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Residents share details of reported UFO encounter
By Margaret Smith/ Staff Writer
Thursday, October 19, 2006

A man and woman in Billerica claim their lives have been altered since a huge, luminous object they said appeared over their porch one winter evening, levitating the woman, blistering the man's hand, and leaving white, powdery material that quickly disappeared afterward.
    A UFO investigation reported in the Billerica Minuteman has now caught the attention of an international audience, after a couple in town posted a firsthand narrative on a Canadian UFO Web site and UFO sites worldwide picked up links both to their account and the Minuteman article.

    The couple, identified only as Robert and Anne, are scheduled to share their story in an interview with radio talk show host Jeff Rense Friday, Oct. 20 at 7 p.m. on the Jeff Rense Show, which is broadcast on a satellite network.
    The show is also available on line at www.rense.com.
    The couple are scheduled as guests of Vike, who, holds a regular spot on the radio show and who posted the narrative on his UFO research Web site, hbccufo.org.
    "I knew this story and experience was a dandy, as we do not hear many stories like this," Vike said.
    The report is also under investigation by Mark Petty, a former Billerica resident now living in Nashua, N.H., and a volunteer with Massachusetts Mutual UFO Network, which follows up on reports of unusual sightings of or contacts with objects in the sky.
    Petty, who has given presentations on UFO investigations at the Billerica Senior Center, said he gave a talk on the couple's experience at the network's conference Oct. 14 in Watertown.
    Petty said the couple were counseled not to talk publicly about their experience until the investigation was complete, but said, "It's their decision. They are the people who actually experienced it."
Light in the night sky

    In the narrative, Robert said the encounter occurred Sunday, Dec. 12, 2004, when he and Anne saw a ball of light in the night sky about 7:10 p.m.
    He said they saw the apparition through a sliding door leading to a deck off the kitchen. He described "a huge ball of brilliant white light coming toward the house from the west," slightly above the tops of trees.
    As the object came closer, he said it appeared to grow bigger, and stopped above the house, where it appeared "absolutely huge, maybe two, maybe three football fields. The white light engulfed everything."
    Despite the intense light, the glare didn't hurt their eyes, he said, but hovered silently for a few minutes before a pale blue light emitted from the underside and formed a perfect square on the deck.
    Robert said the light fully engulfed Anne, who was lifted off the deck, prompting Robert to open the sliding door with one hand and grab Anne's waist by other. He said he pulled her into the house and the shut door.
    When he looked out again, the strange light was gone, he said.
    During the ordeal, Anne went unconscious. When she came around, she said she remembered seeing the blue light and that Robert described it as square, but could not remember any details after that. [continue]
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