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Thursday, July 20, 2000 Vol 94, No. 62

Radio station program questions government

by Jeff Fouquet

The government may have a problem. A widespread problem. There is a growing forum from which people of alternative beliefs are being able to address the issues that are important to them.

One radio program is leading the charge straight toward questionable policies and government "propaganda management programs." Just how much jeopardy is Washington in? Well, the enemy is just down the street. Coast to Coast Radio AM with Mike Siegel is the largest late night radio talk program in America, according to press.

The program has an unwritten policy of "calling a spade a spade" when it comes to federal and international cover-ups. With the recent examples (and historical accounts) of dishonesty passed on to the people from our nation's leaders, people are rallying behind Siegel's attempts to substantiate what they consider to be the truth.

The July 6 program was no exception. Siegel assembled a panel of experts in the field of UFO/Extraterrestrial (ET) phenomena and an attorney formerly involved in nationally recognized cases such as the Pentagon Papers, Watergate and the Iran/Contra affair to address the disclosure of supposed documentation of alien existence and the unconstitutionality of the government's refusal of such a request.

Among Siegel's guests was Alfred Webre, author of Exopolitics, the study of Earth as part of an interplanetary governed society and the implications that the disclosure of the classified documents would have. Webre has taught at both Yale University and the University of Texas, been a futurist with the Stanford Research Institute and is a Fulbright Scholar.

Webre believes that "the universe evolves itself." He went on to explain that the universal life forms seek out and choose the places that they will inhabit. He is also of the belief that the Earth is under intentional mental and physical quarantine from the rest of a universal society. Webre points out that in order to be re-integrated, we would have to give up war, which he says is too much of a money maker. Webre maintains that the powers that preside on our planet are not willing to allow that huge shift of power.

Coast to Coast AM also featured Stephen Bassett, lobbyist, activist and columnist. Bassett was the creator of the Paradigm Clock and founder of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC). According to Bassett's Paradigm Clock, there is a continual movement toward disclosure, but certain actions and events influence the clock in a positive or negative way.

According to the model, when the clock strikes midnight, there will be a forthcoming of highly appointed officials to say in Bassett's terms, "Yeah, we got aliens." Along the same lines as Webre's belief of ET's view of war, Bassett believes that the creation and detonation of the atomic bomb had much to do with the Roswell crash near Roswell, N.M., in 1947.

Bassett believes that the aliens came down to Earth to try to stop us from MAD (mutually assured destruction), but that heavy satellite signals in the Roswell area damaged their machine's ability to be controlled. According to Bassett, "the world was headed towards something unpleasant." He believes that when scientists and experts overlooked the possibility of setting the atmosphere on fire with the atomic bomb, they crossed a line. Bassett said we were being contacted to prevent global disaster.

The last of Siegel's panel was Daniel Sheehan, the aforementioned attorney. Sheehan's expertise is in "black budget" programs, government disinformation and covert warfare. Sheehan believes that there may be CIA disinformation operations ranging from mock abductions, sightings and implants just to destroy credibility.

Sheehan also believes that our "black budget" is paying for a military armament to wage an interplanetary war against the galactic visitors. With his extensive credentials and years of experience, Sheehan has come forward and claims to have seen declassified photos of US Air Force personnel measuring a downed flying saucer crashed into a snowy hillside, as well as government documents substantiating that there are from two to six different highly technological life forms sharing our universe, as well as diagrams of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that have been found by government agencies.

He also sighted studies stating that some five to six percent of sightings could have absolutely no other explanation than that of an outer space encounter. Sheehan has founded the Christic Institute, a public-interest law firm, and is seeking support to take his case to the courtroom and have it proven that not only is disclosure unconstitutional, that what the government has been planning to do about it is unconstitutional as well.

If you'd like more information on any of these organizations, please contact:, or Bassett at Webre's book Exopolitics can be purchased at, Sheehan's Christic Institute is on-line at

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