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Inside the military UFO underground; three insiders describe a military underground awash in UFOs


Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Robert O. Dean(above) says NATO met E.T.

In 1969, Project Blue Book--the 16-year U.S. Air Force investigation of UFOs--came to an end, and so did the government's interest in extraterrestrial flying discs. Or so the American public has been told. In recent years, numerous individuals and documents from various agencies have emerged from behind the veil of government secrecy to tell a different story. Their spin: that while the government officially abandoned all interest in UFOs, a secret military underground was hot on the trial of suspicious radar blips, saucers, and even the aliens themselves. What follows are the stories of three individuals--two of whom come with impressive military credentials; they say they have glimpsed what seems like evidence of a decades-old cover-up cloaked in the guise of national security. The third interviewee, a propulsion-system engineer, claims he was hired by an independent military contractor to study the innards of an extraterrestrial spacecraft being researched and tested on the Nellis Air Range in central Nevada.

Omni cannot endorse the veracity of the stories told below. In fact, we must emphasize that extraordinary tales like these require extraordinary levels of proof certainly not furnished in our pages, nor, we feel, anywhere else. That said, we'll get to the fun part. In the pages that follow, you'll find strange tales of alien intrigue and UFO woe. Decide for yourself: Are these the ravings of demented hoaxers and madmen or revelations or truth? Their stories, deliverd in dossier format, have been edited from interviewss conducted by another A.J.S. Rayl during the past year.


NATO Meets E.T.

Name: Robert O. Dean, retired Army command sergeant major

Claim: Back in the Sixties, NATO issued a classified report stating the UFOs were real, or extraterrestrial origin, and have visited the earth. This extraordinary report was said to come out of NATO's command center, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe (SHAPE), located then just outside of Paris, France.

Background: Dean, a highly decoreated veteran, served on the front in both Korea and Vietnam. In 1963, while assigned to the Supreme Headquarters Operations Center (SHOC), SHAPE's was room, headed up by then-supreme allied commander of Europe, Gen. Luman Lemnitzer, Dean claims he was able to read the detalied 12-inch-thick NATO report on UFOs.

The Story: "SHAPE was one of those choice assignments. You had to have a spotless record and pass security background checks. I applied on a whim and got it I was very proud and pleased. At SHAPE, I was put through more security checks, given a Cosmic Top Secret (yes, this is a real term) clearance, the highest NATO has, and assigned to the Supreme Headquarters Operations Center, known as SHOC, the NATO war room. In those days, the activity would run hot and cold and much of it would depend on how the Soviets wanted to play it. The most intriguing thing to me was that we were continually having a problem, with large, metallic, circular objects that would appear over central Europe; these were reported as visual phenomena by our pilots and appeared on radar as well. Some flew in formation, and most of the time we spotted them coming out of the Soviet Union, over East Germany, West Germany, France, and then they would often circle somewhere over the English Channel and head north, disappearing from NATO radar over the Norwegian Sea. These objcts were very large, moving very fast, at very high altitudes--higher than we could reach at the time--and they seemded obviously under intelligent control.

"I was told this had been going on for some time and that in February 1961 there had been quite a scare. Fifty of these objects were spotted on radar and headed in formation from the Soviet Union toward Europe, flying at about 100,000 feet. The Soviets had closed all borders. Everybody went to red alert. All hell broke loose. We really thought 'The War' had started. We scrambled. We knew the Russians were scrambling. It was the largest number of these objects that had been seen. Fortunately--and only by the grace of God--we didn't start bombing and neither did the Russians. In nine minutes, they were gone.

"I was told that then-Deputy Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, Sir Thomas Pike, had been repeatedly requesting infromation from London and Washington about these objects, but nothing would ever come. We found out later that the Columbine-Topaz spy ring in Paris was intercepting everything and forwarding it to the KGB, which often got intelligence information even before we did. So Pike decided, I was told, to develop an in-house study to determine whether these objects were a military threat.

"In the meantime, the UFO matter literally brought about the establishment of direct communication between the East and West in 1962, which I have always found interesting and ironic. We had pretty well determined by that time that these were not Russian craft, and the Russians had determined they were not ours. So, we came to an understanding, and a direct telephone line was opened between SHOC and the Warsaw Pact Headquarters Command. Of course, a setup was always a possibility, so we had backup ways of checking out whether the Russians were being truthful. But since we were both armed to the teeth and World War III was just ticking away, it was a logical step in the right direction. That idea developed into the hotline between the president of the United States and the soviet premier, following the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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