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It is the right time for everyone to have the chance to process the truth, all else is confusion as we all sense within ourselves there is help available, of an advanced nature, within our sphere of existence. It is comparable to living next to an invisible house of wise people and knowing there is the informational structures available but no access to exchange. FRUSTRATING...

M. P. - Sydney, Australia

We have an individual, personal and collective responsibility towards truth as our connexion with reality, our worldview and the decisions we make depend upon it. Truth is not democratic, truth is. We realize how lies constrain us and truth liberates. Essentially, our nature is to be free , creative and loving.
. T. - Carleton, Canada

It's time. To think we are alone is foolish. To think we are alone is more concerning than having galactic neighbors. I believe it will help unite the planet, and turn our focus to better things.. Make it so!

C. M. - London, UK

II feel it is vitally important to bring all secretive projects involved with extraterrestrial races as well as all back-engineered technology under the legal oversight of democratically elected governments. The illegal secrecy around these issues is endangering the freedom and security of both the earth population and the visitors, some of whom may wish to work openly with us for the evolution of our species and societies. For these reasons I strongly endorse full disclosure now.

C .K. - Vancouver, Canada

I hope this event of the world extraterrestrial disclosure happens soon!! we know the truth, they have been here for a long time. It's time to tell the truth, it is time for the government to expose the truth!

A. P. - South Pasadena, CA

I'm from China, I will cheer for us all, This is the coolest thing I've ever been do. Bless you all !
O. L.
- Luxi, China

The People of the world deserve to officially know the truth of the existence of others and their continued interaction with the human race.

No more lies, no more secrets, no more hoarding of ET technology which could transform the entire planet for the better, simply so the elite and powerful few in civilian organisations, the military industrial complex and governments can benefit.

The human race is resilient, adaptable and mature enough to accept the truth and is ready to see the end poverty, conflict, global warming and disease just to name a few...It's time to move forward in the next step of human evolution and really understand the universe we're apart of.

M. P. - Sydney, Australia

The Puppet Governments and their Elitist factions must be forced to disclose the Truths that have been denied the peoples of the world. The lies about our History must be reveled, with no exceptions.
. W. - Deltona, FL

World governments take note. You are losing the support and respect of the people you supposedly govern. Listen to the voices of your people. Don't be dictated to by United States policies. Stand up for truth and reveal the bully tactics. Speak out and be counted.

J. W. - Perth, Australia

I recommend diplomatic immunity for those involved in the nefarious business of watching our species and world die for profit. That would remove perhaps the largest obstacle for whistle-blowers to come forward.

S.T. - Canton, NC

The chaos that seeps from non-disclosed information seeks to undermine all of US. As Individuals, our birth right, our natural God given rights, constitutional rights are violated. This causes unrest while completely skewing the game board. No justice will be available to US...we the PEOPLE until full Disclosure occurs.

S. N. - Santa Cruz, CA

I am convinced beyond doubt, that we are not lone on the universe and we were seeded here for an elaborate gene stock yard of our own advanced kind. I endorse the designation of July 8 as World Disclosure Day to be part of an international truth movement demanding that world governments formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.
A. K.
Subang Jaya, Malaysia

It is time for humanity to learn the truth. We are tired of living in this debt-slavery system, bereft of the Star Trek technology only the ruling elite is allowed to enjoy. We know we are not alone and we want to take part in the decision making affecting our lives. No one has the right to make decisions for us. We maintain our free will.

C. C. - Mira Loma, CA

Secrecy about the presence of intelligent alien life watching and interacting with us has been going on too long. We need DISCLOSURE now. I support the movement.
S. G. - Anapollis, MD

Tell the world the truth. This could unite the world to work together and realize we are one family living on the planet Earth.

J. H. - Victoria, Canada

For too long the secrecy surrounding the ET presence on Earth, and within our own solar system, has held back the advancement of the human race. Powerful companies, such as oil, drug, nuclear, medical and of course the military, do not want this information to be made available to the human race, for very obvious reasons. The powers who control the governments of the Earth will NOT let any government disclose this information to the public world. This is because of GREED and the power they hold. This greed and power will never be taken away from them, as far as they are concerned, so don't look too soon for your government to disclose anything soon. I believe disclosure will happen, but it will happen in such a way that it can

M.T. - Glascow, Scotland

The public have the right to know the truth now, not in 50 or plus years from now! Governments are elected by the people to help and protect us and not work against us.
S. S. - London, UK

For those who already know these self-evident Truths, it has been too long to wait for open acknowledgement. We who rely on our elected and appointed representatives feel betrayed by those representatives who are not serving us by doing what their oaths require. That is Honest and open Disclosure of all Public subjects and issues to all People.
D. F. - Mill Valley, CA

It NEEDS to come ASAP. The people are ready. There is no need for war and hunger. The tech has been wrongfully and unfairly hidden from us to preserve the 1% elite control because there is "no money" in freedom.
P. W. - Milton, Canada

I fully and whole heartedly advocate, promote and meditate for full disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and existence on Earth and our solar system, full disclosure of the crimes against human race and our Mother Earth committed to keep this secret and humanity to take the first, and most important step towards a new Era and true evolution of humankind. Thanks with Love!.
J. H. - Bali, Indonesia

It is the right time for everyone to have the chance to process the truth, all else is confusion as we all sense within ourselves there is help available, of an advanced nature, within our sphere of existence. It is comparable to living next to an invisible house of wise people and knowing there is the informational structures available but no access to exchange. FRUSTRATING.
C. M. S. - London, UK

I am an adult and can handle the responsibility in acting in a mature manner when the governments come together with the people of the world and admit that we are not alone.
C. B. - Keeling, VA

I endorse the designation of July 8 as World Disclosure Day to be part of an international truth movement demanding that world governments formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.
J. M. - Monte Carlo, Monaco

We have an individual, personal and collective responsibility towards truth as our connection with reality, our worldview and the decisions we make depend upon it. Truth is not democratic, truth is. We realize how lies constrain us and truth liberates. Essentially, our nature is to be free , creative and loving.
P. T. - Carelton, Canada

I demand an end to the truth embargo about extraterrestrials NOW. Nobody has the right to deny humanity knowledge of this topic. I demand the truth, the full and complete truth and nothing but the truth.
J. H. - Wicklow Town, Ireland

It's time. To think we are alone is foolish. To think we are alone is more concerning than having galactic neighbors. I believe it will help unite the planet, and turn our focus to better things.. Make it so!
I. H. - Port St. Lucie, FL

The only reason disclosure continues to be suppressed is fear on the part of powerful elites within the economic, social and industrial complexes that new technology will upset the current wealth distribution and population control norms.
M. B. - Indian Harbor Beach, FL

I feel it is vitally important to bring all secretive projects involved with extraterrestrial races as well as all back-engineered technology under the legal oversight of democratically elected governments. The illegal secrecy around these issues is endangering the freedom and security of both the earth population and the visitors, some of whom may wish to work openly with us for the evolution of our species and societies. For these reasons I strongly endorse full disclosure now.
C. K. - Vancouver, Canada

I hope this event of world extraterrestrial disclosure happens soon!! We know the truth, they have been here for a long time. It's time to tell the truth. It is time for the government to expose the truth!
A. P. - South Pasadena, CA

Disclosure is long overdue...I endorse a day...but hope the government will confirm what most of us already know. Aliens from other worlds are visiting Earth via advanced craft commonly know as UFOs or UAP.
J. R. - Arlington, WA

We need to know the truth about an extraterrestrial presence and the governments have a responsibility to disclose the information they have been hiding from their populations for so long. Their failure to do this is an indictment of their capability of ruling in a cosmic age.
M. D. - Alberta, Canada

This is not a request; it's a demand of my federal government to fully disclose its knowledge or disavowal of any and all documentation regarding extra-terrestrial interaction.  'No comment' is a violation of our human rights and the sworn oath of any national leader. "We want the truth?" No. Give us the truth. It's ours, not yours. Now.
J. M. - Edmonton, Canada

This simple act is the next evolutionary step. We, many people, have seen with our own eyes that which is unexplainable. Some of us have been a witness to things that are not from this world. We know that there are other life bearing planets.. We think that mars might be only one step for man kind and space life is a reality that many will share. We are ready.. We are unafraid and we are willing to engage... for the sake of peace. This planet will be a different place once we are allowed to participate as a whole.. change is a good thing and everything that hides in the dark must one day see the light of day.. this subject has had a Spot light on it for years now.. and its time. IT is past time, it is the 11th hour. Stand as one United species coming in contact with other United species. Peace can happen for everyone, health can be as natural as breathing.. to go boldly where no one has gone before is a dream and many share it. Lets step up to this momentous plate and free the world from everything that would destroy it. I would like to see the People Elected and non elected reveal the full truth and nothing but the truth regarding this subject and any other that could cure disease, provide clean water, food and energy as well as all other things that were for the good of the people but used against them instead. May this be the moment in time were humans choose integrity and honor life.
A. P. - Sedona, AZ

Regard it to be very important to become aware of the truth that humanity in our world is invited to have close relations and beneficial collaboration so that a prosperous age can better fulfill purpose of life and we become galactic citizens
A. F. - Finsland, Norway

I am a 51 year old educator in the public school system and feel an obligation to my students to facilitate their awakening and desire to gain knowledge of the world, galaxy, and universe that they live in. I also feel and obligation to ensure that they have access to information so that they can make "educated" decisions to help them achieve their full potential. I strongly believe that we as a people can only reach our full potential with world disclosure by our governments acknowledging the presence and socialization of extraterrestrial beings on our planet.
J. C. - Las Vegas, NV

We cannot be set free if the truth is kept from us. So let the locks fly off and the truth fly out! No more lies!!!
M. F. - Bullard, TX

No further delay, all governments in the world. We want full disclosure NOW
S. O. - London, UK

As someone who has had UFO sightings and ETI contact over a 60 plus year time period and with 23 years of leading groups of people out on field expeditions to establish contact and communications with extraterrestrial intelligences in the Greater Vancouver area, it makes nonsense for the government of any country to deny the existence of extraterrestrial intelligences visiting our planet. Clearly, the government, the military, and the intelligence communities within the USA and other countries know that this phenomenon is very real and have known such for a very long time. The general public have already disclosed this fact through various UFO/ETI organizations, now the public waits for these governments who supposedly represent them to get off their posteriors and make an official disclosure announcement. The reason they haven't done so at this time is because they are after the alien technology in their dangerous game of brinkmanship with other countries and their control and dominance of this planet's populace. Simply put, if the governments of the world don't do what the people of this planet want then, we the people will remove those governments from power and replace them with new ones that are compliant with the will of the people!!!.
T. T. - Coquitlam, Canada

The extraterrestrial presence on Earth is obvious, the only thing missing is the official Disclosure concerning their presence and the world's various relationships with them.
E. J. - Phoenix, AZ

As a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth (Gaia), I request full disclosure of ET presence and their engagement with humans in the past, and the present day. Only 100% full disclosure is acceptable.
B. H. - Vancouver, Canada

I endorse the designation of July 8 as World Disclosure Day to be part of an international truth movement demanding that world governments formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.
Q. S. - Beijing, China

The evidence is overwhelming there's is an ample evidence in the public domain confirming the extraterrestrial presence. Lies rule this world! Our history shows it from ancient times, Nikola Tesla (Free energy vs JP Morgan), Thomas Townsend Brown, WWI, WWII, The Cold War to the present day. We have contact with ALIENS/ETS, not originating from some foreign country but originating from some other solar system! Main focus has to be removing the corrupt political elite, or this will remain hidden. But until this form of control is removed. this will always be suppressed. It's all about the technology which can change the world dramatically. Electro Magnetic Propulsion Zero Point Energy, plasma, nuclear, cold fusion, FREE ENERGY! Much is already back engineered such as the TR3B and among others the Fluxliner. Wars been fought over (this) tech and natural (re)sources. There is much more to it below, on the surface, above and around us, but this is one small step for (a) man and for the most of us one giant leap for (hu)mankind. I believe the truth embargo regarding the extraterrestrial presence is simply no longer acceptable! We are tired of being treated as children by our Government!! We 'honestly' need disclosure!
E. v. d. K. - Edam, Netherlands

All People of our planet deserve and are rightful to know the facts of cosmos and exclusive and secret dealing with any intelligent entity is against human dignity and compromises the law of humankind equality.
S. S. - Tehran, Iran

It's time that all people of Earth come to realize that we're not alone and start to meet our star family who have given me immeasurable support. My first contact was on my 5th birthday and they've always been looking out for me. I wouldn't be here today without them. It's time for us to know the truth and attain real freedom.
T. P. - Kearney, NE

Je suis pour la divulguation le 8 Juillet 2016 de la verite aux yeux du monde entier : l'existence des E.T, les mensonges, manipulations, vols, genocides, esclavage dont nous sommes tous victimes, tout cela a assez dure, vive la divulguation ! Merci pour tout ce que vous faites, victoire de la luminare.
A. E. - Tourville sur Arques, France

We have been lied to about almost everything for long enough now, but fortunately the lies are falling apart. We were programmed to believe in "good" wars, in Russia being the enemy of the West, in the inevitability of disease, in an insanely corrupt monetary system, in division rather than unity, in our dependence on fossil fuels, in our dependence on government and the MSM, in us being weak and powerless, and in the absence of life in the galaxy, in particular benevolent life. Thanks to numerous courageous (real) leaders, more and more of us now recognize these lies for what they are, and know part of the "how and why". We can choose a beautiful reality of world peace, good health, sound money (until money is phased out), true compassion, unity rather than division, clean energy, honest journalism, a higher consciousness, and a reunion with our galactic family, in other words, the reality that the ruling "elite" has tried to hide from us at all costs. Let's collectively demand full disclosure, and help bring about a peaceful transition to this new reality.
C. V. - Gouda, Netherlands

Hope is not irrational. Hope is an informed perspective -- the fruit of those who have "done their homework" and understand the nature of the universe.
A. Z. - Budapest, Hungary

I endorse this important date. I am following the news closely, and would like to contribute to the extent possible from Peru
C. C. - Miraflores, Peru

Full disclosure is the only transformative option for humanity's sanity, justice, and growth. It's ridiculous to assume humanity isn't ready to handle truth when we are forced to accept far worse "news" in mass media. Do the right thing.
M. L. - Irving, TX

I personally stood 100' away from one earlier this year no way the U.S. government is going to tell me they don't exist and expect me to believe them!
R. L. - Peoria, AZ

There is no telling what kind of world we would be living in/on today had the world been properly informed of the Truth regarding extraterrestrial visitation to this planet seven decades ago. Continuing to be derelict in their duty to inform citizens about this fact is the worst possible choice for nation states to make in the present day. I have completely lost confidence in the integrity of my government, in our military, and in our mainstream media. For me, a man who has lived with this lie for my entire life, it is obvious that the maintenance of this lie is corrupting our society in many ways. Disclosure will happen one way or another, and it would be wise for President Obama to make this announcement, get it behind us, and move on into a new reality. Disclose Now!!
R. O. - Clancy, MT

We all wish the event and the worldwild disclosure will happen as soon as possible! Thank you so much! And we will fight till the end! Namaste!
K. Z. - Shenghai, China

I am not from the USA I am from South Australia. Out with the new world order and in with the brave new cosmos.
C. G. - Adelaide, Australia

It has to happen now, it may sound strange but I personally believe that we are being fully prepared for this on an individual basis so to support the people who will have trouble excepting it. I feel it coming and I think about it every day.
R. O. - South Hampton, UK

We need to know. This isn't something a select group can keep for themselves. You and every other living creature out here is created the same way you are. By a fucking mystery. We are one species, so we better start acting as one species and not as a disgusting egocentric species. Helping everyone learn about who we are and where we find ourselves in this space concept. Are we alone or are we not is an answer that not only few should know, but an answer that every member of our species should know. Science has proven us enough that not everything turns around money, politics and war. Be the bigger man Mr. President, education always leads to bigger discoveries.
D. V. - Wortegem Belgium

I believe that the is not one human type that at their core doesn't feel they already know the truth they just want the governments to stop lying. That goes for so many subjects, so this one being a big one may open the flood gates. Come on rulers; get it off your chest. We'll all feel better for it.
M. G. - Limassol, Cyprus

It frustrates and angers me so much that certain governments or organizations within governments for whatever reasons, whether its greed, security or even the fear of panic, think they have the right to withhold such fundamentally important knowledge from us. Any short-term negative impact from disclosing the presence of ET's here on Earth or even in our solar system would be a small price to pay for the release of technologies that would undoubtedly benefit the world.
C. R. - Dublin, Ireland

It is time for the entire human race to know the truth concerning Alien beings. These are no longer the dark ages, disclose the truth. The disclosure will probably bring all human races together, rather than apart. Government and world leaders can no longer hide the truth about aliens. Aliens/UFO's are everywhere and seen by all walks of life in the world. Disclose the information ASAP.
E. L. - Brampton, Canada

Its been well over due that they should have told us the truth about aliens and anti gravity motors in there space craft which we have been flying them around for quite a while, and as far as them being evil and wanting to take the earth over they are so far in front of us in technology that if they have been here for years they would of took us over years ago they could take all over in a day. Most likely and there would be nothing we could do about it. so I think and most people who can make sense of it Know they are friendly and are concerned about us to do the right thing like stop playing with Nuclear rockets and churning out pollution and the gap between the rich and the poor and the starving.
J. K. - Warsickshire, UK

Disclosure comes with technology. Let's vow to stop using such technology for the wrong reasons. We must stand together on this and remove corruption and greed from controlling our population and planet.
L. F. - Quesnel, Canada

I desire full disclosure to include what technical assistance and military technology has been provided. I desire full disclosure as to what world governments have been hiding about our history. I desire, if there is any, for the Vatican to disclose what they know about our history and any written materials they have in their libraries. Full and total disclosure from whatever sources are out there.
L. F. - Newberrry, SC

I feel that it is way past time that governments realised that they are in power, because, 'we the people' voted them in to work on our behalf, and give THE PEOPLE what they want in the form of open, and total disclosure on the ET subject.
P. R. - Staffordshire, UK

I know what I've witnessed, and I know we are not alone. The United States government has a duty to disclose all extraterrestrial knowledge to the public. Nothing in the constitution allows for government officials to decide what we can and cannot know. I can assure you, the alien agenda does not discount the masses. In fact, it would appear the masses have been the target of such beings for quite some time. Now is the time. Together we are strong, stop the isolation and division. Bring us together as we should be. Disclosure is our right!
 B. D. - Suffolk, VA

Look I've seen some very unexplainable things in the sky like silver spheres and spheres zig zagging up and down at a very high rate of speed and turning 90 degrees on a dime an just puffing away. Black triangles with moving silently overhead. There is something out there either intelligence that we are not being told about and some group of people no about.
J. C. - Fair Oaks

There is no doubt in my mind that disclosure will happen because the time and the awakening of so many demand it. I give pause to think about the courageous men and women some of who have given their very lives trying to bring truth for us all. True heroes and herons of the planet. Thank you.
 C. S. - Severn, MD

As a tenured full-time college professor, I support the search for truth and knowledge in all its aspects. This includes a transparent, government-initiated effort to have a panel of competent scientists, intelligence officers, politicians, and military personnel investigate and render conclusions concerning the extra-terrestrial hypothesis.
J. C. - Connecticut

The ARROGANCE of these self professed world wide "Public Servants" shames all Human kind. We should remind them of their true position and purpose. Truth and openness is the ONLY way Humankind will be successful.
 C. W. - Essex, UK

Come on already. Everyone I have been telling about all the things that are going to happen soon are starting to not want to even here it no more. Because year after year , President after President and nothing..... We , people of the world, know the truth so spit it out now would ya? Its ok we are ready............Geese.....
R. Z. - Bridgeport, PA

The fact that governments around the world are lying about the extraterrestrial presence on this planet has reached the point of absurdity, given the overwhelming evidence opposing such a position.
 A. B., Albuquerque, NM

100% Disclosure is needed NOW. We are not waiting a 100 years so that China can get there turn at being the economic powerhouse. We, the people are suffering NOW. End this disgusting ponzi scam and enslavement of the masses.
S. L. - South Africa

I truly hope that one day very soon disclosure will happen. I have a strong personal feeling of late that the truth will come to the surface and find that more and more people feel the same way. Exciting times are ahead for us all.
 M. R. Staffordshire, UK

There is clearly a lot of information about technology that has been deliberately withheld from the public for selfish and commercial reasons. Our civilization urgently requires access to this technology to survive in an appropriate manner. Crimes committed by individuals and corporations against humanity are well overdue for justice. It is time for our civilization to flourish amidst the abundance on our planet and then discover our highest purpose for existence. The best is yet to come for all of us. We must have Full Disclosure on 8 July 2016 for everyone's benefit. Thank you. Namaste.
W. H. - Queensland, Australia

It's about time that we can meet our 'other' brothers and sisters. Also, that universal rule cannot be held-up any more "cannot interfere with lesser technology based beings" as some of us 'DO' have that technology...but most of it is in the wrong hands right now.
 C.D. - Melbourne, Australia

It is time for the governments of the world to release the information about extraterrestrials that has been withheld for so long. This includes acknowledging their presence among us and in the Universe at large, and sharing technology that is vital to our survival.
P.C. - Whittier, CA

I urge the Government, and those who conspire and have been a part of the UFO cover up, the secrecy to give up and have the decency to finally admit and tell the truth, the cases all add up that have been released and probably the files that are going to be released, you're doing the right thing , releasing those files but it should be more public and official. Soon as possible. I urge the governments around the world to end this secrecy right now.
 Lancaster, UK

The time for disclosure is now. President Eisenhower warned us of the out of control "Industrial Complex". When a group of individuals control and restrict what has to be the most important knowledge that we are not alone and the technologies that can stop the devastation to our planet are permitted to maintain their power and control, we the people are failing. We need to collectively pressure those we elect to be strong and get control of the Industrial Complex and open its knowledge and technological benefits to the people. I believe the knowledge we are not alone will help the human species evolve looking to the sky instead of of at our fellow human with contempt.
C.C. - Cumberland, ME

I personally endorse all efforts to bring disclosure to the American people and the people around the world. We are in very exciting times and much needs to change globally if we are to better the planet we call earth and better our society as a whole. World Disclosure Day should be a crucial step towards that change and I look forward to it and support with every fiber of my being! Thank you PRG for your hard work in focusing on this in an extremely serious and positive way!

J.F. - New York, NY

I was born in 1952 - a time filled with ufo related fears, films, curiosity, and controversy. That interest never left me. Though I have never personally witnessed anything extraterrestrial (as far as I know), I do believe the evidence for their existence is overwhelming. And I feel a global 'coming together' on this matter that I have never experienced before. I also strongly believe that Disclosure will soon be upon us. And it will not come from the White House or the Vatican or any other human enterprise. The EBE's will disclose for themselves at the appropriate time. In Appreciation for all your good work.
V. B. - Mesa, AZ

I Know Alien Life Does Exist. I Have Seen It AND Lived Throughout ALL My Life. Telepathically Contact, Visual and Physical Contact and Abduction. I AM NOT CRAZY. I HAVE SEEN THEM ALL MY LIFE. I AM TIRED OF NO ONE ACKNOWLEDGING THIS VERY REAL FACT. We Must Disclose This. This Is Where We Came From.
E. M. - New York, NY

Time to abandon the 40s and 50s cold war secretive mentality and face the challenges and benefits of Disclosure.

D. B. - Brampton, Canada

We all know Ets/Ufos are real. The government just looks foolish not admitting it. Let's get on with a world changing event that is so very hopeful. It is long overdue.
K. R. - L'amble, Canada

Release the Truth Embargo on Alien Presence and Alien technology to the citizens immediately. Thank You

K. B. - Sparks, NV

Stop the crap and put the criminals who are responsible for the secrecy in jail and lets make peaceful collective contact for the sake of the Earth and her inhabitants.
J. M. - Philadelphia, PA

The People have a right to know. The USA is a government "by the people, for the people", not a select few that think they know what's best for us.

J. M. - Fallbrook, CA

The time has come for all intelligent people to be informed (officially) about unusual phenomena experienced and observed on the Earth's territories as well as outside the Earth's perimeter. Sufficient evidence has been shown to justify the disclosure process.
F. G. - Hemet, CA

I grow so very impatient with waiting for the TRUTH to finally be revealed so we can finally continue to Awaken to the Greater outcome for the Greater and Higher good of ALL.   Public review as to what classifies as classified currently in our world situation and our own security for our own protection for the world... Protect the people from the government.. Not the government from the people.

A. R. - Milton Keynes, UK

American expat in Thailand. My good friend's best friend is an astronaut. The astronaut said he knows for a fact that the existence of extra-terrestrial life is real. I said that he was a liar, but secretly began to study the phenomena. Now, 6 years later, I admit my error and have apologised. I demand disclosure.
S. P. - Roi Et, Thailand

I was told, in the early 1990's, by a very reliable gentleman (he had been a fighter pilot groomed by the USAF, then an instructor for Air France) that we, as denizens of the Earth, were "at the mercy" of other, non-human beings.

J. G. - Aix-en-Provence, France

Imperative, affirmative action required by World governments. Worldwide governments are rapidly losing credibility.
J. B. - Perth, Australia

We the public are not fools and are appalled by the criminality of hiding this world changing information. Yeah the ones in the know may feel a sting but by actually coming completely clear with the public builds trust and support. That is IF ewe have forgiveness within us.

D. D. - Monona, WI

I support World Disclosure Day and call upon the US Congress to hold open hearings during 2015
D. P. - Fort Wayne, IN

It's time for full disclosure and end the truth embargo. Obviously, lies and the withholding of such important information makes it very difficult to trust and have faith in our governments. And since we cannot depend on our elected officials or the secrets of the military industrial complex, we have to be able to protect ourselves. PROTECT THE WHISTLEBLOWERS THAT ARE TRYING TO GIVE US THE INFO WE NEED TO PROTECT OURSELVES..

L H. - Cincinnati, OH

Planet earth is under the influence of a long standing systematic disinformation campaign. It will take a very brave individual, of international, sterling repute and standing, to bring the fact of the ET presence to the people. My hope is that this is the time in history that such a person will step forward once given all of the evidence that is now available.
J. F. - Montreal, Canada

We call for the complete disclosure and total transparency of the ET and UFO topic. We stand here at the precipice of human evolution and it's time for the people to know the truth. We have been sleeping for far too long and the governments of this world have kept us in this state of amnesia for their own benefits for long enough. It is time for the people to wake up in is time for us to be One with each other. We choose peace and complete transparency of information. It is our birthright to know of the nature of reality and to see the depth of our grandness within this universe. To all my brothers and sister on this planet earth. I say, it is time. Let us all wake up. Let us all see. Let us all know what you have been keeping from us. In love.

G. G. - Melbourne, Australia

The people of Gambia demand that the world ''super powers'' formally acknowledge the E.T presence on our planet.

A. J. - Banjul, Gambia

The Truth Embargo MUST end! It is long overdue to do the right thing!!! As Dr. Martin L. King famously said, "The time is always right to DO what is right."
D. S. - Colorado Springs, CO

It is the right of human existence itself to know the truth of extraterrestrial's. All of human kind on earth has the right to know the truth! The continued denial of the reality of ET's creates an extreme limitation on human kind existence. The universe is both finite and Infinite. Disclosure will only help humans on earth make the transition from limited to limitless. Disclosure is our connection to the infinite universe. To deny us this truth is only holding the vale down to our full experience of existence!!
B. G. - Providence, RI

60 years ago the publicly spoke of these things openly and nothing was denied. Now the denial part has increased more in a alarming way by the government as the government begins to gain power over the years! The more they lie the more prominent this unknown activity will occur because this other species wants to be known. We are the only race in this universe that doesn't want to come together as a stronger species and it will be the ONLY thing that destroys us.....

C. C. - Bakersfield, CA

I look forward to the day that we the people force the government or the powers that be to come clean with this, And I hope this happens within my life time hopefully while I'm still young.
R. A.. - Atlanta, GA

You have my full support. This is the single most important thing I would like to succeed in my lifetime aside from actually meeting "them" and allowing "them" to fully assist our ignorant race to evolve.

D. S. - Batavia, IL

This is THE most important issue facing our planet, so we can all move forward! Truth.

D. G. - Kihei, HI

I know that ET Exists. We need as a people of the planet to demand this knowledge from our Government and or controlling parties.

D. C. - Conroe, TX

My wish, as a 72 year old, is that it happens in my life time.
J. T. - Colorado Springs, CO

The People of Earth are ready and can most definitely 'handle' the truth. I endorse WDD because as a sovereign being it is my BIRTHRIGHT to KNOW the truth of what the United States government has done behind the backs of its people. The time for secrecy, cover-up and corruption is at an END. It is my RIGHT to DEMAND the truth.

H. M. - Los Angeles, CA

We are here to live and thrive and deserve to know if/ when the government has betrayed us. The government is meant to serve humanity.
P. F. - Minneapolis, MN

We should come to terms with a news story that keeps on coming and calling upon our awareness. It includes all kinds of good evidence that taken altogether cannot be objectively and honestly dismissed. Preferring not to know is postponing the inevitable. Discovering an extraterrestrial presence -however strange or unique from our conventional perspectives - is necessary to envision our civilization within a wider context and stop being narrow-minded or primarily focused on material & classical win-lose, survival concerns, recurrent conflicts, divisive dichotomies, survival of the fittest, etc. To become better humans in harmony with nature and lessening destructive - mostly unsustainable - economic, systemic, resource exploiting practices we need to recognize a reference frame of reality that extends outside of what is conventional knowledge. The extraterrestrial context is such a wider frame of reference we are embedded in. It has important political, cultural, ethical, metaphysical implications which we NEED TO KNOW.

G. P. - Miami, FL

We the people of the world are owed the truth. Information regarding extraterrestrials, their technology both in medicine and in energy is mandatory at this time as a civilization! We must band together as human beings and demand that the veil of secrecy be lifted. We also have a right to know about these other worldly creatures and their intentions to the earth in general. Truthful Always.

C. M. - Waco, TX

I have waited for Disclosure ( The TRUTH ) for many years...We The People will Benefit Greatly , It is Time...It is Time for all of US to UNITE in this Just Cause... 'others' are coming here and have been for many thousands of years. we have a right to know, humans are amazing we can handle the truth, no matter what it may be!!!

D. W. - Puyallup, WA

I believe it is exactly the right time for full and complete disclosure on extraterrestrial life coming to earth now and in the past. I also believe that world governments need to absolutely disclose new technology's that would help every human being on this earth.
J. W. - Cynthiana, KY

This is not the 1950s anymore ! we now know the world is not flat the universe does not revolve around the earth it's absolutely impossible that earth is the only location in the cosmos where life exists. We the people deserve to know the truth. we are not alone and if our government refuses to be truthful about this just imagine all the other dirty secrets they are hiding from us. I am proud to be an American but it's getting harder and harder these days. our media fox CNN ABC, CBS are not reporting the truth why do they giggle and laugh when the report a ufo or event that can't be explained ? Why are scientists for the most part afraid to go on camera and be honest vs being afraid to tell what they really think? I've never seen a ufo or alien and I am open to the possibility that our government put our country in trillions of dollars debt what is the money spent on? think about it money not accounted for ? think about it America wake up!

R. M. - Las Vegas, NV

By their selfish (if not illegal) efforts during the Roswell UFO-ET-retrieval incident (and in other such contact cases) to conceal UFO-ET truth from public view, certain U. S. government officials have stolen a critical segment of history from Earth's people. If nothing else, World Disclosure Day should serve as a symbolic indictment of any past/current/future official who dares to perpetuate that deception.

L. B. - Alexandria, VA

Formal acknowledgement of the Extraterrestrial presence engaging humanity is long overdue.

S. G. - Irvine, CA

There are those who were in the military who know the truth. Security be damned, it's about time for truth.

K. M. H. - Cedar Rapids, IA

It's time.  The human race has advanced to the point where we can handle the truth.

B. S. - Brantford, Canada

Add my name please to what will hopefully turn the tide of secrecy to one of openness. Knowledge of this reality is mankind's Right of Passage, one that should reside in our schools and libraries, not in a sealed vault in the Pentagon.

J. H. - Valley Village, CA

This is wonderful!!! I hope that in my lifetime I will see this truth embargo be lifted, and the veil removed, so we can more forward in our consciousness as a spiritual and universal civilization.

C. Z. - Spring Lake, MI

I totally support this movement. It's ridiculous that the powers that be hide this from the general public. It's time!! Great Job!

R. N. - Immokalee, FL

Leaving my fear of being ridiculed behind, having had very strong and healing experiences of my own, I step forward, ready to share the truth.  I embrace the truth.

S. A. - Hana, Norway

The people know that this is the truth we need the Governments of the World to Acknowledge this truth and stop lying to the population.

S. M. - Airdrie, UK

I grow so very impatient with waiting for the TRUTH to finally be revealed so we can finally continue to Awaken to the Greater outcome for the Greater and Higher good of ALL.

I AM tired of being devalued as a fellow being on this planet and being looked upon and told I am not worthy of life or to be in the presence of others who think I am crazy for my knowledge and memories of life beyond the box that they only know as being the only way and they are Gods and me and others like me are nothing and nobody.   I look forward to the looks on their faces when the TRUTH is finally revealed to ALL.

I AM so very very tired and exhausted of this mundane existence. Please Please Please!!! spare me any further torment of this 3rd dimensional realm. Can WE NOW move to a higher way of thinking and BEING?????   Thank You for allowing me to put down my words.

S. D. - Victoria, Canada

I think World Disclosure Day is a great idea. Bring it on! This is especially so for me, as 8th July is my Birthday.

A. S. - Halifax, UK

I know they are here. I saw a mass of orbs when I was 17. I was not alone. I saw a hovering craft that had the general shape as the tacit blue x craft a few years later (I am 32 now). I was not alone when I saw this craft too. I believe disclosure has started... I believe the president will announce to the world by December 2011.

M. C. - Santa Barbara, CA

Its time for governments to come clean on
human/extraterrestrial interaction.  Come clean governments, you are not fooling anyone!

D. T. - London, UK

I was lucky enough to attend the Exopolitics 2011 Conference in Leeds. Humbled to be among some of what I consider to be the most important Human Beings alive. We'll get Disclosure, but as Stephen Bassett pointed out, will it be soon enough?

D. P. - Nottingham, UK

I am a retired Chief Petty Officer of the United States Coast Guard.  I have a degree in engineering and am of sound mind and body. I know there are other intelligent life forms in the universe and believe they have visited earth. I urge disclosure of all information related to extraterrestrial beings by any government, religious organization or individuals that may have this information. I believe dissemination of this information is key to humanity realizing it's true place in the universe and to our continuing to advance in a direction that will allow our joining the greater community.

R. W. - Ashley Falls, MA

It's time for people to realize we are NOT alone, and embrace the reality that is, we live in a universe filled with a vast assortment of life. Some of which we came from.

C. C. - Alcolu, SC

I was never really sure until I saw a UFO with my own two eyes in November of 1997. It was the single most amazing thing I have seen in my 55+ years on this planet.

J. D. - Lakeworth, FL

I believe it is time to finally ends the truth embargo. I cannot say for sure (100%) what is really behind that truth but one thing is for sure, the government knows like the majority of us, that there is intelligence in this universe and we have been visited. No doubts about that.

I really hope one day we will be able to have open discussions about ET topics just like we do with the weather.

M. M. - Gatineau, Canada

Good news or bad, (I believe there is some of both) we have the right to know. Our Government keeping true world history from the people a huge injustice.  The world is talking through the internet and it is obvious what is going on, and has been going on for centuries. We must pass the word.  It wont come as a surprise to most people who are awake.

M. S. - Las Cruces, NM

We must demand full disclosure of the existence of ET visitors on Earth and the existence of relics on other worlds in the solar system especially Mars. Disclosure NOW!

R. C. - Lima, NY

I believe that there are thing about our history that global governments have not been telling us. As this has implications over every human being on the planet, I demand the the truth.  End the lies to the general populous.

M. M. - Heidelberg West, Australia

Es tiempo de que la Verdad se conozca!.  Verdad y Libertad!

M. O. - Toluca, Mexico

The truth will come out sooner or later, but we together have the power to make it come sooner than later.  Love and light to all!

T. H. - Spokane, WA

Thank you for your efforts to encourage the government to acknowledge the presence of extraterrestrials. We know they are presence and the gov. looks silly pretending they don't exist. WE can see through them we know the truth already.

E. M. - Salt Lake City, UT

In a democratic republic its the citizens who make the decisions. I choose disclosure. I know the truth but its time the powers that be came out with the undeniable truth.

A. W. - Paris, France

Everyone should now get a night vision goggle and look up.  It's UFOs everywhere. Who can say they are not there?  Open your eyes, man. 

P. S. - Auckland, New Zealand

This world is too good for the circus acts and posturing. It's time to move forward and this is the perfect beginning. It is time to join our space brothers and meet the rest of the universe with the best that's within us.

K. B. - Decorah, IA

I am so ready to know the truth, so tired of distrust!

L. J. - Bedford, TX

It was never a good idea but was understandable under the circumstances. The time for secrecy has passed. Now is the time to tell all.

R. D. - Cushing, OK

I've personally had many ufo encounters, missing time, and physical evidence of possible abductions. I think it's time we were told the truth.

K. H. - Morgantown, WV

The Truth Shall Set You Free, we all are entitled to know all the truths, it is our God Given right, EVERYBODY matters, everyone has great value, EVERYONE.  Be Truthful Always.

T. B. - Kelowna, Canada

How do those in power really see the people of the world? in a time when we can finally get an idea of just how many planets there are in the universe that may contain life, we speculate that there is no way anything can go faster than light. Much the same as at one point in human history we truly believed the world to be flat... its time to start telling the truth, just as we explore the rainforest's if we had the means we would explore the stars, 'others' are coming here and have been for many thousands of years. we have a right to know, humans are amazing we can handle the truth, no matter what it may be!!!

C. B. - Burnham on Crouch, UK

What gives the government the right to tell us what we should and shouldn't know? It's time for the lies to stop and the truth to come out. The people are ready for World Disclosure Day!

R. J. - Port Orchard, WA

I think disclosure will indeed be this year sometime ,,,,,,I CAN FEEL IT:)

B. V. - Pahrump, NV

I support not just disclosure on the existence of alien life forms but also on all other subjects as well. I believe that full government transparency can begin from organizations like yours that chip away these kinds of cover-ups, which are probably interconnected with larger, more threatening government deceptions.  Thank you and god bless.

M. M. - Santa Ana, CA

Yes, it is time for governments to release what is known about the presence of extraterrestrial beings and the technologies that could transform Earth into a better place.

C. B. - Gresham, OR

Although I can see why full on disclosure would and will cause some problems, the people need and I feel have the RIGHT to know that we're not the only ones out here.  The truth is out there.

J. H. - Westlake, OH

Cat is out of the bag!  For a lot of people: we know. We need gov. to say yes for the hidden technology to start reaching people who are tired of stone age.

A. O. - Parma, OH

Most of us know there out there, so I would like the U.S. Government to quit treating like children.

M. K. - Apache Junction, AZ

I'm now almost 60 and I have been a firm believer in UFO's and ET's for most of my life. I've read what I could get my hands on and watched all the tv programs talked to many about their beliefs. I do believe that the governments of the world are not forthcoming with information vital to our continued survival. I'd like to know the TRUTH.

J. Y. - Catharines, Canada

Away with corporate/military secrets....Let the PEOPLES of the world benefit from knowledge. Full disclosure of earth's conditions are essential for the survival and evolution of all mankind and the Extra-Terrestrials must come to greater be involved in a greater peace of the universe. The Earth is important.

N. P. - Fairbanks, AK

I realize some people have been waiting longer that I have for this day to come, but, I've been waiting since the early 70's, when I was just a kid. My first exposure to the "Aliens" was watching the movie about "Betty and Barney Hill" when it aired in the 70's, Great Movie if you haven't seen it! I think we have enough "circumstantial" evidence, I think it's time we all get together and force our governments to disclose whatever information that they do have, UN-EDITED!!!!!

M. B. - Phillipsburg, OH

It is now time for the world Governments to come forward with all there information on ET's. The truth embargo must end NOW! The people running to show need to take there heads out of the sand, and face the facts head on.  An open mind is a great place to plant new ideas.

D. G. - Bangsaen, Thailand

As a military-trained observer, I have had numerous personal sightings over the years. Also, I know numerous intelligent individuals, who have had sightings.

D. D. W. - Dallas, TX

As an  ex-police officer, I witnessed 4 UFO's in 1978 in daylight hours.  The local Air Force base discounted the event, but yet sent 3 jet fighter planes to investigate.  It's time for the public to know the truth.

G. N. - Normand, LA

I wholeheartedly support this cause. It's absolutely time the world governments come clean about the known extra terrestrial presence on Earth. The time has come and the whole human race deserves and needs to know the truth.

R. T. - Roseville, CA

If there's any hope to bring humanity to the next level, we must bring the truth about other life in the universe and our relationship with it regardless how it may effect the way we think of ourselves.  Right now religiously, politically, ideologically or educationally, etc. there's no replacement for the truth that keeps being covered up over the ignorance that we cant handle it.

D. G. - Albert, Canada

Disclosure is very important for the world to know what is actually going on in the world we live in. We have a right to know what friendships and or dangers there are out there in the universe. I hope the world sometime soon realizes this and comes out and tells us the truth.

R. G. - Fort Wayne, IN

We need to go public about the ET/UFO presence so that we can explore non-polluting energy sources; America is always the innovator. Why hide what we have? Our economy needs a huge boost...and a dream.

G. W. E. - Colorado Springs, CO

Our leaders need to know it's citizens are tired of the games and lies. This is not 1950 and we are not crazy or seeing things. The proof is in the witnesses and is generational. Thanks and good luck!  Our Citizens are tired of the lies.

J. J. - Glenmoore, PA

Can We Please have the TRUTH NOW KNOWN TO THE MASSES!!! So we can get on with the rest of this process which we are going through, without anymore unnecessary fighting and bickering and stop concentrating on the little mundane crap, and focus on what is really important for ALL!!!    Thank You Very Much for your time and putting this together to show We are many who want change NOW!!

S. D. - Victoria, Canada

I have personally been affected and seen ET life on this planet. We have never been alone and are part of a larger community.

R. H. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Kicking and screaming this word is awakening to a new dawn that the Visitors have arrived.

F. K. - Maricopa, AZ

it is time to reveal to the wonderful and loving people as an integral part of our changing planet the truth ... we want full disclosure, we deserve to know what is out there and we deserve to know the real history and the real truth!! we are earthly beings and we CAN handle the truth!!

S. A. - Ridgecrest, CA

The greatness of the human race is that we adapt to the unknown and make it ours. When the truth is suppressed and fear is used to limit our choices our greatness is limited.  Set our greatness free.

A. S. - Mesa, AZ

Citizens of the world, unite as one as we shall be referred to as the human race. Not categorized, generalized, placed or grouped by economic, cultural, race, gender, creed, political or religious reference. We are simply human beings occupying the same planet. A planet which is in an undeniable environmental, social and economic state of distress. We have come in and out of global catastrophes and rejuvenated through universal advancement. Let disclosure bring us together for this advancement. This quantum leap into a psychological, technological, environmental and socially aware future will alter our state of mind and could be the only hope for survival of the endangered Human Being.

A. F. - Chicago, IL

It is already long past time to disclose that UFOs and Aliens visit Earth and doing so will open up better leadership, Better medical care and pollution free energy from their technologies. and hopefully less wars.  Disclose Now for a better Earth soon !

T. B. - Miami, FL

I never understood why this must be kept so secret. To me, it is a MUCH more scary prospect that humans are the only sentient life form in this huge universe. How absurd!

M. E. D. - Oxford, MI

I believe it is time for the people to be told the truth. Millions of us have had unusual experiences and NEED, not just want, but NEED answers. Thank you.

M. B. - Shelley, ID

I believe most of the extraterrestrials have been here for eons. It's time for the truth to be told and let us move out of the dark ages into an age of enlightenment. Lets stop the repression and live in a World of love, just as it should be.

M. S. - Parksville, Canada

Hell yeah! come on lets hear the truth! Enough with the cover ups lets find out if humanity can deal or we can't but the truth is more important than the outcome. It will be the greatest day.

S. E. - Corvallis, OR

I for one am so happy to see someone finally organizing the people to push to be heard. This country that I live in, ie. the US, is supposed to be run by the people for the people, but sadly the people have been kept out of the loop of truth for way to long. Thanks so much guys for all your hard work, and please do not ever stop pushing for the truth for us all.

R. M. - Memphis, TN

I support knowing the truth. I do not think this should, would or could effect religion or one's belief in God. God is the creator of all living and non living things. If someone knows different then they need to let the rest of us know as well.

L. B. - Crab Orchard, KY

The History Channel's series on all of the evidence regarding ancient aliens is an excellent introduction and synopsis of the science that goes beyond modern physics and into quantum mechanics. The study of these principles allow us a glimpse of understanding what is possible while still in our present reality.

D. C. - San Diego, CA

Disclosure is a vital step towards creating a healthy, responsible society.  It is long overdue.  Disclosure can bring new energy sources that can help to provide humanity with basic necessities of life and technologies to heal the planet. Please, reveal the truth. Thank you.

J. G. - Whippany, NJ

Submitting my support for Personal Endorsement for WDD event.  Hope this will initiate a world wide disclosure events by different governments.  Using energy efficient technologies with proper resource management and environmental studies we could create a sustainable society free from money, crime, poverty, deprivation as theorized by Jacque FrescoFor that to happen we all have to unite under the name of humanity & give away with all our false religions, bordered nations etc. we all should consider ourselves as citizen of planet EARTH & not of any particular country.

A. J. - Mumbai, India

Happy to support world disclosure day - though I do not believe humans are able to cope with the truth. Those who have seen much of the human future for those in TPTB who want to know, have seen a great deal of adverse reaction to disclosure - including great division and violence - especially in places like India.  But I acknowledge that it is on our path to coming of age in the Milky Way.

B. G. - Mt. Alexander, Australia

Please add me in support of World Disclosure Day!!  Thank you for ALL that you are doing and Being!!  Blessings, Love, Light and Peace to You.

L. S. - Houston, TX

I would formally like to endorse "Disclosure Day" July 8th 2011. It is far overdue that the secrecy begun with the July 8th 1947 false description of the downed Extra Terrestrial craft in Roswell, be suspended and full disclosure to all interested citizens of the world, begin immediately. Continued secrecy on such an Cosmically relevant subject is nothing short of deliberate retarding of the education of people world wide. Additionally individuals capable of assessing such information and applying it for the betterment of the whole world have been denied this opportunity, consequently holding up the technological and other scientific progression of the planet.

A. D. - Roberts Creek, Canada

I give my personal endorsement for World Disclosure Day! Let us hope this can go viral, and let's hope to have the official disclosure happen, on the double!  Thank you and God bless!
J. J. - Montreal, Canada

Do hereby acknowledge and accept that the presence in our world of extraterrestrial beings is a known fact and that any and all governments can no longer continue to cover-up or refute such knowledge.   Thank you and God Bless you for this effort.

J. R. - Bartlett, TN

Hi, I consciously choose to endorse World Disclosure Day.  It is time for truth and integrity from the officials who represent the people.  Thank you so much for taking this imitative!

B. H. - Columbus, OH

I wish to support World Disclosure Day  It is time for the truth to come out, and for the people of Earth to realise that we have never been alone...

S. J. - Wellington, New Zealand

I sincerely support the WDD endorsement as it relates to each and every individual on this Planet. As a human being we all have the right to know what's happening out there (even if we aren't ready to face the facts).  The disclosure of alien presence not only will solve many crisis but will help human consciousness and universal peace attain a different level. When there is a chaos, there is a change.
V. R. - Chennai, India

Lets end the truth embargo NOW .World Disclosure day is a great step in right direction.

N. K. - Ogiva, Spain

I've been waiting for Disclosure my whole life. It's time for the world to learn the real truth about our origins and Cosmic neighbors. We have we a need to know where we've come, from and where we are heading as ONE race. This first baby step will help to facilitate peace on Earth one day.. It's more than time for us to begin our process of becoming part of a Unified Intergalactic Community of benevolent Races. I fully support World Disclosure Day. Peace light and love

C. L. - Mont Royal, Canada

It's time the governments speak the truth. Mankind will not be able to make real progress if they remain in denial.

F. B. - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Purely on the principle of openness in world society it would be good if we could get Wikileaks and Openleaks to publicly endorse this event. (Having said that, as this wasn't Assange's idea his ego will probably not allow him to do this!)

S. G. - Derby, UK

Come on People, we all know it and feel it, stop spending so much energy on being dishonest and just speak the TRUTH!

B. W. - Bentonville, VA

It is imperative for the advancement and evolution of societies globally for their governments to be honest to their people. This has never been the case.

J. H. - Morton, IL

It is TIME. Even though many people think there really is extraterrestrial life "out there", it is important for earth humans to be able to start "processing" the reality of what that means as it will shatter some people's reality, which is needed in order for us to mature and move forward as a species on planet earth.

R. S. - Melbourne, FL

Its time NOW that we are told the TRUTH. Some of us already know a lot but our world needs to know. We are supposed to be going on the universal laws. The time is NOW!!!!

J. M. - Joliette, Canada

I love to see that people are finally standing up for the truth about UFO's, reincarnation, eternal soul life, spiritual help, and Angels. The great awakening!  Let's override the skeptics and nay-sayers with LOVE. God Bless you all!

B. B. - Chandler, AZ

Full disclosure is mandatory. It's our human right to know. Honesty in all aspects of our life/lives reveals unity.

P. S. - Rimrock, AZ

It is time for planet Earth to re-unite with our Galactic Family ... to have access to all the technology now being withheld from Earth humans---technology that would solve the majority of problems on Earth.

N. D. - Richmond, VA

I can handle the truth! I desire to know the truth. Give it up.

M. R. - Jupiter, FL

 We all know the truth is here and has been for a millennia. "They can run but they can't hide." Pluto in Capricorn is seeing to that!!!! YEAH!!! EXPOSURE= DISCLOSURE!!!

J. S. - Sedona, AZ

We all know the truth, we have the right to a formal announcement. Its only a matter of time. The truth shall set us free!

N. B. - Mill Bay, Canada

I fully support July 8 being designated as World Disclosure Day. It is way past time for this. Even if WE don't do anything about it, the disclosure WILL occur -- and if it isn't July 8, then whatever day it is will become World Disclosure Day!

C. G. - Flatrock, NC

The time has come. Truth can no longer be hidden anymore. As our true nature as Galactic Beings, we need Disclosure to claim our true history and gain back our freedom and begin to live in a free world with a higher consciousness! We deserve it, we are tired of tyranny and injustice! Much Peace, Love and Light! We are ALL ONE.

L. S. - Faro, Portugal

I have had my own personal experience. I have seen ships & know for a fact they are out there. We need to expand our consciousness & realize were our knowledge is coming from.

S. A. - Los Gatos, CA

I as a citizen of the world, I respectfully request that the leadership concerned, give honour and respect to their elected positions, by summoning whatever courage it takes to disclose, acknowledge and respect the Worlds Right to know, whatever truthful information it may have concerning extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, and thereby allow us to makeup our own minds, in the manner as you would wish for yourselves.

R. A. - London, UK

The time for the END of the truth embargo is NOW!!! NO MORE SECRETS...NO MORE LIES!!! It is an insult to humanity's ever-growing consciousness. We KNOW the validate us please!!! We have work to do!!!
C. L. - Chattanooga, TN

Surprise us - be honest.

C. C. - Citrus Heights, CA

I, along with multitudes of others, pray for a World where Truth is not withheld by those for whom we vote to represent us. This Truth is but one of many, but, it is, without doubt, the one that will forever alter Reality as WE, the PEOPLE, are told to accept. A WORLD in which WE can live our lives in TRUTH and Brotherly LOVE cannot exist while LIARS, THIEVES and DECEIVERS run OUR Reality.

R. S. - Gin Gin, Australia

World disclosure of our benevolent star families needs to happen now! That is the first step before first contact with these souls who are going to mentor us with our ascension.

D. A. - Rising Sun, IN

When the truth behind the 60 year old cover-up is known, the planet will enter a new era of history. No other public or political issue can eclipse the significance of the membership of humanity in a galactic community - a community that invites us to be part of those who journey among the stars.
V. V. - Mississauga, Canada

I would really love to meet our brother and sisters from space. I do not want anyone to stand in the way for that to happen. Please let humanity know all that's been hidden about UFO's.
E. M. - Mora, Sweden

We know that ET and UFO are a real fact. Why the government of this world are denied their existences? We are not stupid and everybody deserve to know the truth.

D. R. - Sacramento, CA

its time for everyone to know the truth of where we come from and that we are not alone... And best of all about who the extraterrestrials are, where they come from, why are they here, and that they are harmless and they've been helping us since ever..!!
S. N. - Bolivar, Venezuela

Let's tear down the last walls, welcome our Brothers and Sisters and finally end this quarantine.

S. M. - Steinkjer, Norway

Make it a global event and historic day for all human beings regardless of nations, race, culture and religion!  Believe that all beings in the cosmos system are in equanimity and equally dignified, humans, gods, demons and the ETs!

E. S. P. - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Let's end the stupid farce of cover-ups. It's time to change the world.

M. S. - Amsterdam, Netherlands

For once in your life, please do the honest thing and don't hide the truth anymore.  We the people demand to know.

L. T. - North Wales, UK

I am proud to join such a movement and agree that this IS the most needed step to take us all towards the truth and our upliftment.

M. H. - Sydney, Australia

I have seen overwhelming evidence personally. This truth needs to come out.

J. S. - Warner, Australia

I have had several close encounters with UFO and I know that they are real. The truth is out there and its time to reveal all.

M. I. - Adelaide, Australia

Please tell us the Truth about Alien presence. It is not fair that we have been lied to.  It is time to tell the world now we are ready.

S. M. - Birmingham, UK

It's time we were told the truth of the ET presence as the world people need to know and it is only right to let people know the full truth of what is going on. I have witnessed hundreds of UFOS and also had close encounters with these craft to know there not from this world i need to know the truth too.
C. J. - Leeds, UK

What i have seen with my own eyes was not of this planet.

D. R. - Sunderland, UK

FELICITATION pour cette exellente idée.  il y a 30 ans que j'attend la divulgation, il est temps de voir changer ce monde.  la vérité doit et sera divulgé !!   merci a vous pour votre enthousiasme a organiser tous ces évenements,pour la divulgation extra terrestre. ils sont la depuis longtemps ,pourquoi de quel droit les gouvernement nous cachent cette vérité? !! sublime réalitée !! cordialement. Thank you.

E. D. - Lyon, France

I am so glad that now we will be collectively take action to support the idea of World Disclosure Day - July 8!!!
President Obama MUST take action to go ahead and be first politician to be remembered for establishing the such a day - World Disclosure Day - July 8.  So be it!!!

B. B. - Brooklyn, NY

There are more lies running this world than you could imagine. We must take the world back for all humanity not for a bunch of greedy politicians that think they rule the world! Time for some political retards to take a dirt nap!

K. M. - Shelbyville, IN

I think the truth about alien beings visiting this planet should now be revealed to the world because its the right thing to do and it may bring us one step closer to having full open contact, and hopefully the answers to our many scientific and environmental problems. I'm confident they would also like to meet us in person if they could be convinced they will be safe among us. I personally would volunteer to be a contactee even if that means going off planet with them to establish a dialogue.

K. B. - Sunderland, UK

I can not WAIT for this day to come - it will change everything!

T. W. - Los Alamos, NM

We are sitting on the edge of disclosure as it is. Be prepared, but do not live in fear. Two changes will be occurring in the coming months: time will be speeding up as the concept time is not linear, but spiral in nature; history will be re-written to reflect the truth. Bring on the GFOL! Namaste.

G. L. - Tampa, FL

It is time for the people to know the Truth, No longer do we have to live in secrecy, the world is in turmoil and Abundantly free energy technologies belongs to the people of this world. We deserve more to life, then our current lifestyle, we deserve Truth, Freedom, Prosperity, Peace and Justice.
A. V. - Chambersburg, PA

We deserve the truth! No matter how unpleasant it may be. Who do they think they are, deciding what we can or cannot handle?! Everyone should know the truth, even if it makes them uncomfortable. No more living a lie!

J. L. - Stanwood, WA

I would like to see this disclosure happen soon so we can prepare the people who are religious fundamentalists. It will be a big shock for them. Everything they have believed in will be questioned. I believed in Alien Life Forms but when I had an up close, personal experience right inside my own home-it was a mind blowing experience and I was open minded-so if you put this information on people who are not exposed to this sort of experiences or learning, it will be a test and their whole lives will feel threatened. I believe we must pursue this even in the midst of Government cover ups. What does the government have in store for the average citizens? This is what I question! Or what do they know - is coming down the pike for all of us. I am prepared mentally. I am somewhat prepared emotionally and I have a couple of physical handicaps that concerns me. I guess we are all in this together as a planet and what we do and how we believe and handle crisis or stress will be very important in the days, weeks and months ahead. Disclosure must come so we can know the truth and learn to trust again.

K. L. M. - Spokane, WA

It is a great times of human to know that everything will happen and don't try to hide the truth.

W. W. - Tainan, Taiwan

An idea long in coming but certainly worth the effort. Indeed, your work, along with Dr Steven Greer will mark a courageous effort to finally open our planet to possibilities beyond our imagination.

J. P. - Sydney, Australia

We need to get this out and get it over with now. The whole world needs this to move on to the great future we are meant for. The world needs to just rip the bandage off already and stop being stupid and immature about it. I really hope this is for real this time because I am so fed up with it. I've seen them hundreds of times now over my area and want to talk about it but everyone is still in this little green men/anal probing piss take mind set.  lol!  You have to laugh at how programmed some people are really. When you offer to show them they run a mile still thinking they have proved it to themselves by not looking. Please let this happen please please please!  God please!  Thank you!

J. M. - London, UK

I commend you for your continued hard work and commitment for disclosure. I passionately want this truth revealed for the better of all mankind. Although the reality is it will rock the worlds boat and will strike shock in many the benefits will grossly outweigh the negatives in the long-run. Can't wait for the special day when it comes.

G. B. - Sydney, Australia

The sooner this happens the better. My guess is that it won't all be peace and light and that there will be some unpalatable aspects to the truth but the sooner we know, the sooner we can start dealing with it.
B. F. - Sydney, Australia

It is time for the truth to be told and the world of lies fabricating this unlivable disaster come to an end. We have suffered enough under the thumbs of these psychopaths killing the entire earth and everything on it. Put them in Jail.

K. E. - Riverside, CA

It is time, I want to be me and can not be when controlled by corrupt government entities. There is nothing to fear, but our elected officials and their agendas

J. B. Santee, CA

I'm truly grateful for your persistent actions towards manifesting a graceful disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.

B. H. - Oslo, Norway

Disclosure will be the greatest thing the Government can do for us so far, it will promote truth and reunite us with our Galactic Family. :)

D. U. - Wigam, UK

Every living being on the earth has the right to know what's happening on the Earth from the cosmic region who the hell that the governments to violate our right to know these things.

S. R. - Hyderabad, India

Jest to nasze prawo aby dowiedziec sie prawdy o tym kim jestesmy, co tu robimy oraz dokad zmierzamy. A przede wszystkim poznac inne cywilizacje i uczyc sie od bardziej zaawansowanych od nas.
M. K. - Dzierzoniow, Poland

O Yes, Yes - bring it on!! I have waited so long for this re-union. I cant wait to see my starfamily once again. We are all very excited here in our household. In love and light.

D. S. - Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

It´s just a matter of time - with this I show my will to 1. Change myself and 2. Help changing the world by, for instance endorse this outstanding idea!! :)

K. N. - Helsingborg, Sweden

Only good things will come out of the Disclosure. It's high time we acknowledged our space brethren. They come to help this beleaguered planet and its inhabitants.
Peace to all!

M. T. - Prince Albert, Canada

We deserve the truth especially from our elected representatives. They have to be honest & truthful for a change. It's the least they can do.

S. M. - Airdrie, UK

Honest and open disclosure would allow our government to be in a position of creating peace between it's people and going forward develop a new found trust, not to be exploited but to be respected by both sides. The act of releasing the already emotionally accepted truth would offer great opportunities and advancements for us as a species. Regardless of the contrary, the citizens will forgive all governments for past concealment, so that we as a people together can explore and evolve. Thank you.

B. M. - Milwaukee, WI

It's time for full transparency around these issues. Let's put an end to embarrassing secrecy and lies.

G. R. - Westminster, Canada

For the good of mankind as a one and an involvement in a galactic understanding of our future together as one. Be one and be in peace dear one.

T. M. - Auburn, NY

This is the single most important thing in human history!  The presence MUST be disclosed if we are to have any chance of changing our fear based society!

S. B. - Colbert, WA

The Human Race is ready for official disclosure...we can handle the truth!

M. B. - South Shields, UK

In a world full of hopelessness, sadness, illness, endless war, hatred, lack of love, etc. The time for disclosure of who we are and that we are one with a loving creator and other beings of the universe who are here to help put an end to the nightmares our corrupt governments has kept us in so long and tricked us into thinking this is how life should be.

M. H. - Brownsburg, IN

I just wanna know what the hell we've been seeing for the past several thousand years

C. W. - Vancouver, WA

We should all b doing this for the next generation, true transparency, but i doubt it...

K. B. - Anderson, SC

This is really a very difficult discussion ... It is going to be a very big game changer for many people... My best friend says the Truth will set you free... MAY GOD HELP US ALL...

L. K. - La Canada, CA

Know that this day will be remembered forever.

T. G. - Guayaquil, Ecuador

I personally have seen UFO's and I know that Extraterrestrials exist and the Governments around the globe are waiting for people to accept the concept that Aliens exist through movies, television, YouTube, before coming forward and saying "hey you know all those UFO sightings that's been going on lately well...they exist and they have been coming here for thousands of years". Just a matter of time!

C. K. - Mobile, AL

We need serious reporting and truth on the UFO Disclosure movement. It's a very real deal and something the world needs to understand more rather than everything being mocked and covered up on a grand scale by media and the powers that be. We are heading into a huge global change/shift and it's something that needs to be looked at seriously. There is some immense stuff happening. Look at all the air force, military, astronauts, ex NASA, pilots and other officials etc who are coming forward to confirm reality of this subject. Let's have open media disclosure on this serious topic please before something big happens and the general public have had no pre-warning or explanation. Governments don't employ people to investigate fairies and elves because they are stuff of fantasy but why do you think, for years they have looked into the UFO phenomenon? Because its a very real deal. We are a glowing ball of activity in the cosmos and if people think we've gone unnoticed then they need to think again and reassess the immense amount of official data and confirmation to this topic! This is why official sources are now releasing UFO files under the freedom of information act. The truth is easing its way out. So, let's have some serious official reports on the subject and full disclosure!!

E. R. - Lee on the Solent, UK

Its time for the truth to be known, not only for a minority, but for all of mankind. Together we shall bring the truth forth, into the light, so be it, so it is.

J. A. T. - Cipolletti, Argentina

Secrecy must come to an end. Each day that truth is withheld, is a travesty. The people can handle the truth better than members of the government think.   Where there is secrecy, there is no truth.  Where there is no truth, there is no justice.  Where there is no justice, there is no peace.
P. H. - Lubbock TX

I support efforts toward disclosure and progress in sciences, transparent government, and global benevolence. It is time to advance a new paradigm wherein benefits are pursued for the betterment of all, led by men and women who practice wisdom and promote spiritual edification.

G. K. - Avila Beach, CA

its well past the time to admit to the worlds population what many of us already know. In my opinion, confirmation of extraterrestrial life could only serve to bond humanity in a way like no other revelation in human history.

P. F. - Beaverton, Canada

The peoples access to technology ( Internet , digital visual capture cameras, phones etc.)  has made the truth harder to control!   It is TIME! to acknowledge what many of us already know exists "Extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs!

E. C. - Melbourne, Australia

Ich hoffe, die Wahrheit wird endlich ausgesprochen.  Es gibt so viele beweise für ausserirdisches leben .... zeigt uns mehr davon liebe grüsse axel.
A. B. - Rostock, Germany

I hope that we can hear the sounds of aliens, someday we could touch with them and would we build a new world and new life!

H. X. L. - Cheng Du, China

There is definitely something we are not being told...We have seen some really unusual things here in New Zealand that have challenged our reality. I think we as inhabitants of this earth deserve to know the whole truth of both UFO's and IFO's and free energy. I think we have been asking the wrong questions to the government/military...we should be asking more about IFO's as I think they know what the unusual crafts/entities are that also exist, so therefore they are identified, not unidentified.

S. B. - Auckland, New Zealand

Australia is about to embark on a ridiculous Carbon Tax Scheme. I would prefer my taxed money to benefit the disclosure of lies and truths which would free up our money for space exploration, free and new energies and if possible global efforts to gain final proof of massive cover ups which prevent our pioneering spirit and this would then allow us to pursue our unified purpose and global cooperation to study space and beyond what we understand as the universal picture.

S. B. - Belmont, Australia

We all people living on the earth are not a group of sheep to be pastured by stupid governments. I believe that something is going on and governments&so-called royal make negotiations about future of the world and human species.

S. C. - Istanbul, Turkey

Its already 60+ years to late the time for disclosure is know we have heard the lies for to long the time for the truth has come. Tell it know Tell it how it rely is tell us because its right tell us because its the law and tell us while you still can be the ones to tell us and most of all tell us because its your duty to the citizens of the world to allow us to advance into a new era.
J. B. - Gladstone, Australia

Its obvious there are beings visiting this planet, that are not harmful. Its only getting more obvious too. The elephant in the room is getting to be huge... Do the right thing, please.

G. H. - Lindsay, Canada

The truth MUST be told for our sake as well as for the visitors sake. No longer will i stand idly by while visitors are being shot at. To shoot down peaceful manned spacecraft IS murder!

C. T. L. - Copenhagen, Denmark

Our Governments know more than they release to us ... I want to know. :-) However I think all thinking people KNOW there is more than us ... I mean in the grand scheme of everything we are microscopic :-)
E. C. - Tarpon Springs, FL

This is something which the people of earth need to know. It will humble and unite us as a single race and allow us to join the galactic community. This will allow us to not only save millions of people from poverty, starvation and crime but also save the earth.

N. B.  Brighton, UK

La verdad es uno de los valores esenciales que traerán la páz mundial.

R. U. F. - Cali, Columbia

It is ridiculous to think that just because world governments will not disclose what they know about ET's is for the general public's best interest....we know they're here, and have been. Any government that is not of transparency, should be dismantled!

G. J. - Phoenix, AZ

Magnifico movimiento que la luz prevalezca y el amor.

D. G. - Gto, Mexico

Whether from outer space, inner space, or some other time-space, whatever is known about a possible alien presence should be brought to light. Or, consider at the bottom of it all, who's playing the beat to which the major governments of the world dance? It certainly doesn't seem that the people are in control of their governments. Just wondering.

R. C. - San Francisco, CA

We deserve to know the truth. The world needs to finally come together as one and put all our petty differences behind us and start working to make this a better place for future generations.

J. P. - Meridian, MS

It's Time for the Government of the United States of America to Tell the Truth to all the American Citizens about all the Conspiracies and Government Corruption, Secret Societies , President JFK Death , The 911 , Roswell UFO Crash , William Cooper Death order by President Clinton , The IRS Fraud , and lot , lot more the US Government has been hiding from us from years ago.
C. I. - Miami Beach, FL

I try to stay up to date and blame myself for not knowing what is going on and it is not my fault and I am not alone Many people are getting killed over disclosure of a lot of things having to do with ufo's.  I consider this the least I can do.  Thank you for this opportunity.
B. S. - Archibald, PA

I have been following this for a while now and I think that Disclosure will take place when we least expect it to. I believe in what people like Mr. Bassett are trying to accomplish. We are living in such dark times with dark, manipulative, and just evil government officials here in the U.S. AND IT ALL NEEDS TO STOP. Get the truth out, Then Get Them Out!!!!!

J. P. B. - Jamaica, NY

We have been behind the veil of ignorance for far too long. It is time to disclose the truth, and let us decide what to do with it.

J. S. - Henderson, NV

Disclosure, for us, is the cornerstone of why we are here. The time has come for our societies to put aside their childish behavior and accept the broad mantle of maturity. This one act banishes wars and distrust from your inventory and replaces them with Love and cooperation. Societies in limited consciousness often make the mistake of following models that are either dysfunctional or that were foisted on them by a supposedly superior and wiser group of individuals. In our case, we were literally drowned in the 'advice' of the Anunnaki and led astray by the ill-advised decisions of those minions placed in power long ago. You now have the opportunity for a major global course correction, which not only reverses the misfortunes of war and avarice but also heads you into prosperity and a joyous reunion with your spiritual and space families.

W. A. - Easebourne, UK

Everyone already knows ufo's are real. The government needs to tell the people what it knows so we can operate as one unit instead of them against us. Working together is the way to get to the heart of the matter.

M. K. - Lima, OH

I always knew UFO's were real; from the time I was in my early 20's. My Mother and I used to talk about it together many years back. It's something that I am "HAPPY" to endorse.  Let Truth be known!!

V. L. - Trenton, NJ

The people deceive to know everything that concerns them for better or worse & come together and make a decision.

K. M. - Aurora, CO

The time is now for Disclosure. We the people demand to know the truth about the UFO reality. I am dedicated to helping reach this goal.

R. N. - Fairview, NJ

We the people pay the money the government spends we should know what its spent on and the truth that we are not alone.

S. E. - Janesville, WI

Wo fei chang zhi chi zhe ci de WDD qian ming huo dong!xi wang wo de yi feng zhi chi neng bang zhu dao dao jia !

C. Z. - HuiZhou-GuangDong, China

Please let us know the truth.. until that day comes we will pray for you who are withholding the truth from us all.

R. A. - Grenada Hills, CA

I endorse the designation of July 8 as World Disclosure Day to be part of an international truth movement demanding that world governments acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. It's time - the ETs have been making contact with many of us, and we need to know how they can help us survive in the face of all that humanity has destroyed on this planet! It's time!!!

E. S. - Portland, OR

I Like the idea of the disclosure...... me too has been curious for a very long time..... guess its time to get all the information directly from the horses mouth.....
M. N. - Mumbai, India

It's time to know the true history of Humankind and our connection with ET races and their implication in our affairs.

S. B. - Rabat, Morocco

Time to stand up courageously and speak the truth about our Galactic Brothers as this WILL change Humanity and welcome the peaceful era we have been promised. Thank you.

L. R. - London, UK

Waited for the disclosure for years.. always have a date and it gets postponed.. a lot more people know the truth, more then not, so I think the humans of earth are ready to take some interesting facts.  Stop hiding shit from the people... this is our planet... we are living here also so get it over with already.

D. G. - Woonsocket, RI

We are on the edge of our cultural and resource limit and there has been enough proof that we are not alone, our economic models failed and resources are running thin, we should acknowledge that there are things that doesn't add up like aerial phenomena and crops circle formations that by the logic of deduction pointed to some very real question that need to be answer truthfully if we care about our survival to the next century, time is the essence and detrimentally so.

C. Y. - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The world needs to know the truth, release us so we can bring the brightest of inner light to world to the universe and to be one within ourselves and all that is created for we are the co-creators of destiny and all within it. Go team disclosure.

M. S. - Perth, Australia

I've been talking about organizing an event like this for sometime. I'm so glad someone has finally acted on it. We need a global meditation on establishing contact with our benevolent ET brethren to counteract the dark forces at work here.
K. M. - Kingston, NY

I personally think that expose work is meaningful also very good to the human to a definition I think the world's most people should think has a very special meanings are like that

J. W. - Ningbo, China

It is time for all deception to come to an end. We the people have been grossly misled, oppressed and lied to for far too long. I make this appeal to your conscience, to finally do the right thing and tell the world the truth, the WHOLE truth.

N. H. - London, UK

The Truth about all the Sources of Creation everywhere in the Universe is our Gift. We stand committed to knowing about all that CREATION endows our planet with. Including all types of non-planetary beings.

K. T. - Buckingham, VA

FULLY endorse the campaign for our absolute RIGHT to be told the truth by our so called Governments, who supposedly govern by our consent! The secret has been kept too long, at least in the mainstream. Amnesty for confession.

S. H. - Liverpool, UK

It's very funny to see UFO's on TV and the internet, and in person as I have, and have the government say they do not exist. It's time our government started being what they are, public servants, and told the truth. Its out there.
B. L. - Necogdoches, TX

I knew Ron Cavett whose father Sheridan Cavett was the first on scene with Jesse Marcel and even as Sheridan was dying he would not tell his son what really happened that day the world was changed forever. It is way past time for the truth to be acknowledged.

J. R. - San Martin, CA

I sincerely believe it's finally time for Mankind to be told the whole truth about UFOs, what is the real current situation, where do they come from, what is their agenda, why they are here.  The People of planet Earth has the right to know.  Therefore we demand immediate disclosure of all secret files concerning this matter.

A. C. - Sintra, Portugal

I am a firm believer from personal experiences. I am so happy that you are working SO hard to get the truth out it is very appreciated. Have a feeling if this doesn't work they will disclose themselves.

A. M. - Bloomsberg, PA

Human have waited this moment for many years!  I hope all about the people realize the truth, realize who they are!

W. W. S. - Quanzhou, China

The way the world is today, people need a lift, something different that will give hope and enlightenment. ET disclosure is what we all need. And, it's true not fiction, it's our reality. All our reality not just a chosen few.  Everyone on earth has a right to know.

A. G. - Gardiner, ME

A Chinese people do not know English, thank you for your efforts to this end, thank you.

Z. X. D. - Quangzhou, China

it's time that those who have assisted our planet quietly are recognized for the benevolent and loving Galactic Races that they are. Disclosure will benefit all concerned, with the possible exception of those who have directly profited by keeping advanced technologies meant to be shared, to themselves.

F. M. - McIntosh, NM

I really support the disclosure. Human has right to know the truth as well as all those lies from the top government all around the world, but everything has to be done in a peaceful way and war is prohibited.  Thanks and Regards.

T. F. N. - Macau, China

I support 'the big disclosing' of the ET's existing around us!  I want this reality to be common benefit of most human beings!  I hold solid evidence of the existing of famous 'little grays' on the earth long long time ago!

Y. S. - Xi'an, China

The people of this planet are no longer fooled by cover-ups of this important issue, nor are we afraid of the extraterrestrial presence on our planet. It is time to wake up and grow up as a species and acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence.

K. M. - Ann Arbor, MI

We need the truth! I come from China Guangdong.  I really support you. Secret hope day come as soon as possible. Hope that we human beings can unite together into a new era, no longer alienated from each other for the misunderstandings. We are not alone, look forward to that loving the world to come.

Y. D. - Guangdong, China

I fully support this, I believe this country has the right to know the truth. The truth shall set you free and even former president Kennedy would support this, follow his footsteps, please if you all love God then let us all see all life forms big and small, heal the world.............
K. P. - Mitchell, IN

We look forward to the the arrival of world disclosure day, through such activities we would like to express our feelings now, I can not wait the arrival of this moment ,I do not want to live a few conspiracy, we have the right and obligation to get the truth. So I hope more people will actively look for truth, as agreed.

Y. H. - Beijing, China

I hope this gets the ball really rolling!!! if not we are probably all going have to do something about this ourselves...and forget the ones trying to stop it...

R. S. - Listowel, Canada

The time has come and is well past for the lies to stop and the truth to be told . We can't afford to continue to use fossil fuels , burn oil, etc when far more advanced technology should be being used now by all , not just black projects in the military etc .
J. Y. - Taralgon, Australia

For my government to continue in a truth embargo constitutes a disservice to our nation and the world. We couldn't be more ready for disclosure. The 8th of July of this year presents the perfect opportunity to acknowledge what is already widely known.

J. K. - Yucipai, CA

Today is my birthday and what a better way to celebrate it than to participate in World Disclosure Day. Love and Light to Everyone on Earth.

M. H. - Carlsbad, CA

Our world government's need to disclose all they know about the U F O phenomenon and possible life from other planets. We can handle the truth.
R. S. - York, UK

The truth is already known but concealed from the people of this planet by the self-styled keepers of knowledge, with questionable intention. Having borne personal unambiguous witness to this phenomena, I know the truth is out there. Stand up for our rights, and all power to your cause.
D. D. - Caldicot, UK

This is very much needed so that people have a better understanding of those that have been in contact with humanity for a very long time. World Disclosure Day is essential.

P. S. - Fordfingbridge, UK

I have been intrigued by the unexplained lights in the sky for 50 years. I would like answers to long held understanding that we are visited...would like to know who/what has been here.

T. A. - Siloam Springs, AR

I am looking forward to big reveal, often imagine things worse, every television station in the same news broadcast, that is a national leader stand up and announce to the ET, as well as their identity, they are good, so we do good preparation! Mother Earth and the great changes happening now! I dream of thinking! On this day come quickly! ! ! I have been looking forward to ~ ~ ~ big reveal! Come on! I am from China's Hebei Province.

L. - Nangong, China


A. J. - Grimsby, UK

I believe that the country including United States should open their files and show the truths that have been withheld from us for so long. In doing so, this would allow for exploration of new energies to come full circle as well as save the face of America.
M. M. - Austin, TX

All the best guys, keep up the good work, there are 100's and 1000's around the world waiting for this b.s. to end and the truth about our place in the universe to be known.

P. A. - Oxford, UK

I had many experiences and I can assure I have also been abducted.  It's time for them to let the people know!

S. B. - La Paz, Boliva

Knowledge of our full extraterrestrial circumstances and relations with intelligent civilizations now visiting Earth and/or existing in the cosmos is our birthright an members of the intelligent species of homo sapiens and protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
A. L. - Vancouver, Canada

Those occupying positions of power within world governments ought to acknowledge that there must be an end to the secrecy regarding E.T presence. We, the people have a right to know the truth.

S. M. - Newcastle, UK

I know we are not alone, and I know the governments of the world know that we are not alone. They also know as I do that not only are we not alone, we are being engaged as a planetary race by beings from other solar systems, galaxies, dimensions, etc worldwide. I would like the governments of the world to disclose what they know right before they hand in their letters of resignation and we as a planet can finally evolve. We are slaves no more.

D. W. - Brampton, Canada

Governments all across the world DISCLOSE this information to the public. As an Ex military personal myself, I know what you are hiding!
D. T. - Oonoonba, Australia

 was raised under the culture of Roswell NM I would love to know the truth. I have lived here since I was four and in 1997 (the 50 year anniversary of "the crash" Our small town decided to "sell out" to tourists internationally. We have almost doubled in size. I used to think it was silly but when it "hit home" I had to think......all of these people cant be wrong! I want to know! As a tax paying American who has irreversibly been CULTURED in UFO phenomenon I want to know!

L. D. - Roswell, NM

I hope the Government will announce as soon as possible extraterrestrial civilization-related content, and we look forward to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

X. Z. - Fujian, China

I want the governments of the world to finally disclose what we the human race already know.....That their are other more advanced beings in our universe who want to help humanity evolve to our next level of existence, ASCENSION......PEACE and LOVE to ALL.
S. S. - Poole, UK

We want truth in this world! We want to know who is around our planet! Contact for everyone!

J. W. - La Mesa, CA

The evidence when dispassionately considered is too strong to ignore despite the mix therein of junk and nonsense. The credentials of many of the witnesses are too believable not to trust despite the distractions of jokers and wing-nuts. Someone doesn't want us to know this stuff - a reason itself to know as much as one can!

T. L. - East Amherst, NY

This is what the world has been needing for a long long time. Let us hope it goes through this time and goes through with flying colors (literally)...the flying colors of the star craft seen in our skies throughout the world every day as reported on MUFON. The time is NOW for full Disclosure by the U.S. Government with follow up by all other heads of state in foreign governments globally.
A. H. - Centennial, CO

I believe the truth belongs to us. And only when we can get beyond the lies and learn to share everything will we finally evolve. It is at our own demise that we stand by like cattle and allow the powers that be steer us down there own visions path to freedom and the our worlds end.

T. W. - Mount Union, PA

I have had the distinct honor of visits from a "green alien" and a group of "greys". It would be good to know more about these and other life forms. I support the spread of information. However, if these life forms wish to keep their existence private for spiritual reasons, I support their rights to do so.
D. V. W. - Riverton, UT

History is full of people who out of fear, or ignorance, or lust for power have destroyed knowledge of immeasurable value which truly belongs to us all. We must Never let it happen again." -Carl Sagan     We are now being called upon to bravely step into the unknown for the betterment of all Mankind.

G. M. - Oliver, Canada

I dream of looking forward to big reveal! Why the government has refused to open! In the end what the hesitation ah ~ ~ things are now! Announcements are to be announced as early as late notice, Why did not reveal - I really look forward to the arrival of a large exposed quickly to support the July 8th! We must not let us down, patience almost gone. I am from China's Lin Dear Nangong the early arrival of the big reveal! I urgently want to earth people, family members join the Galactic Federation, face to face. Come on! !

I. F. - Nangongshi, China

Da duo shu ren lei liao jie yu zhou zhi shi tai shao le , na mo zhen fu shi zui kui huo shou , wo da li zhi chi ,ding!!!

Y. - Shenzhen, China

Hi! I'm a ordinary university graduates from China. But I am fascinated by the unknown so much that every day when I get off the work I am used to visit '' which is the website that Committee to disseminate the information to the unprivileged people in China. I am the liberals, so I always believe in that we ,the unprivileged people, have the right to know the information which the Government or the Rulers try to hide. I'm learned form '' that today is the World Disclosure Day. Always support your guys' work. Hope for your reply. Thank you!

S. C. - Shaoxing, China.

Bitte annerkennt die ausserirdische Präsenz und macht die Erdbevölkerung mit dieser Tatsache bekannt.

G. M. - Reidholz, Switzerland

Time to be truthful about who we are and then we will begin to see where we are headed. The direction now, is not in the world's best interest and certainly for the younger generations to come. Time to let every Americans voice be counted in the name of National Security.

G. I. - Vernon, Canada

Got my silver ribon. I have seen them. Please admit and disclose.
J. S. - Camden, AR

I have seen ufos travelling at incredible velocity that reversed direction, so it is not possible that they were shooting stars or meteors.
I believe that the US government has technologies that can free the human race from fossil fuels.

W. C. - Charlotte Amalie, VI

Honesty about Contact would be refreshing. We Need to Know now. We won't solve the world's problems the old way. We will outgrow them with a more cosmic perspective.
J. C. - Olympia, WA

:It's about time the truth be revealed. Many of us have accepted the very possibility of ET visits to Earth; the evidence is out there. Why continue to cover-up the inevitable. when so many are no longer swayed by weak explanations and debunking. Get on with it.
L. P. - Mitchellville, MD

Hopefully this will hasten the inevitable so that fewer souls pass on needlessly and prematurely but for the greed and power games of our world 'leaders'. Namaste.

M. M. - Morrison, CO

People have the right to know the truth, this is real and affecting our lives, we the people know, and we now want our governments to come clean and speak the truth about the reality of it!  Please, we need to prepare.
V. B. - Carney, OK

A brand new day has arrived. No longer will the military/media/Banking/Pharmaceutical/Industrial Complex keep humanity in their created box. The technology our friends from beyond earth are using is our divine inheritance that shall now pass into our hands never to be used for nefarious purposes. Welcome Lighted beings from the Universe! We thank you!
R. R. - Cortland Manor, NY

Thank-you for your brave leadership in helping to raise our universal consciousness in acknowledging our galactic brethren and inviting the truth about our shared history and future.
E. S. - Sarasota, FL

Já passou da hora de todos saberem a verdade sobre os seres de outros planetas e de recebermos nosso irmãos na Terra!

V. C. - Indaial, Brazil

I will be overjoyed, thankful and totally relieved once this comes out. I want everyone to know the whole truth so that this crazy world can transform into the wonderful Being it truly is!!!!!!

B. R. - Mohegan Lake, NY

I think the Military Industrial Complex is a tyrannical black budget cabal, with their top priority as, acquiring alien technology, for a military and weapon arsenal. The planet must be under a very tight alien surveillance focusing on our military incursion to outer space. The only question should be, not if, but to what extent & purpose they tolerate us, and is their survival interdependent with ours? The news media managed to provide proof online, of nuclear weapons repeatedly being compromised and disabled by weapons from outer space, at least as advanced as particle beam laser-type technology probably too advanced to be terrestrial.

R. C. - Tampa, FL

We have had enough covert conditioning, via films, tv shows and the internet, re: the truth, or are they further trying to reduce us to even more poverty, trying to get us to pay ever increasing fortunes for energy, such as oil etc, when they already have the technology for plentiful free energy.  If we knew, what was really going on, we would be really peed off, to say the least.

K. R. - Wicklow Town, Ireland

I myself have been waiting a long time. But I do know they are here and don't really need our leaders to tell me this. But, it will be good for the ones that have not awaken yet. We also need our leaders to recognize this so we will be able to co-create together in the open. Instead of being so hostile to them. They have been here for a very long time, waiting for this moment.

L. K. - Milford, IA

I want to fully endorse the actions of this disclosure movement. this is way overdo and i think by doing this, we can correct the many wrongs that are being done to the earth, humankind, united states economy. DOWN WITH THE ELITES, ILLUMINATI, NEW WORLD ORDER. FREE THE PEOPLE.

R. Y. - Bayville, NJ

There are many, many reasons why I am disappointed in my country. At the top of the list, is the fact that our government and military have no formal organization to collect UFO reports, much less keep an open policy with its citizens about the UFO issue. It is an issue of air safety as well as an issue of an informed citizenry. We are so behind in so many areas--for once, can't we as a country assert ourselves?

S. A. - Los Angeles, CA

The health of humanity & planet earth is dependent on ending the truth embargo, and politicians have created a huge karmic burden on their souls by not disclosing the truth about the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.
Q. S. - Burnett Heads, Australia

I want to know the true, the Mayans codes said that Quetzalcoatl came to the earth in a spaceship and taught Mayan civilization many things, I think the government have to tell the true about aliens, they just can't keeping secrets to people, is too obvious there are life outside the planet. good day :)

J. J. V. - Tabasco, Mexico

The time is now to make the most important speech in the history of mankind! Mr. Obama

P. K. - Sarasota, FL

I think that it's time for mankind to know the truth about extraterrestrial life and what this means to every single person in this world.

M. C. - Sao Caetano do Sul, Brazil

We the people of every country of the world have the right to know the truth about extraterrestrial presence. No government should hide this truth from us.
J. A. A. P. - Gurabo, Puerto Rico

Too many major historic and human changing experiences of epic proportions have been held back by this secrecy. It is time!
M. P. - Rocklin, CA

We the people of Earth are more then ready for the truth to be told by our governments. It is time for everything to come out into the open which will bring peace to this world and open the doors to a whole new way of life not only for us on earth, but for our visitors from other worlds. I am personally ready to welcome them to this planet with the hopes that with their help we can restore this planet to the jewel it was meant to be for all life forms to enjoy. Earth is a Mecca of diversity in ecosystems that can be a true vacation spot of the universe. We the people of earth are the caretakers of this planet and we should be acting as such. It is time for us to grow up and live without the lies being told to us by our Governments. I give my endorsement to full disclosure. Thank You.

R. B. - Midland, MI

I support world disclosure day. For many, disclosure has already taken place. For those that have yet to see, we are getting the word out. It will not be long before all will know the truth!

M. G. - Tacoma, WA

I am a student of Ecology in Arizona, and I enjoy the idea of sharing the planet. Sharing ideas with others of similar intelligence would increase our knowledge of issues we may not even be aware of at present. Thank you for creating this opportunity.

B. A. - Tucson, AZ

i think it is about time that governments should come clean about UFO's and life on other worlds, it would look better if it actually came from them instead of waiting for either man or the UFO's themselves to take matters into their own hands and then it will look like you were never going to tell us about them...? come on now "GOVERNMENTS" "DO THE DECENT THING AND COME CLEAN :-)"

L. B. - Liverpool, UK

Look, many of us already know and have had contact experience! In my case it was not all that good but truly enlightening! All you have to say is yes we have visitors! Then go from there!
D. F. - Dickenson, ND

People have a right to know what is going on in and off the world. The Gov't is elected by the people and paid by the people of the state, and therefore owe it to the people of the state to be open, honest and accountable. The gov't has no right to withhold information regarding extraterrestrials and UFO visits. Thank you.

L. V. - Perth, Australia

Following disclosure a key question will be "how are they powering their craft?" That could lead to a clean and inexpensive solution to our current energy woes -- destroying mountains to get coal, nuclear fuel disposal, etc.

P. E. - Big Oak Flat, CA

There are hundreds of thousands of us waiting for the truth to come out. World disclosure is long overdue.

C. W. - Cabot, AR

I believe it is time for THE WORLD to know that we are not alone. Some countries are allowing their people to know what is in files that are now being made public, regarding UFO's.

L. K. - Youngstown, OH

I can't wait for the world Disclosure Day to come, as an inevitable strength to reveal of truth of our human history and an great effort to boost our awareness worldwide to an extremely high level.
J. Z. - Guangzhou, China

I really support this action myself. However, I'm not sure of that how strong the power by our side is. There seems to be some people working on the disclosure behind the major society. Anyway, I hope it will work as soon as possible, because we need to be back to the universe and need the freedom.
Y. F. - Xi'an, China

You are losing your battle and it is time to understand that the world is much bigger than the few who are trying to dictate. It is time to work in partnership, in peace and harmony. Start with truth.

L. P. - Southhampton, UK

It seems almost a coincidence to me that last night, the night of the day that this was declared, the night of July 8, I, personally, saw, with my very own eyes some of our brothers and sisters from the stars flying their ships in the sky. Bring on Disclosure!! It's about damn time.

K. S. - Moscow, ID

The time for "The Truth" is now. If you really want to see a leap of positive change on Earth, this is mandatory as many other life forms are here willing and ready to aid humanity with their love. Sharing with humanity their wisdom and technology which I believe humanity "can" benefit from. This will "change" the people and all that dwell on Earth's lives in such an unimaginable positive way. This isn't a game and needs to be strongly considered as a viable option as we all can see the state of affairs on Earth at this time. I believe most would agree that Divine intervention is needed at this time. Yet it is right here waiting to be called upon. What is the delay? Please Governments act NOW! The "choice" is yours. May God have mercy on you and bless you allowing you to make the best decision! for us all. Thank you for listening to this one soul.
D. P. - Colorado Springs, CO

We "The common people of Earth" are not only ready we demand that Disclosure take place.  As a Human Race we are evolving at an amazing speed, and it is only a mater of time before the Universe Decides for us.

J. B. - Toronto, Canada

We can only move forward united as one world. This is the perfect focus to come together on and progress together. It is time!

Y. W. - Sunriver, OR

:I agree. We must stop being controlled. And have a right to know the truth of our off world families. And the truth of us as human beings and our connections to beings off planet. The Indians have always known about our connections to the stars. We have a right to know the truth of our star families.
S. B. - St. Augustine, FL

It is time for the people of the earth to be truthfully informed of the engagement of governments of this earth with extraterrestrials. For whatever reason the truth has been withheld, it is time to change the policy which is to tell lies and cover up the truth and in fact tell the truth.

E. S. - Tucson, AZ

I have known it since I was a teenager. I´m 61 by now but both my father and my late husband were sailors since young years and they were witnesses to UFO - me myself too.

J. M. - Malm, Sweden

For the sake of our evolution and for future generations we need to begin now and talk authenticity and truth. Nothing else will be of any value to humanity.

J. P. - Auckland, New Zealand

The people of the world want to know the the extraterrestrial truth, so please do it. Disclose all that truth that we need to know. The beginning is the designation of 8 July as World Disclosure Day.  Thank you.

R. A. S. H. - Poza Rica, Mexico

We urgently need free energy for humanity. Zero-point energy or quantum vacuum energy must be known and used by all. End poverty and domination of the global elite who only wants to enslave humanity. Gaia needs peace and prosperity for the emergence of a new era of love, wisdom and progress without war, pain and suffering. May peace be with you all ... I wish also to disclose the work of the physicist Haramein Nasim.
R. T. - Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Time has been long overdue for the citizens of earth to be made aware of exactly what has occurred in regards to extraterrestrial beings and or dimensional entities that have been on earth and or visited earth for quite some time. If it was disclosed when it happened I sincerely doubt we would be as we are now.
T. G. - Woodland Hills, CA

I as a citizen of the world, I respectfully request that the leadership concerned, give honour and respect to their elected positions, by summoning whatever courage it takes to disclose, acknowledge and respect the Worlds Right to know, whatever truthful information it may have concerning extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, and thereby allow us to makeup our own minds, in the manner as you would wish for yourselves.
R. A. - London, UK


R. R. - Koszalin, Poland

Após,presenciar rescentemente nos dias 19,22,30 de maio e 03,06,25 de junho e 05,07 de julho de 2011 ,vários objetos sobrevoando o espaço aereo onde moro e ao solicitar informações junto a FORÇA AÉREA BRASILEIRA do que se tratava não poderam dar informações.   Acredito que omitiram informações do que se tratava como vem omitindo a décadas.  Não só eu como outras pessoas que estavam junto comigo poderam presenciar esses objetos realizar coisas,que com certeza não faz parte de nada que existe na terra.

R. L. C. - Varzea Grande, Brazil

É impossivel não haver vida extraterrestre, existe e muito mais do que se imagina.  O ser humano da mais uma prova do seu egoismo não revelando a verdade ao mundo!!  O Estados Unidos considera este segredo importante, porque sempre quis ser o maior!

J. E. V. - Santa Catarina, Brazil

hey exist.....seeing is believing.....met Travis Walton, who was abducted in Show Low, his book, saw the movie made about his experience....I was at the conference in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1987.....I have seen UFOs with my human eye sight several times...Time for the Truth To Be Out There.....!:)

S. A. - Vancouver, Canada

:I support disclosure day asap so that we as a civilization can endure.We then will create a greater way to take care of, all of mankind equally, Mother Earth, all her creatures and creations, and effect the release of Free Energy and the end of human slavery.

S. C. - Arborfield, Canada


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