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"Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together. An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery. A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself. The power to mould the future of the Republic will be in the hands of the journalists of future generations."    Joseph Pulitzer
PRG Update - August 13, 2017
The Win-Win-Win-Win Way Out

           President Trump                             Disclosure                                 Paradigm Shift           

Disclosure is the formal acknowledgement by heads of state of nations of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The exopolitical activism that is the Disclosure advocacy movement is serious business. The stakes are very high, and failure to achieve Disclosure in a timely fashion could be catastrophic for all nations and peoples. 

It is clear to PRG the political chaos enveloping the United States is now an existential threat to the Republic and a major impediment to the Disclosure process. There is one way out of this chaos that is a win-win-win-win for the principals, the nation and the Disclosure advocacy movement. PRG sees no other option. It is as follows:

1) President Trump in consultation with the political leaders of the Republican Party agrees to resign his office as soon as possible for health reasons. This is a win for the President. Why? If he does not resign, he is going to be destroyed in the coming political and legal firestorm, his brand will be destroyed, he could face multiple bankruptcies, his children's future could be damaged, he and members of this family could face prison terms barring presidential pardons.

2) Vice President Pence in consultation with the political leaders of the Republican Party agrees in advance to step down from the office of president once the House of Representatives elects a new vice president. This is a win for Pence. Why? If he agrees, he will be lauded for putting country ahead of person. He is also at risk at being destroyed in the coming political firestorm. He will leave with minimum damage to his political future and legacy. He will likely have considerable support from the Republican National Committee for any future political endeavors.

3) The House of Representatives elects a vice president in bi-partisan fashion. A best case example would be someone acceptable to a majority of Republicans and a majority of Democrats. This is a win for the House. Why? It will be immediately seen by the American people as a major step in ending the partisan political war that has brought the United States to a near standstill and undermined prospects for world peace and stability.

4) After President Pence steps down and the House elected vice president takes over the office of president, the House of Representatives elects a new vice president in bi-partisan fashion as before. This is another win for the House.

This scenario, of course, is a win for the nation.

It is also a win for the Disclosure advocacy movement. Why? There is a growing number of persons within the military/intelligence complex and elsewhere in government who want the truth embargo ended. This is also the case in other nations. That said, they are not going to cooperate or work from the inside when the United States is in the throes of political chaos.

It should be stated this proffered option only brings about "regular order" and creates a stable platform upon which to stand and conduct the business of the nation. It does not represent the paradigm shift needed to address the inevitable global consequences of one hundred years of growing systemic institutional dysfunction, war, population growth and failure to confront the challenges to the human condition and the biosphere.

Only Disclosure can bring about a paradigm shift of that magnitude. The sooner we get beyond this foolishness and press for that Disclosure the sooner the win for us all.

Stephen Bassett
August 13, 2017

[Note: All of the above steps are fully legal under the U.S. Constitution and federal law.]

[Note: If the House of Representatives is wise, the new executive leaders will include a woman and/or a person of color.]
The Great American Eclipse
On August 21 the nation's first major solar eclipse in a century will traverse the United States. Approximately 15 million people will be in the path of totality. Almost all with have cameras, and it will be the most photographed and filmed event in human history. The scientific teams will employ the finest known camera technology in all wave lengths. Care to speculate what might turn up in front of those cameras? 
Pre-Disclosure in the Post-Truth Era
[As previously stated, this brief essay will be republished from time to time with occasional edits.]
As the Disclosure process advances, public expectations and awareness are growing. The print media have noted this and are responding accordingly. They want readers and web views, so articles are pouring out on everything and anything ET and UFO. If it's seen in the sky, it's a story, and that includes balloons, Chinese lanterns, clouds, meteors, drones and birds. Anything that looks remotely artificial on the Moon or Mars is a story. These articles do put some pressure on the truth embargo, but at a cost.
Also of note are the video consolidation sites being sourced by the news sites for articles. "UFO" videos from around the world are sent to the amalgamation sites and then passed on to the newspapers. There is little or no vetting, no discrimination.
There is no way to avoid this, and it was expected. As Disclosure approaches emotions are going to run high, and this poses a dilemma for the public trying to follow the process. PRG's advice is to stay calm and watch for the strong articles. They are not that hard to spot. Enjoy the ride, but don't waste too much time on the hyperbolic infotainment. 
And, as stated previously, expect the following:

1) Hoaxing. There is a trickster component to human DNA. We love to hoax, do stunts, play pranks. It's what we do. As the audience grows, UFO/ET hoaxing will increase - perhaps dramatically. 

2) Predictions. People are going to get excited and hard predictions will follow. This is also human nature and understandable. Just keep in mind that most of these predictions will be arbitrary and wrong. [Note: PRG does not "predict" Disclosure, rather it "projects" the prospects for Disclosure based on the prevailing circumstances, which are complicated and many.]

3) False witnesses. Disclosure will be the biggest show on Earth. Lots of people will want to be on the stage, whether or not they have any connection to the issue itself. They will offer up accounts told them by unnamed sources at undisclosed locations without documents. Telepathic/channeled communication will also be put forward. Messages will be conveyed. Be particularly wary of government sourced information with military threat interpretations, calls to arms, and dire warnings provided on faith only.

4) Real witnesses. As Disclosure approaches many legitimate military/agency/political witnesses may feel they can finally step forward. Obviously, assessing this process will be complicated by the false witnesses. All that can be asked is the public and the media do their best in applying reason and common sense.

5) Elaborate stories. These are essentially hoaxes of a very advanced level. You will be presented stories of great complexity and depth with long histories. They will be quite entertaining, and they will most likely be completely bogus.

6) Opposition. Disclosure will be the most profound event in human history. There are many who feel it is not time. We should wait until we are more technologically or spiritually advanced. We should let the government decide, etc. Some of this opposition will be legitimate reflections of concern, and some of it will be propaganda.  

7) Disinformation. This is the most difficult task facing the public and media. All of the above may include orchestrated disinformation in which some truth is embedded in order to undermine and slow down the Disclosure process itself. Some of this will be conducted by private citizens who are simply not ready to face the truth. Some of this will be managed by government entities. The latter, of course, will be the more sophisticated. The government is very good at information manipulation.

And to repeat, the most concerning area of disinformation is centered on alien threat scenarios. They are already turning up across the Internet. Are they true? Most certainly are not. Could there be an extraterrestrial threat to the human race? Yes. Likely? No. Is there a lot of evidence supporting a possible threat?  Not much.

But herein lies the dilemma. The extraterrestrial threat issue is the most exopolitically explosive question with enormous potential consequences. Disinformation and hoaxes in this regard are as dangerous as those around nuclear war. The public somehow must not allow itself to be played on this. These kinds of assertions require significant evidence from multiple sources.
And remember. The government created the truth embargo. We just live in it.

For now.

PRG Funding Campaign - International Strategy
IMPORTANT: PRG needs a major funder now to step forward and provide the resources to keep the pressure on the media and to reach out to other nations. Getting Disclosure done is now more important than ever. We must not let up during this time of political chaos. Contribute at GoFundMe or HERE.

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