Select Curriculum Vitae – Michael S. Heiser

Academic Degrees:

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Ph.D., Biblical Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages
        Lay dissertation title – "The Divine Council in Second Temple Jewish Literature"
University of Wisconsin - Madison, M.A., Hebrew and Semitic Studies, 1998
University of Pennsylvania, M.A., Ancient History (Israel, Egypt), 1992

Graduate Courses of Relevance:

Languages Studied / Graduate Language Courses:

Elementary Biblical Hebrew
Intermediate Biblical Hebrew
Advanced Biblical Hebrew
Hebrew Exegesis:  Ezekiel 
Hebrew Exegesis:  Isaiah 
Epigraphic Hebrew
Biblical Aramaic
Imperial Aramaic
Elementary Egyptian Grammar
Intermediate Egyptian Grammar  
Elementary Biblical Greek
Biblical Greek Syntax
Septuagintal Greek
Syriac Grammar
Ugaritic Grammar 
Akkadian (independent study)
Sumerian (independent study)

Archaeology and Ancient History:

Biblical Archaeology
Dead Sea Scrolls
Middle Bronze Age
Culture of Ancient Egypt  
The Hyksos  
Ancient Near Eastern Religion
Egyptian History

Biblical Studies and Theology:

Old Testament Introduction
Pentateuchal Criticism
Biblical Hermeneutics 

Academic Honors:



Non-Fiction, Academic (Lay Audience):

Unpublished Papers Read at Academic Conferences:

Memberships in Professional / Scholarly Associations:

Member of the Evangelical Theological Society, The Society of Biblical Literature, The Near East Archaeology Society, and the National Association for Professors of Hebrew