Conference Underwriting

PRG is seeking conference underwriters who can provide funding to help insure the X-Conference develops into a major annual event able to provide the highest quality production values for both speakers and attendees.  If you are a philanthropic activist, who appreciates the importance of this conference to the disclosure process, please contact PRG.


Paradigm Research Group is grateful for contributions from these supporters.


Website Support Links

The following sites are generously supporting X-Conference 2005 with direct links and/or mail list announcements.

21st Century Radio Destination Space MUFON - Michigan UFO Casebook
About UFOs / Aliens Edge of Reality - Illinois MUFON - National UFO Evidence
Above UFO ET Updates End Secrecy MUFON - Nebraska UFO Hard Evidence
Alien Domain Enterprise Mission MUFON - South Florida UFO Implications
Alien Existence Evidence MUFON - Ventura County UFO Info
Alien Observer Exopolitics - Salla Mysteries Magazine UFOlogy UK
Alienshift Exopolitics - Webre Nexus Magazine UFO Organization
Alien Resistance Extraterrestrial Life OPUS UFOpsi
Aliens-UFOs Farshores Paradigm Research Group UFO Research Community
Alien Views Fate Magazine Paranews UFO Report Japan Online Friedman, Stanton Paranormal & UFO Information Network UFO Research (NSW)
Ancient of Days Global Implications of the UFO Reality Paranormal Net UFOs and the Bible
Balthaser, Dennis Harris, Paola Pippin Show, Jerry UFOs Over Phoenix Hot Gossip (Nick Pope) Planetary Mysteries UFO Teacher
Black Vault House of Spirits Rob Simone Show (The Headroom) UFO Wisconsin
Book of Thoth Hovering Object Ruins of Mars United-Space
Breaking UFO News Keyhole Publishing (Richard Dolan) Sauder Zone (Richard Sauder) Utah UFO Hunters
Cleveland Ufology Project Maccabee, Bruce Shadow Research Virtually Strange Network
Cosmic Intel Majestic Documents (Robert Wood) Skywatch International Why? Files
Cosmic Paradigm Malevolent Alien Abduction Research Truth Seeker TV Winter Steel
Cydonia Imperative Millennial Hospitality (Charles Hall) UFO British Columbia X-PPAC
Darryl Barker Productions MUFON - Los Angeles    

Promotional Banners

Anyone with a website who wishes to promote the X-Conference can select a banner here and place it on their site with an embedded link to:     Feel free to add additional information describing the conference.  Thank you.