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  • The reason the government lies about ET's is because the entire concept of "Earth living" would be over turned if they came clean about it. The rabbit hole is so deep and so incredulous that even the most imaginative minds cannot conceive of what is really behind the veil. This reality is so outrageous that even if the government were to tell people the truth about everything, nobody would believe it. The truth is hidden in plain sight, because the truth is simply too strange and too bizzare to accept at face value. Our Earth is run by ET's, as well as artificial intelligence. Our Earth is part of a giant computer program, a projection, an illusion. ET's can enter into this projection, and can change things at will. The MIB have access to the computer program, they are the enforcers of this reality, they keep the occupants of this game from realizing that we are in a game. Earth is a school. It's a big game folks, a school and a game. It's not bad that bad stuff is happening, but it is a school and we are supposed to learn. The entire point of having a soul is to learn and to grow. If you just follow the game then you don't pass the Earth school, and you have to repeat the Earth school. Free energy is real, absolutely, because this is a giant video game, and in a game, anything is possible if you use the correct software program to interact with the primary operating system. Bob Dean, who worked in Cosmic Top Secret said that ET's told him that we are living in a video game, and he worked for NATO. Bob witnessed ET's working alongside Humans in the Pentagon. This reality is simply so bizzare and so hard to deal with that this reality would effectively be rendered "null and void" if they were to completely reveal everything. People with tall spinal cords and a lower core body temperature have RH negative blood, they have a "non human" body and therefore should not be considered Human. We have ET's living on Earth. RH negative blood people don't get sick, and can't reproduce reliably and safely with regular Humans, and yet we teach evolution. Ask your friends if they have RH negative blood. These same friends will have a seemingly infinite tolerance to all poisons, chemicals, drugs and infections, and they will have a very tall spine. There is not a primate living on Earth that has RH negative blood, so where did RH negative people originate from? These questions should raise suspicion.

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      • Here we see a reasonable account of the truth from a news agency, We all too
        often see the typical media tactics of acting like it's a big joke, and the author or
        commentator drawing attention from the FACTs by acting like an idiot over the
        subject matter. We need more investigative reporting on this subject not comic
        relief or minimum efforts. Here we see a fair job of reporting however, a few lines
        of text for a subject of such importance is a little disappointing. I hope we see
        more investigative type reports from this news agency in the future.

          • For many years now, I see most of the news media has reported this as if it were a second rate comic at a comedy club. It is too bad the media has such an influence on the vast majority.

              • I don't believe, at least in this case, that the mocking attitude is entirely based on the fact that this is a UFO based hearing. Its that a group of adults got together to put on a little public spectacle for attention and book sales.

                Any logical person can see that the very last thing the organizers would want is for any cover-up, if it exists, to be revealed. They'd be out of an income as they'd have no more conferences to sell tickets to or books to write. The attendees don't want it to be over either because then this perpetual game of fantasy role playing would be over and life would get mundane again, like it was before they stumbled across the wrong internet forum while bored at work.

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                    Thank you George! I always perk up when they announce you are the host for C2C. I'm so sick of the nay sayers and those who won't even discuss the subject. Ah yes, a head in the sand will make it all go away...not.

                      • I watched the hearings online and they were very interesting and informative. The witnesses were intelligent and very knowledgeable. They had proof of what they were talking about and gave the panel copies of their information.They also learned alot about the coverup and secrets that our govenment has kept for about 60 years. It is time that truth come out and that the Government and whoever else is running the show above them start working for the People. Thats what its suppose to be about.

                        • Nice article, but this only scratches the surface of the real cover up and that is free energy! Free energy!!! ET is a small part of the picture. N.Tesla,T.T.Brown never mentioned ET, it's about the FREE energy that is being repressed by neanderthals Big Oil!!!! Free propulsion...as Tesla's backers asked him "where do we put the meter?"

                          Their only thought is a pea brained $$$$$$$$$

                            • Probably the best article by far. Good to know we have reporters who actually have done their own research themselves before covering such a story and not sound like most foolish reporters whose main coverage was all on the Tin-Foil Hats and how much the congressmen-women were paid.

                                • Thank you George...simply put greatly appreciated.

                                    • Great article but you left out the part where the other journalists misquote the witnesses and panel to further discredit the subject.

                                        • Well written article. Basically, the American people have been conditioned to act this way when the subject of alien spaceships and E.T.'s come up. People fear ridicule and so try to distance themselves as much as possible. They don't want to be perceived as part of the tin-foil hat crowd.

                                            • Excellent and highly relevant article, George.
                                              We can only ask for balanced and informative reporting on any issue.

                                              Smart-arsed remarks and lazy journalism seems to be the standard we're expected to accept without criticism from the current batch of ego-tripping know-it-alls, who have clearly done little - if any - research on the topic of extraterrestrial visitation and the National Security State.

                                              If they only knew the utter contempt they are held in by those who have taken the time to read the evidence, the smirks would soon be wiped off their self-satisfied faces.

                                                • It doesn't matter, man. It really doesn't. It doesn't matter how snarky and willfully blind and derisive and dismissive the media is about the subject. Fuck 'em. The truth is the truth and as we all know the truth will "out".

                                                    • Well said, George. I agree whole heartedly. Please keep up the journalistic integrity.

                                                        • This overview of the UFO freak show is a bit more tempered: http://devoid.blogs.heraldtrib....

                                                          • When people start hyping UFOs to promote videos games and movies they are not credible to talk about the subject in a serious setting (see: Stanton Friedman, Nick Pope). And is that the same Paul Hellyer who served a couple years as Minister of Defense in the 1960s and then, afterwards, flipped between three different parties searching for a new leadership post that no one would give him because he was so whacky in his DefMin post (and that was before he started talking about UFOs)?

                                                            Just want to clarify.

                                                            • Just spent two days at the hearings. Riveting! Was hoping you might be there.

                                                              The Congress people on the panel were convinced after one day, and they are learning more and more each day.

                                                              I believe that this conference will contribute to the disclosure process in ways it is hard to foresee.

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                                                                  UFOs are good for the government over the years. When a secret experimental aircraft is being tested and someone says they "saw this strange object in the sky," it will be dismissed as a sighting from a kook or a guy who saw a flock of birds while shooting a hole in his backyard tree while on a drunken binder.

                                                                    • good article. Well, hopefully things are progressing slowly but surely. I did get a real feeling this time round that each use of the terms like "little green men" are getting so tired that all they are doing is displaying how utterly unimaginative these so called journalists are. But fortunately some have been doing better. I think the effects of this hearing might not be instant, but it will slowly populate youtube and gradually catch on. I hadn't even heard of the Disclosure project until 2012 and it was enough to make me spend most of the last year digging deeper. I've heard a few people, even now full time UFO researchers also cite DP as the event that got them into it. This hearing could have an even bigger impact, but it might take a little more time. I think things are definitely improving because Gen X and even more so Gen Y and beyond are moving away from mainstream media altogether and getting their news online. This can only be a good thing.

                                                                        • It seems to me that Greer just wants to polish his apple a bit shinier and Bassett is honestly outraged every time a petition is taken lightly but the benefit of these hearings is the press coverage. Getting this info in front of the low information people and all the media attention it is getting makes people pay attention. Even the current politicians. The problem is that there are only a good size handful of people that really know what is going on and they do not reside at the White House or in Justice. They are deep inside of the Department of defense mostly and in agencies that people have never heard about. They are paying attention and they are looking for a way to get some info out. This pressure provides a few very small avenues to move disclosure a few inches forward. At some point we can expect partial or limited disclosure but it will never start with the U.S., the DOD will chime and say..........oh we know about that too. That is the time amnesty needs to be offered. Information for a get out of jail card will (unfortunately) have to be put on the table. We are still a few years away but not as many as most people think.