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ET Paradigm Clock Ticks Two Minutes to Midnight

January 30, 2002 
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The Paradigm Research Group resets the ET disclosure clock, citing a complex political assessment

(The Electric Warrior) The Paradigm Clock focuses attention on a belief that many people share, the notion that we are not alone in the universe. As described by Stephen Bassett, when the extraterrestrial presence in our world is formally acknowledged, the PRG's clock will strike midnight.

On January 16, 2002, based on an assessment of recent world events, the clock was moved back one minute, to 11:58 PM -- two minutes to midnight.

Like others in the UFO community, Basset is actively seeking public "disclosure" -- a broad-based revelation by governments and institutions, who presumably know all about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI), a truth believed to have been concealed for over 50 years.

Tragedy and Secrecy Warrant Two Minute Setback

To understand the context of the Paradigm Clock's new setting, it helps to know that the clock was set back in response to the tragic terrorist attacks that occurred last fall in New York City and Washington DC.

"Without question, the disclosure process has been set back and likely set aside," said Basset on September 19, "and the Paradigm Clock will be adjusted accordingly."

At that time, Basset said that the PRG had one primary goal: to end government imposed secrecy regarding the truth about ETI. He also said that in the process of pursuing that goal, secondary issues such as secrecy reform and abuse of power by intelligence agencies became part of the work.

Acknowledging that the attention of government, the media, and the general public would be focused on the events of September 11, the Paradigm Clock was set back a full two minutes, to 11:57 PM.

New Optimism Prompts One Minute Gain

For most of last year, the Paradigm Clock was set to 11:59 PM, ticking forward in response to two press conferences at the National Press Club in Washington DC. In the early spring of 2001, both the UFO Disclosure Project and a presentation by a Yale educated astronomer about artificial structures on Mars, gained national attention.

Although the events of last fall erased those perceived gains, a new found optimism caused the clock to lose only one minute, instead of two, based on what Basset characterized as a significant transformation in US domestic and foreign policy. That's why the clock was recently set to 11:58 PM.

Given the PRG's interest in secrecy reform, a one minute net gain since last September should be of interest to those who know something about Ufology, or recent political events.

For example, a new statement of policy issued by the Attorney General encourages federal agencies to resist Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests whenever they have legal grounds to do so. Ufologists have frequently made use of FOIA requests to gain insight into the government's official investigation of the UFO phenomenon.

So, it would seem that the current Administration's predilection for secrecy would hinder, not help UFO research, and therefore set the clock back. Basset acknowledged the point, saying "This was a complex assessment."

Basset is, in fact, well aware of the significance that FOIA requests hold for the field of UFO and ETI research. The PRG recently awarded a $1000 cash grant to The Black Vault, the world's largest online repository of FOIA documents pertaining to the UFO phenomena.

The Politics of UFOs, Post-911

One thing is clear from Basset's periodic PRG news updates, he believes the truth about ETI is really out there, and he's committed to engaging in the UFO community's own brand of political dissent, whether he calls it that or not.

The most recent PRG Update suggests that all that is needed to solve the question of extraterrestrial presence is enough money. Basset asserts that if Americans with both the disposition and financial wherewithal to effect political change knew how little funding it would take to end what he calls the "UFO/ET truth embargo", they would be shocked.

"Sufficient time has passed to assess the domestic, political reality of post-911 America," says Basset, "It is time to resume the pursuit of an end to the government embargo of the truth of an ongoing extraterrestrial presence."

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16-Jan-02 Paradigm Clock Time Change Explanations
(PRG) To briefly sum a very complex dynamic, the conditions under which formal acknowledgment of an extraterrestrial presence might take place, from the government's perspective, become ideal. These new conditions include the circumstance of a Republican president very popular with the military and intelligence community as well as strong defense/security leaning officials at the Department of State, Vice Presidency, CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Justice as well as deputy directors.

27-Jan-02 PRG Update - January 27, 2002
(UFO Updates Mailing List) Peter Gersten has announced the Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS), Paranormal News Network (P3N) and the Formal Action Committee for Extraterrestrial Studies (FACETS) websites will close down on January 31, 2002...This contraction is happening for essentially one reason: lack of money. PRG continues to be confounded by the failure (refusal) of wealthy Americans to support the political efforts to end the UFO cover-up at a level worthy of the implications of the issue.

The Electric Warrior
January 30, 2002
Silicon Valley, CA
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