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Monday, 6th August 2007

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Edinburgh Evening News Thu 2 Aug 2007

Lothian X-Files revealed


THEY are a staple of science fiction and have convinced generations of the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

But although for most people flying saucers exist only in films and TV shows, the Ministry of Defence today revealed it has investigated 22 cases of mysterious objects appearing in the skies above the Lothians over the past decade.

The Government has opened its records over UFO sightings for the first time, containing eyewitness reports from across Edinburgh and the surrounding regions.

Aviation experts have been drafted in to investigate reports including "jelly-fish shapes", "big, round swirly things" and fireballs streaking across the Lothian skies.

One woman noticed a series of flashing lights flying over Corstorphine Hill at night in 1998. She said it was in a diamond-like formation and flew low over the hill before heading towards the city. Paranormal investigators said at the time they were puzzled by the lights and urged more witnesses to come forward, but the mystery was never solved.

FIRE IN THE SKY: Witnesses claimed David Carson's sighting was proof of alien activity

FIRE IN THE SKY: Witnesses claimed David Carson's sighting was proof of alien activity

Other incidents, such as two "fuzzy white lights" that danced over Leith in 2001 and a "swirly" object appearing above East Linton last year, have also never been explained and have been seen by some as evidence of extra-terrestrial activity. However, some reports to the MoD would seem easier for aviation experts to explain, such as an eyewitness description of an object in Barnton Park in 2004 "resembling the front of a helicopter".

Some UFO sightings have also been put down to natural causes, such as a mysterious light seen streaking across the sky above Midlothian at the end of last year.

At first David Carson thought he saw a burning aeroplane dropping from the sky. But when he realised he wasn't witnessing an aviation disaster, he reached for his camera and spent ten minutes photographing what he saw, about a mile south of Penicuik.

Described as "going in all sorts of weird directions", the lights sparked frantic calls from witnesses to the MoD and experts at Edinburgh's Royal Observatory, who were told it was an alien craft. At first, astronomers thought it was a piece of space debris or a meteor burning up in the atmosphere but they were later stumped when an amateur photo of the light failed to match their conclusions.

Although witnesses maintained it was proof of anything from extra-terrestrial activity to a secret test of new military aircraft, experts at the observatory later said the light had been caused by an unusual glare of the sun on a passing plane's condensation trail.

A sighting of an orange ball of fire with a long tail in Broxburn in 2004 was also eventually highlighted as naturally-occurring, with astronomers stating it had been caused by a meteor burning up while entering the Earth's atmosphere.

So far, the sightings have not attracted the same level of scrutiny as some unexplained events in the US, such as the Roswell Incident - where Government officials allegedly found a flying saucer that had crashed in New Mexico.

Nevertheless, UFO enthusiasts and investigators have maintained that many of the Lothian incidents reported to the MoD show there could be extra-terrestrials visiting the Capital's skies.

Paranormal investigator Ron Halliday, chairman of Scottish Earth Mysteries Research, said the data released by the MoD represented "just a fraction" of the reports of UFOs in the Lothians.

MYSTERY: An autopsy is performed on an 'alien' found at Roswell

MYSTERY: An autopsy is performed on an 'alien' found at Roswell

He said: "Some of these incidents are difficult to explain, so there's every chance that they could be proof of something that is not of this world.

"I've seen and heard of hundreds of reports of unidentified objects from around the Lothians since the 1990s. It's one of a handful of hotspots across the country where there seems to be a lot of activity happening.

"The MoD used to completely ignore any reports of mysterious objects, which is why only a handful have been published. People don't think to contact them because they either think they won't be taken seriously or the incidents will be covered up.

"But this shows that the Government is starting to take these sightings seriously. They're logging the reports now and must be investigating some of them."

Mr Halliday, who has been a paranormal investigator for more than 20 years, admitted that some of the sightings were probably caused by witnesses "misidentifying" objects in the sky. However, he added that there were some cases where there was no rational explanation for the phenomena.

He said: "People misidentify things all the time, so you can't say that all of these are genuine UFOs. Some could easily be satellites or meteorites entering the atmosphere, or they could be unusually bright planets like Venus, which are tricky to identify correctly at night.

"But there have also been a lot of daytime reports, which are more difficult to explain away. I've spoken to groups of people who have witnessed something unusual during the daylight and have taken pictures of it - and there's been no logical explanation for it.

"A lot of the descriptions of these things are quite consistent as well. Many people have reported seeing flashing lights, oval-shaped discs and triangular objects over the past decade, which are not exactly normal objects to see in the sky.

"They could definitely be extra-terrestrial."

Fellow investigator Harry Sommerville, who leads the East 2 West UFO Society in West Lothian, said that there had been many occasions when he had been unable to explain objects reported above the Lothians.

He said: "My organisation tries to identify what these things are and we always look for a rational explanation. After every sighting we contact the police, MoD and local RAF bases to see if there have been any unscheduled flights and we also track satellites to try to narrow down the possibilities for what they could be.

"But there have been plenty of times when we've been completely stumped and the only explanation is that it's been a UFO. There have been quite a few cases in East Lothian and Midlothian where we've looked at photos and videos and spoken to witnesses but have been left with no other answer than it's been an unidentified object.

"Whether they are alien craft or not is another matter, but they're definitely incidents where no-one has been able to identify what these things are."

Both Edinburgh Airport and the East Fortune airfield, which is currently the base for the Museum of Flight, said they had been unaware of any incidents involving UFOs in the region over the past decade.

However, astronomers at the Royal Observatory said they had occasionally been contacted by members of the public about mysterious objects.

Tim Hawarden, a senior astronomer at the observatory, said that there was "almost always" a rational explanation for UFO sightings.

He added: "I've been involved in astronomy for more than 40 years and in almost all cases where people see unusual things in the sky it is because they have no idea of the scale of the objects they are looking at.

"A professional observer can determine how far away something is and how fast it is going, but a typical eyewitness doesn't have the same knowledge to make a judgement.

"Even if something looks like it is other-worldly, the overwhelming likelihood is that it's been caused by something natural rather than aliens."

A spokesman for the MoD today said: "The MoD examines any UFO sighting reports it receives solely to establish whether there is any evidence to suggest that UK airspace has been compromised by hostile or unauthorised air activity.

"Unless there is such evidence the MoD does not attempt to positively identify what was seen."

Forester maintained he was abducted

THE most famous instance of a UFO sighting in the Lothians occurred on November 9, 1979, when forestry worker Bob Taylor encountered mysterious alien spheres.

The incident was one of the best-documented in the region, and to this day defies rational explanation.

Mr Taylor, pictured, then a forestry worker employed by the Livingston Development Corporation, had parked his truck at the bottom of Dechmont Law, West Lothian. He had walked up the lower slope of the hill with his dog, and as he emerged into a clearing saw a large, circular, sphere-like object about 20ft across.

At the time he said it appeared to be made from a dark metallic material with a rough texture like sandpaper.

As he approached the object, two spheres, each about three feet wide with protruding metal spikes like old naval mines, dropped from the object.

The two spheres rolled towards him and despite his dog barking furiously, attached themselves to his trousers. There was an acrid smell that caused him to choke and he felt a sensation of being grabbed by the side of the legs and tugged forward.

The next thing Mr Taylor remembered was waking up with his head pounding, a sore throat, and a bitter taste in his mouth. He later calculated that he had been unconscious for at least 20 minutes.

The incident is the only case in British history of an alien sighting and became the subject of a criminal investigation.

Mr Taylor died from bronchial pneumonia in March, aged 88.

To his death he maintained that he had been abducted by aliens.

Lothians X-Files

1. April 15 1998, Musselburgh: Two bright jelly fish shaped objects seen “moving in a south-easterly direction”.

2. August 3 1998, Livingston: One bright, star-shaped light which repeatedly dimmed and

3. September 16 1998, Blackridge: One “sparkly” blue-white light described as jumping back and forth in the sky without moving any distance.

4. October 11 1998, Edinburgh: Very large, oval-shaped object “illuminated like the Moon”.

5. November 16 1998, Edinburgh: A white, shining light that made a “whoosh” sound.

6. December 20 1998, Edinburgh: A line of three or four orange lights.

7. December 20 1998, Edinburgh: A bright gold-coloured ball with a tail, described as “comet-like”.

8. December 21 1998, Edinburgh: An object changing colour while hovering in the sky. Described as like green lights or lasers.

9. January 9 1999, Dunbar: One bright light with “red, yellow and green alternating lights on it”.

10. March 29 1999, Tranent: A red, green and blue star shape.

11. November 8 1999, Penicuik: An object that looked like a star but had “blue and red flashing lights”.

12. December 3 1999, Deans, Livingston: Report of an unidentified “object”.

13. February 23 2000, Colinton: Report of a bright oval object with a tail like a kite. Described as moving fast towards the west before dipping and disappearing.

14. March 26 2001, Leith: Two “fuzzy white lights” that appeared to be dancing around each other.

15. December 29 2003, Barnton Park, Edinburgh: A steady bright light in the sky “resembling the front of a helicopter”.

16. March 17 2004, Edinburgh: A fast moving bright light.

17. December 10 2004, Broxburn: A bright orange ball of fire with a tail “five to seven times the diameter of the ball”.

18. December 2005, Haddington: Report of a “UFO”.

19. September 29 2006, East Linton: Report of a “big round swirly thing in the sky”.

20. December 2006, Midlothian: Five orange lights moving slowly across the sky.

21. December 2006, Midlothian: Four small bright red lights moving slowly across the sky

22. December 2006, Midlothian: A “weird light going in all sorts going in all sorts of weird directions”.

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1. Rambo_the_Jambo / 12:39pm 2 Aug 2007

"Four small bright red lights moving slowly across the sky"

"One bright light with “red, yellow and green alternating lights on it”

"Five orange lights moving slowly across the sky"

So, presumably nothing to do with incoming avaiation traffic heading for the airport???? Yup, must have been UFOs after all. What a bunch of deadbeat losers

"Paranormal investigator Ron Halliday, chairman of Scottish Earth Mysteries Research"..does this guy have a life?

Report as unsuitable
2. David Harrington, Edinburgh / 12:41pm 2 Aug 2007

Breathalyse those reporting these "incidents" and you would remove 99% of them at a first pass

Report as unsuitable
3. BorderGuy / 12:43pm 2 Aug 2007

“red, yellow and green alternating lights on it”

Surely the guy who reported this was just pi$#ed and lying in a gutter under some traffic lights??

Report as unsuitable
4. Sqidward / 12:47pm 2 Aug 2007

Say NO to drugs!

Report as unsuitable
5. Bandits, Edinburgh / 12:51pm 2 Aug 2007

Surely "East Fortune" airfield rather than "East Linton"???

Report as unsuitable
6. why can't I use my own name??? / 12:52pm 2 Aug 2007

What a crap use of Photoshop!!!

Report as unsuitable
7. GrahamL / 12:54pm 2 Aug 2007

It's funny how the number of these reports go up around the Christmas party season - half of them were in December...

And by the way: "big round swirly thing in the sky". Genius.

Report as unsuitable
8. why can't I use my own name??? / 12:54pm 2 Aug 2007

A “weird light going in all sorts going in all sorts of weird directions”.'

That was a cop-car trying to catch the local neds!

Report as unsuitable
9. Rambo_the_Jambo, Sunny Tollcross / 1:02pm 2 Aug 2007

That UFO sure looks real to me. I'd better report it to the chairman of Scottish Earth Mysteries Research

Report as unsuitable
10. Concerned local, Edinburgh / 1:07pm 2 Aug 2007

Jeez - I knew the Scotsman newspaper group's standard of journalism has been careering downhill for years, but didn't realise it had now reached the standard of the National Enquirer.

What next for the front page? Three-headed monkeys, talking dogs, Shakespeare-reading cats?

Can we go back to having a SERIOUS local newspaper?

Report as unsuitable
11. amf73, edin / 1:15pm 2 Aug 2007

had to say it seeing as nobody else has--call in mulder and scully

Report as unsuitable
12. Big G / 12:47pm 2 Aug 2007

I think too many of these reports are filed by taumatised individuals following gang rectal probing by little green men - I make no judgements

Report as unsuitable
13. imabeliever, mars / 1:40pm 2 Aug 2007

don't mock us one day we will save you from annilation

Report as unsuitable
14. Angus Mcdonald, Edinburgh / 1:21pm 2 Aug 2007

Um why should this hit the headlines for the Evening news- The Local Newspaper for the Capital of Scotland!!. How silly

Report as unsuitable
15. imabeliever, mars / 1:43pm 2 Aug 2007

where did you leave your sense of humour no.14 ( earth by any chance) !!!

Report as unsuitable
16. freehaggisallyear, Dunbar / 1:53pm 2 Aug 2007

Its all true!

Report as unsuitable
17. freehaggisallyear, Dunbar / 1:55pm 2 Aug 2007

Apart from the bits between "They" and "directions" of course! The demon drink.

Report as unsuitable
18. IH8HERTZ / 1:55pm 2 Aug 2007

The are aliens and ufos there have been reports going back hundreds of years even in the pyramids there are engravings resembling modern day fighter jets ect and we all know that there was no such thing back then right? ... the truth is we dont know our real history as so much of has been covered up .They say that the dinosaurs were here before us yet there fossil footprints have been found in the same strato as dinosaur prints. Did you know there are entire cities under the sea in CHINA ,
JAPAN, CUBA ,that date back hundreds of thousands of years not to mention the the Massive cover up of the pyramids ect in ANTARTICA that were obviously built when the land was free of ice.
These things are hidden from us as it would mean all our history books would have to be ripped up and re-written .Why not do some research for yourself im sure you will be amazed

Report as unsuitable
19. Lock / 2:28pm 2 Aug 2007

I blame global warming.

Report as unsuitable
20. Boy Wonder / 2:34pm 2 Aug 2007

The truth is out there!

Seriously though, that pic is the worst. mock. up. ever!

Report as unsuitable
21. I'm no really here / 2:40pm 2 Aug 2007

I blame the trams #19

Report as unsuitable
22. I'm no really here / 2:48pm 2 Aug 2007

#18 Take your own advice and do some research and you'll be amazed. You appear to confuse reading books about the subject with doing research on the subject.

Report as unsuitable
23. Joe, Livingston / 2:56pm 2 Aug 2007

All aircraft!

Report as unsuitable
24. ddmc / 3:07pm 2 Aug 2007

If aliens were proven to exist it kicks a big hole in the GOD theory put forward by most established religions, along with the superiority of the western world. Would we listen to G W Bush for example if we knew that other beings held our destiny rather than a couple of crackpot leaders in the US or Russia/China etc. I've often thought that the jump from valves to semi conductors within a few years could be down to outside influence, but then again maybe my tinfoil hat isnt working :)

Report as unsuitable
25. South West / 3:15pm 2 Aug 2007

No 18# IH8HERTZ'

Ancient engravings of jets etc ? amazing, was there an engraving of the last Hibs Scottish Cup win as well; -)

Report as unsuitable
26. Taras Shevchenko / 3:36pm 2 Aug 2007

...ancient engravings.......that was a classic #25 South West

Report as unsuitable
27. Taras Shevchenko / 3:42pm 2 Aug 2007

we are not alone...there are little green men down at lochend...or is it galaxyend?

Report as unsuitable
28. Ghengis McCann / 3:46pm 2 Aug 2007

#20 - "The truth is out there!"

Nah, mostly nutters out there.

Report as unsuitable
29. ufohunter, midlothian / 3:53pm 2 Aug 2007

And now for real scottish footage.

Report as unsuitable
30. ddmc / 4:46pm 2 Aug 2007

#25 is too sharp for the hobos :)

Report as unsuitable
31. Methalions / 4:46pm 2 Aug 2007

I understand most of the picture, but what's that hilly-type thing on the left? Surely a mock up.

Report as unsuitable
32. Faye / 5:02pm 2 Aug 2007

Back in the 60's there was a large orange swirly saucer thing in the air with two smaller duplicates alongside. They hoovered for what seemed like an age and then shot across the sky at lightning speed.

Maw and Paw never did report it fearing they might be taken away by men in white coats. Fear absolute fear at the time. The police station was inundated with calls.

Report as unsuitable
33. Methalions / 5:10pm 2 Aug 2007

#32 Faye

was it a bit like this?

Report as unsuitable
34. Methalions / 5:11pm 2 Aug 2007


I have also seen this formation.

Report as unsuitable
35. Methalions / 5:12pm 2 Aug 2007

...and this means an invasion is under way.

Report as unsuitable
36. Methalions / 5:14pm 2 Aug 2007

Earth defences at the ready....

Report as unsuitable
37. Simon_Wallace / 5:32pm 2 Aug 2007

Interesting to see such open-mindedness amongst the brethren here. I'd have thought if people see somethign they don't know what it is they've every right to report and get it investigated. And remember these are ones investigated by the MOD hardly an organisation known for its drug taking, drinking or whatever other allegations are made.

As for the mock-up, er I think it's meant to look unrealistic so as not to fool people. Seems that it's not that easy.

Report as unsuitable
38. Aloysius Munn, Space / 5:45pm 2 Aug 2007

What is the fare on these beauties?

What? Only £1.30? bargain!

What? You can only buy them from pillar formations dotted around the city?

What a load of pish

Report as unsuitable
39. Aloysius Munn, Space / 5:47pm 2 Aug 2007

Have the pro-tram brigade been abducted by aliens?

Report as unsuitable
40. Cant use my name anymore-Alex, Prisoner of the Machine / 5:54pm 2 Aug 2007

You shouldnt scoff. Im an avid stargazer and I am currently awaiting recognition for discovery of 5 -- YES 5, previously unknown comets. Im hoping that they will be named after me and my family the same as Kahoutek got one named after him. I remember it like it was yesterday the date is so clear to me

It was NOVEMBER 5th 2006.

Report as unsuitable
41. Aloysius Munn, Space / 6:07pm 2 Aug 2007

'...15. December 29 2003, Barnton Park, Edinburgh: A steady bright light in the sky “resembling the front of a helicopter”...'

Bright lights in the sky near the airport? Jesus! Whatever next?

Report as unsuitable
42. GrahamL / 6:14pm 2 Aug 2007

#41 and of course the large oval object in the sky, illuminated "like the moon".
Hmm, large and round. In the sky. At night. Lit up like the moon? I wonder what that could be...?

Report as unsuitable
43. Culandun, USA / 6:29pm 2 Aug 2007

I remember in the late fifties - yes I'm that old - of seeing a light sort of like this .- with the dot being red and the bar yellow, the dot and line were in line, with the line being first in the direction of travel. They were travelling east to west in the night sky. I lived in Glenelg at the time. Sputnik had been launched by then but as far as I know it would only have been a single bright dot. Years later; talking of bright dots, in September 1973 while in Gloucestershire I, and three others saw two small bright lights travel from north to south at a fairly slow speed, then when almost overhead, stop and grow fainter as if ascending. I know what aircraft, satellites, space junk and meteorites look like but I could never satisfactorily explain those sightings. Maybe, who knows? There are more things in Heaven and earth.....etc.

Report as unsuitable
44. Hugo, Ayrshire / 7:00pm 2 Aug 2007

Do I believe there are/have been UFOs (unidentified flying objects), my answer is 100% yes.

Do I believe any of these are alien visitors, my answer is that it is an extremely unlikely occurrence, say 0.00000000000001 %.

Do I believe there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, my answer is a definate maybe.

Report as unsuitable
45. Faye / 7:45pm 2 Aug 2007


Imagine a nicely shaped pair of fried eggs and one larger fried egg in the middle, all in a line but orange in colour! I didn't say anything about round things.

Sorry to disapoint, but there were mo signs of alien orange peelers either.

The event was almost as big as Roswell --- in Scotland! The cops were inundated with calls.

Report as unsuitable
46. gfaBlack, In the twilight zone / 8:18pm 2 Aug 2007

There are no such things as Alians visiting earth.
All UFO sightings can be explained away. Any that cant are just good fakes.

The nearest known exo-solar planet is 50+ light years away. Why would visitors us then bugger off??
It would take generations for them to reach us!
Thats assuming any life had evolved to the stage where they could traverse space.

There is most probably life other than that known on earth. Life on distant worlds. The chance that they are either at the same stage in development as us or more advanced is astronomical in the extreem.

Then for them to want to visit us.. well that in its self would be strange but to go to the effort of getting here then not saying hello that I cannot beleive.

The truth is closer than you think.

Report as unsuitable
47. penicuik pirate, Penicuik / 8:36pm 2 Aug 2007

Strange how a police car going up Pomathorn Brae can be identified as a UFO! (8th Sept 1999)

Report as unsuitable
48. Waspy100 / 8:48pm 2 Aug 2007

22 mysterious objects?
Sounds easier to find than 22 class players at an Edinburgh derby game.

Report as unsuitable
49. Comment Removed
This comment has been removed by a moderator.
50. canauscat, Toronto / 9:01pm 2 Aug 2007

I would be astonished and dismayed if an alien species given, say, 100,000 years of flourishing civilization, had so feeble a grasp of the universe as we. I have no idea what they might be capable of. But I wonder: having seen us, why would they ever come back?

Report as unsuitable
51. scotty Boy, Edinburgh / 9:12pm 2 Aug 2007

Yip,believe theres somthing there but just dont know exactly what,would like to see more evidence.

Report as unsuitable
52. Pilrig., Livingston / 10:06pm 2 Aug 2007

20 - not necessarily. By all accounts Bob Taylor was a genuine guy who honestly believed in his experience.

Report as unsuitable
53. Pilrig., Livingston / 10:08pm 2 Aug 2007

30 - he'll be blunted on Monday night.

Report as unsuitable
54. Graeme Gibson, Sydney Australia / 11:07pm 2 Aug 2007

Have you read "The Cosmic Conspiracy" by Stan Deyo? Its still on the net. Stan (ex-US Airforce) says that the New World Order has been building electric flying discs as part of a plan to one day present our long-lost ancestors from another star system, in order to seduce the world with its (the New World Order's) long-hidden technology. I believe Stan as much as I would believe anyone on this issue. His book also has christian themes which also make great sense. UFOs are frequently seen in and around military bases in the US probably because they are being built and tested there. The Bible says there is a great spiritual battle going on in the Heavenlies (Ephesisan 6:12-18) with spirit beings in the form of evil spirits involved. Im more than convinced that if there is other life on other worlds, God wont let it interfere with what is happening here on earth between Himself and satan. If UFO's are real, then men are building them. Who knows what incredible discoveries were made during WW2 then concealed? Think UFO's? Think MEN DECEIVING MEN for power over men! In need today? Jesus is always there. "If you call on His Name you will be saved"...Romans 10:13. Got a lively christian church to go to this Sunday?

Report as unsuitable
55. jon doe / 12:48am 3 Aug 2007

Last time i saw flying saucers with spinning lights was when i was with an ex girlfriend.
its ok im fine was just our engagemrnt dishes...

Report as unsuitable
56. The Wizard, OZ / 2:30am 3 Aug 2007

I saw one an alien years ago. It was talking to a petrol pump outside Tynecastle--mind you, aliens are not unusual in that area.

Report as unsuitable
57. Dr Blockbuster aka Vince, Dunbar in EAST LOTHIAN / 3:51am 3 Aug 2007

Dr Blockbuster is open-minded about these UFO's!

One thing about East Lothian is certainly that the skies are much clearer ... no city glow ... but I personally have not seen anything in the way of a UFO. There are certainly plenty of low flying objects .. notably jets doing mock combats on a Friday, hot air balloons, and now microlights.

I'd love to see some photographic evidence. Oooo .. by the way, Area 51 now appears to have a big red X on it on googlearth, but Dr B has a huge picture afore that naughty action was taken!!!

Report as unsuitable
58. Graeme Gibson, Sydney Australia / 4:10am 3 Aug 2007

Who's to say the British scientists didnt discover some "serendipity thing" during WW2 as well. Many governments have been playing around with anti-grav for a long time. Why would they not keep it quiet? We ordinary folks are just simple-minded ordinary people hardly worthy of a second glance to some.
Anyway, we should know soon if UFO's are solid or demon dreams. The "signs of the times" as set out in Luke chapter 21 show that time is running out and soon Jesus Christ will be back. A great increase in wars, earthquakes, famines and diseases in the "last days" is fully observable, as is the initial propaganda for the microchip on either the right hand or forehead of Revelation 13:16-18/14:9-11. Other interesting references can be found in 2 Timothy 3, Matthew chapter 24 and Revelation.

Report as unsuitable
59. The Wizard, OZ / 4:30am 3 Aug 2007

58 Graeme Gibson

I'm amazed that people in the 21st century still believe in that nonsense.

If you live in Queensland that might explain it because it is said that God made Queensland great one day and perfect the next. Unfortunately he populated it with numpties.

Report as unsuitable
60. Graeme Gibson, Sydney Australia / 9:17am 3 Aug 2007

Actually The Wizard, I used to live in Queensland but recently moved south back to New South Wales. My field of interest is visions and prophecies, mainly of an invader on Australian soil (Gods Judgment because of the sins of the people) and seriously I came across so many revelations to so many solid, dependable, bible-believing Christian folk in Australia about this asian invader that I figured that I had better move south back into NSW and well away from what apppears to be, future enemy territory. I actually expect this invader as far south as Byron Bay, NSW. Today I live in Sydney. The "endtimes" environment will provide for great change in this part of the world. I dont expect Australia to fare too well unless national Christian revival breaks out. Want a bit of advice folk. Stay in Britain. Australias national defences are some of the worst in the western world. All glossed over with lots of Australian defence dept. propaganda but in truth, moth eaten and third world. There are no guns in the defence dept. cupboard for a citizens home guard defence force and the private citizens are down to bolt and lever action rifles. How does that stand against the great asian armies to Australias north? Pathetic! Stay at home. Britain has a sunnier future than Australia.

Report as unsuitable
61. JAB, Edinburgh / 12:13pm 3 Aug 2007

Another slow news day?

Report as unsuitable
62. Concerned mum, Edinburgh / 10:48pm 2 Aug 2007

My uncle (cakes) saw a ufo over tin pan alley park behind park avenue in loanheed in the late 70's. He was a kid at the time and was never the same after that (very quiet and withdrawn).

Report as unsuitable
63. Taras Shevchenko / 6:08pm 3 Aug 2007

#54. have you read "The Pecker Conspiracy" by Fish Fin? You can catch multiple updates on EEN threads.

I don't know anything about "the Heavenlies" BUT there will be a great spiritual battle soon (Tynie 7:45-50).

#59. The Wizard probably choked on a chico roll when he lived in Queensland and can't bring himself to go back. But hey, Oz is still not a repulic so its ALL the QUEENSland suckers.

Australia's a funny place - they've some of the largest gay festivals in the world but they pull Humprey B Bear from the kids tv schedule because he only wears a tartan waistcoat and nothing to cover below his waist? WTF is that all about?

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64. Graeme Gibson, Sydney Australia / 1:56am 4 Aug 2007

Its a strange nation, Australia, Taras. A land of many anomolies. A land of a drifting, directionless people. For decades we pushed the aborigines off to one side and to let them die quielty with their alcohol. Now we decide we want to save them after 200years neglect and abuse by the white man. A land of increasing homosexuality much to our shame. But then the politicians are to blame for much of this for allowing the gay movement access to their ears. Same with Islam. Islam became a power in Australia because many of the policitians had left "the Holy Bible way" or never even knew Christs Path in their upbringing; and wanted votes more than the exposure of one of the worlds most dangerous religious cults. So Islam quielty grew like a fungus in a corner and became a real threat to Christianity and democracy in Australia. And some Islamics stored guns away for the great day of Jihad here in Australia when they would make a move for a take-over. And the intelligence services let it happen because they are unreliable. And the Chinese spies came in (according to Chen Yonglin, ex-Canberra Chinese diplomat on the run in Australia from Chinese hitmen) and the Chinese photographed, mapped and measured everything for the day when they move south to claim us as NEW SOUTH CHINA. And the intelligence services let it happen. The Labor party let the states of Australia become rundown and now the infrastructures are collapsing. Sydney Rail is a total mess. So are the ferries and the buses. Its quicker to pedal thatn go by car in most big cities. Out in the bush medical services are collapsing. We cant run oursleves anymore. And as I have said, Defence is moth eaten and third world. Its a land of many anomolies and no one to fix these anomolies up. The school teachers complain constantly about the violence in our highschools yet its these same school teachers who wanted the Holy Bible out of the schools and now the kids are out of control because they have no fear of judgment by headmasters (and certainly no fear of God) and no absolutes to live with. And the trendies want the Queen out and Westminster out and the Constitution out and the flag changed to whatever symbol they choose, probably a latte cup with a pink background. Australia like many other nations is in decline and only Christian Revival will save it. Im 100% sure that in the Bibles endtimes we are going to see an asian invader take more than half of Australia and God is going to allow it because of the sins of the people. There are many revelations that speak about this amongst the committed christians of Australia. I hear England is going to get rainfall in the endtimes. Much of London will be under water before Jesus gets back. You need to pray ernestly for Great Britain.

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