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Anatomy of an abduction - by extraterrestrials


Leah A. Haley


Accountant, mother of two, from Columbus, Mississippi


By 1990 Leah Haley had begun recalling unsetting dreams of visits aboard spacecraft with aliens; the images were at once so "strange" and so "real" she sought professional help. Her therapist, Springfield, Missouri, social worker John Carpenter, known for his work with UFO abductees, says Haley's case is special. "The details were amazingly specific and corroborated unpublished details from the best case data we have so far." What's more, he points out, Haley's story had a spin: Her "recollections" apparently involved the United States military, which she claimed harassed her so she wouldn't go public with her tale.

After undergoing hypnosis, Haley has come to believe her abduction dreams were real. She eventually went public in 1993 with a self-published book, Lost Was the Key, after legally changing her name to Leah A. Haley "to protect my family and children."


Inventory of Claims

Memories from the Deep. In 1960 Haley, then nine years old, and her brother, then seven, saw what they thought was a spacecraft landing in the woods near their home in Gardendale. Alabama. "I saw three objects, two of which quickly darted away," she explains. "The third was silver, completely spherical in shape, and it sat still for a long time in the sky."

Decades later, in July 1990, Haley visited with her mother and brother in Alabama, and during a conversation about extraterrestrials sparked by a newspaper article, Haley recounted a "strange, very real dream. I was in a spaceship, in a round room, lying on a platform with small chalky white creatures with big black eyes doing some kind of medical things to me," she recalls,

After the dreams increased, she contacted John Carpenter in hopes of finding some mental illness or disorder to explain what was going on. Instead, during 15 sessions of hypnotic regression, she recalled countless specific abductions starting at age 3, She even conjured an undersea alien facility, complete with alien craft and a captive soldier, held against his will.

Military Intervention. During hypnosis and in flashbacks. Haley also recalled her abduction by military personnel. For instance, she told of an alien craft that she believes crashed near a beach while she was aboard, after which military personnel escorted her away. Comments Carpenter. "That episode unraveled as vividly as any I've heard."

Since September 1990, Haley claims, she has been "followed by military types in navy blue or white cars," and occasionally by black unmarked helicopters. She also claims she has been monitored via her telephone and in person, because. she now speculates, "I was on that alien craft when it crashed and the military wanted to glean information and make me shut up."

In April 1991, Haley charges, military harassment made its most insidious appearance at the Columbus Air Force Base in the form of Major (then Captain) Tracy Poole, whose wife was in Haley's accounting class. Haley says Poole extended "an unusually persistent invitation" to view space shuttle Endeavour during its stopover at the base. Armed guards surrounding the shuttle and signs posted around the spacecraft warning that "Deadly force is authorized," Haley notes, explain why she considered the invitation "a possible setup to interrogate or kill me."

Technology Gone Awry. Haley also reports loosened locks and window screens, disturbances in the phone line. and the spontaneous disarming of her security system. not to mention strange sounds throughout her house, leading her to believe someone or something was inside.

Weird Body Marks. Haley has found "more than one hundred strange marks" on different parts of her body, including injection marks, scoop marks, and red, circular vaccinationlike marks, apparently made with three separate prongs. She also reports other physical anomalies, such as "Morse Code-type beeps" in her ears, intense back spasms, voices and imagery, and frequent soreness in her ovaries. On numerous occasions, she says, "I have felt dazed, unable to concentrate or focus."

Sane Psychometric Profile. Haley visited Florence, Alabama, psychiatrist Thomas G. Shafer three times in 1992. Shafer, who has no connection to the UFO field, concluded that there was "no evidence of organic psychoses such as schizophrenia, organic brain syndrome, or bipolar illness." In a letter to her and released to Omni, he wrote: "It is my opinion that you suffered some sort of extremely traumatic experience in the woods that day long ago as a child. Your descriptions of being naked, lying powerless, having your body explored suggest very strongly to me that the actual experience was a sexual molestation. It is my professional opinion," he concluded, "that you suffer from delayed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to childhood experiences, complicated by a paranoid state caused by the hypnosis sessions, and I've recommended you undergo treatment by a licensed M.D. or Ph.D. certified in hypnotherapy to help you resolve these issues."

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