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May 24, 2015
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Media Twitter Campaign through June 15
It is long past time for the political media to ask the appropriate people a plethora of questions regarding the Rockefeller Initiative. These persons would include President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, John Podesta, Secretary Leon Panetta, Governor Bill Richardson, Vice President Al Gore and Webster Hubbell. The stage has been set for this to happen.


You can help by participating in a limited twitter campaign over the next three weeks. Nearly 400 selected political/media twitter handles are provided HERE. PRG requests you tweet these accounts with requests to engage the Rockefeller Initiative following the guidelines shown. The campaign will last until June 15.


The common component between all of the tweets will be links to the Roll Call newspaper and Mother Jones magazine articles. The goal of this campaign is to take the story global. If that happens, game over.


PRG is not seeking an avalanche of tweets. That can be counterproductive with the media. The ideal approach is each person who joins the tweet shower sends three emails with different text to each of the  twitter addresses over three weeks - one per week. That would be 1200 tweets over three weeks. That said, any degree of participation is welcome.

Congressional Hearings Initiative (CHI) Status
Status Meetings with congressional staff are now underway. A new round of media coverage will begin soon. More info HERE.
Upcoming Speaking Events for Executive Director Stephen Bassett
Laughlin, NV Conference - November 13-15, 2015 
Ivolve TV Disclosure Content

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