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Former astronaut says Roswell UFO crash true

Steve Hammons
April 20, 2009
(This article originally appeared on the Joint = Recon Study=20 Group and Transcendent=20 TV & Media sites.)

According to a CNN report April 20, = 2009,=20 former astronaut Edgar Mitchell told an audience at the National Press = Club in=20 Washington, D.C., that the basic story of a 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, = New=20 Mexico, is true.

Mitchell was an astronaut on the Apollo 14 = mission to=20 the moon in 1971 and he spoke at the National Press Club after the fifth = annual=20 X-Conference, an event focused on research involving UFOs.

CNN = reported=20 that Mitchell told journalists that there is firm knowledge that=20 extraterrestrial life exists and this information is being held back = from the=20 general public in the U.S. and internationally.

Mitchell was = raised in=20 Roswell and knew many of the townspeople there. He said they confided to = him=20 years later about what they knew, although they had been told to keep = the=20 information quiet.

In addition, Mitchell said that about 10 years = ago a=20 Navy admiral working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed to him that = a UFO=20 had crashed at Roswell.

Citing the existence of evidence, = Mitchell=20 stated, "No, we're not alone."


Mitchell's=20 statements are not surprising to many researchers and average citizens. = Other=20 people might find Mitchell's comments unsettling because there is also a = natural=20 skepticism about claims of UFOs and visitation to Earth by beings from = other=20 planets (and/or dimensions).

Claims of this kind coming from a = respected=20 and highly-trained person like Mitchell are not easily=20 dismissed.

Information about an alleged crash of a spacecraft = piloted by=20 intelligent beings has been around for decades. Books, articles, movies = and TV=20 shows have told the story.

However, thinking about the possible = reality=20 of such a situation leads to many other questions: What else has = happened in the=20 area of UFOs? Have we made contact with other civilizations visiting our = planet?=20 Are they friend or foe? Can they help us solve some of the problems of = the human=20 race? Why has there been so much secrecy?

In the many accounts = and tales=20 about the Roswell incident, it is often noted that in the summer of 1947 = the=20 U.S. had just ended a devastating period during World War II. Military = secrecy=20 and security had been of the utmost importance during the = war.

Some of=20 the first people to learn about the Roswell crash were Army Air Corps=20 (forerunner of the U.S. Air Force) personnel from the nearby Roswell = Army Air=20 Field, including intelligence officers.

Despite an intriguing = press=20 release that was issued to the media by the RAAF public information = officer=20 about a flying saucer being obtained by base officials, higher command = quickly=20 dismissed the story as a case of mistaken identity =96 the debris found = was=20 actually a weather balloon-type device, news reporters were = told.

Behind=20 the scenes of such a scenario, it would be logical to consider that the = Truman=20 administration, Pentagon and intelligence officials would have been = shocked and=20 concerned, both about the incident itself and the psychological, = emotional and=20 social ramifications for Americans.


Are=20 we any more psychologically prepared today than in 1947? Mitchell seems = to think=20 so. And so do many other researchers.

Despite the perceived need = for=20 robust security reportedly involved in the Roswell incident and = subsequent=20 developments, some researchers say that the American public has slowly = and=20 steadily received "acclimation" to get used to the idea of = extraterrestrial=20 visitors.

Some of this acclimation has allegedly been through the = entertainment media and in fictional form as well as the management of=20 information carefully released in indirect ways to the = public.

American=20 kids raised on TV and movies since the 1950s have become used to the = idea of=20 extraterrestrials coming to Earth. Of course, a real-life situation = takes=20 exciting movie adventures to another level and could naturally cause = anxiety.

We humans don't have a great track record getting along = with each=20 other, let alone extraterrestrial beings who might be quite different = from=20 ourselves.

In addition to strange visitors, the situation could = be quite=20 complex. Our understanding of science and nature, the Universe, = spirituality and=20 even the human race itself could be given quite a shock.

If = Mitchell is=20 accurate in his statements, then certainly much has been learned since = 1947 by=20 people who have been given the task of handling such an important and = complex=20 situation. How much information is the public able to understand and = accept? Is=20 it good news or bad news, or a mixture of both?

If the Roswell = incident=20 was real, as Mitchell claims, what has been going on since that time = related to=20 extraterrestrial visitors? Were some of the security measures, = scientific=20 research and other activities questionable =96 either by human officials = or=20 visitors?

One thing seems clear, Mitchell has moved the ball = forward on=20 acclimation of our society and people internationally about the = possibility, or=20 probability, that the human race and Earth are being visited from = elsewhere and=20 that we need to prepare ourselves.

NOTE TO READERS: For more = information,=20 please visit the Joint Recon Study Group and Transcendent TV = &=20 Media sites and have a look around.

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Steve Hammons


Hammons was born and raised in the = Cincinnati area=20 and southwestern Ohio's Indiana-Kentucky border region. He has worked as = a=20 researcher, journalist, instructor, counselor, juvenile probation peace = officer=20 and public safety urgent response specialist. He graduated from Ohio = University,=20 Athens, Ohio, in southeastern Ohio with studies in communication = (journalism=20 focus), health education (psychology focus) and a minor in pre-law. Ohio = U. is=20 home of the prestigious Scripps College of Communication and E.W. = Scripps School=20 of Journalism. Hammons completed some graduate-level coursework in = guidance=20 counseling and psychotherapy theories from the OU College of Education's = School=20 of Applied Behavioral Sciences and Educational Leadership. He received=20 orientations to Army Special Forces operations while an Army officer = trainee at=20 OU. In his two published novels, "Mission Into Light" and the sequel = "Light's=20 Hand," a San Diego-based joint-service team of ten women and men = research=20 emerging special topics. This Joint Recon Study Group follows paths of = discovery=20 to help create a better world. Book, TV and film rights are available. = Hammons'=20 movie screenplay combines both novels. Pilot scripts for a proposed TV = series=20 have been developed.

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