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September 17, 2015
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New York Observer Article
An important article about PRG was published this week in the highly regarded New York Observer. A more extensive article in the Observer on PRG's advocacy work will follow in the coming weeks. This current piece by Robin Seemangal follows two recent articles by him highlighting the testimony of Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Another well known political publication is slated to publish an extensive article on PRG in mid-October. 
If you view any of these articles, please log in to comments and convey your appreciation to the paper and the writer for this serious and professional coverage of the extraterrestrial presence issue. That would be very helpful to ensure further quality reporting. Thanks. 
As predicted the political media coverage of the Disclosure advocacy movement is reaching unprecedented levels. Concomitant with this progress are meetings with House and Senate staff regarding the first congressional hearings on the extraterrestrial issue since 1968. These two streams will eventually cross leading to new hearings before (preferable) or after Disclosure. 
The recent PRG funding effort raised approximately $2,000 toward the $20,000 needed to keep the Congressional Hearing Initiative on pace through the end of 2016.
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Congressional Hearing Initiative
The Congsressional Hearing Initiative and political media engagement status can be followed HERE.
Silver Screen Saucers - Robbie Graham
Robbie Graham's long awaited book, Silver Screen Saucers: Sorting Fact from Fantasy in Hollywood's UFO Movies, is now available in paperback and as an eBook through a wide range of popular international sellers, including Amazon. For details, please see the new Silver Screen Saucers website: 
This is the first book devoted entirely to the exploration of the Hollywood-UFO connection to have been published since 1998, and is the first ever on this subject to feature exclusive interviews with Hollywood writers, producers, and directors, as well as with UFO witnesses and experiencers.
Secret Space Program Conference - Oct 31 - Nov 1
Travis Walton's Skyfire Summit - Nov 5-8, 2015

UFOs, Technology & Consciousness - Nov 13-15, 2015

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will speak on Friday with a comprehensive account of the Disclosure advocacy progress during 2015.ERE.

International UFO Congress - Feb 17-21/16
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