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Announcing Project Open Book: Omni's inquiry into the UFO phenomenon

This is a special issue of Omni, one that's likely to be controversial, and is frankly designed to be provocative. Our subject is alleged alien presence in our skies and among our population, and the possibility of government cover-ups both here and abroad of alien spacecraft and beings. Our approach is uniquely Omni.

It's time, we feel, to clear the air about UFOs, close encounters of any kind, abductions, and all the kinds and classes of alleged extraterrestial--or extradimensional or extratemporal--visitation. To open the topic to the hard light of rational scientific and journalistic inquiry.

We are not speaking of tabloid sensationalism or special-effects wish fulfillment. No E.T. No supermarket flying saucers.

It's a simple question. Is there evidence of alien presence on Earth, and have governments suppressed that evidence? We can answer that, can't we?


The essence of science is skepticism; the watchword of the scentific method is proof. Hearsay and rumor--which run rife in the UFO community--don't count. What's required for a scientific investigation is evidence, documentation, fact. All of which are in short supply in the UFO phenomenon.

At heart of the phenomenon, fueling many of the stories, lies consistent and unfortunate government mishandling of alleged encounter investigations. (Not just our government: Read Jim Oberg's look at Russian UFO reasearch in this issue.) Whether there are or aren't any encounters, the government's posture has been to classify and confuse its research, leading to an environment perfect for paranoia.

And paranoia is so appealing, so romantic. There is an aura of mystery, of secrets we're not allowed to apprehend, of cover-ups and conspiracies. It's so easy to assume someone else is in control.

It's time for the secrecy to end. It's time for us to take control.

That's why Omni is inaugurating, with this isssue, Project Open Book. If it's name reminds you in some ways of the government's long-suspended Project Blue Book, that's not by accident.

Put simply, Project Open Book is Omni's effort to provide a clearinghouse for hard, documented information about alien encounters, and especially about government cover-ups of alleged encounters. Omni is ready to take a look, hopeful of arriving at some answers.

One way or the other. We have no ax to grind; we do not approach the topic as "true believers" nor do we dismiss the possibility of extraterrestial presence out of hand. For better or worse, we are willing to examine the question serously, to investigate worthwhile reports, to share the information with our readers and the world. An Open Book.

The Project starts now. We start by laying the historical groundwork . This issue, we begin a multipart series that will, month by month, look back at the leading stories of alleged cover-ups over the past half century . Beyond that, we'll look toward the future, toward avoiding or overcoming the confusion and misinformation that too often surround UFO materials.

We also provide you with the tools to seek information on your own. Check out the "Freedom Fighters Handbook" this month, and add your voice to those calling for government files to be opened to public scrutiny.

You're part of this. We welcome your submissions to Project Open Book. If you have evidence--evidence that can be backed up, supported, and confirmed six ways from Sunday--send it to Omni: Project Open Book, 324 West Wendover Avenue, Suite 205, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27408, or join us in the new Project Open Book section of Omni Online, available through America Online, where you will be able to post your stories, engage in debates, and add your voice to the mix.

Send copies of your materials, and keep the originals in a safe place. While we promise to treat submissions with respect, we cannot guarantee their return, nor can we guarantee a response to every submission we receive.

We do guarantee that submissions able to stand up to the scrutiny of scentific and journalistic investigation will be shared with the world.

Together, we can put an end to the foolishness that surrounds this fascinating topic.

COPYRIGHT 1994 Omni Publications International Ltd.
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