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High-rise UFO abductions

Alien abductions routinely occur in big cities and high-rise buildings around the world

If you had to guess the perfect time and place for a UFO abduction, you would probably choose a deserted country road late at night. But according to Budd Hopkins, author of two books on UFO abduction, the idea that aliens only snatch people from desolate areas is a myth. In reality, Hopkins claims, abductions routinely occur in big cities around the world.

But there's one catch: Alien craft do not actually land in populated areas, Hopkins explains. Instead, they hover 15, 20, or even 30 floors up and abduct people through windows. "I know it seems impossible that this could happen in a place like New York City," Hopkins contends, "yet it goes on alot.

"What's more," he adds, "high-rise abductions are extraordinarily similar to their rural counterparts." Indeed, like the rural variety, urban abductions occur in the wee hours of the morning. Urban abductees, like their country cousins, report unpleasant medical exams aboard the alien craft. And virtually all abductees say they've been abducted repeatedly since childhood, regardless of their address. "If they pick you up, they pick you up when you're a child, and you're like a tagged elk," says Hopkins. "You're part of the ongoing thing."


Linda Nap (not her real name) is a typical highrise abductee. Nap, a secretary, claims that she was first abducted from her family's home on the fifteenth floor of a Manhattan apartment building at the age of six. Nap vividly recalls "a toy top with lights" on the roof of a neighboring building and says that paralysis and fear were all part of the bizarre childhood events. She is especially keen to describe an abduction which she claims took place in the fall of 1989. "I was in bed in my twelfth-floor apartment on Manhattan's East Side," she says. Suddenly she found herself standing outside her window bathed in a blue-white light.

"They'll get you anywhere," adds Gerald Chamberlain, a trombone player who performs on Broadway. "When skies are overcast after dark, there can be 50 UFOs sitting 200 feet off the ground of a big city, and no one will know it." According to Chamberlain, aliens abducted him from his backyard in Refugio, Texas, when he was a child, in 1953. He also says he has been abducted "more times than I can count" from his six-story apartment in Upper Manhattan, since the 1980s.

But if so many UFOs are visiting densely populated areas and abducting victims, how is it that none have ever been documented? According to Chamberlain, the aliens can "erase any episode from the minds of witnesses. They can tell an entire borough to forget what they saw. I recently saw a UFO in Queens. I was yelling and pointing and there must have been 40 people in the street, but nobody looked. People just don't watch the sky. Especially in the city. They just don't look up."

"Crazy as all this sounds," adds Hopkins, "if one can accept the idea of a craft that's circular, can stop on a dime, make right-angle turns, and go almost instantly from zero to God-knows-what speed, then one has to accept that these craft can visit the city, too."

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