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Top UFO spotter endorses Uluru UFO claim

By Ben Langford

January 11, 2008 01:00am

Article from: Northern Territory News

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AN experienced UFO spotter has lent his support to the theory aliens landed at Uluru and created human beings.

Lew Farkas runs the store and holiday park at Wycliffe Well, an internationally-renowned UFO hotspot 380km north of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway.

The Northern Territory News yesterday reported on a US UFO enthusiasts' website carrying a story about aliens landing at the Rock and creating human life.

The event, the UFO Area website claims, is depicted in Aboriginal rock paintings at Uluru.

Mr Farkas, 60, said he has spotted about 30 UFOs in his time.

"I think it's feasible," he said.

"There's more to things in the past and to our lives than we can comprehend.

"I think that some other beings from another planet in some format started us off down here.

"That's why they keep coming back and checking us out."

Mr Farkas said depictions of aliens were common to the art of many ancient cultures.

"They all seem to have a being with helmets on and space-looking characters," he said.

"They only paint what they see.

"Indians, Aztecs, they've all got space creatures."

Mr Farkas said there had not been a sighting at Wycliffe Well since November 7, when a group of British backpackers said they saw a light hovering around for about 15 minutes before flying off.

Outside the tourist season there are not as many eyes trained to the mysteries of the sky.

"Nobody here spends all night sitting around looking at the sky," he said. "If it came early in the evening someone might see it."

The Wycliffe Well Holiday Park is popular with tourists keen to catch a glimpse of an alien visitor.

"If you stand outside in the middle of the night you can look in any direction and see the whole sky to the horizon," he said. "If something does move, you can see it." is not responsible for the content of external sites.

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Uluru UFO /
Friday fun ... in news that will surely shock the scientific world (ahem), an experienced UFO spotter has lent his support to the theory aliens landed at Uluru and created human beings /  

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Roddy - I cannot summarise all of the evidence that we are mixed with Alien genetics in a short reader's comments blurb. The evidence is overwhelming that Aliens interbred with us. It comes from a number of sources, from the bible stating that Nephilim(Aliens) came from the sky and bred with humans. Sources such as chariots from the sky in the bible is simply a metaphor for a UFO crafts. Cultures all over the world have Aliens intertwined in their history and paintings of Reptilian serpent 'gods' (Mayans, Aztecs, Aborigines, Egyptians etc).

Posted by: David Icke 4:07pm today

Sorry David. That's not proof that aliens did anything, merely that there is a component of human biology that cannot be explained. This is also true of the human brain (how does memory work, what are dreams, etc) but jumping to outre pie-in-sky hypotheses is no good enough. The prevailing theory is the one supported by the most evidence. Period. However, I'm totally open to alien cultures existing in the Milky Way and elsewhere. The strange thing is that given billions of years of history, and only 100,000 light years of galactic space to cross, many aliens cultures should have come and gone over the millennia. Perhaps local gamma ray bursts have sterilied our galaxy one or more times in the past?

Posted by: Roddy of Melbourne 3:26pm today

If Rhesus-Positive blood type contains the Rhesus Monkey protein on the blood cells this means monkeys evolved from humans

Posted by: coloured Glass of Darwin 3:03pm today
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