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June 10, 2015
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Art Bell Returns to the Airwaves

On July 20, 2015 a late night legend returns to the airwaves on the Dark Matter Radio Network. Midnight in the Desert will air Monday through Friday, 9 pm to midnight PST. PRG executive director Stephen Bassett along with Congressman Merrill Cook will be Art's guests on the August 3 program.
Many do not know the full story of how Art Bell significantly impacted the Disclosure advocacy movement. In 1995 he made the decision to shift the focus of Coast to Coast AM away from politics, which he like many had become less than fond, to the paranormal. The era of exopolitics was nascent. The door to political engagement of the extraterrestrial presence issue did not fully open until 1992 following the "end" of the Cold War. What the advocacy movement needed was a core audience.
In late 1996, despite his disdain for politics, Art began booking guests such as Stephen Bassett and others to talk about what was then the "politics of UFOs" - sometimes for an entire five hour program. At that time Coast to Coast AM was reaching 10+ million listeners. The politics of Disclosure - exopolitics - had a large audience and the air time to educate that audience regarding the political resolution of the extraterrestrial presence issue. Art's decision along with George Noory's willingness to stay that course ensured the advocacy process would stick. For this, both men have secured their place in the history of the transition underway.
Some Cautions
As Disclosure nears during the final days of the truth embargo, there are some threads for which interested parties should be on alert.
  1. some government entities may well introduce new disinformation into the webstream in order to slow things down and buy some time.

  2. some supporters of the process will begin to hyperventilate and post wishful material that is exaggerated and hyper-exotic.

  3. professional and amateur hoaxers will jump in with all manner of bizarre postings.

  4. years of sacrifice and frustration on the part of some researchers and activists will create strong emotions and much internal tension.

  5. critics of the advocacy work and research will lash out as the ground on which they have stood begins to shake.

The closer it gets, the greater the need to go Zen, stay calm and enjoy the ride.  

Congressional Hearing Initiative Status
Status Meetings with congressional staff are now underway. A new round of media coverage will begin soon. More info HERE.
Laughlin, NV Conference - November 13-15, 2015 
Ivolve TV Disclosure Content

Support Request
Long time PRG supporter Ron James is building new studios in LA and going into production on original content for Ivolve TV. Among the many topics covered is the ET issue. As part of a marketing campaign Chase Bank is providing (20) $100,000 grants to selected small businesses, and Ivolve TV need 250 votes to advance to the next round and be considered for one of those grants. Please take a few moments to add your vote for Ivolve TV here:
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