine, and even our culture. Thousand of pages of  "leaked" documents have been analyzed to assess the clues that suggest an aggressive "reverse engineering" effort to gain a military advantage for several years before letting the private corporations have access to the technology via a seamless process of invention seeding, patenting, and application to commercial enterprise. Specific examples previously revealed by other authors such as Corso will be evaluated from the viewpoint of "technology trail" for credibility.


Fathoming a cover-up of these proportions seems impossible for many people, so we will specifically answer the key questions: "Why would the Government keep UFOs Secret?" Interestingly, half of the answer to this question is in the documents themselves. The other question, "How Could Such Secrecy Be Maintained?", is likewise dealt with in part by the documents, but other factors may transcend the simplistic "compartmentalization" and "threats" solutions.  The subtleties of psychological warfare, honed to a fine pitch today, with the Peter Jennings ABC show offering the strongest false messages: "There were NO crashed UFOs" (anywhere) and "People are NOT being abducted!"


Clearly, the idea that our technology of today is partly the result of reverse engineering captured alien craft is a huge secret that warrants deceiving the public on the recovered crashes and the serious difficulty of explaining the abduction activity, which may be heading towards the greatest of all reverse engineering achievements: reinventing the human race with an alien twist.

Pilots Panel Commander Graham Bethune, David Coote, Jim Courant, Don Daniels, Robert Durant - One of the most trusted segments of our society are the civilian pilots who transport millions of Americans safely every year and the military pilots who defend the country.  In the early years they reported many sightings, and such reports were eventually suppressed and discouraged.  Some pilots began researching the issues, many have learned much over the years and all have risked some personal discomfort by seeking the truth of these matters.  After civilian and military pilots were strongly discouraged from publicly reporting unusual sightings, thousands of pilot reports were collected over many years by Dr. Richard Haines.  This database now forms the core of the work of the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) and is one of the most important evidence compilations for the ETH in the world.   Stephen Bassett will moderate a panel of five senior pilots who have engaged the most important issue of our time.
Exopolitics Panel Walter Andrus, Jr.; Stephen Bassett (moderator); Commander Graham Bethune; Grant Cameron; David Coote; Jim Courant; James Deardorff, PhD; Richard Dolan; Don Daniels; Ann Druffel; Robert Durant; Stanton Friedman; Charles James Hall; Paola Harris; John Greenewald, Jr.; Michael Heiser, PhD; Lynne D. Kitei, MD; Melinda Leslie; Bruce Maccabee, PhD; Michael Salla, PhD; Richard Sauder, PhD; David Sereda, Alfred Webre, JD; Robert Wood, PhD; Ryan Wood - Easily one of the most powerful assemblages of researchers and activists ever to discuss and answer questions about the exopolitical implications of their work, the phenomena and the government posture. This is a must attend event.  Bring your cameras.

Track II
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Walter Andrus Thirty Five Years of MUFON - During the 30 years he served as the International Director of the Mutual UFO Network, Walt Andrus witnessed the explosion of public awareness, the second stage of Hollywood's ET gravy train (beginning with 2001 Space Odyssey), the final years of NICAP, the emergence of cable television, the rise of the Internet, thousands of related web sites and the birth of the "politics of disclosure" - exopolitics.   Throughout this time MUFON was and still is the largest and most recognized public organization engaging the phenomena.  The 2005 PRG Hall of Fame recipient will talk about these years and what he learned. 
Paul Davids

The Brave New World of Modern Media: How the Rules have Changed in Hollywood - Whether your goal is to make films and TV shows to continue the trend toward official UFO disclosure, or whether you want to create the big budget fiction films of the future, you’ll find something to learn from Paul Davids, who wants to tell it like it is, direct from Hollywood.  All the tried and tested rules have been overturned.  The media world that once existed, when the independent producer could create films with little or no studio interference and get them nationally distributed, has almost disappeared.  The stranglehold of network control over every controversial TV documentary has loosened but still won’t surrender its grip.  This is the era of the franchise, the conglomerates, the sequel, the mini-series, fiction movies “based on a real story,” TV series that market beliefs in conspiracies and government cover-ups, big film festivals that make or break new independent films, advertising campaigns that cost more than the films they promote, and paychecks that come from accountants in India two months late.  It’s also the era of the death of reading and the death of celluloid.  High definition video, digital projection, movies on demand from satellite transmission, TIVO, DVD’s, digital editing that can be accomplished on home computers, and E-books are creating a new world of information and commerce.  Producer / Writer / Director Paul Davids offers his suggestions, insight and anecdotes from personal experience as a producer of THE TRANSFORMERS, ROSWELL and the upcoming FATE: THE TV SERIES.  He will be happy to provide a few answers to future Steven Spielbergs in the audience about how you can navigate the Brave New World of Modern Media

Richard Dolan Ours or Theirs? A basic question about UFOs - Who or what is operating these UFOs? This is an old question that continues to evade an easy answer. Can a case be made that these are purely human technology?  What about non-human technology?  If non-human, could it be more than one type, and if so, what is the evidence? Have deep-black human groups been working with aliens, or at least testing their technology?  Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State, discusses these and other related issues.
Ann Druffel James E. McDonald's Fight for Disclosure and the Fall of NICAP -  Dr. James E. McDonald was the most prestigious and most influential scientist who ever entered the UFO research field.  He was the single scientist who made the most valuable contributions and the one who gave up more of his life for the cause of disclosure.  This remarkable atmospheric physicist is becoming widely known in our field since the 2003 publication of Firestorm? Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science, and it is hoped that the field will return to his strictly scientific approach.  Known previously only to veteran UFO researchers who knew and worked with him personally between 1958 and 1971  his contributions in our field were numerous, meaningful and complex, as were outlined, although necessarily briefly, in last year's talk.  Now, specific examples of roadblocks from government and high scientific sources that were placed in his way during the unforgettable years he worked publicly with us will be detailed.

It is essential the disclosure movement be aware of previously-hidden facts about the demise of NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) which began during Jim's last two years with us.  The word "destruction" is more probably accurate, for it is now at least partially proven that NICAP was deliberately destroyed by secret government agents embedded within its Board and staff.   McDonald had chosen to work most closely with NICAP and its famous Director Major Donald E. Keyhoe (USMC Ret.) because he regarded NICAP as the most objective and scientifically-oriented civilian UFO research organization at that time. He and NICAP were making unprecedented strides toward government disclosure, including proof that Project Blue Book was merely a public relations scheme instead of a true government UFO study.  He was instrumental in bringing about the first, and only, open Congressional hearing  on the UFO subject;  he was delving into formerly classified R-V cases hidden away at military archives and demonstrating to crowded audiences at prestigious scientific conferences that the UFO phenomenon was a real, scientific question that scientists could no longer ignore. 

He was also writing a book, at the time of his tragic 1971 death, rebutting the Condon Report page by page, to show that this government "study" was essentially a public relations scheme as Blue Book had been.  His book sadly was never finished, as his honorable life was cut short in 1971.    Jim McDonald's prestigious scientific career in climatology and meteorology stands by itself.  So does also his remarkable contributions to our UFO research field and his work for disclosure of what our government truly knows about this most mysterious phenomenon.
Stanton Friedman

Government UFO Lies - For almost 60 years the public has been hearing about flying saucers and then UFOs. Press coverage has ebbed and flowed, but polls have always shown a very high awareness score. Motion pictures, tabloids, and TV programs have picked up the slack with a mélange of fiction and some truth. Unfortunately, much of what we have been told by the “powers that be” has been false. Many different government agencies have shared in the misrepresentation and have provided outright lies as well. These include the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, United States Air Force, etc. The press and certain other academic and supposedly scientific groups such as SETI have  often blindly accepted and promulgated nonsense without any effort to get at truth. Hopefully, the specific lies presented in this paper will cause these protectors of the public to do their job: seek and present truth.

John Greenewald, Jr. The Black Vault's Quest for the Truth - For nearly 9 years, John Greenewald, Jr. has been exploring the archives of the U.S. Government for undeniable proof of the UFO Phenomenon. In those nine years, he has created the largest online archive anywhere in the world.

Join John as he sifts through the mounds of Government documents and see the most fascinating results... undeniable proof the Government is actively involved in UFO research. See the documents, the correspondence and the blatant lies that were presented by the U.S. Government. He will also discuss the future of The Black Vault, and its current success producing documentaries for The History Channel, The Black Vault Television Series, The Black Vault Radio Network, and much more!
Charles James Hall The Tall Whites - Charles Hall was a weather observer in the United States Air Force during the mid-sixties. He was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base and the Indian Springs gunnery ranges outside Las Vegas, followed by a year in Viet Nam. After the service, Charles married and earned a Masters degree in Nuclear Physics at San Diego State University. He also did post graduate work at the University of Maine at Bangor. Raising a family pushed memories of the terror and unprecedented experiences on the Indian Springs gunnery ranges into the background, but they couldn’t be forgotten. Charles began work writing his memoirs for his children and grandchildren in his spare time.  Eighteen years later, his wife Marie convinced him to publish what eventually became the Millennial Hospitality series of three books. Because of the nature of the material, it seemed prudent to change the names of friends and places to protect the privacy of others. The Millennial Hospitality series is an account of one man’s experiences with extraterrestrials in the Nevada desert while in the service of the government.
Paola Harris

Taking Ufology Out of the Dark Ages: The Emergence of Exopolitics and the Need for our Species to Develop a Philosophy for Eventual Contact.- Paola Will discuss how all her research calls for” an exopolitical solution” to the UFO question. It is time to take the study of Ufology out of the dark ages! In the Advent of such films as War of the Worlds, we are currently in need of an enlightened strategy.

“For sometime now, I have come to realize that we, researchers may have remained static while the scenario around us is changing. We are still categorizing UFO sightings which are now  too numerous to mention, analyzing physical traces cases  which have similar properties, and interviewing witnesses ,dragging them before the media. One only needs to subscribe to George Filer’s Files to see, that with the modern digital cameras, we are recording more than enough evidence of anomalous objects in the skies around the world to reach a verdict in any court of law.  We are still doing the job. We are still doing the same thing although everything around us is changing."

If the  new “alien agenda” is to go directly to the people, then how will the people act or better “react.”  (One is a carefully planned policy the other is an violent and unprepared reaction based on fear. ) That is why it is so important we weigh the exopolitical implications of this inevitable contact through examining the actual facts and testimony and past political policy. That will become more important than measuring the radiation level of the soil sample or the radar positioning of the object in our skies! Ironically, the UFO examined could be ours. It is time to determine our individual positions and our own individual philosophy of contact and then look at our role as a species.

In the end we need to work out a philosophy of study that can be incorporated in our academia to educate our future generations so they do not re-invent the wheel but maybe re-interpret it. Also, to eliminate this regime of “fear”, we may need to return to a more naive time where we acted out of respect to bring back  the enthusiasm of the 50’s days of space exploration and Sagan-like wide-eyed wonderment of the Universe.  With a philosophy in place, the protocol must come next. Ex-airman Charles Hall, when confronted with the physical presence of the “Tall Whites” needed to decide whether to stand or run, whether to speak or shoot, whether he was sane or insane  and whether he acting as an individual or part some established program. This is all protocol and any future contact will present us with these future dilemmas.

Melinda Leslie

Covert Intelligence Monitoring of ET-Contact Witnesses: The Experiences and Exopolitical Implications - We will take a further in-depth exploration into two key points from Friday’s lecture:  First will be the experiences as shared by the many abductees Melinda has interviewed, with new data and pictures not previously included (please see Track I Lecture), and Secondly, the exopolitical implications posed by her research into these experiences.   The greater political implications were recently addressed in a new article written by researcher Randy Kopang, wherein he interviewed Melinda and articulated the growing importance of her research in regards to understanding why there remains an official policy of non-disclosure.  Melinda will read and discuss this article, which she feels “nails it on the head” as the most comprehensive view given of the greater political significance of covert involvement experiences.  After which, she will open it up to the attendees for participation, encouraging your questions, input, and analysis in what is sure to be a lively discussion.   Copies of the article will be provided for free to all Workshop attendees and available for purchase at Melinda’s exhibit hall table.

Bruce Maccabee, PhD/
James Deardorff, PhD
65 Years of Research - Between them, Bruce and James have 6 and a half decades of research into extraterrestrial-related phenomena.  Theirs is an extraordinary body of work.  This will be a rare opportunity to ask questions on any aspect of their research, including the "Inflation" paper and Dr. Deardorff's fascinating and controversial biblical research triggered by elements within the Billy Meier case.  
Pilots Commander Graham Bethune, David Coote, Jim Courant, Don Daniels, Robert Durant - Our pilots, several of whom are experienced researchers, will talk more about what they have heard, seen and learned during their careers and take your questions.
Michael Salla, PhD

An Exopolitical Analysis of the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity - There are an extensive number of extraterrestrial races that are claimed to be currently visiting Earth and/or interacting with humanity. The  evidence for these different races come from a variety of sources, including ‘whistleblowers’, ‘contactees’, ‘abductees’ and ‘remote viewers’. In a highly classified 1964 Nato document titled the ‘Assessment’, for example, Master Sergeant Robert Dean claims to have read NATO accounts of four extraterrestrial races interacting with humanity. Sergeant Clifford Stone, a retired US army veteran of 22 years who allegedly participated in covert operations to retrieve crashed extraterrestrial vehicles and extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE’s), claims in 1998 that there are almost 60 extraterrestrial races known by the US military to be either visiting Earth or interacting with humanity.


This presentation describes the extraterrestrial races most commonly referred to in the UFO/Exopolitical literature who have most strategic significance for the evolution and sovereignty of humanity. There is evidence that the most significant extraterrestrial races who are interacting with humanity fall into two distinct groups. The first is a group of extraterrestrials that have become part of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex that while mainly associated with the US, is global in scope. The second group comprises extraterrestrials who have declined to be associated with the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex. Understanding the motivations and activities of the most significant extraterrestrial races visiting Earth and/or interacting with humanity helps answer questions about appropriate policies to adopt in response to visiting extraterrestrials; and also helps private citizens respond adequately to the dilemma over which extraterrestrial races contribute to global problems confronting humanity, and which extraterrestrial races can be worked with for solutions to these problems.

Richard Sauder, PhD What Lies Under the Nation's Capital? - The ancient catacombs and Metro trains of Paris are world famous. The sprawling, tangled, complex New York subway system is equally famous. Who hasn’t heard of the London Tube and the escalators that go down, down, down – improbably deep underground?  So what lies under Washington, DC? You might be surprised!

And we will go "way down beneath the Moonless Mountains" with the amazing illustrations of the peerless Walter Koerschner, who was commissioned by the U.S. Navy back in the 1960s to render original, artistic illustrations for the Navy’s planned "Rock-Site", deep undersea bases. If time permits, Dr. Sauder will open the floor for a few questions on the mysterious topic of clandestine underground and undersea bases and tunnels. It is impossible to cover every aspect of these covert projects in two short presentations, so this will be an opportunity for the audience to elicit information not covered in either of the talks

David Sereda NASA UFOs - David Sereda discusses his personal UFO sighting in Berkley, CA in 1967, “When you see video and photographs, from the perspective of having seen a UFO with your own eyes, eyes that never lie, the photographs remind you of the truth that this is all real.  But for the person who has never seen one with their eyes, they think perhaps this is all some kind of trickery.”

Always following the Astronauts on every Apollo mission, David Sereda grew up with the love of spaceflight.  He has particularly followed closely the career of Astronaut Gordon Cooper, the legend with the "right stuff" who also happens to be the most outspoken on the matter of extraterrestrial-related phenomena.  As far as Seredq is concerned, if Gordon Cooper says it's real, you can take that to the bank.

In 1994, Martyn Stubbs, the Canadian UFO researcher, who archived hundreds of hours of live NASA missions, approached David to conduct a scientific investigation into anomalies with NASA video footage.  He spent 6 years in private discussions with top NASA officials and scientists about these anomalies.   In 2002, he released a book and 3-hour documentary film, Evidence, the Case for NASA UFOs.

He will discuss the significance of UFO technology, the quest for a supraluminal propulsion system and becoming free of the bonds of planet earth!  He will also talk about his upcoming documentary to be released by Lions Gate Films, Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs.  (This documentary will make its east coast premiere at the X-Conference.)
Robert Wood, PhD/
Ryan Wood

Majestic Twelve Workshop - Introduction to the Majestic Documents and their Authenticity - The presentation will examine the United States UFO program called Majestic and the top secret government documents that tell the story of presidential and military action, authorization, and cover-up regarding UFOs and their alien occupants. Special attention will be paid to the forensic authentication issues of content, provenance, type, style and chronology. The story the documents tell leaves the reader with little doubt that the cover-up is real, shocking, and at times unethical. Operation Majestic-12 was established by special classified presidential order on September 24, 1947 at the recommendation of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal and Dr. Vannevar Bush, Chairman of the Joint Research and Development Board. The goal of the group was to exploit everything they could from recovered alien technology.

The extraordinary recovery of fallen airborne objects in the state of New Mexico, between July 4 - July 6, 1947, caused the Chief of Staff of the Army Air Force's Interplanetary Phenomena Unit, Scientific and Technical Branch, Counterintelligence Directorate to initiate a thorough investigation. The special unit was formed in 1942 in response to two crashes in the Los Angeles area in late February 1942. The draft summary report on one of the Majestic Documents begins "At 2332 MST, 3 July 47, radar stations in east Texas and White Sands Proving Ground, N.M. tracked two unidentified aircraft until they both dropped off radar. Two crash sites have been located close to the WSPG. Site LZ-1 was located at a ranch near Corona, Approx. 75 miles northwest of the town of Roswell. Site LZ-2 was located approx. 20 miles southeast of the town of Socorro, at latitude 33-40-31 and longitude 106-28-29".

Even the most hardened skeptic, after reviewing the data presented and seeing copies of the original documents, will find it hard to deny the reality of military and government cover-up for over 50 years. All of the usual questions, which the thoughtful skeptical reader has, have either already been addressed or soon will be in our ongoing research. We welcome website visitors' comments, criticism, and support.

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Given the X-Conference's political/governmental focus, documentaries have been selected to provide some phenomenology for attendees with interest in these areas.  Beyond disclosure awaits explanations for some extraordinary events and phenomena - not to mention the historical record.

The Phoenix Lights Documentary - This groundbreaking 80 minute Documentary, based on the best selling book, The Phoenix Lights: a Skeptic's Discovery that We are Not Alone, includes never before seen photographic evidence of these global unexplained phenomena captured by the author herself, as well as interviews with the eyewitnesses, military, former Phoenix Vice Mayor, University based scientists and experts in the field. It is produced by Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. in collaboration with Steve Lantz Productions.  (Dr. Kitei will answer questions.)

You have woven the evidence, history, personal experiences, and implications beautifully...."
U. of Arizona Professor, Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D.

"The Phoenix Lights was fascinating to watch and spellbinding from beginning to end.....Several people told me between showings that it was the best they ever saw."
Frances Barwood, Former Phoenix Councilwoman and Vice Mayor

What a Triumph! Your Phoenix Lights documentary provides essential historical documentation and education for generations as we move through these amazing times. I am so grateful for your integrity, compassion and vast knowledge that you share with all of us. You are a vessel of sacred knowledge and light. You are truly a Phoenix Light!"
Rebecca Hardcastle, M.D.A., Ordained Minister, Ph.D. Candidate in Divinity

I loved your documentary. It was awesome! I was glued to the screen for the entire time!
Pat Lonchar, I.T. Project Manager, American Express

Dan Aykroyd Unplugged - Actor, writer, musician, producer, Dan Aykroyd is a most versatile man.  In this dialogue, he cuts through the UFO cover-up and the ridicule factor, right to the heart of the truth concerning extraterrestrial-related phenomena.  In many of his films Dan has held a comic approach to break the ice on  subjects of the paranormal: Ghosts, Aliens, Inter-dimensionality, telepathy, etc.  But his personal views and research into the paranormal worlds of UFOs, Inter-dimensionals, extraterrestrials, quantum physics and philosophy are very evolved and serious.  Don’t let the comic visage fool you.  The comic genius is also a bit of a cosmic genius.  When asked if he could travel through time and have lunch with anyone in world history, he named “Richard Feynman, Einstein, Max Planck and Niels Bohr,” some of the great physicists in history.  When Sereda asked Aykroyd, ‘Why physicists,” he answered, “because those guys know what is really going on in the universe.”  (Producer and Interviewer David Sereda will answer questions.)

Stanton T. Friedman is Real - For over thirty years Stanton Friedman has devoted his life to researching, writing and lecturing about Unidentified Flying Objects. He has lectured at over 600 colleges and universities throughout the world, spoken to over 100 professional groups, and appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows, spreading the word about what he has labeled a "Cosmic Watergate". He has served as a consultant for both film and television productions. He has even anchored the winning team at the prestigious Oxford University debate on the question of whether there is alien life visiting Earth. In Canada alone, tens of thousands of people have attended his lecture Flying Saucers Are Real! His books include the critically acclaimed study of the Roswell incident, Crash at Corona, and the controversial study of the Majestic-12 documents, Top Secret/Majic.  (Stanton Friedman will answer questions)

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